Akara Firebringer

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Akara Firebringer

by Libri



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Date of Birth

4 August 2014




Birth place




97% Canis lupus (Wolf)
<4% Canis latrans (Coyote)


25% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
50% Unknown Subspecies




Mate --
Pack Vinátta
Rank Hollr

Akara Firebringer is the daughter of mates Palaydrian Soul and Bran Stormbringer. She was born 4 August 2014 in Vinátta. Her surname is a portmanteau of Stormbringer and Darkfire.

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  3.   3.  Coloration
  4.   4.  Appearance
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    1.   5.1  Family
    2.   5.2  Friends
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1.  History


2.  Personality


3.  Coloration

  • Eyes: Primarily a Hazel shade, Walnut (#773F1A)
  • Fur: Primarily a rich dark chocolate shade of Cannon Black (#251706), Graphite (#2D1909), and Sambuca (#402712) blended throughout. She has a lighter mask, underbelly, and gloved paws in the shade of Akaroa (#D4C4A8)

4.  Appearance


4.1  Forms




80 Lb (36 kg)
30 In (76 cm)

35 In (88 cm)
145 In (65 cm)

170 Lb (77.6 kg)
6.5 Ft (198 cm)


5.  Relationships

5.1  Family

Immediate Family

Extended Family

5.2  Friends

5.3  Acquaintances

5.4  Enemies

6.  Skills

  • Master Green-thumb
  • Master Reading/Writing
  • Intermediate Healing Knowledge
  • Intermediate Tailor
  • Intermediate Woodcarver
  • Master Braider/Weaver
  • Intermediate Weaponry - Slingshot
  • Beginner Scout
  • Beginner Tracker

6.1  Luperci Forms

Text about forms. Eg: which they prefer.

Lupus {Sometimes used (Full Grown)

Secui {barely used (Full Grown)

Optime {Mostly in this one (Full Grown)

7.  Notable Threads

  1. A new generation springs forth! (4 August 2014) \\ The Firebringer puppies are born! Palaydrian Soul's mate, Bran Stormbringer, her adopted son, Leaf Darkfire, and Leaf's mate Ivy are all present.
  2. puppy play date (5 August 2014) \\ Taro Kurosoul meets his siblings for the first time and brings over his puppies as well.
  3. Puppies everywhere (6 August 2014) \\ Tyris Kurosoul stops by to meet his siblings for the first time and Palaydrian Soul explains their names.
  4. Rolie Polie Puppies (9 September 2014) \\ Aspen brings her children by to meet the Firebringer brood.
  5. endless summer (15 September 2014) \\ The pups enjoy a summer outing with their mother, Palaydrian Soul, and meet their "uncle", Ascher Stormbringer. First insight of their individual personalities.
  6. A Hard Day's Night (24 September 2014) \\ Bran Stormbringer wakes up the household when he comes home early in the morning.
  7. Wait 'til you're announced (20 October 2014) \\ The Ausa Vatni, or naming day ceremony for the Firebringer cubs and other Vinattan Aeska.
  8. We're going to catch a big one (10 November 2014) \\ Bran Stormbringer and Palaydrian Soul take Sylven Firebringer and his siblings on their first hunt!
  9. bringing home the cavalry (1 December 2014) \\ Palaydrian Soul brings Shore Stormbringer, her son, Sylven Firebringer, and his siblings to New Dawn for their first out of pack trip. There they meet Fayne for the first time!
  10. First light (12 December 2014) \\ Akara follows her brother Sylven Firebringer early in the morning in an attempt to keep him and Thyri Dawnbringer from doing anything that might get them into trouble. Palaydrian Soul is not far behind.
  11. wooden buttons and an apple core (16 December 2014) \\ Palaydrian Soul watches her daughters playing outside while nursing their brother, Ahti back to health. Wilson and Myrkr Stormbringer come by, and the puppies soon begin to play.
  12. i have no fear of what is to come, only of the past (9 January 2015) \\ Palaydrian Soul's tracking lesson is interrupted when a loner comes calling at the borders. Both of her daughters beg to tag along and she finally permits them.
  13. stars can't shine without darkness (10 July 2015) \\ Palaydrian Soul & Akara are tending the communal garden when Shore Stormbringer calls for medical help for her friend Harlequin Knight. They both spring into action & this marks Akara's first big medical assist.
  14. Tell you all about it when I have the time (12 July 2015) \\ Sylven Firebringer comes back from his camping trip out of the packlands to be greeting by his mother, brother, and sister at the borders for a sweet family reunion.
  15. when the violence causes silence (27 August 2015) \\ After the fall of New Dawn, Altair Amarok and his family take refuge in Vinatta. Akara assists her mother with the healing care for everyone wounded and seems to be especially drawn towards the badly beaten but rugged ex-Beta of New Dawn. While checking in on him, Akara's cousin, Thyri Dawnbringer, pays a visit.
  16. prepping the field (3 September 2015) \\ More refugees from arrive and Akara takes action along with her brother, Sylven Firebringer in assisting her mother with preparations and providing a sense of calm as the Soul house fills up with the wounded.
  17. Show me your world (19 September 2015) \\ Ciara from comes to visit the refugees of . While Akara's fondness for Altair Amarok has grown, despite him making her cry, she accompanies him in greeting his ex-packmate at the borders and eventually calls for Palaydrian Soul.
  18. When you've only got a hundred years to live (26 October 2015) \\ The Soul household prepares for Sylven Firebringer's departure and Akara emotionally breaks down.
  19. Did you miss me? (3 January 2016) \\ Sylven Firebringer comes home for a short visit, Izrian Firebringer, Ahti Firebringer, and Akara all greet him at the borders and fill him on the newest gossip.
  20. I do it for the love (12 January 2016) \\ Harlequin Knight returns to Vinátta for a visit and teasingly reveals the things he may or may not have done to Akara to her cousin, Thyri Dawnbringer. It is clear from her immediate avoidance that there might be some truth to his words.
  21. May I have this dance? (14 January 2016) \\ Akara accompanies her sister, Izrian Firebringer to the ball hosted by and encourages the budding romance starting between her sister and Tristan Callow-Knight.
  22. Taking over this town they should worry (1 February 2016) \\ Akara sadly deals with her sister, Izrian Firebringer, moving out to live with their cousin, Thyri Dawnbringer. Much tears and feels!
  23. Fields and hearts of gold (4 August 2016) \\ Izrian Firebringer and Akara are tending to the gardens when their cousin, Ode Stormbringer joins them during Lithasblot.
  24. Upon that night, when faeries light (31 October 2016) \\ Winternights has begun in Vinátta and Izrian Firebringer brings to light Akara's contribution in the form of her newly crafted/carved trinkets and offerings.