Shandom Qi'Vaex-Nightslayer

Shandom Qi'Vaex-Nightslayer

Character by Rosie, Headshot by Sam
Name MeaningUnknown
Name OriginGiven to him by his mother, Xydia, for no apparent reason other than she liked it.
Date of BirthMarch 4, 2006
Subspecies100% canis lupus verto
LuperciYes, Verto
Birth placeEtienne
Current packCours des MIracles
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

New Dawn

Joining dateJanuary 1, 2012
Previous RankSubordinate
SignificanceFounding member

Previous Pack

Cours des Miracles

Joining dateOctober 11, 2011
Previous RankSeigneur


Joining dateMarch 4, 2006
RankAlpha Male

Shandom Qi'Vaex-Nightslayer is a former member of New Dawn. He was previously a member of Cour des Miracles.

Please note that Shandom's history outside 'Souls is extensive. I have not written his life after he leaves his birthpack, though I do know the main events. Please contact me (Roxie) if you have any questions or would prefer a shorter summary than what is below.

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1.  History

After everything was said and done, Shandom Qi’Vaex would wonder how he made it. How he managed to escape Etienne with his life, how he managed to not throw himself off a cliff after the murders, how he somehow survived a vicious facial injury that left him partially blind and permanently marked; all this was beyond him. As he wandered through the landscapes of Alaska and Northern Canada, entirely alone except for his thoughts and smaller woodland creatures, Shandom knew that, in some sense, he was lucky. But nothing felt lucky anymore without her. He could remember so vividly the first day he saw her, when they were both young and impressionable and at the very beginning of their lives’ journeys. Even then, he knew Linquilea Yae was uncommon, something special to be revered as precious and important. She was also very beautiful.


Xydia Qi’Vaex hated the idea of sending her two sons out of the cave. She eyed the tumbling, snapping ball of white fur that had lived comfortably in the Alpha den for the past six weeks, safe from most dangers and the politics of Etient society. The arrival of her two sons, Shandom especially, would cause quite the stir. She hadn’t allowed anyone to see the boys yet, and she was well aware of the rumors circulating that they were deformed, mentally incapable, or otherwise inadequate for the taxing job of future Alpha. Shandom had, of course, already been named as the heir. He was a comfortable thirty two minutes and seventeen seconds older than his brother Odin (she’d counted every last one of them as the contractions seemingly tore her insides apart), and he had the bonus of characteristic Qi’Vaex creamy-white fur. Farax had been concerned that neither would inherit the trademark genetic – when he chose Xydia as his mate, the only thing holding him back had been that her pelt was more ivory than milk. But luckily Shandom turned out as white as any Qi’Vaex, and Xydia could breathe a sigh of relief. She didn’t know what she would do if she lost Farax.

Seconds later, though, Xydia was very impolitely wrenched out of thought as the rich baritone of Gyek Yae boomed in her ears. “Xydia! Xydia, are you hiding your boys in there still?” her mate’s Beta cheerfully called. “You have to let them out sometime! The whole pack is in a tizzy – they’re so excited to meet the little cretins!” The Alphess sighed, casting another wary glance at her sons before she stood up, stretched, and sauntered to the opening of the cave, nudging Shandom and Odin apart as she passed. “Let’s go,” she said. “Let’s go play outside with the rest of the puppies.” The two white fluff balls jumped eagerly apart and, in the clumsy way of young pups, tumbled out the door and into the blinding May sunlight.

Xydia remained a careful distance behind them, greeting the pack members with a small smile as she entered the clearing beyond the dens. She saw the eyes following the Alpha puppies as they scampered without any semblance of fear towards the other children. There hadn’t been too many puppies in Etienne this year. Farax and Xydia had Shandom and Odin; the Betas, Gyek and Kora, had their sole daughter Linquilea; mates Bala and Jude had their three sons, Ridez, Cole, and Denham; and somehow the Omega had a daughter Aylienne, though nobody knew her paternal parentage. Some whispered that it was Gyek Yae, the Beta, but anyone caught facilitating the rumor was quickly put in place by a well-timed and often rather painful “lecture” by Farax and Gyek himself.

Shandom and Odin, having finally stumbled across the puppies, paused their usually incessant chatter to look around at the scene before them. Linquilea and Aylienne were relaxing in the shade of a large tree at the edge of the clearing, entirely uninterested in the new arrivals. The three brothers, tumbling moments before, turned to look at Shandom and Odin, and, after a moment of silence and slight tension, invited the two boys to play. Odin glanced at Shandom, the dominant of the two brothers, and Shandom grinned hugely. “C’mon, Odin!” he laughed. “I’m so sick of you; I wanna meet these other guys.” The pair of them eagerly sauntered over to the chestnut brown brothers, huge smiles on their faces.

“Hey!” Shandom exclaimed. “I’m Shandom Qi’Vaex, and this is my brother Odin Qi’Vaex. I’m gonna be the Alpha someday, and that’s my mom over there! Her name is Xydia Qi’Vaex, and she’s never let me out of the den before today. And my dad is Farax Qi’Vaex, he’s not around right now, I think he’s off hunting with some other guys, but I don’t know why he would have left Gyek here. Gyek’s the beta, did you know that? And he has a daughter! She’s around here somewhere, I think she’s in the shade but I can’t tell which is which. They’re too far away. Of course you had to know all this; you guys have been out of the den before. Right?” The three new puppies looked slightly baffled at Shandom’s continuous and over the top chatter, furrowing their brows slightly before they decided he was just a sheltered little idiot, not wise yet in how to interact with other puppies. Plus, their parents had told them before they left each day that if they met the Qi’Vaex brothers, they were to treat them with the utmost respect. Something about them being Alphas someday. Whatever.

Linquilea Yae, however, did not have such tolerance for apparent ignorance of social graces and touting of status. She tried her damnest to get everyone to not treat her like she was something special just because she’d be second in command once her parents died or stepped down. “I wish he would shut up,” she muttered to Aylienne, who laughed. Shandom heard this, and, snarling, whirled around to the shadows under the tree. An angry retort was already forming on his lips – who insulted him, the Alpha heir? She had no right – until he got a better look at her. Even though Shandom had never been out of the den before, and didn’t really know too many wolves, something instinctual within told him that this female was an uncommon sight to behold. Her fur was dark as night with the exception of an amorphous white patch on her chest, as well as a white foot. Her eyes were clear and blue, the color of the sky at noon on a beautiful spring day like this one, and her face was angled in the most striking way. But perhaps the most intimidating feature was the way she held herself with unassuming grace, elegance, and self-confidence. Power emanated from her in waves, and she took Shandom’s breath away. “Oh,” he whispered. “Oh.”

Before Shandom could make too much of a fool of himself, though, Odin and Ridez came to his rescue. “Who’s an omega lover like you to talk, Lea?” Ridez sneered. “You’re supposed to be hanging out with us, not a low-life like her,” he spat at Aylienne, who cowered under his gaze. Shandom grinned, relieved, at his brother and new friend before he looked at Aylienne. “Hey, guys, why don’t we play a little game with her? Whoever can make her cry first, wins.” Aylienne blanched underneath Shandom’s gaze, terrified but knowing that none of the adults in the clearing would stop the taunting. In her young life, she’d already realized her place in the pack was final. She, too, would have to atone for her mother’s sins.

The boys laughed and began hurling insults at the little golden puppy before Linquilea stood up and snarled. “You stay away from her!” she yelled. “You stay away from her, or… or… or I’ll hurt you!” While the other boys ceased, realizing that even though Linquilea was a girl she was much bigger than them, Shandom kept tossing cruel words like candy. Snarling, Lea threw herself at Shandom, puppy teeth snapping at his neck as she protected her best friend. Quickly, the situation was diffused by the immediate arrival of parents, sensing discord between two of the highest ranking puppies in the pack. “That’s enough, Linquilea!” roared Gyek Yae as he picked up his squirming daughter from on top of Shandom. “How dare you behave as such?” Xydia, having realized her worst fears in the past twenty seconds, placed her body above the trembling Shandom. “You should be ashamed of your daughter, Gyek,” she declared, voice rich with the power of an Alphess. “Shandom was merely reminding Aylienne of her lowly place in the pack. Linquilea had no right to attack him. Boys, come along,” she commanded. Internally, her heart was racing. There was no way Shandom could be perceived as so easily defeated – especially by a female. She would have to arrange with Kora, Linquilea’s mother, for a public apology.

Shandom and Odin followed their mother, disheartened by the morning’s events. They’d been waiting so long to go outside, and then that stupid Linquilea had to go mess it up! “I don’t like her,” Shandom muttered to his brother. “I just wanted to hang out outside and then she had to go defend the stupid Omega spawn.” Odin merely rolled his eyes in response. “I think Mom overreacted,” he whispered to his brother, hoping his enraged and twitchy mother wouldn’t notice. “I think everyone overreacted. Lea’s only a girl. There’s no way she could actually hurt you. Girls aren’t good fighters. They just aren’t. Plus, it’s not like we’re adults. We’re just kids, doing what kids do. Right?” Shandom didn’t respond, deep in thought. Although his temper was flowing like fire through his veins, he couldn’t bring himself to actually hate the Beta puppy. Even though he’d just said he didn’t like her, something within him told him that there was something wonderful and special about her. He really just hadn’t liked that she liked Aylienne more than him. She should have sided with him. He wanted her to be his friend, that was all, and she showed no interest.

The next several weeks would go by without much event. Gyek and Kora apologized profusely to the Alphas for their daughter’s behavior, and demanded the ebony puppy make a full and public apology to Shandom and the rest of the Qi’Vaex family. It was certainly embarrassing for all puppies involved, but it didn’t assuage any of the dislike Linquilea clearly harbored for the oldest Alpha son. He was pompous, self-righteous, and quick to anger. In her opinion, he thought way too much of himself and took his position in pack society extremely seriously when, in reality, he hadn’t done anything particularly special except be born in the right den. But none of the adults would listen to her – Shandom was also charming, witty, and charismatic, easily holding court over the rest of the pack’s hearts and minds. There was no doubt in the collective pack mind that he would be a wonderful Alpha once Farax and Xydia stepped down in several years.

This idyllic existence, however, was not meant to continue. Etienne was located in an area of great turmoil; it was uncommon that the pack was not at war when Shandom was born. Farax and Xydia were constantly on edge, keeping at least one guard poised outside their den in case of attack. The boys thought this was silly – they’d never known warfare and didn’t think it was anything all too serious – but took great delight in trying to get the guard to laugh or smile or show some sign of life. Usually, he remained a motionless statue.

It happened one night when the moon was dark and the stars did not dare to show their shining faces. Shandom and Odin were curled in one comfortable corner of the den on a nest of leaves, bark, and moss, sleeping peacefully through the cool spring night. Farax and Xydia, ever the loving couple, slept together on the other side. The guard outside the den had drifted off for only a brief moment, but that was all the assassins would need. They slunk up to the Alpha den quietly, cloaked in the security of blackness, and killed the dozing guard before he could fully awaken; he would not know his treacherous fate. Xydia awoke as they entered the den, and a snapping, snarling, vicious, and extremely loud fight ensued. She was screaming, the boys were crying, and Farax was nowhere to be found. “Grab the bitch,” snarled one in a gravelly voice and his partner complied. A tiny thing, the Alphess was no match for the power of two assassins. From the shadows, Shandom could see the dark figure of Gyek towering outside the den, a look of shock and fear etched on his face. “Help us,” the little pup mouthed. “Please, just help us!” Kora was behind him, and she brushed her tail along her mate’s side to let him know she was there and ready to help. Gyek bounded into the den, barreling towards the puppies. He snatched them both in his mouth and tossed Shandom to Kora, but before he could assure Odin’s safety the assassins fled. “GO, KORA, GO!” he yelled through a mouth full of puppy. A blur that was Farax flew past his side as he chased after the wolves that held his wife captive and the four figures melted into the dark of night.

Shandom and Odin were both sobbing uncontrollably by the time the Betas reached their den. Linquilea was wide awake, her darkening eyes filled with fear and surprise. “Daddy… what happened?” she whispered, taking note of the squalling white puppies that had been dumped on the floor of their spacious den. “Are… are Farax and Xydia ok?” Gyek couldn’t speak but merely shook his head, not wanting to frighten his little girl but in no particular mood to lie to her either. A gut instinct told him that the Alphas would not be returning, that the power and responsibility of the Alpha position in the Etienne pack had somehow been handed to him. She would find out the truth in the morning if he didn’t tell her, and he was in no mood for that.

Linquilea nodded once and then moved towards the sobbing Shandom who had already refused the safety of Kora’s nipple and underbelly. “Shandom… Shandom, it’s going to be ok,” she whispered, nuzzling him and gently licking between his eyes before curling her larger body around his white one. “We’re going to take care of you now… Shandom, we’ll be your family, and we’ll love you.” He turned his teary face to the beautiful female and, gulping, said “But you hate me, I know you hate me, everyone knows you hate me… Why would you want to take care of me? I’ve been nothing but awful to you and your friend Aylienne and I’m so sorry…” Lea chuckled quietly and pressed herself closer to Shandom with her comforting warmth. “What’s done is done. All that we can fix is tomorrow,” she soothed. “You can make it all better in the morning.” Shandom yawned sleepily and shut his eyes, though his little body still shuddered with the occasional sob. “Thanks, Lea-Belle” he murmured, not quite knowing where the nickname came from. But she smiled into his back and shut her eyes too, accepting the sudden turn of events and new nickname. Perhaps the Alpha pup really wasn’t so bad after all.

The new day dawned red, and a pack meeting was to be called to address the sudden turn of events. Gyek and Kora had spent most of the dawn discussing the consequences of losing the Qi’Vaex Alphas. For generations, Etienne was ruled by the Qi’Vaex line; it would be an unforgivable break in tradition to name Linquilea the heir to the Alpha throne with Shandom still alive and able to assume the position when the time came. The new family made their way across the pack-lands to the Rock of Yzamin, the typical meeting place for the pack. Linquilea was a bundle of excited energy – she’d never been this far before – but Shandom and Odin were subdued and downcast, their eyes dull and gaits slow. “Perk up, guys,” Gyek encouraged after he climbed atop the rock and let loose a summoning howl. “We’re a family now, and we have to present a strong, united front.”

“You’re NOT my father, Gyek!” Shandom snarled suddenly, showing more life in that one phrase than he had all morning. “You’re NOT my father, you never WILL be my father, don’t ACT like my father, and don’t you even TRY to tell me what to do! I’ll do whatever I want!” he spat, eyes narrowed and hot tears pricking at his eyes. His temper was flying out of his control as emotions he’d never even realized he had coursed through his body; Shandom wanted nothing more than to see his father standing on top of Yzamin as he should have been. But before he could continue his tirade, Lea was in his face like old times, spewing equally angry words. “How dare you, Shandom! How dare you speak to my father like that! After he saved you last night and offered you shelter in our den! He didn’t have to do that, you know! He could have left you in the cold; he could have let those wolves taken you! Don’t you speak to him like that! Why can’t you be more like Odin and keep your mouth shut?”

In that moment, Shandom recognized something dangerous in Linquilea. She had snapped and a different wolf, a darker wolf from the sweet, accepting Lea that everyone in Etienne knew, surfaced. It was just for a moment, and it was probably a moment that had gone generally unnoticed by anyone else. To them, it was just a puppy losing her temper while she defended her father. It was no different from the time under the tree when she’d defended Aylienne. But there was a dark shadow that slid across her eyes, something evil and twisted and wretched that Shandom did not seek to cross. For the second time in twenty four hours, Shandom felt true fear as the pretty puppy snarled in his face. When the moment passed, it appeared Linquilea too noticed the change in herself – terror replaced evil in her eyes, and she lowered herself to lick below Shandom’s chin under the heated gaze of Gyek Yae, Alpha. “Sorry, Shandom,” she murmured. “I know you’re upset… it’s just that I had to defend my dad…” “It’s ok,” Shandom replied. “I shouldn’t have said those things either.

The meeting passed without much incident. Gyek explained the situation and the new ranks – he and Kora as Alphas, Linquilea retaining her position as the Beta heir, and Shandom would continue training to be the future Alpha when he was mature enough. Shandom, Odin, and Linquilea stood by the new Alphas quietly, looking on the pack members with quiet curiosity and letting their minds wander over the past day. Gyek demanded respect from the pack and did not allow for questions – when Helene, the Omega, asked what he’d done to deserve their respect, the large black male snapped. “You would do well to treat me as you would any Qi’Vaex, Helene,” snarled Gyek. “Perhaps even better. I will not tolerate your insolence.” Nothing else of consequence happened, and it ended. Gyek escorted his family back home, journeying quietly over the packlands. None had words for the feelings within, and so they remained silent. There was not much to say until they settled into the new order of things.

Months passed, and Etienne changed as Gyek’s new rules were implemented. Shandom grew accustomed to living without his parents, and though he spent many nights watching at the front of the den for them, he knew they would not return. Odin found him one night, sitting under a tree and staring into the moon, tears slipping down his face. “I miss them too, you know,” the quiet younger brother said, padding to sit beside his brother. “We were so young, and I love the Yaes for taking us in, but…I feel like we don’t fit in. You and Lea are close, but I don’t have anyone.” Shandom turned and looked at his brother with a mixture of pity, sympathy, and deep sadness; his mouth was twisted into a pensive frown before he returned his gaze to the bright full moon. “Everything would have been different if they were still here,” Shandom whispered. “Do you think I would have been different?”

Odin considered this for a moment. Since Shandom and he were taken in by the Beta family, his brother had spent much more time with the midnight Linquilea. That was, actually, quite the understatement – Linquilea and Shandom were nearly inseparable. She was a good, calming influence on his brother, but the oldest Alpha puppy was still quick to anger and readily judgmental. He wasn’t particularly adept at keeping his mouth shut, but Lea often calmed him down when he flew into one of his rages. Still, though, Odin didn’t quite trust her. He’d never been able to place a paw on it, nor was he about to articulate it. There was something off about her – something dark and mysterious and toxic, something that Shandom and the rest of Etienne appeared to be missing. Indeed, many joked that Lea was the gentlest giant they’d ever seen – after all, she had grown to tower above the rest of the puppies, hitting her growth spurt much before anyone else. Odin didn’t like that she was constantly training and honing her body into a lean mass of muscle, though. Something told him that it was a forerunner for something awful.


Odin shook his head and turned back to the expectant Shandom and sighed. “I think you would be exactly the same, brother,” he concluded. “But… I have a question for you. Something personal.” Shandom quirked his head, flicking his alabaster ears forward. The younger Alpha son wasn’t exactly outspoken, and though the two were close it was rare that Odin would ever outright ask Shandom something personal. Shandom nodded, encouraging Odin to continue, and the younger took a deep breath. “I know Lea’s your best friend, and she’s basically our step-sister… but how do you feel about her? Really, how do you feel? I see the way you look at her, I see how you follow her and treat her better than you treat anyone else.”

Shandom had been frightened of this question. He knew that what he felt for his beautiful Lea-Belle was not simple friendship or a close sibling relationship. Even though he was young, he could feel something stirring within him when he looked at her. It was deep, primal, wonderful and terrifying – Shandom did not know what to make of it. He supposed it was love, and he told Odin that. Had he been studying Odin’s face when he shared this secret with him, he would have noticed a look of fleeting horror that crossed over his brother’s face. He would have realized that Odin did not approve and was almost fearful of the possible fledgling relationship between the two. But instead Shandom kept his eyes trained on the ghostly the moon; the only thing in the world he thought might be more beautiful than his Lea-Belle. Eventually Odin left, a sense of dread and foreboding filling him. As he reached the den and curled up in the pile of leaves he called his own, he decided that he was being probably paranoid. Lea had never done anything to cause him, or anyone else, much harm. She was a good girl, and if she felt the same way about Shandom, maybe it would be a good match. Still, Odin decided to watch her closely.

The next day, Shandom was sitting by a river, smiling slightly to himself as he daydreamed about what his life would be as an Alpha. Linquilea had left the den earlier in the day to talk to Aylienne, and that annoyed him. He was fiercely possessive of his raven furred best friend and sister, and he wasn’t all too thrilled that she’d still drop anything to talk to the Omega’s daughter. Shandom knew their relationship was strained – since Lea’s father became the Alpha while Shandom grew up, the rules placed upon Helene and Aylienne were strict and cruel. Nobody was allowed to have friendly interactions with Helene, and if she was spotted in certain pack areas, she was to be attacked. Lea was forbidden from interacting with Aylienne, but for some weird reason she still did whenever Gyek wasn’t around. He watched her leave that morning through narrowed and irritated eyes, but he couldn’t imagine there was anything he could do to stop her. “I’ll find you after!” Linquilea had called as she trotted away. “I’ll meet you at the river!”

And so Shandom sat on the banks of the river, waiting for Linquilea to arrive from her meeting. The sun was high in the sky, but it was growing cool and the leaves were well in the process of changing to fiery reds and oranges. It was all in all a beautiful day, and Shandom could appreciate that, but he wished Lea would just hurry up already. She hadn’t insinuated that the conversation would take this long, and there couldn’t really be that much for Aylienne and Lea to talk about. They came from such different worlds, and Aylienne was such an ordinary and obnoxious little wisp of a thing. His beautiful Lea was powerful, striking, intimidating, and brilliant. Even at a young age, Shandom could tell how wolves were drawn to her – she had a kind of enigmatic power that he couldn’t define or ever hope to equal. There was something just so wonderful and irreplaceable about her, and at his young age he knew that he would never be able to replace her in his heart. Crunching leaves and the obvious sound of someone approaching yanked Shandom out of his reverie, and he lifted his head with a smile on his face, knowing it was her.

That smile faded quickly, however, when he saw that her lips were covered in blood and there was a distant, frantic look in her eyes. “Lea-Belle, what’s wrong?!!” he anxiously cried, bounding towards her with wide and frightened eyes. “What happened? Are you ok? Did she hurt you?” But Linquilea was beyond words for several minutes as she blankly walked towards the shade of the tree and sat down, gazing at the ground, completely silent and lost in thought. Shandom sat beside her and gently licked around her mouth and neck where blood soaked her. Its metallic taste and scent overwhelmed him; it was then that he discovered he did not enjoy the blood of wolves. Eventually she sighed and turned to him, speaking in her low, gravelly voice. “She insulted you, Shandom,” she murmured. “Aylienne said that I’ve become cold and uncaring because of you! And I just got so mad, because you’re so wonderful and she just doesn’t want to see that… And I just… I just lost it, and I couldn’t control myself and I was attacking her. And…” Lea’s voice trailed off again before she locked eyes with Shandom. “And, Andy, I have to be honest with you… I enjoyed it. I enjoyed her pain because I was avenging you. I was making her feel the same pain she caused me by saying those horrible things about you.”

Shandom was silent for several moments, shocked and taken aback by her explanation of the events. Eventually, he shook his head and resumed licking her clean. “It’s ok, Lea-Belle,” he murmured, scouring the rest of her body for traces of blood. The white patch on her chest was particularly alarming. When streaked with blood, it looked something like a ruined flower if looked at just right. Despite the chill it sent down his spine, Shandom cleaned it away, dismissing his nerves and giving his Lea a reassuring smile. “All clean, see?” he said when it was all finished, rubbing his head on her cheek. “You’re just as beautiful as always, and nobody will ever be any wiser.” Linquilea looked relieved and slightly embarrassed, but she gave Shandom a wavering grin anyway. “What would I do without you, Andy?” she murmured. “You’re my best friend. I can’t imagine loving anyone any more than I love you.” On the inside, these words made Shandom dance with complete glee – maybe she felt for him what he felt for her! On the outside, he remained cool and collected, merely smiling before he drew himself to his feet. “C’mon, Lea, let’s go home.”

Gyek and Kora were relieved to see the two return, as the sun had set by the time they arrived back at the den. Linquilea was oddly silent, and Shandom explained she was exhausted; the two had been training all day and merely lost track of time. Their parents took this to be true and carried on with their evening meal of small woodland creatures, and Shandom and Lea went to the back of the den and curled up together, as always. Black on white, Lea easily curling around the smaller Shandom, the two drifted off into uneasy sleep.

Winter came and went with blustering fury, and Linquilea became more and more secluded and reserved. She and Shandom moved into a smaller den next to the old family one and she very rarely interacted with pack members. Rumors whirled that she was somehow pregnant before maturity, and while they both found this laughably idiotic, Shandom knew that she would have to emerge from hiding at some point, lest her position as Beta heir be questioned. Ridez was already enormously power hungry, and Shandom wouldn’t be surprised if, when the time came, he challenged Linquilea for the position. But Shandom didn’t want Ridez as his Beta – he wanted his beautiful best friend. Relaxing in the den, one day, he knew he had to talk to her. It wouldn’t be pretty – for all her wonderful traits, Lea remained headstrong and set in her ways – but he knew he had to tell her it was time to get out of the den.

He found her one day sitting in a dark corner, blending in to the shadows. Only her golden eyes sparkled in the setting sunlight as she stared pensively out of the den, lost in deep thought. Shandom was exhausted from a rigorous training session with Gyek, and he collapsed next to her on the floor. “You can’t stay like this forever, Lea,” he admonished quietly, bringing up the subject neither one of them particularly cared to discuss. “Everyone’s worried about you. Everyone’s asking where you are, and I can’t have the future Beta – MY future Beta – sitting alone in the den because of a silly altercation between you and the Omega’s daughter. Well, the Omega now, Helene’s dead, but you know what I mean.” Lea looked at him with a look of disgust and sadness in her eyes. “And why aren’t you worried about her, Shandom? Why isn’t anyone worried about Aylienne? She can’t talk properly anymore, not since I ripped her neck up! She’s got so many scars –” “No, Lea. Don’t let yourself get this upset. You’re fine. It was a mistake. You didn’t mean to do it. You’re not a bad wolf, Lea. You’re a good, sweet, kind, loving thing. You could never hurt a fly.”

Eventually Lea gave into his words and returned from hiding. The two of them took up the responsibility of patrolling the borders at night, taking the opportunity to laugh and joke and talk about the future together. It was rare that they would spot a loner – the area in which Etienne was located was not exactly conducive for wandering. But one dark night the pair stumbled upon a large, golden wolf pacing the line, his eyes wild and not trustworthy. Shandom immediately didn’t like him, and turned to tell Lea that, but he saw a look on her face that he’d never seen before. She seemed transfixed, captivated; he didn’t like it. Why didn’t she ever look at him like that? Resisting the snarl that was bubbling up within him, Shandom put on his best “Alpha pose” and strutted to the larger newcomer. “State your name and business, stranger,” he growled. “We do not take kindly to the wrong answer, so speak wisely.” Lea rolled her eyes and flashed her winning smile at the stranger, as if to comfort her. The golden male stared at her hungrily, not even bothering to restrain his attraction. “My name is Jax Dy’Nix – I come from a pack many days away. I led a revolution against an unjust leader, and while we usurped him, there was a scuffle for who would be the new Alpha. I lost, and was banished. I have since wandered, and am hoping I have stumbled upon hospitable lands.”

Shandom bristled – why would a loner think it intelligent to tell him that he’d led a coup against an Alpha? “For your information, Dy’Nix, I am the future Alpha of these lands. My name is Shandom Qi’Vaex, and my family has long held power in Etienne. Why should I let you, a revolutionary, into my lands? What wisdom does that hold?” Jax smirked, narrowing his eyes and accepting the challenge. “I am young, but I have seen many things. I am wise in the ways of wolves, and I am a powerful ally to have as well as a dangerous enemy to make. You would not want me as your enemy, Qi’Vaex. Your pretty mate would not do well.” Lea couldn’t help but laugh, interrupting the ridiculous pissing match that was going on in front of her. “I’m not his mate; I’m his best friend and step sister. Shandom, let him in and let’s take him to the den area and call it a night, ok?”

Shandom emanated waves of silent fury. The hairs on his neck bristled, and he was extremely tense as he quietly appraised Jax’s form. “Fine,” he snapped. “Welcome to Etienne. Do not cause any trouble, or I will kill you faster than you can blink. Enjoy your evening. Lea, I will see you at the den.” He spun on his haunches and broke into a blinding run, muscles bunching and burning as he sped over the packlands. How dare Lea embarrass him like that! She should have just gone along with Jax’s assumption of mate hood. After all, they shared a den together! They spent every day, every night together! It was rare that they were separated for more than an hour! Everyone in the pack assumed they would end up mated within the year, and Lea would just go ahead and basically shoot that idea down! He thought she loved him! How dare she not love him!

It took him several hours to calm down, and he did not go straight back to the den. Instead, he roamed the extensive lands that he would someday rule, trying rather unsuccessfully to calm his boiling blood. He loved her – damnit, he loved her – and now… Now it looked like all the feelings he thought were there were figments of his imagination. He was wrong, completely wrong, and now he was going to be alone. Lea would never love him. Shandom saw the way Lea looked at Jax Dy’Nix, and knew things the way he knew were going to come to a rapid end.

He was, unfortunately, right. Lea and Jax were soon inseparable, and Jax gained great respect within the packmembers. The females swooned after him; his rugged good looks and war stories made him the quintessential misunderstood bad boy. But the golden newcomer only had eyes for Linquilea Yae, and soon she moved out of the den she’d once shared with Shandom. The two certainly remained close – Linquilea would readily tell anyone who asked that Shandom came first, he was her best friend and brother – but Shandom grew bitter and angry, jealous of the love Linquilea had for Jax. He became sullen and withdrawn, removing himself all but entirely from pack life, only making appearances when completely necessary. Gyek was irritated – he didn’t think Shandom was putting up an adequate “I’m the future Alpha” front, and often threatened to make Odin the heir instead. But Shandom would merely sneer and shake his head, and Odin clearly wasn’t interested in the position. The younger Alpha brother had become rather reserved as well, more interested in trying to read the future in the stars than interacting with the rest of the pack. Even Shandom, who loved and defended his brother fiercely, could admit Odin was a weird one.

One dark night in the early summer of his second year, Shandom stumbled upon something he never wanted to see. It was a remote corner of the packlands, somewhere that most wolves didn’t even bother to venture because there wasn’t really anything special about it, and Shandom often came there for some peace and quiet. But there was movement and noise, something unusual for the region, and Shandom decided to investigate. As he drew closer to the noise, the forms of two wolves engaged in the mating act grew clear, and Shandom paused, unsure as to whether or not he ought to continue. But something told him that it was important and that he needed to see it, and so he ventured forward. Once he was closer, he realized the two identities of the wolves and, with a yelp of shock, sped off to find Linquilea.

It was Jax and Aylienne, the beautiful but lowly pack whore.

“How could you say such things, Shandom?” Lea cried as Shandom breathlessly explained what had happened. “Jax would never do that to me! He asked me to be his mate weeks ago! He said he loved me!” Shandom was completely dumbfounded at her response. He’d been so certain that she would understand what he was saying and believe him! After all, why would he lie to her? He’d never lied to her before, not once, and now Lea thought he would make up this horrible story just to get her to stay away from Jax? “Lea-Belle, you’ve got to believe me!” he cried. “Really, I wouldn’t make this up! He did it, he really did it! I saw them together, it was definitely them. You can’t mix those two up with anyone else, they’re so differently colored!” That was true – Aylienne and Jax were the only two wolves in the pack that had golden dappled fur. But Lea shook her head, staring at Shandom with a mingled look of disgust and regret. “You’re being ridiculous, Andy,” she murmured. “You’re just bitter that I chose Jax over you, that I have never seen you and will never see you as any more than a brother. I love you, Shandom, but I’ve never been nor will I ever be in love with you.”

Shandom gaped at her, his mouth opening and closing as he struggled to find something to say. “I… Lea, please… I could give you such a good life, so much better than this one. We would be so happy… I could be so good for you…” Linquilea merely shook her head, staring into his chocolate brown eyes with her wide, expressive golden ones. They were so beautiful, the color of leaves in the fall and the sun as it set in winter. He could look at them forever and never be tired of them. “I’m sorry, Shandom,” she whispered. “I love you; I love you more than anything in the entire world, I really do… but I… I can never love you that way. You’re my brother. I need you to leave now.” The white wolf staggered backwards, as if he’d been slapped, and he slunk out the door into the moonlit night. “Shandom?” He turned around, excited – perhaps she’d changed her mind. But she merely looked at him with the same strange expression and sighed. “I’m pregnant, Shandom. I’m sorry. I meant to tell you at a better time but…” Her lovely, rich voice trailed off.

Shandom looked at her, and in that moment she’d never been so beautiful to him. Linquilea had grown up to be beyond words, breathtakingly beautiful, something wonderful, valuable and rare. She was the biggest female he’d ever seen, by far the largest in the pack. Her looks were sharply angled and slightly masculine, and she wasn’t thin by any means. Instead, she was covered in thick ropes of muscle. Anyone who had sparred with Linquilea knew she was a formidable opponent; indeed, she had become the most powerful wolf Shandom had ever trained against. He was never able to beat her, not that he would have the heart to do so anyway. But she’d also grown to be sweet and kind and good, and her aura was pure. Shandom knew that he’d been in love with her from the moment he first saw her as a young pup, and she was the only one for him. He shook his head, unresponsive to Lea’s declaration, and walked off, head and tail held high and body rigid.

She was so young. The whole pack was worried about Linquilea, but she glowed as the epitome of health. Gyek and Kora had given their jubilant blessings to their daughter and her winning golden mate, unwilling to listen to Shandom’s demands that Linquilea be forbidden from mating with Jax Dy’Nix. He was incredibly frustrated – what was the point of being the heir to the Alpha throne if nobody would listen to him? But he also knew that he would become the Alpha soon enough, as it was tradition for the Alpha heir to take his position on his third birthday if his parents had not yet stepped down. “The moment I become Alpha,” he thought to himself as he stretched out in his now Bachelor pad, “I’m banishing that idiot Dy’Nix and exposing him for what he really is. Lea will have to forgive me.” The once inseparable pair hadn’t spoken at all as she grew round with puppies; though Shandom made sure Odin kept tabs on her.

Without Lea constantly around, though, Shandom became a constant target for attention from the other females in the pack. He found he quite enjoyed their advances, and he gained quite the reputation for being a ridiculous flirt. Eventually, he realized most of them weren’t interested in Shandom himself – most of these females just wanted to become the Alphess. It had caused quite the mini-power vacuum when Linquilea mated with Jax and became pregnant with his children – almost everyone in the pack had assumed she would end up as Shandom’s mate. Shandom found it comical that females nearly double his age flirted unabashedly with him, and although he had many flings (all of whom Gyek disapproved of wholeheartedly), he could not forget about his lovely, midnight sister. Nobody spoke of it, but it was a well-known fear that if Shandom took the Alpha throne it was unlikely the Qi’Vaex line would not continue if he refused to take a mate. Some began to whisper that Odin, strange as he was, might be better suited for an Alpha position if Shandom could not move past his fixation with Linquilea.

The days passed and the seasons began to change, and so Shandom knew that it would soon be time for Lea to give birth to her spawn (as he’d taken a liking to calling them in his head). Still, as much as he resented the creatures growing within her, he was worried for her health. Jax hovered like an obnoxious fly most of the time, but Lea was fiercely independent from him. She enjoyed having a mate, apparently, but didn’t want him stifling her. Perhaps it was a lesson she’d learned from him, he thought bitterly once as he roamed the expansive pack lands. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to wander too far from her, and he followed her like a ghost during her daily walks. He would always set out a little after her, so he was far enough behind for her not to notice. Shandom was not ignorant of Lea’s fearsome strength, and with her in such a hormonal state he wasn’t particularly interested in making her angry. Following her would definitely fall under the category of something that would make her angry, and so he remained distant.

Shandom’s obsession proved to be a blessing in disguise one cool September morning. Like normal, he set out strategically behind Linquilea, close enough that he could follow her scent but far enough so that he would not be detected. He was amazed that she could still move, she was so pregnant, but she passed his den at a brisk trot, a contented smile on her face. Not once did she ever swivel her head to look into the den they once shared, instead keeping her eyes trained strictly forward. But he knew she missed him. Shandom could see it in her body as she tensed ever so slightly, as her movement slowed unconsciously before picking back up again. He knew Lea better than he knew himself, and he certainly loved her a hell of a lot more. Even through their estrangement, his love never wavered.

His walk was slow and relaxed; he didn’t think today would be anything outside of the ordinary. Certainly, if Lea were feeling like it was time to give birth, she would stay in her den with Jax. Shandom often paused to admire the foliage’s bright, fiery colors, and there was a contented smile on his face. This was as close as he could get to Lea, and he’d grown to accept it. His thoughts, however, were quickly disturbed by the distant sound of high pitched squeals, yelps, and groans, unmistakably Linquilea’s. Shandom’s pace increased to a run, furious at himself for getting so far behind her. “I’m coming, Lea-Belle, I’m coming!” he called. “Just hold on!”

By the time he reached her, the black female was sprawled on the ground, fluttering in and out of consciousness as her body wracked with contractions. “LEA!!!!” he cried, nudging her massive head with his, fear coursing through his body. “Lea, wake up! Come on, Lea, wake up, please!” She moaned softly before a hard contraction took her, and her teeth were bared in a primitive, furious snarl of frustration. In a rush of fluids, a little sac of… something… fell onto the ground, and Shandom eyed it with mingled disgust and curiosity. Was that what he looked like when he was just born? Certainly it must have been a little more dignified, a little more ceremonious! Nothing like this painful seeming experience that resulted in something that looked like bloody excrement could have produced him, much less Lea. But Lea looked at it with adoration as she tore the sac away from its body, licking and nuzzling it as it drew gasping breaths. She nudged the little ball of damp fur to her swollen nipples, and her body contracted again. This one appeared to be easier, as she did not appear to be in as much pain and it passed easily. Lea repeated the process of ripping it out of its sac and arranging it on her stomach before she smiled beatifically up at him. Clearly, she was expecting him to say something.

“Lea, they’re beautiful,” Shandom murmured, placing the appropriate emotion in his voice. You’re beautiful, he wanted desperately to say. Even like this, you are so beautiful. “You’re too good to me,” she whispered, reaching her neck up to nuzzle him. “Thank you so much for being here. You have no idea how much it means to me to have someone here. I… I’m so sorry, Shandom. I’ve been simply awful to you, ignoring you when you’re my own brother!” Lea placed slight emphasis on the final word, her golden eyes locking with his chocolate ones as she silently implored him not to bring up his pesky feelings. Relieved as he was with her forgiveness and apology, Shandom could do nothing but smile and nod slightly. “You have always been there for me when I most need it, Lea-Belle,” he murmured, licking the crown of her skull gently. “Of course I’m here and taking care of you. You’re my sister and my best friend, first and foremost, forever and always.” She smiled, exhausted, and started to say something before Shandom cut her off. He’d just caught sight of Jax Dy’Nix, and he did not feel like dealing with the Golden Idiot right when he’d made up with Linquilea. “Look, Jax is coming. I’d better go. I’ll be by your den tomorrow and we can talk, ok?” Shandom looked at her hopefully and Lea nodded. “I’ll see you then,” she said before turning her head to send a dazzling smile to Jax.

With the birth of her children, the inseparable pair somehow returned. But life was changing for the both of them. Merely a week after the puppies were born, Gyek and Kora deemed Shandom ready for life as an Alpha, and in an emotional pack meeting stepped down from power. Shandom immediately gave Linquilea her rightful role as Betess, although it came with the uncomfortable requirement of Jax as Beta. The new Alpha made it clear from the first day that Linquilea was to be the politically dominant one; Shandom wasn’t particularly interested in mending his relationship with the golden wolf. Jax did not have any outward opposition to this idea, though Shandom was still uncomfortable with the former revolutionary in such an esteemed position of power. Still, he wasn’t about to antagonize his newly fixed relationship with Linquilea over such a silly thing as pack hierarchy.

Things weren’t the same, though, and Shandom resented it. He resented that Lea was constantly smiling because of something other than him, that she was so happy with Jax and her new family. She saw him less and less, and although she claimed nothing was different, Shandom could sense her priorities shifting. The puppies were almost constantly on her mind and mouth – he could barely get in a word edgewise without her interfering with something about her damn children. In his heart, he knew he was being selfish and unfair – Lea had always shown dedication to family and those she loved; this wasn’t anything particularly unusual. But in Shandom’s mind he’d always thought that he would be the one sharing this life with her. The puppies would be black, white, or a mix of the two, and they would carry the last name Qi’Vaex instead of Dy’Nix. Instead, there were Xyvi and Kora Dy’Nix; they were golden and sable, colors Shandom would never bear.

He sat with her one night by their familiar river, not speaking. This was not uncommon; sometimes, the pair would have conversations through the sounds of silence. They were sometimes easier for Shandom, and tonight he seemed to have gotten his point across nicely. Lea knew he was angry, hurt, jealous, and mostly resentful, but she did not have the words to comfort his tumultuous feelings. “You knew this would happen,” she whispered. “You knew my priorities would have to change. I’m a mother now, Shandom, and a mate…. Things change as you grow older.” He turned to her, chocolate eyes raging between despair and anger, and when he spoke it was in a soft, broken tone. “But you promised I would always be your first priority, that I would always be your favorite, that I would always come first… Lea, Lea-Belle, you promised…” Lea’s eyes were sad as well as she gazed into his. “I know I did, but everything changes. I… I have my own family now, and they have to come first.” Inside, Shandom felt something change. He felt his sadness and anger towards her melt away and freeze into something cold and hard; he supposed the new frozen heaviness in his chest was where his heart once was. Plans, crazy yet calculated, began forming in his mind, and he felt a strange sense of detachment, of floating away. “You have made your choice, then,” Shandom heard a strange voice say, though the voice came from his own mouth. “Goodnight, Linquilea.” As if floating from above, Shandom saw his white body melt into the darkness, Lea’s golden eyes scorching him from behind before she, too, left the river bed. It would be the last time he ever saw her like that.

If asked now, Shandom Qi’Vaex-Nightslayer will claim he does not remember what happened the next morning. He insists that he cannot remember waking up with murder in his mind and making his quiet way to the Beta den and enticing young Xyvi and Kora out of the den. The two puppies loved their Uncle Shandom, the powerful and slightly aloof pack Alpha, and so they followed him willingly. He says he does not recall urging them to be quiet and not to wake their mother and father – that this was a special play-date, only for the three of them. But Shandom does remember their screams as he tore into them, the blood that stained his alabaster muzzle crimson. He watched it, he claims, from a perch in the trees, horrified but unable to do anything to stop his body from murdering the two puppies.

From his perch in the trees, Shandom tells now, he could see her coming. He could feel her presence before he actually saw her, and he knew that everything he once valued would come to a heartbreaking end. Shandom knew that losing her two puppies, the two creatures she valued above anything and everything, would break her mind. Even though he never wanted to admit it, Shandom would sometimes see what the rest of the pack would later claim they had noticed as well: volatile emotions, bursts of instability, and a love of cruelty and bloodshed. He saw his white head lift from the broken and bleeding bodies of the puppies and his eyes lock with Lea’s. “What have you done?” she whispered, eyes going wide and body frozen as she looked upon the macabre scene before she repeated in a primal scream: “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” Shandom witnessed his lips whisper “I’m so sorry,” before his body, his heinous, treacherous body, fled the clearing.

Returning to his body was an unpleasant sensation. The metallic taste of blood and the shining red that seeped from their bodies was everywhere. It was in his nose and on his tongue, permanently etched into every crevice of his very core. His mind would remain not quite his own for several days as news of the awful fallout from his hideous crime reached him… In his stead, Gyek and Kora Yae had banished their daughter Linquilea, revoking her right to their last name… Jax Dy’Nix had told her he never loved her, that he’d just been using her to hold sway over Shandom; he was really in love with Aylienne… The pack did not believe her when she screamed that Shandom murdered her children… She was attacked, and though she fought valiantly she was reduced to a bleeding mess… She was banished, never to return to Etienne… She staggered out of the packlands entirely alone, a trail of blood following her…

None of the pack was surprised when Shandom retreated into himself. They figured he was simply mourning the loss of the wolf he thought he once knew, that he would eventually realize that it was not his fault and continue on with ruling the pack and forget about the wolf once called Lea Yae. Odin was suspicious of his brother, often asking him where indeed he had been when Xyvi and Kora were murdered. But Shandom merely brushed it off, claiming he couldn’t sleep that night and had gone on a hunting expedition to satiate his hunger and exhaust him a bit. Nobody questioned Shandom’s disappearance; nobody thought Shandom would be capable of such treachery to Linquilea. The pack referenced Linquilea’s apparent instability and her youth as references for why she may have snapped. While they mourned the loss of Xyvi and Kora Dy’Nix, the name Linquilea fell out of favor, and, after several months, was no longer spoken.

Shandom outwardly began to move on with his life, though he had horrible nightmares and plaguing insomnia. He could rarely bear to sleep alone in his den at night, and so he often requested one of the youthful females to join him. He adopted a strange sort of harem with alternating females joining him most nights. Some evenings, though, Shandom would not call for one of his concubines, instead electing to spend the night in restless half sleep, twitching, jerking, and sometimes calling out for his Lea-Belle.

She returned one night when he was in the middle of a nightmare. His body was jerked awake by a harsh sounding “Shandom” from the one voice he wanted to hear. He awoke immediately, a wide smile on his face and adrenaline coursing through his veins. Shandom ignored the “fight or flight” warning that was suddenly resonating down his spine; he was too overjoyed to see his beautiful, beautiful sister. “Linquilea!” he half cried, knowing the danger of uttering her name. “Lea, Lea, beautiful Lea, you’re here!” But when he leapt to embrace her in a wolfy hug, she stepped away and he got an opportunity to really examine her.

A lot had changed in the months since she disappeared. Her fur, once shining and well kept, was duller and matted in spots. She was thicker and more muscular, if that were at all possible, and the way she carried herself had a distinctly different composure. Certainly, the characteristics he’d always been able to sense from her were there. Lea still was imposing, intimidating, and regal, but they were different, almost. An air of malevolence hung about her, and in her eye was a look that sent shivers down his spine. It was almost like he was staring into the face of an enraged corpse. Though there was tangible anger emanating from them, and a sense of desired revenge, behind all of this was a cold sort of deadness. Linquilea’s lips, turned up into a sneer, revealed teeth stained with a rusty hue: she had been killing that night, and he could smell it upon her. He could also see it drenched upon the white marking on her chest. It looked unsettlingly like an oddly shaped crimson flower.

“You’re not you,” Shandom whispered, warily eying Linquilea as she began to pace around him, topaz eyes narrowed and teeth bore in a terrifying snarl. “I was wrong, Lea-Belle, I was so wrong, and I’m so sorry… Don’t let my mistake turn you into this…this monster.” But the raven hued wolf merely laughed, an empty and disturbing mockery of her formal self. “Don’t you understand, Shandom?” she asked rhetorically. Her low, throaty voice took on a new dimension now; it was quite terrifying, and Shandom cowered a bit. “You killed me when you killed them! You destroyed me! I have spent weeks, months, I don’t even know how long anymore – trying to find myself again and I can’t find her! This is your fault, Shandom! Remember that! When people speak of the great and terrible Linquilea – because yes, that is what they will call me – remember this: every drop of blood I spill, every family and pack I ruin – this is your fault. If you had just left them alone…” Her voice broke off and for a moment Shandom could see the Lea he knew shining through the glittering topaz eyes. For just a moment, Linquilea was Lea-Belle Yae again, but before he could speak the ghost of her disappeared and the monster returned.

“What can I do for you?” he whispered. “How can I make you see how terribly sorry I am, that I’d do anything for you to be happy again? For you to be you again?” Linquilea smiled, and it was not her former radiant grin. It was a twisted sneer bred with a smirk, and she licked her lips. Shandom, with slight disgust, noticed there was blood crusted around her jaw that she had not bothered to clean off. “I want you to kill again, Shandom” Lea whispered. “I want you to kill our parents for banishing me in your stead. I will consider forgiving you then, after you kill them and renounce your position in the pack to me.” He blanched, terrified and taken aback at her demand. Not once, not for a fraction of a moment, did he doubt the sincerity of her request. Gyek and Kora Yae committed the ultimate betrayal when they banished their daughter without a trial, and Shandom knew how Linquilea must hate them. After several moments, he took a deep breath and looked his mad, beautiful sister in the eye. “I’ll do it.”

Minutes later, he found himself in their den, Linquilea and he having snuck in like mismatched shadows. His mind kept wandering to the night his parents were taken; Shandom supposed he out to accomplish what the kidnappers could not all those moons ago. His heat hammered in his chest and it filled his ears; soon, it was the only sound he could discern. “Just do it, Shandom” Lea hissed from her disguise in the darkness. “Just kill them. For me, Shandom.” Those words struck his heart and his body reacted, digging neatly into Kora’s vulnerable neck first. It was a clean strike, a lucky one really, and though she let out a gargling scream, her breathing quickly ceased and the lights passed from her eyes.

“What have you done?!” Gyek cried, woken by the noise. His light yellow eyes wheeled in terror, shock, and rage as he absorbed two wolves the wolves he raised. Shandom’s eyes were sad and determined as he faced the wolf who raised him, but he did not second guess himself. He loved Gyek like a father, but Linquilea, mad as she had clearly become, came first in his heart and mind. The ensuing fight was bloody and significantly longer than the first, but Gyek was old. Shandom’s youth and training outclassed the former Alpha, and it became obvious rather quickly. It was over after several minutes, but the noise had woken a large part of the pack. Shandom, in his state, could not comprehend the danger he was in, drenched and blood, standing over the mangled bodies of his adoptive parents. Instead, he turned to Linquilea, a huge, expectant smile on his face.

But Linquilea had lost all ability to forgive when she saw her children lying dead with her beloved brother standing over their bodies. Shandom knew from the look in her eyes that this had been a ruse he’d been stupid to fall for. She wanted him to kill their parents and then she wanted to kill him as well. A snarl lit up her face, and Linquilea leapt. “Murderer!” she cried, and her massive frame was atop him, snapping and snarling and tearing at his exhausted body. Instincts had him fighting back just enough to stay alive. For all his years of training with his stepfather, though, Shandom was nothing against his ebony sister. She outclassed him through raw talent as well as the finesse gained through years of rigorous exercise; he would not win this fight. In the midst of it his face was wrenched in two, a long, jagged wound from his left ear to his right jowl, permanently rendering him blind in his left eye. Somehow Linquilea was wrenched off him, but the Etient packmembers made it clear that he was no longer welcome in the lands. Regardless of rank, murder was never tolerated in the pack – like Linquilea, he was now an exile from the lands of his ancestors. Blinded in a haze of pain, he could hear them renounce him as a Qi’Vaex and dub him Nightslayer.

How he managed to survive, much less avoid Linquilea and make it far away from Etienne, never made sense to Shandom. His grievous facial injury significantly hindered his progress, and he couldn’t have survived without the help of a pair of traveling wolves. Adonis and Tourniquet Alcazar were from a strange, ancient pack in the South that refused to acknowledge their love. After months of secrecy, the two ran away together, causing great scandal – Tourniquet had been the Princess, Adonis a lowly army man. They chose the lives of loners and lived quite happily together, and Shandom stayed with them for some time. He was taken aback the first time he saw them shift into a strange, two legged form, but they patiently explained to him the virus that eliminated the two-legged fire bringers and gave wolves the ability to shift into strange new forms. Tourniquet, a knowledgeable healer, explained to him that it would be easier for her to heal his eye if he contracted the virus; after much coaxing, Shandom agreed. The new forms were certainly useful, but Shandom found he preferred his four legged form.

Eventually he left the kindly Adonis and Tourniquet, setting off on his own. He followed the tales of Linquilea where he could find them, shocked and appalled at the havoc she was wreaking on some packs. At one point, he thought he found a wolf he might be able to fall in love with - Keliyya Dawnsinger was sweet, shockingly naive, and incredibly beautiful. Shandom did not conceal his relation to Linquilea, and Keliyya’s sister Yajaira was suspicious enough of him to leave the duo. He remained with Keliyya long enough to impregnate her, and they gave birth to three puppies: Twensu, Zeneca, and Halaki. They were adorable puppies, and Shandom could not look at them without overwhelming guilt and self-hatred. Eventually he left when rumors of Linquilea’s whereabouts reached him. In truth, it was merely an excuse to escape the puppies he could not bear to look at.

And so he continues to wander…

2.  Personality

On the outside, Shandom’s pretty simple. He’s an absolutely ridiculous flirt who does not discriminate between one female or the other. Some have described him as a womanizer – this would not be entirely inaccurate. He has very little regard for the females he uses, though during the initial courtship he is the perfect gentleman. After he has grown tired of them – and that invariably happens with every female he meets – Shandom will abandon them without so much as a proper goodbye, merely disappearing off into the night never to be seen or heard from again. This does not, however, mean he is unkind. Shandom is very gentle and relaxed, and it is rare to see him in an extreme mood. However, he is not over the top social. Instead, one will typically find him slightly on the fringe of things, watching carefully before he decides whether or not to interact. He’s also very bright and interested in learning, and enjoys the benefits being a Luperci gives him in gaining more knowledge.

Really, though, he’s a giant whirlwind of emotions. He’s constantly thinking about Linquilea, constantly missing her, and constantly wishing things had gone differently. Shandom’s fiercely protective of her, and though he will not readily admit it, it causes him great pain to hear her disparaged. There’s a lot of self-loathing for his past misdeeds buried beneath the surface, though he’s not one to particularly vocalize it. His fatal flaw would be his jealousy: he is unwilling to share those he loves, and will do just about anything to keep them to himself.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Biological Parents Farax Qi'Vaex - Father Xydia Qi'Vaex - Mother

Adoptive Parents Gyek Yae - Step-Father Kora Yae - Step-Mother

Biological Siblings Odin Qi'Vaex - Brother

Adoptive Siblings Linquilea de la Rosesanglante (nee Linquilea Yae)

Children Twensu QiVaex Zeneca QiVaex Halaki QiVaex

Nieces and Nephews Kora Dy'Nix - Niece Xyvi Ny'Dix - Nephew

Grandchildren Carmela Qi'Vaex - Granddaughter Nakula Qi'Vaex - Granddaughter Iantha Qi'Vaex - Granddaughter

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

  • Linquilea, though he would be remiss to admit that.

4.  Skills

Shandom, though a carrier of the Luperci virus, shuns most humanized activities. He is, however, very useful in activities that are four-paws centric.

  • Story-telling
  • Tooth-to-claw combat (though he is a better educator than fighter, due to his partial blindness)
  • Sexings ;)

5.  Appearance

Shandom Qi’Vaex-Nightslayer is a fairly run of the mill Arctic Wolf. In his preferred Lupus form, he measures approximately 87 centimeters in length and 3 feet, 5 inches in height. His weight, depending on the season, will fluctuate in the range of 75 to 80 pounds. During the warmer months, Shandom is very lean, without much fat on his body. He takes great pride in maintaining an excellent physical physique, but in the winter he naturally packs on the pounds to survive the Canadian cold. His body is not build ideally for combat, though he is trained in such areas – instead, Shandom is a quick runner and extremely agile. Like all Arctic wolves, Shandom’s coat is thick and white, designed for cold, harsh climates. Shandom’s Secui form is not much different, although his fur lengthens and he grows slightly in size. He will often utilize this form when hunting, though, again, he still finds the whole shifting concept rather strange. In his Optime form, Shandom is of average height and weight, standing at approximately 7 feet, 5 inches and weighing in around 275 pounds. Like his Lupus form, he is long and lean, built for speed rather than endurance and direct combat. He does not wear clothes, as he finds them incredibly strange and impractical, though he has considered acquiring a golden earing and an eye patch to cover his left eye.

Shandom’s facial scar is his most distinctive feature. It runs from the base of his left ear to the bottom right of his mouth. Though completely healed, it is still a vivid shade of pink, and is absolutely impossible to miss. The fight that gave him the scar also ruined his left eye; Shandom is completely blind on that side, and therefore slightly wary of wolves that approach him from that angle.