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Akantha was born with her sister Semini to the Baroness of Onuba, Thalia Amaranthe, and Captain Edgar Lanseer on a cold November night out at sea. She was raised in affluence, and this is apparent in every aspect of her: from her striking appearance to the way she conducts herself. She spent her formative years with Semini, learning what it meant to be a proper lady of the court. Their lessons ranged from needlepoint to horseman-ship, and the little duo took to knowledge like fish to water.

Upon Semini's departure to begin her apprenticeship, Akantha dove into her role as a Courtier and stirred up rumors and gossip in her wake. Hoping to extinguish the furor about her golden daughter, Thalia sent Akantha away under the guise of spiritual enlightenment, though she was meant in part to locate Semini when she supposedly jumped ship near the coast of Nova Scotia.

Akantha had been a member of the pack Sapient since its founding. She has held the rank of Adcredo, and was once the pack's Diplomat, Courtier, and Merchant. In November 2015 she also completed her Area of Study specializing in Cultural Anthropology.

In early January of 2016, Thalia Amaranthe visited her daughters in Nova Scotia and left Camellia Amaranthe behind to aid Akantha with rearing her children. On January 18th, 2016, Akantha gave birth to her first litter. Her children are Solomon, Lucian, and Odalis and although unconfirmed, they are suspected to have been fathered by Bacchus Revlis of Salsola.

Shortly after, Akantha fell into a depression and subsequently out of grace from her lofty position in the pack. She received word in December of 2016 that Thalia had arranged a marriage for her in Onuba, and that she should return home at once. After many discussions with Semini, Akantha eventually decided to return home to Onuba to fulfill this arrangement, bringing her daughter Odalis with her.

In recent events, the former Alta Baronesa Thalia Amaranthe? was forcibly removed from power and replaced by her daughter. She has continued to spurn tradition by marrying a prominent member of the Robles Family. Duque Isandro Robles wed Alta Baronesa Akantha Amaranthe in 2017.

In the spring of 2018 Akantha welcomed a new litter of children to the world: Mavros, Alcuin, and Lucrezia 'Lu'.

Akantha Amaranthe





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: 26 Nov 2012
  • Approx. Human Age: Early 30s
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf-Dog
    • 50% Grey Wolf
    • 10% Australian Shepherd
    • 10% King Charles Spaniel
    • 30% Alaskan Malamute
  • Residence: Onuba, Amaranthe Estate
Akantha: Thorn (Latin)
Amaranthe: Unfading (Latin, Spanish)
  • Nicknames:
  • Name Pronunciation: Ah-Cahn-Ta
  • Epithet: Thorn
  • Ambrose: A friendly male Donkey who Akantha traded for from the Outpost. He is a gentle and amiable creature, and is now best friends with Florian.
  • Florian: A silver Svantevit Gelding Akantha traded for from Dalimil to aid her in her Diplomacy Missions. He is a calm creature and exceedingly gentle -- though is prone to startling in unfamiliar territory.

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions and Plot Opportunities

Former Pack Information

Adcredo (December 2015)
Domus Faber (November 2015)
Domus Summus (August 2015)
Domus Inter (March 2015)
Domus Parva (February, 2015)
Sodalis (2014)

Plot Opportunities

  • Akantha has returned indefinitely to Onuba.
Please contact Amanda or San to discuss specific conversations and interactions.

1.  Personality

By first glance Akantha seems vain, shallow and a bit of an air-head. Her mannerisms are all very flowery and seem to mimic what is stereotypically graceful and elegant. She is boisterous in a kind way, and has such an energy and exuberance that she could almost say anything and it would seem like it carried the weight of a real opinion. However, a keen individual would notice very quickly that Akantha is sharp as a tack. Although it would seem that the words that roll from her tongue can be easily dismissed, and she would let them be dismissed, they are frequently packed with a deeper motivation. She doesn't say anything that she doesn't mean, and she doesn't do anything that she doesn't want to do. She has a strength behind her demeanor that emerges with time to oblivious people, and immediately to perceptive ones.

She has a solid intuition of people's characters and knows how to work this to her advantage. Her intentions are muddled between selfish desires and impulses, and a real need to be a good person. She loves genuinely and sincerely enjoys socializing, and this complicates her feelings and inclination for manipulation. She is a convincing actress because she lies most to herself, and has put her weight behind these beliefs, though the right person and the right words could dismantle it. Her dislike is never made apparent in ugly ways - she can be vengeful, vicious, but in manners that are complicated such that it is difficult to pin the fault entirely to her.

She is in many ways as fragile as she appears. But as it is with Amaranthe children, Akantha is undeniably strong of will.

  • Speech: She speaks Spanish primarily, though she has come to speak English regularly since her arrival in Nova Scotia. She has a thick accent, rich, with fast dips and a charming lilt.
  • Scent: Her smell is a very refined one - she carries a blend of floral essences from a small perfume bottle, and bathes with such regularity that there's always a watery scent, a dampness that is not unpleasant but clean like rainwater.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She likes to stand with an arm hanging on the other, which taps against her lip. She will bounce and hold her arms to her sides, emphasizing her chest. She will toss her hair and flutter her eyes. She likes to seem and feel attractive - it's fun for her, even if no one else cares.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Generally she is open, expressive, her mouth opens wide and she laughs frequently. She carries herself with grace, her arms in a perfect bow and shoulders straight when she moves.

1.1  Ideals


Excitable, Poised, Energetic, Vibrant, Calculating, Cunning, Manipulative

  • Outlook: Optimistic!
  • Sociability: Extroverted and Dominant
  • Expression: Submissive


  • To respect herself
  • To feel needed
  • To gain forgiveness
  • To learn to accept that life in Sapient is very different from Onuba


  • Pain: Akantha is very, deeply frightened of consequences, though she ignores it to do what she wants.
  • Rejection: She hates to be rejected or denied. She becomes obsessed with it.


Akantha acknowledges beauty where beauty is due -- she is a woman who has never been frightened to speak what is on her mind. Akantha's quick wit and easy charm draw men and women alike to her like bees to honey. She is easy with her affection and is not a guarded individual.


Akantha grew to enjoy drink in Onuba, though after witnessing many men and women make fools of themselves decided that it went against her ideals. Thalia approved.


Akantha seeks to establish Sapient as the dominant trading pack of the region. In her own life, she desires to prove to herself that she is stronger then anyone ever anticipated.



  • Is currently unsure of Inferni, due to Snapdragon Lykoi stealing documents from within Sapients borders.
  • After having a clandestine meeting with Salvia Eternity of Salsola Akantha isn't sure what to think of the Thistle Kingdom, though she is attracted to their apparent wealth and power.
  • Species: Akantha does not share her sister's prejudice - she thinks all species are very handsome.
  • Non-Luperci: Though she does find non-luperci a little strange, she holds no obvious biases against them. Unless, of course, it comes to sleeping with them, as that would mean shifting into her Lupus form, something she refuses to do.
  • Gender: Favorable bias towards men (especially homosexuals) - Akantha tends to not get along with women, though there are exceptions.


  • Likes: People, Reading, Writing, Horse-back Riding, Parties and Social Gatherings, Romantic Prose, Sex, Plants and Botany
  • Dislikes: Cooking, Cleaning, Hunting, Women, Insects, Humidity, Discomfort


Akantha is outwardly devouted to the Lantern. She has adopted just enough beliefs and mannerisms to sell herself as faithful, but it's clear after a while that she really doesn't know much of the religion and doesn't care to. It serves some use to her, but it isn't clear what that is exactly.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


  • Species: Akantha is a wolf-dog hybrid, although she draws mainly from her mother's dog roots.
  • Fur: Akantha's fur is perpetually soft, groomed, and light. It curls and fluffs in the right spots, always. She makes sure of that.
    • Optime Hair: Generally curly and with a texture that is very soft and silky. Her hair is currently long and hangs to the middle of her back between her shoulder blades.
  • Facial Features: She has a mostly slender face that holds weight in attractive places - her lips, the balls of her cheeks, her eyelids are thick and framed with long, airy lashes. Her smile is very symmetrical, with the only imperfection being an endearing wayward curl that pushes against her cheek.
  • Build and Size: Akantha is not tall but she is not short and stout. Her frame is slender, petite, and looks delicate due to the softness of her coat. The hairs disguise her wiry, strong musculature and her lean build, which when wet is revealing of a more masculine frame. Her bust is very ample, made bigger by the fluff, and she does well to groom her coat so that it emphasizes her femininity.
    • Lupus: In Lupus, her coat is very long and flowing. Other than this, her Lupus form tends to emphasize her wolf heritage, which is why she avoids shifting to Lupus or Secui at all costs.
    • Optime: Her Optime form is by far the most preferred for the reasons above.
  • Humanization: She is a medium - humanized wolf dog, in that her behaviour is very human. As far as dress, she will wear fine fabrics and clothes that do not restrict the movement of her legs or arms. She otherwise maintains her coat very well, and is rarely seen without her skirts or blouse.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Reddish-Black
  • Claws: Opaque
General Colors
Tumbleweed (#DFA57C)
Champagne (#F9EAD2)
Amber (#FFCE5B)


81 lbs (36.7 kg)
29 in (73.7 cm)


Akantha rarely if ever uses Lupus. When she is in Lupus form, her fur is very long and disguises her figure.

140 lbs (63.5 kg)
41 in (104 cm)


Akantha rarely if ever uses Secui.

170 lbs (17 kg)
5ft 9in (69 in / 175 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Akantha is found most frequently in her Optime form.

2.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Heavens no, definitely no scars!
  • Piercings: Her ears are pierced.
  • Tattoos: None


Akantha is a hoarder of pretty accessories, but she didn't bring most of them with her to Nova Scotia. She only brought her favorite things, listed below.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • White metal earrings inlaid with diamonds, the metal shaped like flowers
  • An ornate necklace inlaid with opals
  • An ornate pendant recently sent by Thalia that is set with rubies to mark her as a wolf of Sapient


  • Red shawl with gold floral pattern
  • White fur cloak with white feathers inlaid in the hood
  • Other items are added sporadically as she writes to her mother -- Thalia can't imagine Akantha being without the finery of Onuba

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Amaranthe

Nieces & Nephews: Tiamat, Lotan, Calrian, Malik

Immediate Family Relations

  • Thalia Amaranthe: Akantha is like her mother in many ways: an ambitious woman who gets what she wants by whatever means possible. Despite this similarity, Akantha still blames Thalia at times for her lack of a childhood – for while Semini was off spending time with Edgar, Akantha was forced to take lessons and adhere to a strict schedule of court visits and grand events. The youngest Amaranthe rebelled in her own way, and drank too much and spoke too loudly – eventually forcing Thalia to send her away under the guise of seeking out the lost Semini. Akantha has inherited Thalia's ambitiousness, and seeks to prove to her mother that she had grown into a woman the Baroness could be proud of.
  • Edgar Lanseer: Akantha loved her father despite his many absences, and she was always sure to meet with him each time he came to port in Onuba. She harbours some jealousy towards her sister, as the bond she shared with Edgar was much stronger despite Akantha’s many attempts to improve upon their relationship – the two simply had far more in common. Edgar's death in 2015 was difficult, though was part of the reason Akantha and Semini were able to reconcile some pieces of their relationship.
  • Semini: Akantha desperately loves and adores her sister, and many of her actions have been motivated and shaped by this. Their relationship is tumultuous at the best of times, as Akantha is never one to allow something to rest between them. Semini was Akantha's only true friend growing up, and as a result, Akantha both admires and resents her. She battles with the need to earn Semini's respect and also a deep jealousy of the success her sister has found in Nova Scotia. She struggles to do what is right when it comes to her sibling, and ultimately feels inferior and insecure about her place when compared to Semini. Her time in Sapient has brought about great change, and the pair's ambitions have repaired much of their relationship. Together in late 2015 the sisters began talks of an official alliance between their packs. When Semini finally returned to her in the wake of Tiamats tumultuous wedding, Akantha found her with a new husband - Lokr Revlis.
  • Solomon: Akantha loves Solomon deeply - though is concerned for him the most out of her three children. He has grown into a broody young man with an aptitude for horses.
  • Lucian: Lucian can do no wrong.
  • Odalis: Odalis is rebelious, always eager to speak her mind when her mother least expects it. Her wandering came as no surprise - and so, much in the same way Akantha had set forth to Nova Scotia so did she. Akantha loves her only daughter and recognizes the pieces of herself in her.

Major Relationships

  • Bacchus Revlis: Known only as Dionysus, Akantha knows little of the handsome man save for that he is a deeply enigmatic creature. They met several times in the neutral territories and had a story book seduction which resulted in three children: Solomon, Lucian, and Odalis. Akantha does not know the mans origin, and despite attempting to seek him out he remains a mystery to her and her unborn children.
  • Isandro Robles?: Akantha's offical Onuban husband. Originally nothing more than an arranged marriage to bring the two families closer together, Akantha developed a deep connection to the dark man. In the spring of 2018 they decided to start a family together in the wake of their wedding celebration.
  • Ciellen Loreath: is her teacher and roommate in Bathurst. She met him upon her arrival to Nova Scotia, and jumped on the chance to learn about plants and healing while having someone take care of her basic needs. Initially very platonic and using him mostly for practical things, she has taken another interest in him after she discovered that her sister shares a history with him. Their friendship has only grown in their time within Sapient, and now with the incident of 'the note' (learning of her father's death) they make a mismatched pair. They are commonly seen together within Sapient's borders despite the fact that Akantha has decided to pursue a different Area of Study. When he disappered Akantha forced herself not to follow his trail. She assumes he returned to his northern home.

Extended Family Relations

3.2  General Relations


  • Pascal Sadira A timid Prince from Cour de Miracles discovered her on the outskirts of Gaspesia when she fell and twisted her ankle. The man is different, and at first Akantha pushed him from a place of meanness, but somehow this has blossomed to a warm affection. They both take pride in their work, and Akantha has plans to see him again. In the Fall of 2015 it was discovered that Pascal had gone missing (instigating what would become known as the Inferni and Court de Miracles War) and was found some weeks later upon Krokars borders by Beatrice Tindall and Milos Parhelion before being returned to the Court by the Amaranthe sisters.
  • Constantine Von Troy One of the founders of Sapient, Akantha finds him deeply attractive -- and is one of the few wolves in Sapient that remind her of Onuban courts. He speaks her language, and the pair have dappled in seduction on occasion. She only recently discovered his connection to Nivosus Moineau, and is unsure what to think of their current mateship.
  • Dominic Hunt is a man she met along the sea. He is a perfect southern gentlemen who she believes had his mother murdered by non-luperci back in his native Texas. Akantha finds him roguishly attractive, and has invited him to come and spend time with her at The Estate in Sapient. She is unsure of the path their relationship will take, but is happy to have him and his sister currently in her life. They stayed in Sapients guest room for some weeks before taking their leave of Akantha and resuming their journey through the neutral territories.

Neutral Relations

  • Rafael Salcedo: Akantha and Rafael have (as in most of Akanthas relationships) maintained a strangely off-and-on connection throughout each of their encounters. In Onuba they saw one another often enough in the Courts, and on one such occasion came together passionately. Despite Rafaels standoffish nature, Akantha is deeply attracted to him – and finds some amusement in their constant bickering. Since discovering that he resides in Salsola she has become more interested in his place in Nova Scotia.

Negative Relations

  • Beatrice Tindall: Beatrice was one of the many crew employed by her Fathers ship The Salt Water Storm. Beatrice and Semini were fast friends, and the one-eyed woman was always quick to tease Akantha -- pulling her hair and stealing her jewelry. The sea-fairer leaves a poor taste in Akanthas mouth and knowledge that the mutt has joined Krokar hasn't helped with this feeling.