The Second Dahlian War

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  1.   1.  Summary
  2.   2.  Deaths
    1.   2.1  Inferni
    2.   2.2  Dahlia de Mai
  3.   3.  Tensions Rekindled
  4.   4.  Wartime
    1.   4.1  Border Attacks and Meetings
    2.   4.2  Bones Battle
    3.   4.3  Allies and Enemies
    4.   4.4  Deaths Begin
    5.   4.5  D-Day
    6.   4.6  The Burning of Harrow Road
    7.   4.7  War's End
  5.   5.  Timeline of Events
    1.   5.1  July 20, 2009 — Tensions Begin to Brew
    2.   5.2  October 01, 2009
    3.   5.3  October 08, 2009
    4.   5.4  October 16, 2009
    5.   5.5  November 23, 2009
    6.   5.6  December 08, 2009
    7.   5.7  December 12, 2009
    8.   5.8  January 03, 2010 — War
    9.   5.9  January 04, 2010
    10.   5.10  January 05, 2010
    11.   5.11  January 07, 2010
    12.   5.12  January 08, 2010
    13.   5.13  January 09, 2010
    14.   5.14  January 10, 2010
    15.   5.15  January 11, 2010
    16.   5.16  January 14, 2010
    17.   5.17  January 20, 2010
    18.   5.18  January 21, 2010 — Bones Battle
    19.   5.19  January 22, 2010
    20.   5.20  January 23, 2010
    21.   5.21  January 25, 2010
    22.   5.22  January 27, 2010
    23.   5.23  January 29, 2010
    24.   5.24  February 03, 2010
    25.   5.25  Febrauary 6, 2010* — First Casualty
    26.   5.26  February 07, 2010
    27.   5.27  February 08, 2010
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    35.   5.35  March 04, 2010
    36.   5.36  March 06, 2010 — D-Day
    37.   5.37  March 17, 2010
    38.   5.38  March 30, 2010
    39.   5.39  April 01, 2010 — The Burning of Harrow Road
    40.   5.40  April 02, 2010
    41.   5.41  April 03, 2010
    42.   5.42  April 04, 2010
    43.   5.43  April 05, 2010
    44.   5.44  April 06, 2010 — War's End
    45.   5.45  April 11, 2010
    46.   5.46  April 12, 2010

The Second Dahlian War

DateJanuary 3, 2010 — April 5, 2010
LocationDahlia de Mai, Inferni
ResultInferni shifts northward
Dahlia de Mai ousts Haku Soul.



Haku Soul

Gabriel de le Poer
Kaena Lykoi
Anselm de le Poer

1.  Summary

The Second Dahlian War stems from a little bit of leftover tension from The First Dahlian War, a little bit of random drama, and a whole lot of Haku Soul's impending madness. Though the first conflict was settled with relative peace, Haku had it out for Inferni for a while, and he starts going a little crazy—he attacks Kaena Lykoi twice, once in the summer and once in the fall, and begins threatening Dahlia de Mai's leader, his relative Cercelee.

Kaena Lykoi kept it to herself for months what had transpired between her and Haku in the fall; when she finally reveals to her son, Gabriel de le Poer what had happened, the war breaks out almost immediately. The month of 2010January was very active, with both packs scrambling to defend their borders. The casualties begin at the end of January with the discovery of three bodies on the Inferni borders. Numerous others die and there are two or three major battles. All the while, Conor Soul begins to doubt his father, thanks to Firefly Sadira's preaching and a conversation with Kaena Lykoi.

At the beginning of April, Haku Soul burns down part of Inferni's territory. The clan shifts northwards, feeling it is too dangerous to remain so close to wolf land. A few days later, Haku is forcibly ousted from Dahlia de Mai, his son Conor taking over as the alpha male of the pack. He heads to Inferni the next day to announce the cessation of hostility, and the war is over.

2.  Deaths

2.1  Inferni

2.2  Dahlia de Mai

3.  Tensions Rekindled

Haku Soul and Kaena Lykoi meet for the first time outside of Inferni territory. The encounter does not end pleasantly, and Kaena Lykoi stumbles away from the scene believing she has killed Haku, only realizing later he survived.[1]

Haku Soul confronts Cercelee, as he believes he should lead Dahlia de Mai.[2] Their meeting is cut short by the arrival of Cercelee's mate; however, tensions still remain between the two leaders.

Haku Soul rapes Kaena Lykoi in Dalhousie University. Kaena decides in fear of her life, this fate would be better than death, and does not struggle for fear of angering Haku, who has her pinned and surely overpoweredMATURE: [3]

Haku threatens Cercelee with the murder of her unborn children if she does not resign.[4] She agrees to step down, leaving the pack to Haku, and leaves a short time later. [5] Bear traps and dead, massacred animals have been around Dahlia's borders for a few months. They have not yet found the criminal. Haku calls a pack meeting at which point he announces his ascension as the leader of Dahlia de Mai.[6] During the meeting, he also suggests the traps may have been laid by Cour des Miracles or Inferni.

Snake and Hezekiah Finch travel to Dahlia de Mai on to investigate the pack, but they are discovered by Haku, who chases them out of the territory.[7] After months of strange, unexplained behaviorMATURE: [8] MATURE: [9] [10] [11]— including extreme intoxication and hiding out in her cave for weeks at a time, Kaena Lykoi finally reveals to her son Gabriel de le Poer that Haku Soul had raped her.[12]

4.  Wartime

4.1  Border Attacks and Meetings

Kaena had been keeping it relatively secret until that point, and this admission enrages Gabriel, who immediately finds Samael Lykoi and tells him of what has occurred.[13] The pair immediately take off for Dahlia de Mai's territory, where they sought to find and punish Haku then and there.[14]

That same day, Halo Lykoi ventured into Dahlia de Mai with the intention of seeking vengeance on Haku Soul, but instead encounters her half-sister, Mew Sadira.[15]

Gabriel called a meeting to assemble Inferni together and officially declare war on Dahlia de Mai.[16] Gabriel and Samael have learned that Haku is no longer simply the subleader of Dahlia de Mai, but the Rosen of the pack, wholly in charge. Though their effort to violently dethrone him the prior night failed, the members of Inferni seem eager to have their revenge.

That same day, Haku called a pack meeting to call members of his pack to arms against Inferni. The reaction is understandably mixed; most members are simply troubled, and only a scant few react enthusiastically. Sicarus de Ericeto is a total creeper and practically drools on Haku's big toe. [17]

Bones Battle

DateJanuary 21, 2009
ResultInferni drives Dahlians back



Kai Aiolos
Sicarus de Ericeto
Vitium Lykoi

Hybrid Holocaust
Nakir Barzakh
Hezekiah Finch




Casualties and Losses

3 injured

No casualties, small injuries

The next day, intent on keeping his word, Haku attacks Rikka de le Poer. He tells her that "she tastes like [Kaena]" (OMG CREEPER) and breaks her arm. [18] Gabriel de le Poer finds her the same night; the Aquila cares for his sister the best he can, though inwardly he's raging the hell out and wants nothing more than to skip over to Dahlia de Mai and tear Haku limb from limb.[19]

Sicarus de Ericeto, intent on making his exhalted, beloved, almighty Rosen proud, heads over to Inferni and chases after Vieira Lykoi. Just as he was about to kill her, Snake shows up and saves Viei, fighting off Sicarus rather quickly. Snake tends to Vieira's wounds and brings her back to Kaena Lykoi, where he is promoted from Hastati to Hydra.[20]

4.2  Bones Battle

Angered over the wounds suffered by his friend, Kai Aiolos decides that he and Sicarus should get revenge. They are joined by Vitium Lykoi, and proceed to destroy some of the skull pikes on Inferni's borders. Their fun is cut short when Hezekiah Finch spots the trio, and alerts the clan. He is quickly joined by Cotl Van Ulrich, Hybrid Holocaust, and Nakir Barzakh, who engage the Dahlian wolves. [21]

Myrtle Hammerkop trespassed on Inferni lands in search of his brother. He is discovered by Nala Garner, and the two argue for a few minutes. [22]

4.3  Allies and Enemies

During the month of January, several packs call meetings to declare neutrality in the war. Phoenix Valley decides they would accept Dahlian pacifists, Inferni members were to be turned away from the borders. [23] Cour des Miracles also called a pack meeting, and set forth a policy of neutrality unless provoked.[24] Savina Marino calls a meeting of Crimson Dreams; they decide to remain neutral, though they will accept any refuges that come to the pack. [25] Aniwaya? holds a meeting. Dawali Amara warns the pack that the recent conflict between Inferni and Dahlia de Mai is not Aniwayan business and that the members are to avoid the conflict. [26]

Despite these declarations of neutrality, Dawali Amara of Aniwaya? visits Kaena Lykoi in secret to offer medical supplies [27] and Jacquez Trouillefou meets with Kae to discuss the war. [28] Firefly Sadira is also decidedly aligned against Dahlia de Mai—she tells Conor Soul some things about his father he was previously unaware of [29] and delivers information to Anselm de le Poer. [30] She is motivated by her recent miscarriage, [31] caused by one Tokyo Chance of Dahlia de Mai and she'd already offered to Anselm de le Poer that she would fight Dahlia. [32]

The Burning of Dahlia

DateMarch 06, 2009
LocationDahlia de Mai



Haku Soul
Semyon Terho
Minos Lierrah
Kol Stormbringer

Gabriel de le Poer
Cotl Van Ulrich
Hybrid Holocaust




Casualties and Losses



D-Day Arachnea Battle

DateMarch 06, 2009
LocationArachnea's Revenge



Tokyo Chance
King Chance
Larkspur D'Angelo
Sicarus de Ericeto
Vark Granel
Alexey Koios

Kaena Lykoi
Nala Garner
Halo Lykoi
Hezekiah Finch
Frankie (NPC)




Casualties and Losses



4.4  Deaths Begin

Mew Sadira dies in an accident[33], indirectly caused by the wounds inflicted by Halo Lykoi. Kai Aiolos is killed by Razekiel Lykoi. [34] Several Inferni members' bodies were found torn apart on the Inferni borders. Dahlian wolves were the suspected culprits, naturally.[35]

4.5  D-Day

March 6 is considered the culmination of the battle; Gabriel de le Poer leads an arson attack on Dahlia de Mai. Kaena Lykoi encounters Tokyo Chance and King Chance in Arachnea's Revenge and things escalate from there. [36][37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] Meanwhile, Anselm de le Poer leads a contingent of Inferni in building their greenhouse, waiting to treat the injured as they filter back from battle. [49]

4.6  The Burning of Harrow Road

Following the fires that burned Haku Soul's cabin, his son, Conor Soul is investigating around the burned area when he discovers the remnants of bear traps in his father's cabin. He realizes that is has been Haku all along setting the traps. [50] Haku Soul burns The Waste, part of which is claimed by Inferni—after this, he kills his follower, Sicarus de Ericeto and throws him in an Inferni trap.[51] Inferni decides to shift its borders northward, led by Gabriel de le Poer. [52]

4.7  War's End

Thanks to Conor Soul's suspicions, Haku Soul is finally ousted from Dahlia de Mai by a contingent of unhappy Dahlians. Conor Soul heads to Inferni the next day to announce to the clan that hostilities have ceased. Despite this, Inferni doesn't really relax—they know Haku Soul is still alive, of course, and the danger is far from over. [53]

5.  Timeline of Events

5.1  July 20, 2009 — Tensions Begin to Brew

5.2  October 01, 2009

5.3  October 08, 2009

5.4  October 16, 2009

  • Haku Soul rapes Kaena Lykoi in Dalhousie University. Though it's obviously not consentual, Kaena does not fight back, as she believes death would be a worse fate (a decision she regrets later). MATURE: [58] Afterwards, she heads to the shoreline and scrubs herself furiously with sand and salty water; Misery D'Angelo finds her and they spend the night together in a small cave nearby. [59] The following day, Susquehanna escorts Kae home, as she's too frightened to leave by herself. [60]

5.5  November 23, 2009

  • Haku Soul confronts Cercelee again; this time he threatens her children. She agrees to give up her rank and leave. Haku usurps her as the Rosen (first in command) and demotes Cercelee) to Adonis (third in command), telling her to stick around for a while. [61]

5.6  December 08, 2009

  • Haku Soul calls a meeting at Dahlia de Mai. He announces that several traps have been discovered on Dahlian borders, and also announces Cercelee's demotion, though he lies and says that it was a willing stepping down on her part. [62]

5.7  December 12, 2009

  • Hezekiah Finch and Snake decided to investigate the Dahlian territory; neither were present for the prior war, and sensing some discontent, decide to check out their clan's former enemy. Haku intercepts them, and they are chased from Dahlian territory. [63]

5.8  January 03, 2010 — War

5.9  January 04, 2010

  • Cercelee and Slaying the Dreamer depart from Dahlia de Mai, leaving Haku in solo command of the pack. [69]
  • Gabriel de le Poer calls a Inferni meeting. War is officially declared. The coyotes are pretty much in unanimous agreement to go and kill Haku, especially those that were present for the previous Dahlia war and those who are aware of what Haku has done. [70]
  • Haku Soul calls a Dahlia de Mai meeting.War is officially declared. The wolves are not in unanimous agreement; Haku's announcements trouble some members of the pack, though others react with expressions of loyalty and joy for bloodshed. [71]
  • Snake and Kaena Lykoi spar to train for the war—Snake educates Kae about Optime fighting (one of her weaker points) as well as some general bodily weaknesses she is also unaware of. [72]
  • Marik attacks Minos Lierrah... sort of. He actually just hits on Minos which freaks him out into running him back to Dahlia de Mai. See, Inferni fights with sex, too! [73]

5.10  January 05, 2010

5.11  January 07, 2010

5.12  January 08, 2010

5.13  January 09, 2010

  • Anselm de le Poer is promoted to Optio (third in command). Gabriel and Anselm discuss the building of a greenhouse on Inferni territory to help supply the clan with medicinal supplies. They work on the greenhouse a little bit themselves, discussing the situation all the while. [80]

5.14  January 10, 2010

5.15  January 11, 2010

5.16  January 14, 2010

5.17  January 20, 2010

5.18  January 21, 2010 — Bones Battle

5.19  January 22, 2010

5.20  January 23, 2010

5.21  January 25, 2010

  • Despite the recent tension, Nala Garner and Minos Lierrah manage to find some fun together talking about and claiming trees for themselves, despite being on the opposite sides of the war. [93]

5.22  January 27, 2010

  • Conor Soul meets Kaena Lykoi at the borders. They discuss the war; Conor learns things few others know—specifically, some of the things his father did to her. This unsettles him and helps put bloom to the seed of doubt already planted within his mind. [94]

5.23  January 29, 2010

5.24  February 03, 2010

5.25  Febrauary 6, 2010* — First Casualty

5.26  February 07, 2010

5.27  February 08, 2010

  • Mew Sadira falls in a crack. Wounds suffered from a gunshot inflicted several days prior by Halo Lykoi are complicated by the fall, and Mew perishes. Her body is not found by the Dahlians. [99]

5.28  February 09, 2010

5.29  February 11, 2010

5.30  February 12, 2010

  • Haku Soul goes a little (more) crazy. It is "the death of 'the Child' and the birth of something else." [103]

5.31  February 17, 2010

5.32  February 25, 2010 *

5.33  February 27, 2010

5.34  February 29, 2010*

* Backdated from March 14, 2010

5.35  March 04, 2010

5.36  March 06, 2010 — D-Day

5.37  March 17, 2010

5.38  March 30, 2010

  • In the aftermath of the fire, Conor Soul discovers the remnants of bear traps in Haku Soul's cabin. He realizes for the first time that all along, the one setting the traps has been his father—this angers him, of course, as it has been the pack's very own alpha placing them in such danger. [121]

5.39  April 01, 2010 — The Burning of Harrow Road

  • Haku Soul and Sicarus de Ericeto set fire to Inferni's Harrow Road Landfill subterritory in retaliation for the attacks at the beginning of March. For unknown reasons, Haku turns on Sicarus. Kaena Lykoi arrives on the scene and attacks Haku Soul, and the two scuffle for a moment—this is interrupted by Halo Lykoi, whose arrival drives Haku Soul away. The pair notice the dying Sicarus de Ericeto, and both note that he was fatally wounded in the trap—they surmise, prior to being thrown into it. Following that, they head to attempt to stop the fire. Ironically enough, Haku retaliates with fire two years to the day after Gabriel set fire to the old lands of Bleeding Souls. [122]

5.40  April 02, 2010

  • Inferni gathers to take stock of the fire; Gabriel de le Poer decides it is no longer safe to keep their borders so close to wolf land—the pack begins to mark Inferni's new borders, shifting the clan northwards considerably. Two Inferni subterritories—Harrow Road and The Ravine—are lost in the fire, burned to ash. However, the clan takes a small piece of Halcyon Mountain and some more of The Waste, enlarging their territory despite the fire.[123]

5.41  April 03, 2010

5.42  April 04, 2010

5.43  April 05, 2010

5.44  April 06, 2010 — War's End

  • Conor Soul comes to Inferni and speaks with Gabriel de le Poer—he tells Gabriel de le Poer that Haku has been kicked out of the pack. This marks the cessation of direct conflict between the packs, though certainly, the second Dahlian War still lingers on everyone's minds. [127]

5.45  April 11, 2010

5.46  April 12, 2010

  • Inferni holds a meeting—the war's end is discussed, and the members warn that though the outright conflict with Dahlia has ceased, Haku Soul is still around and capable of causing harm. Anselm de le Poer has temporarily left his post of Optio, feeling pressured from the war, and this change is also announced. [130]
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