Salem D'Angelo


Salem is the biological son of Conri Church and Naniko D'Angelo; he was raised by Naniko and her mate at the time, Anu. Brother to Brooklyn, Haven, and Mati; half brother to Caprica, Harlowe, Lucia, Rio, Scorpius, Judas, Severus, and Octavius. His time “on the road” or so they say has also led him to father a couple of children, whose existence is known to him, though the names have slipped the player's mind because she has a goldfish for a brain. Please see the D'Angelo, Nothing, or Aatte families for more information.


Unlike most D'Angelo, Salem is not immaculately dark. Though he is in some places as pitch black as an inkwell, bits of grey and white are flecked through his coarse-haired coat, leaving him prematurely peppered and doted with age. He does however possess an eye colour privy to many D'Angelos, a traditional olive-green-and-gold. His eyes are notably expressive, though time has allowed him to be wary of how they betray him and his emotions. Built like his father before him, Salem retains well-defined features that distinctly make him masculine — muscular and lean, he is built like that of a hard-worker, and built much better for endurance rather than speed or sheer strength. He stands tall with a sharp profile — a throwback to his unknown coyote heritage — but it not necessarily gangly or excessively tall, either. Average, perhaps, and in all forms though he prefers his lupus form in the wilds, and his optime in (sub)urban areas.