The Catori Family

Catori is a Native American (Hopi) name meaning spirit. It is pronounced kah TOE ree. The wolfdog family is based in Cour des Miracles, but the younger generations are beginning to branch out into other packs and leave their mark on 'Souls.

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Catori Family Statistics

Created by—Marie
Total Members—10
Surviving Members—9
Active Members—9 (+2 npc)
Location—Cour des Miracles

Catori Family Foundation

Name Meaning—Spirit
First Member Location—Cour des Miracles
First Member Date—June 16 2009
First Member Name—Ayita Catori
First Birth Location—Cour des Miracles
Founding Parents—Othinia Fitzroy and Terigon Catori
Founding Birth Children—Ayita Catori, Zafier Catori
Founding Birth Date—October 17 2009

Catori Family Tree

1.  Influence and Influences

1.1  Families

  • L Brothers — Ayita had two children with Leroy.
  • Haskel — Ayita had five children with Vigilante through mateship. Amaranth had a secret illegitimate litter of four children by Vigilante.
  • Takekuro — Amaranth had three children with Niro through mateship.
  • Soul-Sadira — Jiva had a miscarried litter with Palaydrian through mateship. Their second litter was successful, birthing two children.
  • Marino-D'Angelo — Liam's litter with Rio through mateship.
  • Moineau — Taro's litter with Chloe through mateship.

1.2  Packs

  • Cour des Miracles — The majority of the members have lived or currently reside in Cour des Miracles. Notable, Ayita and her brother, Zafier, lived in Cour des Miracles. Zafier was killed during the 2011 AniWaya Conflict when he was still a member of the pack. Ayita's children with Vigilante all grew in the pack with their parents, and in late 2012 Ayita passed away in her home with them at her side.
  • Vinátta — Liam spent some time here on his own, before adopting an orphan pup named Caroline and returning to Cour des Miracles with her. Shortly thereafter, Jiva joined Vinátta with his mate Palaydrian where they had their second litter. Taro and Chloe had their children here.
  • Green Wood — The wolf pack where Ayita and Zafier were born. It was steeped in mystery and ancient rituals, and Othinia and Terigon (their parents) were worshiped as gods. War broke out and many members died; it is unknown if there are more off-board Catori members or if they all perished in battle. Years later, Amaranth left Cour des Miracles to try and find them, and was followed by her son Heiro. Amaranth's litter was then born there.

1.3  Features

  • Wolfdogs — The founding members were all Canis lupus lycaon, or Eastern Timber Wolves. Zafier Catori was known for expressing his distaste for hybrids. However, all of Ayita Catori's children were sired by dogs, either Leroy of Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute lineage, or Vigilante Haskel of Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd Dog lineage. Therefore, the surviving Catori members are all of wolfdog ancestry.
  • Blue and Purple eyesAyita has blue eyes, as does her son Hati and her grandsons Heiro and Uryu. Charlotte's eye color is a blend of the two shades (Catori blue and Haskel green).
  • Male to Female ratio — In the original Green Wood pack, there were significantly more male Catori members than females. Ayita's birth was celebrated, since females are uncommon. Since coming to 'Souls, Ayita gave birth to five sons and only two live daughters (and one stillborn, Ame Haskel). Amaranth went on to have three sons and four daughters, just barely breaking the trend. Jiva had only sons in his surviving litter.
  • Tattoos
    Catori symbol tattoo
    Liam Catori used his medic training to learn to make rudimentary tattoos, by heating a knife to burn a scar where the fur could not grow back. He and Amaranth Catori bear a symbol they designed to represent 'spirit', their family name. Skoll Haskel received a shoulder tattoo of a spiral sun.
  • Speaking French — When Ayita Catori was a child in Green Wood, her elderly grandmother taught her to speak French. This is something she taught to her children in Cour des Miracles. Notably her youngest sons Hati Catori and Skoll Haskel speak it to each other.
  • MusicalityAyita Catori was known for singing, and most if not all of her children have been known to sing, hum, or dabble with instruments from time to time.

2.  Members

Δ marks an open character that is currently up for adoption.

2.1  Off-board Generation

  • Aceline Fitzroy x Beau Fitzroy
    • Othinia Fitzroy
    • Tyne Fitzroy
    • Hiero Fitzroy
    • Kavi Fitzroy
  • Mireya Catori x Helki Catori
    • Terigon Catori
    • Mirian Catori
    • Mara Catori
    • Randel Catori

2.2  First Generation

  • Othinia Fitzroy x Terigon Catori (1)
  • Othinia Fitzroy x Terigon Catori (2)
  • Eva Gold x Terigon Catori (1)
    • Lydia Gold
    • Noel Catori
    • Esme Gold
  • Eva Gold x Terigon Catori (2)
    • Zoe Catori
    • Astor Gold
    • Elliot Catori
  • Celeste Hissil x Randel Catori
    • Stephanus Catori
    • Theo Hissil
    • Valerian Hissil

2.3  Second Generation

2.4  Third Generation

2.5  Fourth Generation

2.6  Fifth Generation

2.7  Sixth Generation

3.  Others