Tandy Lulabelle McClain

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Avatar by Felidre

Expected on Easter Sunday, but born the very next morning beside her brothers Orson & Harper, Tandy was sired by the esteemed Reverend Talbot McClain and his Southern Belle, Lemon Walker. The three are younger siblings to Jemsen, Ezekiel, and Sugar.

Growing up in a deeply religious household, Tandy received her calling early on, the strong compulsion to spread the Good Word far and wide and to pursue a life of missionary work. Afters weeks of prayer and preparation, she disembarked from her home in New Orleans, accompanied by her cousin, Mason Sinclair.

It took almost three months of traveling up the Mississippi river and eventually East, to reach Freetown. Along the way, there had been plenty of opportunities for Tandy to preach, help out and aid communities in need, and to perfect her sewing skills.

Mason and Tandy spent a full month in Freetown before receiving a map and directions to a large luperci settlement in Nova Scotia. 'Souls was where she felt the heavenly Father was calling her to, a place in need of saving and where she believes her true work can begin.






  • Date of Birth: 21 Apr 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Human Age Equivalent: 21
  • Residence: Cabin 13 in Fiskebyn
  • Mate: n/a
  • Pack: Krokar
  • Rank: Greenhorn
  • Family: McClain
  • Birthplace: New Orleans, LA
  • Nicknames: Tandy-lu, Lulu, Dee
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed:
    • 100% Texas Blue Lacy


  • Mason Sinclair

Feline Companion

  • Reverend "Rev" Tully (B&W shorthair, m)

Shire Horses

  • Lazarus (B&W, m, gelding)
  • Abraham (White, m, stallion) - owned by Mason Sinclair

Hampshire Pigs

  • Sister Mary Grace (Sow, f)
  • Shadrach (piglet, m)
  • Meshach (piglet, m)
  • Abednego (piglet, m)


  • Goliath (Gulf Coast ram "Louisiana Scrub", m)


  • Deuteronomy (Magpie, m)
  • Michael (Osprey, m) - owned by Mason Sinclair

Animal NPC information can be found here!



  • Tandy is open for all kinds of meet and greets, recruiting to KR, trading goods, and talking about Jesus!
  • Often making a variety of clothes, blankets, and bags for her fellow pack mates and friends.
  • Can be seen taking daily devotion by either of the lakes in Krokar, reading her Bible, and overheard singing praise songs.
  • Tandy often cooks for her pack mates and drops off little goodies at their cabins.
  • She can be seen tending to her menagerie of animals with Mason or riding Lazarus through the fields.

1.  Personality

All Loving HeroThe ParagonGood Is Not DumbWide Eyed IdealistFriend To All Living ThingsThe Soul SaverGood ShepherdThe Missionary

  • Sociable
  • Friendly
  • Devoted
  • Patient
  • Compassionate
  • Nurturing
  • Optimistic

2.  Appearance

by Nat

2.1  Essentials

  • Species: purebred Texas Blue Lacy
  • Facial Features: twinkling eyes and a semi-permanent smile bordered by her velveteen folded ears.
    • Lupus: a svelte, athletic, and yet petite build, Tandy's lupus form hints at her breed's claim to strength and speed.
    • Secui: the larger form of her lupus, and used predominantly for herding.
    • Optime: seen in most often, Tandy could be called willowy in her optime form for her breed though she's admittedly very small in stature compared to other canines, especially wolves. She often wears knee-length dresses and very rarely goes "naked". Tandy never takes off her beaded cross necklace, occasionally wears ribbons in her hair, and is often found with her worn Bible nearby.

2.2  Coloration

  • Fur: smooth and short, mostly ranging from the typical shades of a "blue"; gray (Scarpa Flow), to light silver (Nevada), and deep charcoal (Abbey).
  • Markings: chest & toes
    • A splotch of white (Iron) and grey (Bombay) is on her chest that stretches just below her sternum. It almost resembles a diamond or top heavy cross pattern, but is usually covered up by part of her dresses.
    • Both of Tandy's toes have a gloved or "just dipped" appearance to them of white (Iron) and grey (Bombay).
  • Eyes: she has bright expressive eyes that are a deep brown (Cioccolato) near the pupils, lightening in a starburst pattern to a lighter brown (Pickled Bean) at the edges.
  • Optime Hair: chest length and predominantly deep charcoal (Abbey) with slight streaks of light silver (Nevada).
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Tandy's nose is a typical "blue" (Oxford Blue) as seen in her breed. All of her nails are a light pink (Vanilla Ice) and her paw pads are a pale rose (Oyster Pink).

2.3  Palette

Nevada (#6C7073)
Scarpa Flow (#59595A)
Abbey (#4E5358)
Bombay (#B6B6B9)
Iron (#CCCED1)
Vanilla Ice (#E7CECA)
Oyster Pink (#EBD1CD)
Oxford Blue (#374457)
Cioccolato (#50250D)
Pickled Bean (#6B3F25)

2.4  Forms

38lbs (16kg)
18 in (45 cm)


Occasionally takes her lupus form to slip into smaller spaces when exploring old human ruins, or to hunt.

94lbs (41kg)
28 in (74 cm)


Taken when around other canines that are in their lupus forms as her secui is a little more comparable to the average sized wolf, coyote, or hybrid. Used most often when herding farm animals.

118 lbs (52 kg)
4 ft, 8 in (56 in | 146 cm)


Seen in most often, Tandy is accustomed to wearing clothing when in this form and wears her hair in a variety of ways.

2.5  Images

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: McClain? & Sinclair?

  • Mother: Lemon Walker
  • Father: Reverend Talbot McClain
  • Littermates:Orson McClain (m), Harper McClain (m)
  • Older Siblings: Jemsen "Jemmy" McClain (m), Ezekiel McClain (m), Sugar McClain (f)
  • Aunt: Margerie Walker
  • Uncle: Dixon Sinclair
  • Cousins: Mason Sinclair (m), Jebidiah "Jeb" Sinclair (m), Dawson Sinclair (m), Cricket Sinclair (f), Luella Sinclair (f)

3.2  Key Relations

  • ------

3.3  Minor Relations

  • None yet.

3.4  Former Relations

  • None yet.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Reading and Writing

Tandy can both write and write exceptionally well. She often creates new worship songs and almost always drafts her sermons.

Public Speaking

Confident and well-versed in front of large or smaller congregations, Tandy is an engaging speaker and an enthralling story teller.


Tandy has a pleasantly melodic singing voice and knows how to really carry a tune. She's learned to use her singing voice to soothe a restless soul or to calm a frightened animal.

Tailoring & Stitching

Schooled in the ways of Southern etiquette, Tandy focused on the more practical skills and learned all she could about sewing and tailoring one's own clothing.


Every Southern Belle should know how to cook and Tandy is no exception to this the rule. The secret to her Bayou Gumbo will go with her to the grave.

4.2  Inventory

Personal Items

  • cooking supplies & gumbo pot
  • sewing basket with needle, thread, and yard, and various dyed fabrics
  • trunk of dresses and other clothing
  • multiple Bibles, parchment, and writing tools
  • jars of salt
  • 4 wheeled horse-drawn cart
  • garden seeds (corn, tomato, zucchini, pumpkin, spring onion, chili pepper, and carrot)

5.  NPCs




Reverend "Rev" Tully

template by Kitty

  • Owner: Tandy McClain
  • Gender: Tom
  • Birth Year: 2007
  • Abilities:
    • High speech
    • Preaching the gospel

Reverend "Rev" Tully is Tandy's father's most trusted confidante other than his mate, Lemon. The shorthaired cat was sent along with Tandy and Mason to keep an eye on them and to offer them guidance and wisdom along the way. Much like Reverend Talbot McClain, Rev is a fire and brimstone kind of preacher. He has very strict and conservative ideals in regards to his faith, religion, and non-worshiping "heathens". He strives to keep Tandy and Mason on a sinless and God-fearing path, reminding them often of their true purpose for their missionary work and oftentimes finding Tandy's more Christ-like approach disturbing. He is very skeptical of strangers, especially those who do not have a relationship with the one true God, and is quick to pass judgement...quite the opposite of what a true Christian should look like.





  • Owner: Tandy McClain
  • Species: Eurasian magpie
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Year: 2011

A regular church goer gave the magpie to Tandy when she'd not yet been able to shift. She spent much of her puphood chasing after Deuteronomy and scolding him for pickpocketing from the congregation. While he understands high speech and can occasionally speak a few words, this highly intelligent bird mostly doesn't what he wants.





Sister Mary Grace (F), Shadrach (M), Meshach (M), and Abednego (M)

Sister Mary Grace Shadrach Meshach Abednego
  • Species: Hampshire pigs
  • Gender: 1 sow / 3 boars
  • Birth Year: 2013 / 2015

Sister Mary Grace was one of Tandy's charges on the farmstead while growing up. A sweet plump thing, Sister Mary Grace (often called Sissy) used to follow the girl around like a lost puppy and put Tandy's skills to the test when it had come time to train Sissy for foraging. For her first litter she bore 7 piglets, but only 3 survived. Tandy named them Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

  • Gave birth to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in 2015.
  • Brought to Krokar when Tandy and Mason Sinclair joined in October 2015.
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were given to Krokar by Tandy in December 2017 before she headed to Old Ironsides.
  • Sister Mary Grace joined Tandy on her trip to Old Ironsides in December 2017.
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were returned to Tandy in Old Ironsides in the fall 2018.






  • Species: Gulf Coast sheep
  • Gender: Ram
  • Birth Year: 2011

Goliath is an old grump, but a complete softy in Tandy's hands. Goliath used to boss around his fellow Gulf Coast Sheep and butt heads with the other rams, but eventually the large brute developed a strange liking and companionship with Tandy's Hampshire pig, Sister Mary Grace.

  • Brought to Krokar when Tandy and Mason Sinclair joined in October 2015.
  • Was bred with Krokar's 2-year-old ewe in September 2016.






art by Alaine

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Species: Horse
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Birth Year: 2012
  • Onboard?: No
  • Personality: Lazarus is a good, hard-working horse.
  • Description: A black draft horse with white socks and a blaze (reference).
  • Abilities:
    • Halter-trained
    • Saddle-trained
    • Harness-trained
  • Born sickly and weak, but perked up 4 days later, thus earning him the name of Lazarus.
  • Was the first horse Tandy McClain learned to ride after she shifted.
  • Given to Tandy as her Debutante gift.
  • Brought to Krokar when Tandy and Mason Sinclair joined in October 2015.
  • Pulled the two-horse cart, along with Cavalla, from Krokar to Old Ironsides in order to help get the trading depot established.

6.  History

6.1  Overview

Reverend Talbot McClain was a zealous preacher-man that loved the Lord but had a secret and selfish desire for fame. He craved the best of everything on his crusade for glory, and that meant the gorgeous, charming, and God-fearing woman, Lemon Walker, had to be his. They were a match seemingly made in heaven, created for one another, and put on the earth for some greater purpose. Lemon's sister, Margerie, had been blessed that same Spring as well, catching the eye of the salt tycoon, Dixon Sinclair, and the two soon became mates. While the Walker sisters refused to move too far away from one another, both Talbot and Dixon put their heads together and decided to barter and trade portions of their livestock and salts for a large portion of the lands bordering the gulf in New Orleans. There Sinclair's wealth could multiply, being so close to the sea with the marshlands and bayou, and their combined farmsteads would easily become the talk of the town.

His lands and strong family ties in order, Talbot returned to his small town church with the hopes of expansion. He reigned over his little congregation with his Fire and Brimstone services, soon recruiting like-minded young "disciples" that would venture to neighboring towns with his written sermons and preached to those who would listen in the good Reverend's name. His discipleship grew from the holy 12 to 25. He sent these men beyond Louisiana, into the coastal parts of Texas and Mississippi, and tasked them with the divine purpose of growing the church. The religious impact of these pop-up sermons gained him the popularity he craved and throngs of new followers and congregation goers traveled to see the Reverend McClain in person, thus growing his church to the point of needing to break new ground for more churches in the parishes throughout southern Louisiana. It wasn't long before Talbot had become one of the most revered pastors in their coastal town, and word had spread into gulf-hugging portions of Texas and Mississippi, but with this fame came great responsibility. While his churches and influence expanded far into the South along with his name, so did the wrongful perpetuation of his teachings that relied upon fear and manipulation.

Tandy and her brothers came into the world soon after her mother's brain child, the "Sisterhood of Angels" went live. This sorority of God-fearing females in the community, served as yet another platform for her father's religious propaganda, as the Sisters pledged themselves to lives of stewardship for their neighbors all in the name of Reverend McClain's teachings. It was all Tandy knew while growing up and for a long time she accepted this form of "blind faith", but as the date of her Deb Ball grew closer, the young McClain girl found herself questioning her father's methods of teaching all the more. While she believed the Reverend meant well and his flock truly strove for divinity, she believed there were answers to these questions beyond the tight knit and deeply religious community she'd been a part of all her life, and sought to pledge her life to the teachings of Jesus from the Bible, instead of focusing on wrathful passages from the Old and New Testaments.

The McClain debutante felt her calling was outside of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, turning down the many offers of both political and wealthy mateships after the Cotillion Ball, to publicly announce her decision to leave home on a missionary quest. Her family and congregation prayed, planned with, and helped her prepare for the long journey ahead. One brave cousin, Mason Sinclair, had even volunteered as a proper Southern Gentleman to accompany her on her travels, along with her father's most trusted companion and friend, Rev. Tully, who'd been asked to keep an eye on Tandy and Mason and to offer them guidance and advice while on the road. They set out at the start of June with a wagonload of religious materials as well as items to trade, along the way and reached Freetown by September.

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