Augustus was the Beta wolf of New Dawn, alongside his mate, Ciara O'Callahan. He claimed the position after challenging and defeating the previous Beta couple, Kiara Amarok and Tharin Lupei. He is the father of Athena, Grizzer, and Conan. In July 2013, he went missing on a border patrol and is presumed dead.[1]





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Date of Birth

21 August 2010




Birth place

Yukon territory of Canada


50% Arctic Wolf
50% Interior Alaskan Wolf


Yes, Verto


Pack New Dawn
Rank Beta
Co-Rank Hunter


Pack Ranks
New Dawn
Cour des Miracles

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1.  Appearance

Augustus is a large male, a mix of one of the largest subspecies of wolf as well as arctic blood that affords him a double-thick pelt. Predominantly white he weighs an impressive 145lbs of pure, honed muscle. He keeps his body in top shape, with strenuous activities such as hunting, and patrolling the expanse of New Dawn's borders. His eyes are yellow with flecks of green within the irises, and his pelt has markings of black with a black strip along his muzzle, fading as it reaches his forehead. The black recedes yielding to a white scruff. A black saddle sits behind his shoulder blades continuing down to his lower back. His tail is also dusted in black and the edges of his ears are lined in black fading into white.

On the left side of his face are the scars from his father's slash, with the infection and the time it took them to heal they became larger and and dominate that side of his face, starting below his eye with the top most crossing his snout. There are four of them.

  • Augustus is a recent Luperci Verto. His shifts may be hard to control, and cause him some lingering pain. Despite this, and after a while of sulking, and raging, he has just begun to accept his new body.
  • Secui -Is Augustus second-used form. As a new shifter he may eventually prefer this to lupus, but that day is yet to come. He weighs an impressive 265 lbs. His fangs are overlong, and the tips jut out of his muzzle, making him appear even fiercer. He appears much like other secui formed wolves, though is usually even larger. His body is all bulk, and powerful. His mane is thicker and wilder, his white scruff is more pronounced, and the black actually fades away more in this form with the longer, thicker hairs.
  • Optime A massive lupus, Augustus is an equally massive Optime. His body is hard, toned muscle, and he stands at an impressive height of 7'4", -when he isn't hunched that is. His mane is unkempt, and not normally messed with, more natural in appearance. In the recent conflict with Amy Sunders he sports large Luperci claw marks across his broad chest, which have not yet healed, but -will- scar. Just like his secui form the tips of Augustus fangs are visible jutting out of his muzzle in Optime.

1.1  Modifications and Accessories

  • Location, description.

1.2  Gallery

By Requiem

By Nat

Ciara and Augustus by Ariel

Ciara and Augustus by Nat

2.  Personality

  • Fears: Pups, Betrayal, Heights
  • Motivations: New Dawn, duty, ancestry
  • Traits: Dutiful, quick to anger, traditionalist, stoic, stubborn, harsh, dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Augustus is scarred both internally and externally. His brother was his closest friend and since his death he has had a hard time connecting with others. He is argumentative and defensive, and is still haunted by his past. It comes back to him in his dreams and sometimes even the smallest things can set him off, knives among them. Once a dark mood takes him it takes a while for it to leave.

Born in an area which was relatively untouched by the more humanized lifestyle of the Luperci he lives and functions much like wolves did before the spread of the virus. The only difference is his ability to speak and communicate in the more modernized language of High-speech. He is in constant practice of dominance and submission, and displays his rank openly, even posturing to his own mate, maintaining dominance over her although they retain the same rank. He is rigid in his beliefs, and will not tolerate insubordination in any way, shape, or form. He will not hesitate to put a lower ranking wolf in their place, ranging from a verbal scolding, to severe physical discipline.

Since joining New Dawn he has made changes for both better and worse. For the first few months he was quite happy, and rapidly rose in rank, eventually taking a mate. He has fought and killed a cougar, alongside Ciara, as well as chased off bears, also killing and feasting his pack on bull moose. He takes his rank and duty seriously, and will defend his pack-mate's at any cost, despite his lack of affection for save but few.

He is very guarded, and is not at all free with his emotions. This keeps him constantly on edge. There are few who know who he really is, and why he does the things he does. Among them are, his mate- Ciara, whom he shares everything with, even his darker side, Tharin- another true wolf who he feels kinship to, although they often challenge one another. Lastly is Shandom- whom Augustus regarded with great respect for not only his similar ancestry, but for his age. He believed him to be wise and shared some of his thoughts from time to time. But the elder wolf has disappeared bringing his inner circle down to two, only sharing himself fully with his mate. He also respects his elders, but has not had the opportunity to get close enough to them to form any lasting bond.

There are two key events that make this man who he is today. The first is the incident with Ciara and Zalen. Zalen wandered across Ciara during her second heat, and being the Alpha felt entitled to her, despite her and Augustus having become mates. Titania and Augustus eventually showed up to halt their union, but the wolf was forever changed. For the first time he felt himself wanting to challenge his Alpha, never experiencing this need before. Ever since he has been wary of the male, though he still follows his rule, and obeys his commands. This got the wheels turning in the large male's mind and Augustus is no longer so settled in his role as Epsilon. The day may come when he comes to challenge his superiors, but for now, he is biding his time.

The second event is his falling out with the coywolf, Terra, whose trespass he took as betrayal, and despite her injuries he wanted to attack his once-friend, who completely ignored his warnings. The male is sensitive to betrayal, no matter how slight due to his exile from his former pack. He is moody and tightly-wound, and his range of emotion is very small. He reacts to fear, and sadness with anger instead. He hates feeling vulnerable and will do this to repel appearing so.

These events, coupled with the constant threat of the slaver Amy Sunders have made him a creature to be wary of. He does have good points, however, though these may be harder to uncover. Augustus is often rash and unthinking. It is not to say he is unintelligent, he just doesn't always think things through and may overstep his bounds when roused or upset. Betting on him to win a battle of wits may also prove disastrous.

He is, however, extremely resilient, being from such a harsh climate he can survive up to two weeks without food and has great stamina. He can also survive temperatures well below freezing and enjoys the cold. He is also a skilled hunter, only with larger prey where his strength provides a great advantage.

Augustus also has a mild interest in reading, ever since Deuce showed him how to spell his name, although he'd never admit it to anyone.

3.  Relationships

  • Ciara O'Callahan — His mate, whom he shares everything with, even his darker side.
  • Tharin Lupei — Another true wolf who he feels kinship to, although they often challenge one another.
  • Shandom Qi'Vaex — Augustus regarded him with great respect for not only his similar ancestry, but for his age. He believed him to be wise and shared some of his thoughts from time to time. But the elder wolf has disappeared bringing his inner circle down to two, only sharing himself fully with his mate.
  • Terra — Former friend whose trespass he took as betrayal, and despite her injuries he wanted to attack his once-friend, who completely ignored his warnings.

4.  Family

Immediate Family

5.  History

Augustus was born in the Yukon territory of Canada to the Alpha's of his pack- Lionel- his father a black pelted wolf with amber eyes and splash of white on his chest, and Paru- a yellow eyed Arctic wolf with a cold and even temperament. His parents were more partners than lovers, working together in perfect sync, though they bore little affection for one another. Paru gave birth to a litter of three, two boys and one small female- the runt of the litter. Only the two male's survived, Brutus, and Augustus, with their mother refusing to nurse their weaker sister.

They were opposites of one another, with Brutus dark-pelted and more even-tempered than his snowy pelted brother, though the two were inseparable.

Their pack itself have been founded on the belief that natural wolves like themselves were superior, and paramount to the survival of their species. Secretly the dark leader envied the Luperci pack beyond their borders, thus sparking a hatred for them, and uniting his pack beneath this hatred. With competition becoming fiercer with hunting and territory squabbles between the luperci pack and his own Lionel swiftly becomes more extreme in his ideals, becoming enraged as he hears of positive relations between his pack members and those of the other pack. In attempt to regain control and prevent a shift in the pack hierarchy the man commits murder as an act of control.

While his pack is sleeping he takes his son, Brutus into the dark. The pack awakes to find the black-pelted boy missing. And frantically they search, only to find a corpse on their borders, it's Brutus, strange marks adorn his dead flesh, and Lionel calls his pack into action, blaming the incident on the Luperci, and scolds them for their weakness.

With the ranks respective and under control the pack becomes closer knit and more reserved in their dealings. As time passed his only remaining son, devastated by his brother's loss, grew into an impressive specimen of a wolf. Despite his lack of interest, Lionel with his irrational mind began to see a threat in the snowy-pelted boy, and feared for the security of his position as he aged.

As Augustus returned from a hunt one day, Lionel called his pack to him. The young wolf was far off and did not arrive until the entirety of the pack had gathered. Lionel alienated him, and blamed him for his brother's mysterious death months previous. Augustus was in shock, and stood there as his father approached him and harshly his claws tore through the side of his son's face, marking him forever. The pack was livid, and eager to put and seal on Augustus's beloved brother's fate and turned on him. Snarling and snapping they chased him from their borders...never to be seen again.

Distressed and confused the young wolf wandered and roamed on his own, doing little to care for himself, save for hunt then and again- small prey that hardly filled his belly for long. Two full moon's turns and he arrived in Nova Scotia. The wounds on his face swelled and became infected due to lack of care and he met a young coywolf, Terra when he arrived who tended to him and scavenged a carcass for him to feed on. She was of the pack, Cour des Miracles, and after wandering the landscape Augustus came upon the dog, Caspa, also of the same pack. Loathe to remain a lone wolf he took her advice and joined the pack, though he was ill at ease with their humanistic ways.

In need of some time away he met the wolf Zalen in a Northern territory who told him of a new pack he was forming, one for wolves who wished to return to their ancient ways of life. The concept was ideal, like the life he lived before and eagerly he submitted to the sable male who would one day become his Alpha.

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