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By Alaine

Semini is a spirited sailor who came to 'Souls in the late summer of 2014. She was Navigator of Krokar from 2015 until 2017, at which point she stepped down to Magnate in order to focus on raising her sons. She left with her lover, Lokr Revlis, in late 2017 to sail her father's ship, leaving behind their two sons. She and the exiled Salsolan prince are presently in Onuba, assisting her sister recover the town after her daughter and a rag-tag group of extremists tore down one of the pillars of their society.

Courtesy of Sanba




P A C K • H I S T O R Y


  • Date of Birth: 26 November 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf-Dog Hybrid
    • 50% Gray Wolf
    • 10% Australian Shepherd
    • 10% King Charles Spaniel
    • 30% Alaskan Malamute
  • Family: Amaranthe/Lanseer
  • Birthplace: Saltwater Storm (ship), (Officially, Onuba)
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Seed (Latin, Italian)
    • Last Name: Unfading (Latin, Spanish)
  • Nicknames: Sem, Mimi
  • Pronunciation: Sem-EE-nee, Am-a-RAN-th
  • Epithet: Selkie, Encantado
Magnate (June 2017)
Navigator (August 2015)
Magnate (February 2015)
Wayfarer (January 2015)
Outrigger (October 2014)
Greenhorn (August 2014)

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

At her core, Semini is deeply compassionate and desires only the best for everyone around her. Due to a firm belief in the innate goodness of people, Semini will often give others the benefit of the doubt, sometimes to her own detriment (the exception, of course, being where a negative intention is clear, such as violent threats/pursuit). The flip side to her emotional insight, which allows her an intuitive connection to most beings, is that Semini is also very susceptible to it both negatively and positively. This gives the appearance of a certain instability or mercurial behavior that can be upsetting - like the sea breeze, her mood can change in an instant. Her struggle as a person hinges upon the sometimes diametrically opposing head (doing what's right) and heart (doing what she loves).

1.2  Traits

  • Outlook: Semini is considerably optimistic about the world, and has yet to encounter a good justification otherwise.
  • Sociability: Equally extroverted and introverted, leaning more towards extroversion.
  • Demeanor: Friendly, Trusting, Kind, Spirited
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
Acts as conscience directs her with little regard for what others expect of her
Believes in all the virtues of goodness and right, but has little use for laws and regulations
Basically good, but tends to be selfish and maybe a bit greedy
Will not use torture to extract information or for pleasure, but may "rough up" someone to get information.
Will never kill for pleasure, only in self-defense or in the defense of others.
Will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend

1.3  Ideals


  • Speech: Semini has a low humming voice that mostly resembles Carla Bruni. Though a native of Spain, she does not carry a distinct Spanish accent due to her time aboard her English father's ship, but she will sometimes speak words out of order or phrase things strangely. Her Spanish accent is very pronounced when she speaks in other languages.
Semini is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English (Common Tongue).
  • Scent: Salt, Rain, Pine, Krokar
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Semini is a restless type of person and won't stay in one place for long. Some part of her will always be moving. She tends to clench her fists when she feels annoyed or angry. Semini always has her long floppy ears tied back.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Semini stands very straight and with her shoulders back. She looks confident and unencumbered.


Distrustful of Inferni, Anathema
HATES Salsola
  • Non-Luperci: Semini thinks this is a lifestyle choice. Although unusual, she believes the individual has a right to live the way they want, even if it seems living as a non-luperci might be more difficult.
  • Slavery: Semini has good friends and pack mates who were former slaves, and after the Austringer Hostility, Semini has taken a very strong, very firm anti-slavery stance. She thinks something actively needs to be done about the packs in the region that support this practice.
  • Seamen: Semini will inherently trust a person who has lived and worked out at sea, especially if they knew her father.


  • Establishing Krokar as the dominant trading pack of the region
  • Creating allies for Krokar, but only those whose culture meets her moral standards
  • Ensuring the safety of those close to her
  • Moving past old inhibitions and failures to become a powerful and good leader


  • Illness and physical weakness
  • Death/harm of her loved ones
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal
  • Salvia Eternity

Spirituality & Substances

  • Semini is mostly atheistic due to her upbringing. Her mother reinforced in her that religion was an illusion and a tool that people used to control others. This was directly challenged by the extremely superstitious culture of the sailors with whom she spent her more formative years, making Semini wary of the possibilities of the spiritual. She is skeptical with an inclination to believe.
  • Semini has a low tolerance for alcohol and is definitely more of a social drinker. She has never used drugs before and has no real interest in them, aside from smoking tobacco. She does not regularly smoke and will only do so in specific moments, generally on a whim. Semini does not have an addictive personality, enabling her the strange ability to permanently cease doing anything at any time.


  • Bisexual, leaning towards male more than female.
    • Due to the stigmatization of homosexual relationships in Onuba, Semini isn't as open to her own fluidity. Despite this, her first experiences were with females in brothels no less (which are also banned in Onuba).
  • Semini is not a cautious lover. She is a passionate romantic that craves affection, and she will fully immerse herself in a relationship, person or encounter. As a result, she suffers frequently from betrayal, abandonment, or being "handled" for her wild, intense and chaotic temperament.
    • She can be jealous, spiteful, and cruel if she feels even remotely undervalued.
  • In more recent times she has mellowed out some, especially with motherhood, but there remains an issue between controlling herself and obeying the whims of her heart.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


  • Species: Semini is a wolfdog Hybrid. She tends to look more to the dog side of things.
  • Fur: She has short-medium length fur that curls at the longer ends.
    • Optime Hair: Generally curly and with a texture that is very soft and silky.
  • Facial Features: Her face most resembles a wolf, but her nose is somewhat blunter and her lips more pronounced. Her eyes are large and bright. Her most dog-like feature is her folded spaniel ear, which she typically wears tied back.
  • Build and Size: She has a stockier build. Her body is toned but seems softer in places where the fur is longer. Her waist isn't pinched like an hourglass but straight, fortified by strong abdominals, and flanked by thicker hips and a thicker torso. Her bust is relatively pronounced, much to her disliking.
    • Lupus: In lupus, Semini looks the most dog-like. Her fur is long and her legs short, her tail has an excessive amount of hair. Her shape doesn't seem particularly feminine or masculine, and her back is surprisingly thick and straight.
    • Optime: Standing at about 6ft, Semini does not seem terribly tall for her stockier build and shape. Her forearms and calves have thinner hair, and show off the strength of her body.
  • Humanization: Semini is relatively humanized and prefers her Optime form for most tasks. She will sometimes embrace a wilder aspect of herself, but not to the extent of becoming fully feral.


by Alaine

Coloration and Palette

Please note that Semini's color palette is artistically exaggerated in her depictions, but is not representative of her actual fur colors.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Claws: Mix of black and pink claws
General Colors
Bunting (#2c3b4b)
Cello (#405065)
East Bay (#556277)
Comet (#5f6880)
Blue Bayou (#5d6a80)
Manatee (#8f94a4)
Mystic (#e2e6ee)
Eye Color
Sweet Corn (#fbed7f)
Dixie (#e2961e)


75 lbs (34 kg)
30 in (76 cm)


Semini rarely uses Lupus. When she is in Lupus form, her fur is very long and disguises her figure.

140 lbs (63.5 kg)
41 in (104 cm)


Semini will on rare occasion use her secui form. Her nose and senses are at their best, and she can cover a lot of ground quickly.

190 lbs (86 kg)
6ft 0in (72 in / 182 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

This is Semini's preferred form. She prefers the dexterity of her hands over the limitations of paws.

2.2  Galleries

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Gift and Personal Art

by San by Sanby Genby Sanby Sanby Miyuby Miyuby Alaineby Kittyby Libriby Libriby Melby Natby Natby Natby Natby PoppzArtist Unknown, Commissioned by Sylveyby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Alaineby Alaineby Alaineby Alaine

Sketch and Doodle Gallery

by Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby San


by Alaineby Alaineby Alaineby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby Sanby San

3.  Modification and Apparel

3.1  Modifications

  • Scars:
Visible: One large scar beginning below her right collar bone moving down over her left pectoral muscle. A zig-zagging scar down her right tricep extending down to the middle of her forearm.
Covered by Fur: Small scars around her wrists and ankles, one large scar from her left ribcage to her left thigh
  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Missing Appendages: None
  • Notable Disfiguration: None

3.2  Style

Sem the Boar Queen by Alaine <3!

3.3  Closet

Jewelry and Charms

Weapons and Armor


  • Hair tie: Tattered black cloth to tie back ears. Always worn.
  • Sea Glass Necklace: Made of sea glass, resin and rope by Semini. Given to Lokr Revlis in 2015.
  • Luck Charm: Rabbit foot, bone skull, and driftwood charm given to Semini from Marlowe de le Poer in 2015. She hangs this from her belt.
  • Compass Necklace: Given to her on her Navigator promotion from Gus and Lucille in 2015. It's not functional but is shiny and beautiful. Semini typically wears this.
  • Leather Sling: Given to her by Iroquois, she typically ties this sling around her wrist or to her belt. It is small and well used.
  • Crystal Hilt Dagger: She was given the crystal hilt by Vera del Iva during the winter, and she later fitted it with a steel blade with help from Aindrea Donovan. The crystal hilt is very refractive and was formerly shaped into either a serpent or a horse, but it has been too worn to really resemble anything. Traded for Mara Savoy's gem.
  • Two Hunting Blades: Stolen from Ciellen Loreath, these knives are mainly used for dressing kills and scaling fish. They have a permanently scratched surface and would probably snap if ever used as a weapon. Semini is more often equipped with these because of their utility.
  • Dagger with an intricately carved caribou antler hilt: Made by Ilse Verhoeven, Semini won this dagger in a bet during Krokar's annual Caribou Races.

4.  Residence




House Number: 15

The exterior is overgrown by large flowering bushes, with portions hacked away to allow sunlight through the windows on both sides of the large wooden door. The windows have wooden louvered window shutters which can be closed during the winter and left open during the warmer seasons. A Navigator's Production flag in the left window like a curtain. The interior consists of a large open space, half of which is dedicated to a platform bed frame covered in animal pelts. The bed is pushed against the back wall beneath another open window. There is a half partition that divides the rest of the room into a kitchen area, where a brick fire place occupies the right-most corner. A row of three cabinets butts up against the right wall and two against the partition, all rebuilt after being destroyed in the meteor of 2016. The roof has been hastily rebuilt as well after collapsing, and now has many holes through which rain sometimes leaks inside.

5.  NPCs





by Alaine

1 2 3

  • Name: Idoia
Meaning: Pond/Pool (Basque)
Pronunciation: ee-DOI-yah
  • Size:
Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
Weight: 890 lbs (404 kg)
  • Coloration: Warm brown with dark hair and dark eyes
  • Inventory: Krokar themed textile saddle blanket, leather saddle and reigns
  • Personality: Gentle, sweet, responsive
  • Acquired by Semini in 2015 from the trader Dalimil Kovachev
  • Given to Calrian in 2017 when Semini departed for Onuba
  • Currently being cared for by Cassia in Portland





by Alaine
  • Name: Velazquez
Meaning: Son of Velasco (Spanish)
Pronunciation: veh-lahz-kehz
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wild Boar (Russian, Carpathian, Eurasian, Domestic Pig)
  • D.O.B.: Jan 2015
  • Size:
Height: 4ft (648 in; --- cm)
Weight: ---lbs (--- kg)
  • Coloration: Warm brown
  • Inventory: None
  • Personality: Curious, attentive, defensive
  • Acquired by Semini in 2015 after Lokr Revlis killed their rampaging mother
  • Raised in Krokar
  • Released into the wild in 2016





by Alaine
  • Names: Kaja, Kaimana, Verda
Kaja: Echo (Estonian)
Kaimana: Sea, power, diamond (Hawaiian)
Verda: Green (Spanish)
Pronunciation: KAH-Yah; Kah-EE-mon-ah; Vair-Dah
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wild Boar (Russian, Carpathian, Eurasian, Domestic Pig)
  • D.O.B.: Jan 2015
  • Size:
Height: 4ft (648 in; --- cm)
Weight: ---lbs (--- kg)
  • Coloration: Warm brown
  • Inventory: None
  • Personality: Willful, stubborn, playful
  • Acquired by Semini in 2015 after Lokr Revlis killed their rampaging mother
  • Raised in Krokar
  • Released into the wild in 2017

6.  Relationships

6.1  Family: Amaranthe, Lanseer

Key Family Relationships

  • Akantha: Akantha is Semini's younger sister. They were close growing up, but their interests led them to divergent pursuits. For a long time, Semini did not trust her sister due to conflicts from their past (mostly a competitive thing, stemming from Semini's perception of Thalia's favoritism toward Akantha) and was outright hostile to her. Her presence in Souls was once a source of anxiety and conflict for Semini, until a number of events led Semini to choose to move on from the past and reconnect with Akantha. They now share a bond stronger than ever, and have determined to rise in power together.
  • Tiamat: Semini cherishes her daughter, but finds her perceptiveness a little daunting. She feels that Tiamat resents her after the breakup, and attempts to mend their relationship are frequently rebuffed by her daughter. Following Tiamat's departure at the end of 2016, Semini is unsure if her daughter will ever forgive her for breaking up their family.
  • Lotan: Semini adores her awkwardly large son. She thinks he has a lot of Nikita in him, but is secretly pleased that he also exhibits a lot of her own traits too. Although she would never play favorites, it is true that Semini doesn't have to work half as hard to connect with her baby boy Lotan as she does with Tiamat.
  • Calrian: Calrian is her foolish but well-intentioned son. She cherishes his optimistic and surprisingly resilient personality, though she can sometimes be exasperated by the way he treats his brother.
  • Malik: Malik is her sweet, thoughtful, and quiet son, and Semini excessively dotes on him. In her eyes, he can do no wrong.

Family Tree

Nieces & Nephews: Odalis, Solomon, Lucian
Cousins: AmarantheCamellia, Viola, Coretta, Eione, Undine, Xanthia, Armando, Felipe, Azalea, Bergamot, Primrose, Marigold
Aunts & Uncles: Eloisa Amaranthe, Matisse Durante, Rosalind Amaranthe, Rainerio Puga, Petunia Amaranthe, Madura Secoya
Grandparents: Jacinto Rosales, Selena Amaranthe, Alaric Lanseer, Riley Meadows

Family Relationships

  • Thalia Amaranthe: Semini's mother is the Baroness of Onuba, and she has always prioritized her position over her family. Semini resents her mother for this. She was determined to be unlike her mother, but in the pursuit of her own ambitions began to gain more insight into Thalia's decisions. As she pieced together a more nuanced picture of reality, she found that her mother isn't entirely culpable for the inadequacies of her childhood. Still, she struggles to let go of her unresolved feelings for fear of forgiveness, both of her mother and of herself.
  • Edgar Lanseer: Semini looked up to her father from a young age. Though he was stern and straightforward, he is mainly responsible for Semini's faith in the good of people and many of her values. His death in 2015 was hard on Semini, and she internalized a lot of grief in addition to the bitterness she already felt about leaving him on such bad terms. The fact they were never resolved continues to be a source of pain for her.

6.2  Key Relationships

Lokr Revlis

  • Lokr Revlis is the Lord Commander of Salsola, but Semini knew him first as a hunter in the woods. He risked his life to save her from a rampaging wild boar, and this act inspired her affection for him as well as her conviction of his goodness, which she believes he may have lost sight of in his responsibilities to the dark kingdom of Salsola. His devotion to Salsola over a future with her, in addition to the threat of Salsolan Boss Salvia Eternity, caused Semini to end things supposedly for good. Following a series of events that forced Semini to no longer deny her feelings for him, she finally went to the cabin at the foot of Mount Oromocto where they had once arranged to meet. A stroke of luck (or as some would say, fate) brought them together there, and after confessing their love for one another, the two began a love affair in the late summer of 2016 [1] [2]. At the end of January, 2017, Semini bore Lokr two healthy sons.

Nikita Volkov

  • Nikita Volkov is the father of Semini's first litter, and was her dedicated lover and partner from summer 2015 - spring 2016. Semini met Nikita on her journey to Cour des Miracles, where they shared conversation and cigarettes by the sea. Their similar pasts, being both of ships, seas and foreign coasts, made for a quick bond and understanding between them. It was discovered in late 2015 that Semini was pregnant, and in January 2016, they had their first litter of children. With Nikita's subsequent disappearance, their relationship suffered enough to leave doubtful feelings in Semini. Sadly, their attempts at rebuilding their relationship end in failure. Following a hard breakup, Nikita returned not to his former pack, Sapient, but to his home in Sobirat'sya.

6.3  Former Pack Relations

Key Pack Relationships

  • Lucille: Lucille is greatly respected by Semini and thought of like a mentor figure. Always perceptive and practical, Lucille helped her realize she was pregnant for the first time, and the two of them have gone on several excursions together around 'Souls. Although Lucille can be a little scary or temperamental at times, and they don't always see eye to eye on certain matters, Semini has grown to cherish her relationship to the Captain. Semini is extremely loyal to Lucille and has grown to love her immensely. She would do anything for Lucille.
  • August Cormier: August, or Gus as he's known, is equally respected by Semini. Due to her history aboard a vessel comprised entirely of salty men, Semini is very comfortable with the gruff Captain and finds his gruff endearing. Semini believes fully in his virtue as a person, although she is aware he's struggled with his vices in the past. She loves him like family and wants what is best for him.
  • Milos Parhelion: Semini didn't know what to think of Milos and his pal Sorcha when they first met. Over time, she grew to respect and trust Milos immensely, and she would be the first to advocate for his abilities having seen them first hand. She believes his rise to the Quartermaster rank is proof of his capabilities and reliability, and she is content to follow his lead and trust his decisions. He is one of those people for whom she wishes only the best things!
  • Eliza Cormier: Though it can be off-putting, Semini genuinely enjoys Eliza's talkative nature and fiery wit. She is drawn to the Cormier and feels a kinship with her, especially since she's married Milos.

Minor Pack Relationships

Former Pack Relations: Beatrice Tindall, Theon Russo, Vidar
Notable NPC: Hazel, Gavin
  • Walker Dupree: Walker is trouble. Fun trouble.
  • Storm Cormier: Storm was a crush of hers that turned sour due to her own misunderstanding. Semini cares about Storm and values his friendship, but she feels like he might resent her after everything they went through. She is mostly happy that he is safe in Krokar and has a budding, if not slightly unconventional family.
  • Ciara: Semini likes Ciara quite a bit and finds her to be a mature, good-natured and happy presence in Krokar. She's confident in Ciara's defensive abilities after the issues with the Austringer Cartel in 2016 and seeing Ciara fight first hand.
  • Laevisa Arena: Semini was, like many, offput by the unusual witch-woman that her mother left behind, but Laevisa had slowly proven herself to be a good, if not strange source of guidance. With their regular tea-and-talk sessions, Semini has grown to view Laevisa as a friend.
  • Caoba Robles: Caoba was instrumental in helping Semini through motherhood for the first time. She highly values Caoba's friendship and thinks the world of the faithful dog.

6.4  Former General Relations


  • Mara Savoy: Semini met Mara while exploring Gampo Abbey and was immediately persuaded into an easy, affectionate friendship. The two share a convivial repartee and a passion for the sea and its vessels. Semini spent a portion of the summer in 2015 with Mara in CDM and considered her a friend following this venture. In early 2016, Semini discovered through a trader that Mara had left CDM and went to find her on the outskirts of Freetown. There, Semini learned of Mara's pregnancy, and though hurt by Mara's disappearance, came to an understanding with her about their relationship.
  • Violeta Rose Soul: Semini was cared for by Violeta following a fight with Rafael in the summer of 2015. She trusts Violeta for saving her life and has sworn to fulfill one request of any nature for her. She also just likes Violeta because who doesn't?
  • Silvano Sadira: Silvano is the King of Cour des Miracles. Silvano and Semini landed themselves into a peculiar friendship when mutual friend Mara Savoy left their lives abruptly. During the Casa di Cavalieri Summit in 2016, Semini confronted Silvano about Mara's pregnancy and both came to realize Silvano was the father, leading Semini to understand the romantic (albeit adulterous) circumstances surrounding Mara's departure. Following a visit to Krokar, Silvano became something of a confidante to Semini. Also, they kissed once, but their cooties just didn't match up.
  • Linden Aatte: Semini has admired Linden since she first met him, believing him to be equal parts cool, mysterious, and insightful. His interest in sailing is a source of extreme and unreasonable excitement to her. She values his opinion because she just like, trusts him, ya know? She is vaguely aware of his friendship with Mara, but otherwise has no idea how he is perceived by other Courtiers.

Neutral Relations

  • Constantine von Troy: Once a big crush of Semini's and then a crusher of her girly fantasy, Semini has come to terms with Constantine's everything and accepts him as a friend. She doesn't mind his company but will likely be mean to him every once and a while. She really doesn't understand the relationship between Nivosus and Constantine, but she's trying her best.
  • Rafael Salcedo: Although they fought, Semini and Rafael managed to overcome their differences by saving each other. They reconnected over their family alliance. Semini trusts and respects him, but wouldn't choose to spend time with him.
  • Naenia Ortega: Us Onubans got to stick together, don't we?
  • Marlowe de le Poer: Semini met Marlowe on her journey to CdM in 2015. He warned her about Lokr and Salsola while she in turn told him about her run in with Salvia, and in a random act of pity, he gave her a lucky charm which she still wears. In 2016, Semini learned that Marlowe had some involvement with Pascal's disappearance and the sociopath who did it, about the war ending badly between IF and CDM, and a lot of dirt on Lokr, all of which left Semini feeling conflicted about wanting to help Marlowe. She hasn't seen him since he left KR in early 2016, and doesn't know if she wants to again.
  • Nivosus Moineau: Semini had a fling with Nivosus to get closer to Constantine von Troy, until it was revealed to her that Niv and Con were actually more interested in each other. The embarrassment of the whole affair made her vindictive and spiteful of the two for a while, until she got over her insecurities and grew up a little. After the Red Star in 2016, and discovering Niv and Con's breakup, Semini made amends with Niv, and now the two are something like a dysfunctional brother and sister. She thinks he's a jerk on the outside, tiny squishy baby on the inside.

Negative Relations

  • Salvia Eternity: After a meeting in the Miramichi went sour, Semini determined that Salsola was a terrible place ruled by a terrible Queen. She hates Salvia and sees her as a "weed" that needs to be culled from the garden. The encounter with Salvia directly motivated Semini to amass allies and power in Nova Scotia for Krokar.
  • Izual Massacre: Izual is a frightening nightmare of a creature that Semini encountered in the Miramichi one night. She believes to have successfully drowned him, and keeps this a close secret due to the relative trauma of the whole experience.
  • Basilio Lykoi: Semini hunted down Basilio after discovering he had attacked her packmate, Taseko. She used her entire wild boar family to gang up on him, and eventually chased him back to Inferni with Velazquez. She warned him that if he ever came near Krokar, she'd kill him.
  • Ciellen Loreath: He patched her up after her shipwreck in the summer of 2014 and then she, in her vulnerable naivety, persuaded him to sleep with her. She resents him for freaking out and expressing his regret afterwards, which from her perspective was unwarranted and cruel. She gave Ciel the cold shoulder for a long time, and Ciel didn't push it until he made the decision during the 2016 Sapient-Krokar bonfire to call her aside. It ended in an argument, of course.

7.  Skills and Inventory

Language & Literacy

  • Education and Learning: Semini was raised in Onuba, where the inhabitants are fluent in three languages. As a noble daughter, she was taught basic literacy from a young age.

Hunting & Combat

  • Education and Learning: Semini was taught most of her practical skills by sailors and her father's crew. Regarding hunting, much of her knowledge pertains to gathering food from the ocean and storing it for long journeys at sea.
  • Fluent: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Reading (Journeyman): She is better at reading Spanish and Portuguese, and is a little slow at English. She doesn't particularly enjoy this activity, though mostly because she learned to read by old historical texts. She has never read a novel and doesn't know that such books exist.
  • Writing (Journeyman): Semini learned to write the same time she learned to read. She used to write letters to her sister regularly when they were separated, and so has had a decent amount of practice. Her handwriting is legible, but Semini tends to write crooked, like the whole block of text curves up towards the right-hand corner of the page.
  • Cast Netting (Master): Semini learned to fish from sailors in Onuba before she began accompanying her father at sea. She continued to practice during her time in Nova Scotia.
  • Trapping (Journeyman): While living in Krokar, Semini's primary method of hunting was via traps. Her weak sense of smell did not lend itself to hunting naturally or with weapons.
  • Preservation & Prep (Journeyman): Semini is relatively skilled with preparing and preserving fish and other meats, and especially polished this ability during her time in Krokar.
  • Hand to Hand (Journeyman): Semini fights like a sailor. She's been in enough fights to know how to really pack a punch (or an elbow, or a headbutt), and a bunch of sneaky street-smart tricks to add some spice. As far as strengths go, she has her natural athleticism and those upper body muscles going for her, but she doesn't like to be evasive and dodge blows. She prefers to bring opponents into her space and beat them with her smashy fists. She has a formidable grapple and chokehold. This technique usually means she'll get cut and bruised up pretty quick.
  • Weapon - Sling (Journeyman): Although she picked up the weapon in the beginning of 2015, Semini gained a lot of practice with it on her hunts. She is currently training to use it from horseback. The sling is her preferred long-range weapon, but if she doesn't have it, Sem also has a very good pitch with rocks anyway, hence her transition to the sling in the first place.


  • Education and Learning: Semini developed her skills in carpentry and woodworking mostly over the course of her time in Krokar. She learned under Gavin, and repaired many structures and boats while she was there.


  • Education and Learning: Semini apprenticed with her father from the age of 6 months, and stayed with him for another 12 months until she left his crew.
  • Boat Repair (Journeyman): During her apprenticeship on her father's boat, Semini learned to help fix a wide variety of inevitable issues that cropped up while out at sea.
  • Carpentry (Journeyman): Her interest in boats translated easily to woodworking when she sought to make herself useful in Krokar. Under Gavin's tutelage, Semini learned about the tools and techniques of carpentry, and gained years of experience repairing the places around Krokar.
  • Harvesting Material (Journeyman): Semini is very familiar with different types of wood and their applicability around Nova Scotia.
  • Resin Varnish Creation (Apprentice): Semini and Gavin developed a technique to create a resin varnish to help preserve the wood they use in Krokar.
  • Sailing (Master): Her familiarity with vessels of all types and their operation stems from years of experience. She is extremely comfortable working a boat, and though there is still much to learn, she is a very competent sailor.
  • Knots (Master): Semini spent a good portion of her summer learning how to tie knots and weave nets and do all types of rope-work before she started sailing. She also had a lot of practice while on board, and continued to utilize these skills once she joined Krokar.
  • Swimming (Master): Semini has been swimming her whole life, starting of course with a doggie paddle. Since her shift, she learned a variety of strokes and techniques which were refined with help from local swimmers. She has great skill in free diving, and used to help repair boats in port when she wasn't on her father's ship, since many sailors could not swim themselves and were unable to access these hard to reach areas. The longest she's held her breath underwater was 3 minutes.
  • Navigation (Journeyman): Semini was trained to use both a sextant and celestial navigation. Her training was near complete by the time her teacher, Cibran, perished during the journey to Freetown. She has not practiced since arriving in 'Souls, having no real means to, but she is eager to resume her education.

8.  History

Semini was born with her sister Akantha to the Baroness of Onuba, Thalia Amaranthe, and Captain Edgar Lanseer on a cold November night out at sea. She was raised on the Amaranthe estate and trained in all court affairs and etiquette until she displayed a greater interest and skill in seamanship. She entered an apprenticeship with her father soon after, forgoing her claim as Thalia's firstborn to be the heiress of the Amaranthe family. She then sailed with the Saltwater Storm on trading voyages throughout the Mediterranean, and began to learn navigation via sextant by her father's first mate, Cibran. Driven to prove herself, she excelled in her training and became a respected part of the crew despite her gender and youth.

The Saltwater Storm made its second run to Freetown in the summer of 2014, where disagreements with the crew and her father led Semini to separate from them by stealing her father's dinghy. She wrecked this boat in a storm off the coast of Nova Scotia, and in August she became a member of the pack, Krokar. Due to her determination to prove her worth, she quickly rose to the rank of Magnate of Production. Following her journey to Cour des Miracles, where she spent the summer refurbishing a ship for them, she was promoted to Navigator.

On January 1st, 2016, Semini gave birth to Tiamat and Lotan, fathered by Sapien Nikita Volkov. Semini's relationship to her daughter became strained following her breakup with Nikita, and ultimately it deteriorated completely upon Tiamat's discovery of Semini's love affair with the Lord Commander of Salsola, Lokr Revlis. At the end of 2016, Tiamat fled Krokar with her godmother, Laevisa Arena in search of her absent father, and Lotan soon followed his sister.

Not long after, Semini gave birth to her second litter. On January 25th, 2017, Semini bore two sons, Calrian and Malik, sired by Lokr Revlis. They raised them together in a small cabin hidden in Mount Oromocto, and when the sons were old enough they were brought to Krokar. For a time that was all too brief, they were a happy family.

The end of the year brought about new opportunities. Semini was summoned to Portland and given her father's boat by her mother, and informed of the whereabouts of her missing children. This, in addition to the Inferni-Salsola War, pushed Semini to make a decision for her future, and she asked Lokr to abandon his pack and join her at sea. He agreed, since he was exiled and honestly had nothing better to do. Their children, now adults, made the decision to stay in their homeland and bid their parents safe travels.




  1. Driftwood (08 AUG 2014)
    Gaspesia, with Theon Russo. Semini is trying to hunt and is interrupted. She and Theon get off to a bad start, but overcome their differences by discussing magical reindeer.
  2. Summer Sessions (09 AUG 2014)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Lucille. Traveling further into Nova Scotia, Semini is fishing with her cast net when Lucille comes upon her. She invites her to join Krokar, which a tired Semini accepts.
  3. A Better Daughter (19 AUG 2014)
    Krokar (Black Lake), with Artemis Nightclaw. Semini is new and just warming to Krokar. She meets Artemis by Black Lake and has a good impression of her. They agree to teach each other their respective fishing techniques.
  4. If you only listen with your ears, I can't get in (26 AUG 2014)
    Miramichi Valley, with Milos Parhelion. Semini's trap succeeds in trapping Milos and Sorcha's goat, Amara. They have a brief confrontation over it, but after some talking, Semini concedes to the situation and invites them to come by Krokar.
  5. river wide, ocean deep (31 AUG 2014)
    Miramichi Valley, with Eleonora Pereira di Bordeaux. Semini's cast net is broken when it captures an artist instead of fish. Despite negative feelings, Semini gives Nora fish for accidentally ripping her drawing and breaking her glasses, and the artist insists on a portrait.


  1. dentists and the dark (02 SEPT 2014)
    Miramichi Valley, with Gethsemane Aika. Semini is late coming back to Krokar and decides to spend the night in the woods. A young girl, Nina, joins her camp, much to Semini's dismay.
  2. river run (07 SEPT 2014)
    Miramichi Valley, with Inara Naira. A sheep escapes from Krokar and Semini goes after it. With Inara's help, they manage to restore order.
  3. it's a river where the children go (09 SEPT 2014)
    Krokar (Black Lake), with Octavius Poer de Angelo. Semini tries to help Octavius get into a canoe. Shenanigans ensue. Catskill laughs at them.
  4. goldilocks and the three bears (10 SEPT 2014)
    Mount Oromocto, with Constantine von Troy. Semini decides to go to Bathurst to get more rope to repair her broken cast net. She runs into Constantine and his bear children on the way.
  5. Read Only: it's never over; it's over too soon (11 SEPT 2014)
    Bathurst, with Akantha (NPC). While searching for rope, Semini is found by Akantha and cornered in a house. The sisters reunite. Semini leaves and is determined to never to go back to Bathurst.
  6. Read Only: if you can't hold on, hold on (13 SEPT 2014)
    Gaspesia. On her way back to Krokar, Semini ponders her relationship with her sister.
  7. ghost in my sail (18 SEPT 2014)
    Fiskebyn (Sister Lake), with Theon Russo and Milos Parhelion. Semini finds a dying fire by Sister Lake and revives it, then is soon joined by Milos and Theon. Theon is so wasted. Mort is there!
  8. Searching the Ruins (19 SEPT 2014)
    Krokar (Ruins of Tog), with Lucille, Octavius Poer de Angelo. Lucille invites Semini and Octavius to explore the Ruins of Tog with her. They find an old church, where Lucille and Semini get into a bit of trouble. Octavius saves the day!
  9. paint or pollen (21 SEPT 2014)
    Krokar (Riverbend Orchards), with Lucille, Octavius Poer de Angelo. With Hazel's prompting, Semini leads Lucille and Octavius to an overgrown Apple Orchard and Pumpkin patch. Fun times are afoot, dear reader.
  10. vice rag (22 SEPT 2014)
    The Outpost, with Nivosus Moineau and Hazel. Semini and Hazel hit up the Mullens bar after a day at the Outpost. There, Hazel gets drunk and finds new friends, Semini is left to her own devices. She decides to strike up a conversation with an interesting wallflower.
  11. drifting away, wave after wave (23 SEPT 2014)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Icarus de le Poer. Semini is fishing with her newly repaired net when she hears commotion downstream. She goes to investigate and meets Icarus and his friend Aleksi.
  12. Then with the Sun came Realization (24 SEPT 2014)
    Halcyon Mountain, with Maciel Lopez. Feeling very restless, Semini wanders far from Krokar and encounters a non-Luperci.
  13. this is all going to end (25 SEPT 2014)
    Halcyon Mountain (Gampo Abbey), with Mara Savoy. Semini climbs up to Gampo Abbey and meets the sexy Mara Savoy.


  1. New Venture (03 OCT 2014)
    Amherst, with Lucille, Tyris Kurosoul. Lucille and Semini go to Amherst to explore.
  2. something sweet and something strong (7 OCT 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Storm Cormier. Semini and Storm carve pumpkins and things get suuuper awkward lol.
  3. can't deny the beast inside (14 OCT 2014)
    Krokar, with Faolan Kido, Taro Kurosoul, Lucille. Taro drags an injured Faolan to Krokar borders and Semini finds them first. She calls Lucille and they get him into packlands right quick.
  4. Bonding (20 OCT 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Lucille. Semini seeks advice from Lucille about things like *feelings* n'stuff.
  5. it sinks deeper in (21 OCT 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Storm Cormier. After talking with Lucille, Semini goes after Storm who has been avoiding her. She nearly drowns. A lot of teeth gnashing and hair twisting later, the two somehow find some common ground and reach out to each other.
  6. crossfire (23 OCT 2014)
    Gaspesia, with Nivosus Moineau. Semini doesn't know what to do about all these feelings so she goes out looking for Constantine and finds Nivosus instead. Ew. They flirt or whatever. Gross.
  7. Read Only: old salt (30 OCT 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Claude. Semini is fishing and Claude comes over to harass/teach her about cast netting.


  1. Trading a Cross for the Crown (15 NOV 2014)
    The Outpost, with Lucille and Eliza Cormier. Lucille, Semini and Eliza all head to the Outpost to trade for winter stuff.
  2. Into the Woods, Onto the Roof, and through the House I Go! (17 NOV 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Vidar. New member Vidar falls through his roof and Semini finds him. They patch up his roof!
  3. used to be one of the rotten ones (18 NOV 2014)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Lokr Revlis. Semini encounters the thistle prince and his steed in the forest.
  4. it comes around (19 NOV 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Faolan Kido. Semini has been helping Pepper take care of wounded Faolan. He doesn't remember anything!


  1. but it is one way to live (15 Dec 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Akantha. Semini allows Akantha to visit. She delivers a new sheepskin dress, wool pants, and a bundle of letters from her parents.
  2. beneath the winter snow (16 DEC 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Vidar. Semini is in heat so Gavin gives her an easy task - make holiday wreaths! Vidar comes across her and they talk.
  3. wide awake (18 DEC 2014)
    Fiskebyn, with Storm Cormier. Semini is still having one of those feeling things. And then it gets TOO COMPLICATED AGAIN.
  4. battle born (20 DEC 2014)
    Miramichi Valley, with Cahan Leath-Rana. Semini meets Cahan and they hide from a moose. Kooky kids.

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  1. I get Ideas (06 Jan 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Theon Russo. Semini struggles with ice-fishing so Theon shows her how! She's all like "ShuDUP THEON gosh" in an angry teenager voice and Theon's all like "Haha you don't know how to ice fish" because they are cute and dumb. She still likes him, despite their odd relationship.
  2. You were the last good thing about this part of town (12 Jan 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Constantine von Troy. Semini's crush comes to visit, and he's dashing as always. Shoulda named him Dashing von Troy, amirite?!
  3. When you've got the evil eye and unconsciously growl (13 Jan 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Lucille and Octavius Poer de Angelo. Atalanta brings a wounded Octy back to Fiskebyn! Oh no!! Why is he hurt? Semini and Lucille help him, poor ole Octy. 8(
  4. Party Until the Sun Comes Up (17 Jan 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar. Everybody parties, Iroquois and Hazel spike Sem's drink so she gets tipsy and harasses Milos and Vidar. Poor, poor Vidar.
  5. I was following the I was following the (18 Jan 2015)
    Krokar (Asters Fields), with Milos Parhelion and Hazel. JAILBREAK! Semini and Milos and Hazel try to fix the fence and round up all the loose animals. Crazy lil critters.
  6. We are Scared to Dream of God (21 Jan 2015)
    Miramichi Valley, with Lokr Revlis. Lokr saves Semini from a rampaging wild boar. They have a moment, and then suddenly boar babies!? Look at what you did Lokr. You gave Semini boar babs. This is definitely how babby is formed.
  7. dear fellow traveler (28 Jan 2015)
    Saint John, RO. Semini and beblets (boars) go to the coast to gather sea glass. A scraggly escaped slave coyote tries to manhandle Semini for the boars, and Semini clumsily subdues him. She ends up feeding him fish and they talk about slavery and she forces him to promise that he's not going to try and enslave himself again. Duuuumb.
  8. underneath the atlantic (30 Jan 2015)
    Fiskebyn, RO. Semini learns about motherhood while trying to overcome the trauma of the whole boar incident. She makes a sea-glass necklace!
  9. no one is alone (31 Jan 2015)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Akantha. Uh oh. Akantha brings bad news to Semini. 8( Major frownies.


  1. firestone (06 FEB 2015)
    Miramichi Valley, with Mara Savoy. Look at these goons slip-n-slidin' around
  2. Tonight, We Feast! (11 FEB 2015)
    Krokar, with Krokar. Krokar Festivities! Hurray for Theon! Gonna kill him for those trophies. Pack thread.
  3. elastic heart (16 FEB 2015)
    Miramichi Valley, with Dion Akreon. Semini has more of these...FEELINGS, but it's about her dad! That bastard! Poor Dion has to deal with it. And then Sem storms away like her angry young-adult self.
  4. If only the good ones die young (21 FEB 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with the piglets. Semini receives a letter from Storm, explaining his feelings to her. Still coping with the news of her father's death and raising a growing troupe of piglets, she is unable to find true forgiveness for Storm. She decides to remain friends with him, but can't reciprocate his feelings.
  5. dig a little deeper (24 FEB 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with August Cormier. Semini and boar babies go to the fields, and find Gus digging. He gives her the great idea to train the boars to scavenge because um, their noses. Duh, Semini. Duh.
  6. some of us are wild ones (26 FEB 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Ciara. Iroquois teaches Sem how to use a sling, and Ciara almost gets wailed by Sem's horrible shots.


  1. They say I only think in the form of crunching numbers (03 MAR 2015)
    The Outpost, with Nivosus Moineau and Constantine von Troy. Sem sees Constantine von Troy kissing Niv, UNDER A TREE NO LESS. She gets mad because she feels like they were just playing with her feelins, of which she has too many.
  2. Swift as Rolling Thunder (05 MAR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar. Lucille, Storm, Sem and newbie Sortio have to round up the horses and cow! Pack thread.
  3. I'll Keep Running to Where I Belong (06 MAR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Milos Parhelion and Beatrice Tindall. Sem is chasing a canoe...and finds Milos, who has found her long lost ship-mate, Beatrice, aka Bee!
  4. Feline Rescue Squad Beta (08 MAR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar. Everyone has to round up the kitties in the barn! Pack thread.
  5. Mirror, Mirror (24 MAR 2015)
    Wabanaki Coast, with Kado Soleil. Sem finds Kado in the woods, and she gives him a haircut and a story.
  6. cataracts (31 MAR 2015)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Jehan de l'Or. Semini runs into Jehan! He eats her dead squirrel and has a ghost.


  1. el cielo es azul (01 APR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Aindrea Donovan. Semini asks Aindrea if he can make her a dagger for her crystal hilt. He can, for a price! The price is watching his children. Sigh.
  2. It's a beautiful day (02 APR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Nvda Eclipse. Semini shows new girl Nvda around, and teaches her how to fish!
  3. drink for what you can and can't stand for (06 APR 2015)
    The Outpost, with Theon Russo. Semini and Theon hit up the Mullens bar after a day at the Outpost. Semini gloats over her great trades, and Theon sulks. Then some douche-canoes break up the fun and well...nobody talks to Theon that way! Only Sem can talk to Theon that way! Bar fight!!!
  4. smoke gets in your eyes (11 APR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Lucille. Semini smokes fish with Iroquois. Lucille comes along to chat, and well, Semini still is sad about her dad and Storm and stuff.
  5. what's it like to be damned (23 APR 2015)
    Mount Oromocto, with Constantine von Troy. Semini finds Constantine out in the mountains, being dirty and gross. Ew. Yet, she offers to help him find his bear-children. They reconcile and slow dance. Ugh these two.
  6. I'll use you as a warning sign (APR 2015)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Lokr Revlis. Lokr comes to find Semini. She finds him, and he tells her that they are wrong for each other and can't be with each other, and Semini's like nah bruh you're wrong. But then she's like, go away and come back when you're ready. But she's really sad about it and changes her mind by the end. Oh and she gives him her necklace, which apparently, HE PROMPTLY LOSES LOL.
  7. lonesome fuel for fire (APR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Dominic Hunt. Semini bad mouths Akantha to Dominic Hunt because WHO NEEDS LOVE ANYWAY.
  8. one less bell to answer (APR 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Akantha. Akantha came to visit! They bitch at each other, TYPICAL SIBS.


  1. lion's jaws (01 MAY 2015)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Salvia Eternity. Semini and Salvia meet and SPARKS FLY. The bad kind of sparks. The sparks that cause forest fires. They are irresponsible ADULLLLTTTSSS
  2. when the devil's loose (01 MAY 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Lucille. Sem has a meltdown. THANKS SALVIA. But thanks Lucille!
  3. we all got things to hide (19 MAY 2015)
    Halcyon Mountain, with Marlowe de le Poer. Sem runs into Marlowe! Woops she tells him stuff lol typical loudmouth sem. Marlowe badmouths Lokr and Sem's like NAH LOL HE LIKES ME YOU'LL SEE. oh. sem. Marlowe felt so bad he gave her a funky doodad.
  4. without saying anything (21 MAY 2015)
    Drifter Bay, with Lokr Revlis. SEM AND LOKR BREAK UP AMGAH. Sem's all like IT'S ME OR THE THRONE and Lokr's like lol throne. PFFFT u gon be sry *zippysnappyfingers*
  5. she broke your throne and she cut your hair (24 MAY 2015)
    Halcyon Mountain (Gampo Abbey), with Velazquez?. Sem gets sick and CUTS HER HAIR. THANKS LOKR.


  1. the sons and daughters of hungry ghosts (05 JUNE 2015)
    Arisaig Shoal, with Rafael Salcedo. A self thread!! Rafael tries to kill and eat Velazquez, and Semini fights him for it! They bruise each other up and then Rafael rides their sorry asses to the only person he knows.
  2. smoking from shooting (06 JUNE 2015)
    Drifter Bay, with Rafael Salcedo and Violeta Rose Soul. Sem is NPC'd in this thread. Violeta helps to patch up a broken Sem, and Rafael grouses and grumbles and is emotionally constipated.
  3. summer left us beckoning (10 JUNE 2015)
    Drifter Bay, with Rafael Salcedo and Violeta Rose Soul. Rafe gets infected and Sem plots with Violeta to keep him alive. She tells Violeta her history with Salsola, and despite this, Violeta chooses to help her and Rafael. Sem offers Violeta a trade, of anything, because she dramatic like that. IT WAS A VERY DRAMATIC THREAD.
  4. if not for second chances, we'd all be alone (15 JUNE 2015)
    Shattered Coast, with Nikita Volkov. Sem runs into Nikita. She smokes for the first time, and has a GOOD OLE CONVERSATION. Cute alert, this thread.
  5. bolder than darkness, these waters will pull you up (17 JUNE 2015)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Kyler Cherish. Sem finds Kyler crying about her net, and she comes in to teach her how to use it! FRAANDS
  6. rivers and roads (18 JUNE 2015)
    Cour des Miracles, with Mara Savoy, Silvano Sadira. CUTIE ALERT! Sem finally makes it to CDM and MARA REUNION! Silvano comes in all like *snape voice* 'n who do we have here miss savoy. Ok Snapevano.
  7. shoulder to shoulder (19 JUNE 2015)
    Shattered Coast (The Training Grounds), with Linden Aatte. Sem inspects a fighting dummy, and Linden's like "do u even lift bro"


  1. we hang side by side (06 JULY 2015)
    Halifax, with Nikita Volkov. Sem's off getting supplies from Halifax and gets caught in a net! But lo, dear reader, Nikita aka the Iron Kraken, bursts onto the scene like a majestic Poseidon, riding the backs of dolphins and heralded by a chorus of putti. He releases her from captivity and returns her selkie skin OhOHOHOHOOHO.
  2. the end has no end (14 JULY 2015)
    Shattered Coast (Chien Hotel), with Silvano Sadira. Semini looks for Silvano to talk about boring pack stuff but also HEY COME LOOKIT THE BOAAT!
  3. she hid around corners (17 JULY 2015)
    Shattered Coast (Chien Hotel), with Calanthia Lucetta Faire. Sem was up late studying in the library like a lil squirt and fell asleep, only to be woken up by someone READING?! IN THE LIBRARY??? Calanthia is a cutie.
  4. oxidation is the compromise you own (23 JULY 2015)
    Shattered Coast (Cave of Lascaux), with Mara Savoy. The near dead Mara languishes in a cave, and Sem waltzes in like "Oh diddlio neighboroonie how's about at that cigarette aiiEYY" It is a blessing, their friendship.
  5. some unholy war (25 JULY 2015)
    Shattered Coast (Lunenberg), with Akantha. After building the boat in ONE POST LOL (it's supposed to be more of a recap of what went on that month, y'see, rudy), Akantha finds Sem. Sem, probably high off of finishing the boat, wants to reconcile with her sister. Akantha then tells her what happens with the ARTIST DUN DUN DUN.
  6. I'm wide awake, it's morning (28 JULY 2015)
    Halcyon Mountain (Pictou River Waterfall), with Lokr Revlis. Sem is leaving back to Krokar, and after a fitful night of sleep, goes to bask in a waterfall. Who else does she run into but thIS BOY?? Unexpectedly, she is very affectionate, because she misses him and still loves him and doesn't want to "face the day" just yet.


  1. to be the mistake you can't live without (01 AUG 2015)
    Government Estate, with literally everyone. Semini arrives back north in time to attend Sapient's masquerade! She is dressed up by Akantha and gets to stand there, feeling awkward and out of place.
  2. a kiss to build a dream on (01 AUG 2015)
    Government Estate, with Nikita Volkov. Nikita and Sem share a cute dance together! The night is off to a good start!
  3. a dream is a wish your heart makes (01 AUG 2015)
    Government Estate, with Akantha. After dancing with Nik, Sem shares a dance with her sister. They are in good spirits! Ciellen comes in for a dance with the golden girl, too.
  4. this is our last chance (01 AUG 2015)
    Government Estate, with Nivosus Moineau. Sem finds the Sagax, resident wallflower, wallflowering. Night is becoming less ok.
  5. Eventually, Eventually (01 AUG 2015)
    Government Estate, with Lokr Revlis and later, Nikita Volkov. Lokr, fresh off of the Akantha train, spots Sem glaring at them like a creep and follows her into an alcove at the top of the stairs. Sem is like no touch i love u but i hate u and Lokr is like wai and Sem is like i aM FuLL of EMOTIONS and Nik comes in like stoP u GUIYS. I write the most accurate thread descriptions.
  6. There's times I would have died for you (01 AUG 2015)
  7. A Celebration of Achievements (03 AUG 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar. Krokar has a celebration to kick off the sink or swim contest, but also to honor Semini for her promotion! Aww that was super cute you guys! She is exhausted from her journey but happy to be home!
  8. take me back to the morning (03 AUG 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Chien Dupont. Semini goes fishing with Chien.
  9. we can be timeless (25 AUG 2015)
    Bathurst, with Nikita Volkov. Semini goes to apologize to Nikita for what happened at the Ball, and other things ensue. GET IT GURL.


  1. back home (02 SEPT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Storm Cormier, Gypsy Chanterelle, Aindrea Donovan, Eliza Cormier. Storm returns from his Dad-fight all wounded, and Semini runs in real quick, is useless, and runs out to get him a splint.
  2. sea and the rock below (09 SEPT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Taseko. Kaja breaks the fence and Semini and Taseko chat and fix it.
  3. both shall row, my love and I (15 SEPT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Ciara, Aindrea Donovan, Krokar. Krokar's first mateship ceremony!
  4. i hear you met a sailor (23 SEPT 2015)
    Bathurst, with Nikita Volkov. Semini and Nikita go sailing and are just cute as apple pie.


  1. it's the winds of change that move us forward (03 OCT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Leela Amarok, Ciara. Semini accepts Leela'vana into the pack.
  2. (m) gonna give it to ya (04 OCT 2015)
    Drifter Bay, with Basilio Lykoi. After an attack on Taseko, Semini hunts down Basilio to intimidate and hurt him.
  3. in the gentle light as the morning rears (12 OCT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Pascal Sadira. Pascal turns up in Krokar and Semini has a small talk with him.
  4. your bones (16 OCT 2015)
    Bathurst, with Nikita Volkov. Semini finds Nikita sending off a lantern into the morning.
  5. sister sister (OCT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Akantha. Akantha comes to visit where they chat and drink.
  6. you will lift his body from the shore and bring him home (24 OCT 2015)
    Shattered Coast CDM PACKLANDS, with Akantha, Pascal Sadira. Akantha and Semini bring Pascal back to CDM.
  7. time to step outside you (28 OCT 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Taseko, Ciara, Gus, Lilith Fairbreeze. Semini questions Taseko's depot.


  1. the sharpest crystal cuts like salt (10 NOV 2015)
    Amherst, with Ondine Heiwa. Semini runs into Ondine, literally.
  2. it's dangerous to speak and sigh (NOV 11 2015)
    Mount Oromocto with Lokr Revlis. Velazquez gets stuck in a trap and Semini has to get him out. Lokr comes to help and they kind of are friends again. Then Velazquez runs away WOW.
  3. big yellow eyes (12 NOV 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Conan. Semini sees Conan fiddling with something and has a chat.
  4. turned to instinct and obedience to god (14 NOV 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Nate Snow. Semini is enjoying an autumn day in the orchard, picking apples and is joined by the greenhorn Nate Snow.
  5. so tongue-in-cheek with stale irony (16 NOV 2015)
    Mount Oromocto, with Zdravka Molotova. Semini runs into a woman, who is unbeknownst to her Nikita's sister.
  6. bury them with my name (21 NOV 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Eliza Cormier. Semini seeks out Eliza to chat about Taseko's depot, and other things too!


  1. restless (04 DEC 2015)
    Fiskebyn with Lucille. Lucille helps Semini realize she's pregnant. D'oh!
  2. loose ends will make knots (11 DEC 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with Nikita Volkov. Nikita comes to find Semini, who has been avoiding him for a few weeks. He discovers her pregnancy and that she had been worried about him leaving her because of it. They reaffirm their relationship.
  3. dreams of white (19 DEC 2015)
    Fiskebyn, with . Semini, huge and pregnant, is trying to fix her house. Miwa comes to help! Winter Wonderland thread prompt!
  4. white winter hymnal (DEC 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Milos Parhelion, Tandy McClain, Pepper, Eliza Cormier. Milos, Eliza, Tandy and Semini get up to no good! They start a snowball fight and accidentally get yelled at by Pepper :)

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  1. Read Only: the only moment we are alone (01 JAN 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed with Thalia Amaranthe, Laevisa Arena. Semini gives birth to her children, Tiamat and Lotan.
  2. hope that something pure can last (01 JAN 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Thalia Amaranthe, Akantha, Laevisa Arena. Akantha comes and reveals her own pregnancy. Thalia informs them that she's acquired the Saltwater Storm, and leaves them with Laevisa Arena, Scarlett Arena, Caoba Robles and Camellia Amaranthe.
  3. hello world (14 JAN 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Lucille, Gus, Eliza, Ciara. Lucille, Gus, Sem, Eliza bring their pups together for the rest of the pack to meet.
  4. struggle all you like, put up a good fight (15 JAN 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Marlowe de le Poer, Pazuzu Lykoi. Semini runs into Marlowe and Pazuzu in the Miramichi. She invites them to come stay in Krokar for a week, since they look awful. Just. Awful.
  5. [m] yeah everybody wear the mask (18 JAN 2016)
    Krokar, with Marlowe de le Poer, Pazuzu Lykoi. Laevisa Arena has been spying on Marlowe because she doesn't believe that they are "refugees" like Semini says. She tells Sem what she overhears, and Sem goes to see for herself what the truth is with Marlowe. Some things come out, and they aren't pretty! Marlowe and co. leave early.
  6. Togetherness (31 JAN 2016)
    Bathurst, with Krokar, Sapient. Krokar and Sapient have a bonfire on Sapient's beach to celebrate their alliance!
  7. Read Only: we end where we begin (31 JAN 2016)
    Bathurst, with Ciellen Loreath. Semini and Ciellen finally acknowledge each other again. Ciellen expresses his intentions to leave, which strikes a chord with Semini who is already suffering from Nikita's mysterious absence. She lashes at Ciellen, which causes the hermetic healer to reconsider his choices.


  1. there's a natural way of healing (06 FEB 2016)
    Krokar (Black Lake), with Gus. A depressed Semini is pushed out of the house by Caoba Robles. She goes ice fishing and Gus comes to join her!
  2. with the lights out it's a little less dangerous (07 FEB 2016)
    Bathurst, with Nikita Volkov. Semini, on a visit to Akantha, goes to Nikita's empty house and sulks around. Nikita turns up! And it turns out he's been marooned on an island! Semini, however, is so incredibly hurt by his absence that she refuses to be reasonable and takes it out on poor Nikita. She then leaves him in the house to think about what he did, though she gives him a little slack by telling him to clean up his act and be there for his kids.
  3. que sera sera (07 FEB 2016)
    Government Estate, with Akantha. After her fight with Nikita, Semini goes and finds Akantha in Ciellen's study. She snuggles up with her sister and they talk about home.
  4. coils of the viper (26 FEB 2016)
    Mount Oromocto, with Osrath Eternity. Semini has to take a path through the mountains to get home from Sapient. She almost encounters Osrath Eternity.
  5. blind faith, God's grace, nothing else left to impart (28 FEB 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Nikita Volkov. Semini and children go out to the boats. Nikita comes to visit! Nik and Sem awkwardly patch things up.


  1. it was just a glimpse of you (09 MAR 2016)
    Bathurst, with Sybil Moineau. Semini comes to SP when she hears about Diarmid's death, and brings some leather clothes that Laevisa made for the bereaved children. She goes to the ocean to think about everything, and meets Sybil.
  2. [M] welcome to the horror (17 MAR 2016)
    Krokar (Borders), with Marcella Fauks, Lucille, Gus, Ciara. Marcella and co. make demands for Milos and Sorcha in exchange for Peony. Pfft, as if!
  3. Knowledge is Power (18 MAR 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar. A pack meeting is called to disseminate information about their assailants and what they're after. Those good for nothing...!
  4. if we burn, you burn with us (20 MAR 2016)
    Krokar, with Ciara. Bastian and Adelaide of the Cartel come to set fire to the barn! Semini and Ciara are on them faster than a hotcake! Some magical appearances by Ciara's axe and lovely boar ladies, Kaja?, Verda?, and Kaimana?.
  5. (NPC) counting all the suns and all the moons (28 MAR 2016)
    Saint John, with Rafael Salcedo. Semini runs into Rafael while she's getting supplies from the old KR Outpost stall. Rafael is mislead to believe that Semini herself is in possession of a ship that will run to Onuba, and gives her a letter to deliver to his brother, Salvador Salcedo?. Semini, displeased that Rafael has started to think of himself no longer as an Onuban (and afraid he might be becoming too Salsolan...), agrees to deliver his letter but at one request...
  6. laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night (29 MAR 2016)
    Amherst, with Akantha, Naenia Ortega, Caoba Robles, Camellia Amaranthe. Semini, Akantha, Caoba and Naenia arrange to have a little Onuban Ladies Night to celebrate Naenia's pregnancy, and just because they all really need it. They party in a small estate off of Amherst. SURPRISE APPEARANCES BY:


  1. blood of the moon on us all (01 APR 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Caoba Robles, Pepper. After a nice evening, the red star falls and KABOOOM! DESTRUCTION! Semini's cabin roof caves in, though luckily Tiamat and Lotan are given to Caoba before they can get hurt. Unfortunately, Semini wasn't able to get out quick enough herself...
  2. she was once like me (12 APR 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Laevisa Arena. Laevisa tends to Semini in her recovery. They talk about her dead father and the nature of perception and reality. Laevisa begins to feel a kinship with Semini, and Semini begins to realize that there is more to the Arena woman than her oddities.
  3. Rebuild (17 APR 2016)
    Krokar (Piren), with Eliza Cormier. Semini is still recovering and feeling odd about everything. Gavin tells her to go help Eliza make a new canoe for Krokar, and the two girls reconnect.
  4. we should run like rivers (25 APR 2016)
    River of Fire, with Ailie Morgan, Tiamat, Lotan. Semini and children are digging for grubs by the river, when the children start bickering! Ailie comes in to save the day.
  5. since I left you (27 APR 2016)
    Government Estate, with Nivosus Moineau. Semini runs into Niv at the Government Estate, and realizes that she isn't angry at him anymore. They patch up their peculiar friendship.
  6. tears in the typing pool (29 APR 2016)
    Miramichi Watershed, with Izual Massacre. Semini goes out for her nightly escape and runs into this creeper. He makes her feel all kinds of ick!


  1. The Cascades (01 MAY 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Iroquois. Iroquois comes to get Semini and go out hunting!


  1. LASKY you tend the ash, I'll tend the pine (01 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Nikita Volkov. Semini and Nikita break up.
  2. your silence covers me (01 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Tiamat. A rift begins between Semini and Tiamat over Nikita's departure.
  3. (NPC) let the water in (01 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Laevisa Arena. Laevisa comes to take care of Semini after her and Tiamat's fight.
  4. drag me through the burning flames (04 JUNE 2016)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Silvano Sadira. At the leadership summit, Sem pulls CDM's king aside to confront him about Mara. Oops, Mara's pregnancy is out of the bag, or should I say, out of the vag!? LOL san don't write at 2am take this out in the morning there are kids
  5. joan of arc (04 JUNE 2016)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Vesper. Semini finally meets this infernal Infernian leader and...she is kind of cool *blushuuu*
  6. halcyon on and on (04 JUNE 2016)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Linden Aatte. Semini runs into this fellow again and they have a connection!!
  7. in the end, everyone ends up alone (11 JUNE 2016)
    Camp Gagetown, with Tansy Briar?. Semini meets Tansy and tells him about Krokar.
  8. an alluring scent (21 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Walker Dupree. Semini is acquainted with Walker and recruits him to help her. Walker then tries to come on to Semini, forcing her to admit that the reason she broke up with Nikita was because she was in love with someone else. BUT WHO, SEM WHO (it's that dweeb lork reblis)
  9. they call it lonely digging (28 JUNE 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Silvano Sadira. A surprise visit from Silvano! And they bond over Mara. THIS THREAD HURTS. They talk about Silvano being in love with Mara, his kids, and Sem realizes she has to the go to Lokr's cabin for closuuure.
  10. (m) blind leading the blind (28 JUNE 2016)
    Krokar (Parlay House), with Silvano Sadira. Later that night, over a horrible whiskey, Semini confesses to Silvano her whole moral and love quandary, and Silvano is like, let's go do stupid shit. So they go do silly reckless things! Guys, act your age!!


  1. look up to the sky; pray before the dawn (11 JULY 2016)
    Mount Oromocto, with Lokr Revlis. Semini finally goes to the cabin at the southern foot of the Oromocto. Who does she run into but her old flame, Lokr? A lot has changed but she's realized that her feelings haven't. These two star-crossed lovers throw all good sense to the wind and decide to be with each other, come hell or high water.
  2. I'll be there for you tonight (19 JULY 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Krokar. Celebration of Achievements! Krokar celebrates its second year of life.
  3. maybe intellect will change us, maybe we'll stay together (19 JULY 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Eliza Cormier. Semini is drunk and hungry and decides to bother Eliza!


  1. hello my old heart (02 AUG 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Nishan. Semini meets Nishan, Milos' brother, and wants really badly to pester him.
  2. It's over, isn't it? (04 AUG 2016)
    Drifter Bay, with Violeta Rose Soul. Semini gets a letter back from Salvador, surprisingly, and comes to deliver it to Rafael. She runs into Vio instead thank goodness.
  3. we go down (11 AUG 2016)
    Krokar (Echo Cave), with Willow Cormier. Semini goes to explore Echo Cave and is joined by the bubbly Willow!
  4. always gets me into trouble (18 AUG 2016)
    Krokar (Briar Patch), with Milos Parhelion. Semini wants to spend some quality time with Milos!
  5. what I never told you (29 AUG 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Iroquois. Semini learns about Iroquois's past while helping her to stitch a pelt.


  1. (NPC) ask yourself if this is how we fall apart (05 SEPT 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Tiamat. Tiamat has been writing a lot and Semini notices. She tries to reach out to her and is rebuked. Tia's also got this bad habit of calling her by her name, and Sem's just plain hurt by it. :(
  2. homes laid out under the burnt out stars (06 SEPT 2016)
    Mount Oromocto, with Lokr Revlis. The love affair is going great! Semini and Lokr have pillow talk about home and things.
  3. afternoon guitar (13 SEPT 2016)
    Krokar (Firelight Hollow), with Walker Dupree. Semini encounters Walker in the woods with a mysterious item and his guitar. Of course, she gets distracted by his guitar.
  4. maybe it's all unraveling according to plan (27 SEPT 2016)
    Krokar (Borders), with Lotan, Pazuzu Lykoi. Semini and Lotan encounter Pazuzu and accept him into Krokar.


  1. the night we met (12 OCT 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Laevisa Arena. Laevisa tells Semini a story about a devil and a woman who seeks justice.


  1. does it hurt to swallow pride? (11 NOV 2016)
    Krokar (Borders), with Thiago Vela, Reluceo Vela, Tiamat. Semini and Tiamat heed a summons at the borders. Onubans Reluceo and Thiago seek sanctuary in Krokar and Semini accepts them.


  1. the price of a life (11 DEC 2016)
    Fiskebyn, with Walker Dupree, Krokar members. Iroquois drags a tied up Walker to the middle of the village and summons a meeting. Accusations and fists are thrown about. What the heck is going on? Someone is a slaver?
  2. (m) patron saint of the lost causes (12 DEC 2016)
    Mount Oromocto, with Lokr Revlis. Semini and Lokr meet in their secret cabin for some steamy romancin' :3
  3. difficult indeed is self control (LATE DEC 2016)
    Krokar (Borders), with Lotan, Caoba Robles. Semini finds Lotan on the outskirts of Krokar. She's both relieved and sad. 8(
  4. petrichor rising (LATE DEC 2016)
    Mount Oromocto, with Lokr Revlis. Tiamat is gone! Semini comes back to the cabin to see if Lokr knows anything about it. He tells her that she discovered their secret, and Semini gets upset. 8(

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  1. everyone has a choice to be loved or to be free (01 JAN 2017)
    Gaspesia with Solomon. Semini comes to visit her sister and family in Sapient.
  2. dishing just desserts (06 JAN 2017)
    Krokar (Borders) with Silvano Sadira. The King of the Court comes to visit Semini, basically cause they're gossip buddies now.


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