Tharin Lupei

Tharin Lupei was born in northern Canada in a non-Luperci pack, and eventually famine brought him south. He was a longtime member of New Dawn, worked hard to protect from threats, and was a notable participant in the New Dawn Conflict. His mate was Kiara Amarok, and he is the father of Leela, Marrok, and Altair, and adoptive father to Tsytsaki and Lucia. He was once Beta, but after losing challenges to Augustus and Raeka, settled into a lower rank and focused on fatherhood instead of promotions. In the summer of 2013, a wildfire erupted during a pack hunt, and Tharin broke off from the group and was lost to the flames.[1]

Tharin Lupei

Tharin and Kiara by Nat
Name MeaningHunter Wolf
Name OriginArctic
Date of BirthNovember 14 2009
Subspecies100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Birth placeSnowy Plain
Current packNew Dawn
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Previous Packs

New Dawn

Joining dateApril 3 2012
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankSubord (pNPC)
SignificanceAdviser to the Alpha, diplomat

Snowy Plain

Joining dateNovember 14 2009

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    4.   2.4  Famine
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    6.   2.6  Nova Scotia
    7.   2.7  Fatherhood & Death
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    2.   3.2  Friends
    3.   3.3  Acquaintances
    4.   3.4  Enemies
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1.  Personality

Tharin is a strongly dominant wolf. While he does submit to his alphas, if anyone else challenges him he is quick to fight back, and hard to force into submission. He has a peculiar pride, seeing himself as the stronger one when facing someone submissive, but doubtful of his own abilities due to the tragedies that dotted his past. If anyone faces him he will be quick to claim himself the better of the pair, though in private he works hard to maintain and improve his skills, worried about what will happen if he falls short and fails his pack.

He has strong loyalties, to his pack first and foremost, followed by his alpha and then those he cares for. Tharin is always polite, if withdrawn when it comes to new things. Tharin is rather ignorant of how luperci work, and does not want to learn how beyond what would be necessary for him to be able to deal with them. He has no clear prejudices beyond a dislike of how different luperci are from him and how difficult it is for him to understand things when they attempt to explain it to him. He has a surprisingly calm temperament, calmed down from his youth.

When he is not patrolling and hunting, Tharin is perfectly happy to lay back and relax. He loves playing games, bouncing around and being a goof play fighting, or just to lay and soak in the warm sun. He watches the pups in the pack, believing they are the key to the pack's future, and would do anything to keep them safe. He works hard to benefit, and is always ready to listen, despite being a terrible storyteller.

2.  History

2.1  Puppyhood

Tharin was born to a litter of six. His parents were the betas in his pack. Tharin was a very dominant pup, pushing his siblings around and making sure that he got the best of the milk, the most comfortable spot, and other factors. A couple of his siblings died during this period due to not being strong enough to live through it. When the pups were introduced to the outside world Tharin eagerly explored what was there. Other pups were in the pack as well, including the alpha's children, and the pups of a couple other wolves. They were supervised to the best of the pack's ability, Tharin usually separated from trying to dominate the alpha's pups, much to his parents' dismay.

Tharin grew strong, rambunctious in his play. He proved resilient, surviving the mishaps that took out more pups in the pack. Tharin constantly rivaled against the alpha's pups, attempting to take the lead over the pups when the adults weren't around. He was disciplined several times, and finally forced to submit by the alpha himself after Tharin was found with the pup pinned beneath him. He attempted to break away from the others then, a careless adventure resulting in the death of two more pups. The lesson got to him this time. Ashamed he fell back, and followed the alpha, wishing that the death hadn't happened.

2.2  Adolescence

Tharin grew into a large boisterous teenager. He was playful, and began to prove himself talented in taking down prey. Settled from his previous rebellion, Tharin made close friends with the alpha children, proving to be a powerful ally when disputes broke out. His emotions still ran high, though his actions were more controlled than they used to be. Occasional arguments did break out, but the need to submit to those who were wiser had been learned, and he did so. He grew close to one in particular, Akira. She often teased him about his prowess with hunting, daring Tharin to do greater and greater things.

Often the wolf did succeed, bringing back the prey that she'd challenged him to do so. His limit was found, much to their great astonishment, when he managed to kill and bring back a small deer without any help. The injuries to his body informed the pack of the cost it had brought him, and sent him to hunt with the full grown wolves. They taught him how to track, and worked together to help bring down larger prey. Tharin basked in this environment, his form beginning to fill out as he grew more powerful, proud of the task he had been granted. Serving his pack and bringing them the food they needed became his greatest purpose in life.

2.3  Young Adult

When he was full grown the pack began to trust him with a more serious task. Instead of simply helping the adults bring down the prey, he began to scout out where the prey was. Tharin spent days learning how to read the tracks, and differentiating between good prey and bad prey. At first he was accompanied, but eventually he was trusted to select what the pack would hunt on his own. He rose in the ranks, hitting a limit as the higher ranks were already filled by older wolves that the alphas trusted. Tharin lived for the hunt, tracking down the prey. He became a leader of the wolves when they hunted, organizing how the prey would be taken down when a higher ranked wolf wasn't there to lead. For a time, food was plentiful, and the pack prospered.

2.4  Famine

The time of plenty came to an end. The prey left to find where food was more plentiful. It made Tharin's task more difficult, spending more and more time locating what prey was needed. The winter that came was even more harsh than it normally was. Prey died, and scattered from the land. Pups and the elderly in the pack fell sick, growing weak before finally dying. Tharin was desperate to feed the pack, eventually breaking away and spending days hunting before he returned with what food he could gather to try and feed them. The alpha did his best to keep the pack together, organizing hunts and making sure that the spirits remained high.

In the end, it wasn't enough. He knew that the pack would die. To save what was left of it, the young wolves who might be resilient enough to survive were sent off in pairs of male and female. They were told they were to search for food, but the alpha believed that they wouldn't return, and hopefully would be the start of a new pack somewhere, where the pack could live on in memory. Those that were too weak were gathered and taken far north to die in the snow. Tharin was matched with Akira. Together they set off, hoping to be able to find food and save their pack.

2.5  Wanderer

Akira and Tharin covered vast miles in their hunt for food. It wasn't long before they left the snowy plains they had grown up with behind. The new life was surprising. The trees were taller than they were used to, the wildlife was different, and life seemed more peaceful. They did their best to locate a place that they thought would do well for their pack, hunting to select a place with the right things, instincts guiding them. They came across a place, bursting with life. A beautiful meadow. A lap around the place secured it in their minds, accepting it as the right place. Joyful the two wolves nuzzled each other, happy. And for the first time, they saw each other as something more than just friends.

Before this could turn into anything, a bear interrupted their game. They were forced to fight for their lives. Tharin managed to drive off the bear, but not before a great wound was opened across Akira's back. Worried Tharin lead her out of the area, finding a place to settle and care for the wound while it healed. Neither of them were capable of caring for such a wound, doing their best to keep it clean while Tharin provided food for her. Infection still managed to set in, Akira telling Tharin that she didn't blame him, and to keep going before she died. Grief stricken Tharin felt he could not return to his pack, not with Akira's death on his hands, and continued wandering.

2.6  Nova Scotia

In the spring Tharin entered Nova Scotia. The lush life attracted him, but he was still deep in grief over what had happened. As far as he knew there was no way to stop her death once the infection had set in, leaving it as his fault that the bear managed to damage her so badly. Death happened often in his pack far away from the rest of the world, but isolated as he was this struck him even worse. Tharin met a female, Fayne, and had the shock of his life when he learned about luperci. It was frightening, finding out that there were these two legged wolves. He wasn't sure how to deal with it at first, denying the knowledge at first, then fearful of how to react.

Tharin did meet another wolf that wasn't infected like himself. Kiara Amarok was living in a failing pack, Ichika no Ho-en. She was trying to raise her two puppies by herself. Tharin came back often with food for her, and was delighted when he discovered a pack that lived close to the way that he had been raised. Despite how nervous he was, Tharin joined New Dawn, and was happy with how he was able to live. Tharin was low ranked once more, but spent his time patrolling the borders and hunting, working to earn his place in the pack.

Ichika fell, and Tharin came to Kiara's aid. He fed her, and eventually asked Zalen for permission to bring Kiara to New Dawn with her pups. Permission granted he invited her, but was declined due to the pups' age. They were too young to be moved from the den. Tharin continued bringing food for her, and when her pup disappeared, Tharin was there to greet her at the borders, and welcome her into the pack that she joined. He grew close to her, and with his skill dealing with strangers rose to become a gamma in the pack, a rank he hadn't believed he would be trusted to hold.

2.7  Fatherhood & Death

Life wasn't all smooth sailing. Attacks began to happen as the New Dawn Conflict unfolds, targeting the weaker females in the pack. They came back, injured and covered in blood. Time was spent healing, Tharin's friends among those injured. Tharin escorted two of the females to the pack Casa di Cavalieri in order for them to learn self defense, as well as speaking to an epsilon in New Dawn, Augustus to be able to fight and defend for the pack himself. He trained hard, becoming an adequate fighter, though he was still a novice.

Fayne was attacked again, and brought back even worse news. Kiara's son had not died, or fallen to another mishap like the pups Tharin had grown up with, but been stolen by a dog. This whipped the pack into a frenzy, swearing to hunt down and kill her. Foolishly Tharin attempted to do this on his own. He discovered a second kidnapped pup which he managed to rescue, but he was badly injured in the process. He was forced to take a break in order to heal, and realized that his feelings for Kiara go deeper than just being a packmate. He proposes mateship to her, and Kiara accepts.

Once he was healed Tharin found himself promoted to Beta, taking an even stronger stand in the pack as Zalen's right-hand man. However, his promotion was not to last long; he was challenged by Augustus and defeated, slipping back into the middle of the pack. Newcomer Raeka Rain was unwilling to submit to his authority and challenged him as well; he was defeated by her and fell all the way back to Subord, a demotion that stung his pride.

His shame was subverted by Kiara's pregnancy: he became the father of Leela, Marrok, and Altair, and proudly focused on fatherhood instead of promotions. In the summer of 2013, a wildfire erupted during a pack hunt, and Tharin broke off from the group and was lost to the flames.

3.  Relationships

by Marit

3.1  Family

Tharin is the son of the betas of his birth pack. He has an older sister and an older brother. His parents are dead, the fate of his siblings unknown.

3.2  Friends

Kiara Amarok, Fayne, Zalen Damaichu, Adonia Demos, Augustus, Shadowfang

3.3  Acquaintances

Titania Moonsong, Shandom Qi'Vaex, Jiva Takekuro, Ciara O'Callahan, Palaydrian Soul, Ookami, Deuce Rhiannon, Sky Rhiannon

3.4  Enemies

Noah Sawtooth, Amy Sunders, (Kohaku Amarok?)

4.  Skills

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  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Basic Fighting
  • Memorizing
  • Diplomacy

5.  Appearance

Tharin by Rat

Sizing Chart





132 lbs
(60 kg)

36 in
(91 cm)

He cannot shift.

Tharin is a full Mackenzie Valley Wolf, which makes him larger than most other wolf subspecies. Tharin's coat is predominantly silver, with flecks of black throughout it. His muzzle, ears, and ruff is cinnamon in color with white tipped paws. His eyes are a warm amber color, appearing a vibrant red at night and changing to a soft gold when the sun strikes them. He has some small scars from hunting, such as a small nick in his left ear and a small gouge on his right side from a deer's kick. His body has tight muscles running through it, and has thick fur from living in the north.

His left ear has been sliced off by a knife, leaving a smooth edge where the top half of his ear used to be. There is a scar along his right hind leg near the joint from where his muscle had been torn up. There is also some minor scarring on his belly, only visible when his fur is damp.

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