Vedetta Auditore

This character was previously a NPC of Sapient.

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Vedetta Auditore is the eldest son of Leonardo and was the sole pup of his litter. Born into an unstable mateship of sorts, on the Barbados port where his parents ship set anchor. Fussed by his mother and allowed all too much free reign by his father, the Auditore male quickly developed an ego and over confidence within himself as a result.

As his mother, Iniga fell pregnant once more, he took up the role of protector and is fiercely protective over his only other full blood sibling, Salvatrice. Inevitably, his parents split apart, with the Auditore male following his father out to Italy once more, where he delved into the highly more civilized culture that was present in those parts.

Time passed and once more he found himself travelling back across the ocean, the group settling in Nova Scotia and splitting, going their separate ways and pursuing their own lives and interest. After hearing of Sapient's foundation, Vedetta was not long behind to join their ranks, proving himself adapt at leather working, hunting and showing a strong interest in Anatomy.

During August 2015, Vedetta was present at the ball when his younger half-sibling was murdered.

Vedetta was a member of Sapient, ranked as a Sodalis up until his untimely death during the Familia Sugit Conflict. He held the Metier of Leatherworker and had several budding relations within the pack.






  • Date of Birth: 18th June 2011
  • Date of Death: January 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Government Estate, Sapient
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Sapient (5th Oct 2014 - Jan 2017)
  • Rank: Scio Faber
    • Co-Rank: Leatherworker
  • Companion Animals:



  • Austri Moineau has a notable crush on the Auditore male! Does he reciprocate?!
  • Everybody loves to flirt with Akantha

Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolfdog with a slimmer, overall wolfish appearance.
  • Fur: Thick, silky, long fur due to his dense wolf pelt and dog heritage mixing in a unique manner.
    • Optime Hair: Vedetta's hair falls to his collarbone, in a messy, careless sort of way. His chin is particularly scruffy, giving him the appearance of a goatee.
  • Facial Features: Strong, fairly chiselled and wholly wolf like in nature. His face is expressive, this is not a guy who can easily hide his feelings.
  • Build and Size: Tall and well muscled, Vedetta is undeniably strong, although streamlined and built for speed. With a particularly broad chest and well built, long arms, his dog heritage shows strongly here. A typically, he can be seen walking in an attentive manner, his head up and muscles, tense, ready to spring into action, another throw back to his sheepdog heritage.
    • Lupus: Sleek, but well muscled and designed for speed over strength.
    • Optime: Very humanized, he talks with his hands and has a keenly expressive face. He has excellent posture.
  • Humanization: High. Always wears clothes, considers nudity slightly distasteful. Normally wears a black hoodie type jacket that he keeps open and soft black cotton pants.


  • Fur:
    • Millbrook
    • Santa Fe
  • Markings:
    • Santa Fe mask over his face
    • Ebb throat collar that spreads down to his chest
    • Ebb nose blaze, and inner ears
    • Santa Fe spreads over his shoulders and back like a dorsal stripe
    • Left front paw is ebb
    • Ebb tail tip
  • Eyes: Melanzane
  • Optime Hair: Santa Fe with a streak of white sprouting from his temple, halfway up the centre of his hair
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Melanzane (#41082C)
Ebb (#E8E5E4)
Santa Fe (#A17051)
Sandrift (#AE9484)
Sand Dune (#877467)
Millbrook (#5F4939)

1.2  Forms


105 lbs (48 kg)39 in (99 cm)
A slim-lined hunter, designed for speed and sharp movements on the chase. With long legs and a solid chest, his waist is narrow and his steps are light within this form.


160 lbs (72 kg)49 in (124 cm)
Vedetta bulks up considerably in his secui form, thus making this the choice of form for combat and larger, more physical hunts and tasks. His fine fur thickens into more of a mane, adding further protection with this form.


245 lbs (109 kg)6ft 10in (208 cm)
Broad chested and shouldered, he has a runners build and the majority of muscle is present along his arms and legs. Heavily humanised, he has a straight posture and is equally a capable hunter in this form.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: —
  • Tattoos:
    • Stylised owl; all black. Located on his right angle, with the wings wrapping around his ankle some.
  • Scars:
    • Vedetta's hands are fairly covered with small nicks and scars from skinning kills.
    • Fine scars do extend up his arms, however they are hidden beneath his long fur.


Overall Vedetta is very humanised in appearance; however, it is in a practical manner that allows for him to work and excel in his chosen skill areas.


  • A collection of sharp knives, his favourite being a bone handled blade with a gut hook
  • His black dyed bow
    • Matching black quiver with small rubies set in the leather
  • Black leather cord with small silver cross; small, singular ruby in the cross section.


  • Black leather jacket; heavily worn and clearly well used.
    • Pale grey hoodie typically worn under the leather jacket.
  • Black leather trousers, cut off just past his knees.


  • Scent: Sapient, Auditore, Roman Wormwood and Iron.
  • Speech: Vedetta speaks well and gestures with his hands when he does. Fond of musing out loud, he almost seems in love with the sound of his own voice.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: His hand gestures are typically more descriptive than his words.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Open and engaging, though he can put on an air of distance if he tries hard enough. He's an affable guy normally though


2.  Personality

Vedetta is a man with a lot of energy and talent; to which he actively puts to use and constantly works to build upon. Due to his collie nature, he picks most things up quickly, though only leatherworking, hunting, and anatomy have held him for long and are where his talents truly shine through. Tied to his past and pleasant times spent with his father, he is respectful and caring towards animals with a purpose. This is evident in the way he clearly enjoys taking care of his horse, Veloce.

Growing up often travelling and in a variety of cultural types, Vedetta has a deep affinity for the wild world, and enjoys no greater peace than being on his own, hunting in the woods with his bow and wits. He has a deep interest in being civilized though, influenced by his family and his time spent in Italy, this has also led to the development of and active expression of dislike towards signs of savagery or brutishness. He considers himself far more than an animal, and believes that some higher purpose gifted them with being luperci, and being greater than other animals.

Practical and efficient, Vedetta is not one to waste time of futile pursuits or to drag out a hunt for the fun of things; he is methodical in the way he conducts himself, even with the smaller things, indicating a calulating and intellectual mind. Additionally, he is notably ambitious in regards to both rank and wealth, and that gets in the way of his generally good hearted nature at times. Like many of his family, he is a perfectionist, and enjoys making beautiful things with his leather working and takes great pride in his pieces, thus his work is rarely fast, but always exquisite.

2.1  Ideals


Good, dedicated, ambitious, intelligent

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Introverted, Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Respects the authority figures in his family and obeys their mandates.
    • Seeks secure employment, believing hard work will pay off in the end.
    • Will not harm others for profit.


  • Failure is perhaps his greatest fear; that he wasn't there to prevent something or simply was not good enough to achieve the goal he was aiming for.
    • Does not deal well with rejection, demotion, dismissal or exclusion from things as a result.
  • In part due to witnessing the abusive relationship of his parents, Vedetta is hesitant, bordering on fearful of the concept of mateship.


  • Vedetta strives to prove himself. To find acceptance for who his is -- his ways, his skills and inherit nature, without bending or deviating from the path he walks.
  • Family and the traditions impressed upon him from his Audtiore lineage are of great importance and he actively tries to remain true to these, alongside protecting his families honour.
    • Can be quickly drawn into violence over implied insults or negative insinuations towards his family, in addition to immediate physical threats to those he loves.


  • Practical atheism
    • "Absence of religious motivation—belief in gods does not motivate moral action, religious action, or any other form of action."
    • "Indifference—the absence of any interest in the problems of gods and religion."


  • Non-Luperci
    • Actively dislikes and treats with disdain; conforming to Sapient broader views of non-luperci.
    • Stereotypes them as simple minded animals in need of assistance through infection.
  • Gender
    • Somewhat sexist; will often be more inclined to offer assistance to females / displaying chivalrous behaviour.
  • Packs


  • Predominantly heterosexual, Vedetta identifies as heterosexual and is uncomfortable with the thought of not being straight.
    • Influenced by his time in Italy and family morals, he was raised to view Heterosexual couplings as the correct and proper thing to do.
    • Despite his personal views, he does not show any bias or dislike for less conventional couples; he is just simply uncomfortable with males flirting with him.


  • Likes: Weapons, Fighting, Wrestling, Quiet Nights, Forests, Most bodies of Water, human artifacts, hunting, working
  • Dislikes: Weakness, boredom, failure, cowards, alcohol


  • Has had it pushed upon him that the usage and consumption of any substances is a sign of weakness; often, he subsequently sees those who partake as mentally weaker and in need of assistance.
    • Lacks resistance and can easily become addicted or intoxicated by substances. This may potentially lead to a shame and dependency upon substances.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Auditore

  • Aunts and Uncles: Sebastian Auditore, Fiora Auditore & Rosa Auditore
  • Grandparents: Paola Auditore and Rodrigo Auditore
  • Extended: Auditore

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Akantha The two have a good relation; often with much shameless and harmless flirting involved.
  • Leonardo Auditore Vedetta has a deep respect for his father and is blind to the mans many faults. Protective and proud of his father, Vedetta can be quick to jump in defence of the older Auditore's honour.
  • Austri Moineau Austri and the red man work together on different projects for the pack, and somehow Austri has found herself attracted to the freckled Auditore. Whilst he is aware of her affections, it is unclear as of yet if he reciprocates them at all.
  • Lola Vedetta holds a strong resentment of the Casa di Cavalieri female due to the events that occurred during the ball in 2015.

Minor Relations

Combat Log

  • Win: None.
  • Draw: None.
  • Loss: None.

4.  Skills

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Primarily self-taught, with some education provided by Leonardo Auditore, Vedetta has excelled in the area of hunting due to natural prey-drive, inherent herding capabilities due to his sheepdog heritage, with the additional learning via a series of trial and error.
  • Tracking (Master): Able to track through physical signs, scent and common sense deduction a variety of animals, as well as canine individuals.
  • Trapping (Apprentice): Whilst not his strongest point, he has basic knowledge on trap construction and usage, to which he occasionally puts to use.
  • Herding (Journeyman): A skill derived from his dog heritage, he is good at directing groups of animals and playing a sideline role in group hunts.
  • Many hunting methods he disregards, deeming them cruel and limiting his options; he is inclined to use humane methods and to hunt elderly or injured animals over the young.

Leather Working

  • Education and Learning: Tied to his natural skills in the area of hunting, Vedetta was heavily tutored by Leonardo Auditore on basic crafting principles, the uses of common tools and the like, where leather craft crossed over with black smithing. His skills were further refined with the assistance of various instructors during his time spent in Italy.
  • Animal Products (Journeyman): From the process of skinning itself, Vedetta makes the most of his kills and is thus knowledgeable in regards to curing hides, creating leather and rawhide.
  • Leather crafting (Master): Vedetta is highly adapt in the area of Leathercraft; capable of crafting objects or works of art from leather, using both shaping techniques and coloring techniques. His works range from large scale body armours, to small accessories.
  • Vedetta isn't all that flexible or willing to take advice or alternative approaches to his methodology in leather work; thus restricting his means to an ends.
  • A perfectionist, most of his work takes a painstakingly long time to complete, although the attention to detail and final product is certainly worth it!

5.  History: Timeline


  • January: Vedetta Auditore was born in the port of Barbados, the family stopping in the area for a short period before quickly moving on.
  • June: Vedetta Auditore shifted for the first time; Leonardo began educating him about the art of combat and the various skills he himself had been taught.
  • September: Iniga confronted Leo for the first time about his lack of love, lashing out and attacking him. He didn't fight back, allowing her to scar him in her justified anger.


  • January: Salvatrice Airò was born in Acadia National Park, Maine. Her birth was intended to save the faltering relationship between Iniga and Leonardo, but instead put more stress on their loveless flaws. Salvatrice quickly gravitated toward her father and big brother.
  • May: Iniga and Leonardo's fights escalate into physical altercations, resulting in Leo eventually deciding to leave; tired of her hysterics and demands of him, and knowing full well he couldn't provide her with what she wanted. Salvatrice and Vedetta bid farewell to Iniga and leave her behind.
  • June: Leonardo and his kids return to his homeland of Italy. Vedetta and Leonardo take up physical labour, doing odd jobs within the port to support their family.
  • July: Leonardo moves his family in with Rizzo Grassi-Knight, a new romantic interest.


  • February: Tennyson Knight and Desiderio Auditore were born. Their arrival was greatly welcome and the family were thrilled with the new additions, but Vedetta, alongside Salvatrice, was soon alienated by Rizzo's insistence on the Knight Clan traditions.
  • June: Leonardo, along with all four children, left Italy and sailed back to North America to find Sebastian, Leo's estranged brother. Rizzo stays in Italy, but bids them to seek out her brother Jazper so that he can give Tennyson and Desiderio a place among their heritage.
  • August: The family arrived in Nova Scotia; Tennyson and Leonardo seek to join Casa di Cavalieri. Desiderio changed his mind and remains with Vedetta and Salvatrice, who explore the area and strike out as loners until their father's return.

6.  Post Log

6.1  2014

Joining the ranks of Sapient, Vedetta strives to prove himself among their ranks, to which paid off with his acquisition of his Metier: Leatherworker. Establishing some ties with other packs, the majority of his time was spent aiding the internal, day to day functioning of the pack, it's livestock and production of goods.



  1. 'Cause your presence still lingers here
    Drama is afoot and the members of Sapient gather upon Nivosus's call. The meeting regards Inferni's disregard to the white flag of diplomacy; Snapdragon Lykoi's theft of pack intel and their plans for retaliation against the clan.
  2. no light no light
    A short passing encounter with the Vinátta member, Orvar Stormbringer.
  3. Secrets and regrets
    With the deadline looming up ahead, Vedetta and Leonardo crack on with the work required to make the Krokar and Sapient trade a success.
  4. Ashes in my way
    Drifting outside of pack lands, Vedetta once more encounters a member of the neighbouring pack Vinátta; Kerrian Demos.

6.2  2015

Summary for the year will be completed once the year is over.



  1. There's times I would've died for you
    Tragedy strikes during the diplomatic ball hosted by Sapient as the young Desiderio Auditore falls to his death during the middle of the festivities.