Ciara O'Callahan

Ciara O'Callahan, better known simply as Ciara, is a current member of Krokar. She is the mother of Athena, Grizzer, Conan, Iona, Tomas, and Mairead, and current mate of Aindrea Donovan.

Ciara was formerly the Beta female of New Dawn alongside her former mate, Augustus, after challenging and defeating the previous Beta couple, Kiara Amarok and Tharin Lupei. She left New Dawn to join Krokar in January 2015, following the deaths of Augustus and her Alpha, Zalen.

Ciara O'Callahan

Ciara by Nat



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'Souls Profile


Date of Birth

11 October 2010





Descendant of the Bright-Headed





O'Callahan, Donovan

Birth place

Summerside, Newfoundland


100% Labrador Wolf




Mate Aindrea Donovan
Pack Krokar
Rank Magnate
Co-Rank Emissary, Lookout, Brawler


Pack Ranks
New Dawn
Subord, Epsilon, Delta, Beta; Krokar: Greenhorn, Outrigger, Wayfarer

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1.  Appearance

In Lupus form, which is the norm for Ciara, she is a smaller-than-usual Labrador wolf. She has a white undercoat with tawny and black hair covering her back, ears, face and tail. The tawny areas stick to her lower back and move in a streak along a plumed, thick tail, as well as keeping to the backs and edges of her ears. The black fur, a contrast to the caramel-coloured tawny, is most prevalent across her shoulder-blades and down towards the center of her back. This black colouring also edges below her eyes and along her snout, just to the tip where a circle of tawny colouring surrounds a brown nose.

Ciara's eyes are brown, but have flecks of an almost golden hazel that pick up in the light and glint curiously. As previously mentioned, her belly is white to match her undercoat, as well as her paws and the underside of her tail. Her teeth are pure white, flashing brilliantly in the odd circumstance that she draws her lips back in a snarl.

In her Optime form, Ciara stands to be about 5'9, and carries a humanoid stance. Her fur remains the same, though her hands are human-like with tiny claws at the tip of each finger. Her form, while larger than a human girl's would be, is slender and feminine as well as beast-like. There is a curve to her hips, and her waist cinches as a human girl's might. Besides those human-like traits, even in Optime form, Ciara is very much a wolf.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus:
  • Secui:
  • Optime:

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Location, description.

2.  Personality

Nearly a year in New Dawn has changed Ciara significantly from when she first arrived.

She is fiercely proud of her rank as Epsilon and looks forward to moving up in ranks in the future, aspiring one day to be Beta. She is a strong-willed wolf, and brave. She has a thirst for battle and training, and enjoys hunting for her pack as well.

As a mate to Augustus, Ciara's personality takes a different turn. She is still strong-willed, but one of her mate's stony glares can turn her rather submissive. She will occasionally challenges him but prefers him to be in charge. She is only this way with Augustus, though she does respect and obey her superiors.

She longs to be a mother and has strong maternal senses. She will take care of injured pack members and loves puppies, happy to watch over them at any time and anticipating her own litter in the future.

On a first glance, strangers will see Ciara as a very strong female, only getting to see the softer side after knowing her for awhile.

3.  Relationships

4.  Family

Immediate Family

5.  History

On October 11th, 2010, Ciara O'Callahan was born on the Western coast of Newfoundland in a town called Summerside, parrallel to the province of her name-sake species of wolf, Labrador. She was born as the result of an unwilling copulation between two Luperci, the male being an infamous rogue of the Central Newfoundland region, the female an Omega of a Western pack. While Luperci are rare in Newfoundland, this male found Ciara's mother and through cruelty and dominance forced her out of her pack and into a brief courtship and mating. Ciara was the only surviving pup.

When Ciara was six months old, her mother brought them to the Northern peninsula of Newfoundland to a town called St. Anthony. From there, following the track of a few stray moose, Ciara and her mother made the difficult track across the Atlantic ice flows to the coast of Labrador. Ciara's mother barely made the journey, receiving an injury from a lone wolf while defending Ciara. She died shortly thereafter.

On her own, and barely trained in the ways of the Luperci, Ciara began the trek to the southwest, along the Labrador coast and into Quebec. Over nearly seven months, she made it into New Brunswick, hearing whispers of a Luperci colony in Halifax. Through determination, and after surviving a number of close calls, Ciara finally makes her way to the borders of New Dawn.

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