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December 31, 1987

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Hey there, my name is Christian, but you can call me X-tian, X, or even Chris! I first joined Bleeding Souls way back when in October 2002. (OMG so young!!!) You may remember me as Tigra Sunbound turned Syliat, Tobias Seadance, or Oslyn Firestorm. Prepping for and eventually attending college sadly took me away for a good chunk of time, but I was overjoyed/totally surprised when I re-found BS (newly dubbed, 'Souls) in 2012! I ended up rejoining the board with Palaydrian Soul (great granddaughter to the demonic Syliat aka split-personality of Tigra), and tossed her into New Dawn which so reminded me of the "glory days" back in Silent Dawn turned Chimera. From there, 'Souls pretty much had me hooked again, as I ended up creating and picking up a handful of characters on the board and even helped to found the pack Krokar, as one of it's leaders in 2014!

I had a baby girl over this past summer (06/21/2016) and significantly slowed down on the RP front after accepting a new part-time job in February. I'm always open for plotting, but am only taking on a limited amount of threads as I adjust to my new reality.

Getting In Touch

You can always reach me via private message (PM) on my main account; this is the preferred method of contacting me in regards to threads, plots, character development, anything related to Krokar, and so on. It's also the best way for me to keep track of what we've already discussed! If I haven't replied to your PM in 48 hours, feel free to prod me again!

How I Thread :: CLOSED for plotting

  • Reply Times:
    • Heavily varies: replies could come after an hour or so, or up to two weeks.
    • If it's been more than two weeks and you haven't gotten a reply from me, please feel free to prod me about it.
    • Catching up on threads, I tend to respond to mandatory threads first, joiners, and time sensitive threads. After that, I try to go in order of latest to most recent.
    • I rarely post on the weekend (but I'm always available via PM if you need to get in touch) unless it's totally necessary!
  • Ending Threads:
    • I am up for OOC endings on threads, just please discuss with me ahead of time!
    • Please discuss with me first in regards to reviving dead threads.
  • Requesting Threads:
    • I'm CLOSED for thread requests on all of my characters. (OPEN for discussion/future plotting)
    • I'm CLOSED for sprees.
    • I am OPEN for LASKY Canon threads on any of my characters.
    • I'm CLOSED to play Preybot at this time.
  • Powerplay:
    • I'm normally down for minor PP and a little bit of major PP. In all honesty, if it bugs me, I'll let you know. Otherwise, go for it!
  • Mature Threads:
    • I'm open to playing out any type of [M]ature situation, but I'm also down for "fading to black" as well, if that is your preference, just give me a heads up!

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  • X-tian, you beautiful tropical fish. <3 I want your awesomeness! - San
  • Xtian has saved my life multiple times this week and for that I love her - Rat