Amorette Aston

Amorette Aston is the daughter of Océane Aston and Domovoi Tarasova, born in Manitoba, Canada and raised in Lac Sakami, Quebec. She joined AniWaya with her sister Olivia in February of 2014, but by June chose to move to Anathema, after being attacked by Lucias Sunders, Viper Arsenic Trombetta, and Pythius Absinthe Trombetta. In September of 2014, she entered a polygamous mateship with Kentaro Lykoi, Isolde Sawtooth, and Kohaku Amarok. In January 2015, she became the mother of Greed Lykoi, Lust Lykoi, and Wrath Lykoi. On September 1st their polygamous mateship was broken off and she became the only mate of Kentaro Lykoi, though Kohaku Amarok did not take the news of their separation well and the two ended on bad terms. She had her second litter on October 17, 2015 with Death, War, and Conquest all coming from her and Kentaro Lykoi and Famine from her and Kohaku Amarok. Her third litter was completely sired by Kohaku Amarok. Kino Amarok and Haku Amarok were born on May 5, 2016.

Amorette Aston

by Nat



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Date of Birth

10 May 2013




Birth place

Manitoba, Canada



62.5% Canis lupus (Wolf)
37.5% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)


41.25% Arctic Wolf
37.5% Dog (Borzoi, Saluki, Collie, etc)
11.25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
6.25% Eastern Timber Wolf
3.75% Tundra Wolf & Other




Mate Kentaro, Isolde, Kohaku
Pack Anathema
Rank Andras
Co-Rank Cruciator


Anathema (Jun-current 2014)
AniWaya (Mar-Jun 2014)
Lac Sakami (2013 - 2014)



  • Optime Hair: Coffee Bean (#281A0E) with slightly lighter tones.
  • Eyes: Java (#20B6B6).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Mondo (#3F3029).
    • Lighter Tobacco Brown (#705841) undercoat.
    • Coffee Bean (#281A0E) stripe and accents.
    • Pearl Bush (#EFE7E4) paws, underbelly, markings.
  • Wears a pair of osprey feathers behind her ear.

Lupus Reference · Optime Reference

Amorette is a beautiful young woman with her appearance being influenced by both her parents. Her eyes are a stunning shade of blue-green, standing out from the two-toned marks over her eyes. Her coat is mostly made up of browns like her mother’s but the coat markings are similar to her fathers. The two markings over her eyes come from each parent. The darker mark on the top half over her eyes comes from her father, though it is a brown tone rather than his black, and the bottom mark is the same as her mother’s.

She looks more like a wolf than anything else, though her coat is wavy and is longer and feathered on her elbow and forearms and calves, showing her longhaired dog heritage. Her tail is also rather long, and a little fluffier than most wolves, showing again the dog blood that runs through her veins. Her body is lean and slender and she has long legs due to the sighthound influence.

The young Aston girl prefers her Optime form, spending most of her time on two legs since her first shift. She has a few articles of clothing she will wear, most of the time choosing to wear a red skirt and the red scarf Kentaro gave her is normally tied around her, coving her chest a little. Recently, she cut her hair shorter and dyed it, starting with black and creating tight braids on the sides of her head, leaving the top loose and dying that bit of hair red and orange to mimic fire. She has no piercings but has multiple scars that mar her body.





71 lbs (32 kg)
27 in (68.5 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
38 in (96.5 cm)

160 lbs (72.5 kg)
5ft 7in (67 in) (170 cm)

She looks like a long-legged brown wolf in this form. Very slender and feminine form.

Same as her Lupus form but her fur is thicker and her build is more muscular.

Preferred form. Very elegant and graceful in appearance.



  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday soon.
  • Tattoos: None


  • A rune shaped like a slanted t has been carved into her stomach from Viper
  • A scar on her left arm moving from her shoulder to her elbow from Lucias
  • Another starting on her right shoulder blade that goes over her shoulder, across her chest, and stops just a few inches above the rune on her stomach from Lucias
  • A bite mark with a line through it on her neck from Viper cutting her neck to drink her blood
  • Cut on her lips on the left side of her muzzle from Lucias
  • Scar over her left eye from Lucias
  • Ring finger on her left hand missing, cut off by Viper


  • Two osprey feathers attached to her hair with beads matching her eyes, just behind her right ear.
  • A bow and quiver full of arrows.
  • A dagger usually attached to her thigh.
  • A set of throwing knives.
  • Fire dancing tools such as two poi and two double staffs.


  • She is most often seen wearing a red skirt and a scarf wrapped around her chest, though she does also own a few dresses that she wears on occasion.


By Lin

Amorette is a fiery young girl, which is fitting due to her fascination with fire. She is very outgoing and adventurous, and she often times acts before she thinks which can get her into trouble. She is inquisitive, always interested in learning new things and she is willing to try anything at least once.

She is extremely overprotective when it comes to any member of her family, always wanting to be sure they are safe and happy. This protectiveness can often reach out to others as well, she will do whatever she can to prevent others from being hurt. Amorette has a fierce loyalty to Kentaro and Kohaku as well as her children, blood or adopted, making her willing to do absolutely anything for them.

Like her father, she can easily empathize with others and wants to help whenever they need it, even if she doesn’t know them all that well. Because of her want to help, she can sometimes be a little too trusting of others, often seeing only good in others and overlooking the bad.

She is rather dominant and is pretty outspoken. She also is very prideful and often times will not admit her mistakes or back down when someone insults her. Amorette is pretty flirtatious, though she would never willingly be with anyone other than the two males in her polygamous relationship.

Even though she doesn't see her sister or parents as often as she did while living within Aniwaya, she does still feel a need to make them happy. They may not be too pleased with her choice in mates or home, but she still cares deeply for them and would do anything for them.



  • Likes: Fire, dancing, singing, language, horses, pups
  • Dislikes: submitting to authority, being alone


  • Stubborn
  • Reckless
  • Passionate
  • Prideful
  • Dominant
  • Song:
  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: True Neutral


  • losing her family
  • Never having her loved ones be proud of her
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Failure


  • Family
  • Power
  • Strength


  • Packs: Not biased
  • Species: Not biased
  • Non-Luperci: Is confused about why they don't want to become Luperci but holds no judgement towards them.
  • Gender: Not really biased, but is weary around males she does not know
  • Color: Not biased
  • Sexuality: Not biased
  • Age: Is respectful of elders and protective of any pups.


Strictly heterosexual. She is flirtatious but will not sleep around. She is devoted to the two men in her polygamous relationship


Has never tried any substances other than alcohol.


Amorette shares Lac Sakami's cultural beliefs and shares some of Aniwaya's beliefs, having grown interested in their culture after learning her mother was a member there.


Key Relations

  • Olivia Tarasova: Her sister is her closest friend and confidant. They traveled together to relocate their mother, and learn who their father is.
  • Kentaro Lykoi: The love of her life. She moved to Anathema to become his mate. She would do absolutely anything for him, including allowing him to take another female as his second mate.
  • Kohaku Amarok: Her second mate. Kentaro allowed him to join their polygamous relationship to appease her. She loves him but he has never admitted any sort of feelings towards her other than attraction. They do still have a strong bond, even if it's not due to a love for one another.
  • Isolde Sawtooth: Her mate in name only, someone Amorette briefly liked but now despises wholeheartedly. She dreams of ending the woman's life and hopes to follow through with her dream one day.
  • Nyx Greyfire: Her adopted daughter. Amorette took her in not long after joining Anthema. She cares for her as if she were her own flesh and blood and feels a fierce protectiveness for her.

Family: Aston, Sadira, Soul, Trouillefou

Minor Relations

  • Lucias, Viper, Pythius: assaulted her solely for her connection to Kentaro. She hates all three of them with a passion and intends to kill them one day.

Former Relations

  • Francine Taylor: Her nanny in Lac Sakami. Broke her promise and told her of AniWaya, so that she could find her birth mother.


  • Speech: She speaks both french and english fluently but has a french accent when speaking english.
  • Scent: Lac Sakami, forest, slightly floral.



  • Fire Dancing (Journeyman): Amorette grew a fascination with fire when she was a pup. She started using staffs and taught herself how to fire dance, eventually using a double staff and poi. She continues to practice and gets a great amount of enjoyment from it. (Example:


  • Amorette is very prideful and won't back down when up against someone even though she's not a very talented fighter.


Amorette and Olivia by Shade

Amorette Aston was born in Manitoba, Canada, alongside her sister Olivia to her mother, Océane Aston. Océane raised her pups until they were strong enough to walk on their own, and brought them to Lac Sakami. She handed her pups over to Francine Taylor to take care of and raise in Lac Sakami.

Francine raised Olivia and Amorette until they were around 10 months old, where they began to grow curious about their true parents. Francine never learned the first name of their father, Domovoi Tarasova, who had no knowledge of his children. She broke her promise to Océane and told them her name and that she had left for AniWaya. Olivia and Amorette left Lac Sakami on a quest to find their biological mother in late February of 2014.



  • May: Olivia and Amorette are born in Manitoba, Canada.
  • June: Océane brings Olivia and Amorette to Lac Sakami and give them to Francine Taylor to raise.
  • September: Océane returns to AniWaya


  • February: Olivia and Amorette leave Lac Sakami to search for their mother.



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