Tyris Kurosoul

Tyris Kurosoul is the son of Palaydrian Soul and Jiva Takekuro, born in Vinátta on 1st December 2012 alongside his twin brother Taro Kurosoul. As an adult, he joined Krokar in fall 2014. Being young and carefree he ran after a beautiful woman, who he had been smitten with to find she was using him for his work and when he called her out on it dropped him. Ashamed of going back to Krokar he haunts Nova Scotia as a loner.

Tyris Kurosoul

By Nina


Laura Sherry Shawchert

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Date of Birth

1 December 2012




Birth place



Wolf-dominant hybrid

84.375% Canis lupus (Wolf)
12.5% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)
3.125% Canis latrans (Coyote)


46.875% Unknown Wolf
25% Tundra Wolf
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Dog (Husky)
3.125% Unknown Coyote




Pack Loner


Vinátta (Dec 2012 - Nov 2014)
Aeska, Hollr

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  2.   2.  Personality
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  3.   3.  Interaction
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Key Relations
    2.   4.2  Family: Sadira, Soul, Takekuro, Catori, and L Brothers
    3.   4.3  Other Relations
    4.   4.4  Residence
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1.  Appearance

Tyris is the larger of the twin brothers, and is nearly the exact opposite from his brother as far as coloration goes. His pelt is mostly dominated by a creamy blonde color save for his paws, mane and muzzle which happen to be a dark coppery color. He's a pretty large individual standing at nearly seven foot tall and weighing in at close to 260lbs. This makes for a pretty imposing presence, much to his chagrin. His mane grows in a similar fashion to his grandfather's does.

1.1  Build and Species

Tyris is a wolf-dominant hybrid, with minor coyote influence from their mother, and some dog influence from their father. He looks mostly like a full-blooded wolf, with only his slightly larger ears and non-wolfish coloration giving away any other heritage.

1.2  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Predominantly Copper (#C36D3A), mixed with shades of Tussock (#CD9F58) and Gold Sand (#E9C485).
  • Eyes: Sea Glass (#48D680).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Equator (#E5B769).
    • Darkens to Copper (#C36D3A) points.
    • Leather (#906751) paw pads.
    • Coal-colored (#161313) claws.

1.3  Forms




image here

120 lbs (54 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

235 lbs (107 kg)
44 in (112 cm)

260 lbs (118 kg)
6ft 10in (208 cm)

Describe Secui form.

Something goes here.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: Silver hoop in his left ear, most likely more to come.
  • Tattoos: None, but he might be interested.
  • Scars:
    • None.



  • in search of a tailor who can sew clothes for him to wear, but he's picky at what he wants and isn't in a hurry for anything at the moment.

2.  Personality

Macho-man, doesn't enjoy outwardly expressing negative emotions such as sadness and will become quite embarrassed if someone catches him acting out on these feelings. He likes feeling like people can depend on him and look to him for guidance and comfort, but does not like having to lean on anyone else.

2.1  Demeanor

He is fairly outgoing, and is the life of a party, always tries to be in the middle of things. He has a dominant trait that shows as he will take initiative and show that he can lead someone into something and take anything on his shoulders that happens be it good or bad

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Hunting,leatherworking, gaining knowledge of different things that he can become skilled at,
  • Dislikes: slaves, inhospitable behaviours, picking flowers,


To be determined by the adopter.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Helplessness
  • Spiders


  • Family
  • Life in general


  • Packs:
  • Salsola's tendency to keep slaves unnerves him quite a bit. He pities said slaves and looks down upon anyone who owns them.
  • Species:
  • Horses scare him. (though with time he might get used to them.
  • Non-Luperci:

He has nothing against them, though he secretly he feels bad for them.

  • Gender:

Men are thought of as practice targets for wrestling and drinking with Women are to be treated with delicacy and love

  • Sexuality:

Heterosexual. He sees no reason for loving one of the same gender.

  • Age:
  • He thinks babies are adorable and will ooh and aah at them, but also thinks they're pretty dim. That just adds to the cute factor though. Not to mention it's always fun passing on knowledge to those who might use it someday!


He's shy in this aspect, becoming easily flustered around anyone he finds attractive and not being sure how to act. Tyris is still a virgin.


He's not tried anything yet, but his adventurous streak would probably compel him to go for it if given the opportunity.


He has been taught his religion by his mother, though he doesn't take it extremely seriously, though he would never mock anyone religion and considers his mothers' religion hisown.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: He can be loud, but tends to have a powerful voice that can bring eyes to his face.
  • Scent: Sea salt, musk, leather.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

4.2  Family: Sadira, Soul, Takekuro, Catori, and L Brothers

4.3  Other Relations


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Family Relations

  • Palaydrian Soul is Tyris' mother and he respects her in all aspects. She has cared for him alone since his father died. He respects her and will always have a special place for her in his heart and would do anything for her.
  • Jiva Takekuro Tyris' father. He has no recollection of him other than the stories that his mother has told him. He believes him to be a sort of hero and wishes he could have gotten to know him better. He still wants to know how a powerful man that his mother talked about could be swept away out to sea.
  • Taro Kurosoul Tyris' twin brother. He is his other half and loves him. Almost inseperable at birth they now live different lives. Tyris envies Taro's happy mated life though he is very happy for him as well
  • Leaf Darkfire The adopted brother. Tyris never saw any problems with having a fox as a brother and considers him a true brother as he grew up with him and knew him only as that.
  • Bran Stormbringer Tyris sees him as a part of the family, though had a hard time at first when he learned he was his mothers mate. He thought that it was dishonoring his own father, but now he has accepted that it wasn't a dishonor but and honor to his mother when he see the treatment Bran gives his mother and though he will never call him father of any sort he is friendly with him.
  • Dagr Soul He sees him as a strange young wolf, though he is his brother even though there is little contact. They are near polar opposites even though Tyris would never avoid him, he never really pressed him for a conversation as he is far more quiet than Tyris and feels that he could hurt him in one of his own antics.

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: None atm.
  • Unfriendly: None atm.
  • Sex: Virgin.
  • Fights: (won) None atm.
  • Fights: (lost) None atm.
  • Murders: None.

Former Relations

  • Character? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut a mauris at tortor consectetur semper eu sit amet dui. Aenean pellentesque ultricies orci eget rutrum. Cras adipiscing mi ut nibh volutpat condimentum. Aliquam semper posuere elit eget scelerisque. Curabitur massa nibh, ultrices vitae semper sed, tristique at ipsum. Duis sed tellus neque. Integer vestibulum dolor id eros porttitor hendrerit.

4.4  Residence

  • Once a bachelor pad with his brother Taro, it is a fairly roomy two bedroom home. Though he lives alone now, and there not being as many things, Tyris has started using Taro's old room as a work area for his leathers and experiments so the smell of leather working and meat fills the air of the whole house.

4.5  NPCs


  • Species:
  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality:

Note: you can find a template for all your NPCs here. For brevity's sake, this larger template only includes basic information regarding NPCs.

4.6  Abilities


  • Skill
 Apprentice leather worker


  • Character is prone to weakness. Describe the weakness here -- how does it affect your character? How bad is it?

5.  History

5.1  Timeline


  • December: Tyris was born alongside his brother Taro on December 1st, 2012. [1] Leaf Darkfire the fox is raised as his older brother.


  • February: He receives his Frithr necklace and a Norse blessing from the leaders of Vinátta in a public ceremony called the Ausa Vatni.[2]
  • March: Jiva, his father, is accidentally swept out to sea and presumed dead.[3] Palaydrian must raise the boys by herself, and struggles with a brief opium addiction.
  • June: Palaydrian fights in the Ironside Conflict after Leaf is attacked; she falls ill from infection, and Tyris and Taro nurse her back to health.
  • July: Tyris receives his adult rank in the pack!

5.2  Threads


  1. (NPC) precious love (1 Dec)
    Vinátta, with Palaydrian, Jiva, Saul. Tyris's birth.
  2. (NPC) May the Gods have Mercy! (13 Feb)
    Vinátta, with Sky, Jiva. Tyris witnesses the birth of Samual Dean Menue.
  3. (NPC) Nature's first green is gold (24 Feb)
    Vinátta, Pack Thread. Tyris receives his Frithr pendant.
  4. (NPC) Luna's Request (18 Mar)
    New Dawn, with Palaydrian, Taro, Leaf, Adonis Nero, Adonia Demos, Augustus. Tyris and family deal with their father's death by visiting their mother's friends in New Dawn.
  5. (NPC) Throw open wide the gates of Spring! (31 Mar)
    Vinátta, Pack Thread. Tyris paints eggs at the Ostara festival.
  6. (NPC) Pouncing Pups (1 May)
    Vinátta, with Leaf, Ascher Stormbringer. Tyris and Taro get a lesson in hunting.
  7. (NPC) just to bless the morning (20 May)
    Vinátta, Pack Thread. Tyris and family celebrate the pack's first anniversary.



  1. like a grumpy old man (3/28)
    Vinátta, with Carya. Tyris learns to read and write.
  2. unpleasant weather (3/27)
    Fundy National Park, with Lily. Meet and greet.
  3. Just A Traveling Gal (3/24)
    The Dampwoods, with Araluen. Tyris is threatened with a sword, but then things calm down.
  4. the root of all evil (3/26)
    Vinátta, with Lochlan. Sparring match.
  5. What a Beautiful Day! (3/25)
    Vinátta, with Chloé. Meet and greet.


  1. The Search has begun 10th
    Vinátta, with Dreyma. AW thread
  2. Home Invasion 10th
    Vinátta, with Chloé Taro. Meeting of his brothers children!
  3. Puppies Everywhere 11th
    Vinátta, with Palaydrian . Meeting of his new siblings
  4. Secret Secret 12th
    Vinátta, with Carya . Water fun
  5. Oddball 13th
    Vinátta, with Saturn . Meet and greet
  6. Tumbles and Turns 17th
    Vinátta, with Arno . Hunting together
  7. To make a house... 19th
    Amherst, with Zachariah . Threats and flight
  8. A beautiful day for a hunt 22nd
    Vinátta, with Inara . Snares and stuff


  1. We can't slow down 7th
    Vinátta, with Ascher . Old friends new times
  2. Practice makes Perfect 17th
    Vinátta, with Farina Vin . A little race
  3. Big Daddy 20th
    Vinátta, with Bran . A visit with step father and new siblings
  4. Hear the Winds Calling 28th
    Vinátta, with Taro . Hunting with twinsie
  5. There, Everywhere, Here 30th
    Miramichi Valley, with Catriona . Sparks!


  1. New Ventures 1st
    Amherst, with Lucille and Semini . Meeting of Krokar people
  2. Deep in your Eyes 5th
    Krokar, with Catriona . Visit and gifts and tour and more Sparks!
  3. Mother May I 21st
    Vinátta, with Palaydrian . Getting permission from momma to join another pack
  4. Forward! 22nd
    Krokar, withLucille and Palaydrian . Joining Krokar
  5. [M] Me and my Broken Heart 25th
    Krokar, with Catriona and others . Cat is having pups


  1. Lend a mending hand 10th
    Krokar, with Milos. Leather work help



  1. Contrary to belief 1st
    Vinátta, with Palaydrian . Drin meets Cat
  2. Winter Celebrations 1st
    Krokar, Pack celebration
  3. This ship is taking me far away 3rd
    Vinátta, with Bjorn . Seeing his nephew


  1. Destinations 1st
    Krokar, with Lucille. Doing stuff with lady leader

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