Couram Daenova


Couram Daenova

by Westy



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Date of Birth

June 6, 2007











Birth place





50% Common Gray Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf




Current pack Vinatta
Current rank Risna


Pack Rank
June 2007 - November 2010

Couram is the son of Éabha and Konall Deanova. He is a wolf, born in Ireland? as a part of a pack called Eirinough?. He arrived in 'Souls by boat and investigated the area before ending up at Vinatta and joined the ranks in October 2012. His new life there is only just beginning...

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Couram speaks with a thick Irish brogue. His voice is soft and smooth and his accent tends to charm those he meets. He has a gorgeous singing voice and although rarely heard, his growl is deep and rumbling. He is prone to rambling in conversations.

1.2  Abilities



Couram's greatest skills lie in the art of medicine. He possesses extensive knowledge about herbs, poultices, and other general healing practices. Other areas he excels in are hand crafts like weaving, music (the flute and singing), woodworking (carving, burning) and horticulture. He also makes for a great listening ear or shoulder to lean on. He loves to help others.


Biggest Weakness

Being someone with a guardian-like nature, Couram's biggest weakness lies in seeing those he is close to hurt and finding he's incapable of helping ease their pain. Although not a stranger to pain and suffering, dealing with it isn't something he has completely hardened his heart against.


The quickest way to get under Couram's skin is to unjustly cause harm to another living being. Rape, murder, stealing and slavery are all topics that disgust Couram. Another thing that can offend him is if someone knowingly shows disrespect to nature. He has no respect for someone who cannot respect the very earth they walk on.

Yet To Be Learned

Couram has always held interest in the culinary arts. He's not the greatest chef out there and he'd love to learn techniques to make meals more tasty and satisfying.

1.3  Residence

Couram resides in the little partially underground housing village of Jordheim located within Vinatta in the Commune of the Salmon. His house can be found rather secluded on the far side of all the establishments (see house 10). The structure is made of stone and wood and divided into three sections: one large main room serving as a mostly furnished kitchen/living room combination and two smaller rooms towards the back that have been made into bedrooms. It is cozily nestled into a hillside, covered in a variety of grasses and other flora and surrounded by woodlands on three sides. Out front is a spacious yard enclosed by a low brick wall and filled with grasses, flowering plants and other natural decor. A single oak tree stands tall at the center. A cobblestone walk way provides a pathway to the wooden, round, blue painted front door. Two glass windows adorn either side of the entryway underneath which are planter boxes overflowing with flowering vines that creep along the edges of the panes. In the back yard is another fenced in plot of earth which Couram has transformed a half of into an herb, vegetable and flower garden. The other half, closer to the double back doors is a sort of flat, grassy porch where sits an old wrought iron bench that overlooks the garden and provides a vantage point to view the woods. A small, dirt path meanders through the greenery.

1.4  NPCs


Ciar [KEER] is a male black domestic shorthair. He is around 1 year old and is Couram's loyal companion. He likes to perch on Couram's shoulder when traveling and speaks some high speech but only with Couram. He has only two white markings, one small spot on his neck and another on his lower belly. He sports a tiny voice and a loud purr. He will follow Couram everywhere he goes. He is usually very friendly and a good judge of character.


Sinéad [Shi-NAYD] is a blue roan Friesian mare of 7 years. She has a white star and stripe marking upon her face and a white coronet marking on her hind right hoof. She has one blue (right) and one brown (left) eye. She stands about 16.2 hands tall and her temperament is very calm and docile. She is primarily a riding horse but is capable of performing some farm work.

1.5  Inventory


Wearable Items

  • Cloak
  • Loincloth
  • Belt with Pouches
  • Dream-catcher and Frithr Necklace

Other Items

  • Various Herbs
  • Healer's Kit
  • Mortar and Pestal
  • 2 Knives, 1 Daggar
  • Candles, Rope, Flint/Steel, 3 Animal Pelts, Flask
  • Wooden Staff
  • Horse Tack
  • Large Rucksack
  • Wooden Flute
  • Carving Tools
  • Misc. Coins

2.  Appearance

Couram is 50% Arctic Wolf and 50% Gray Wolf. He appears stereotypical of his species. He doesn't often wear any clothes. For more details see below!

Sizing Chart





130 lbs
( kg)

35 in
( cm)


210 lbs
( kg)

40 in
( cm)


235 lbs
( kg)

6ft 7in ( in)
( cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


A soft, thick white pelt, icy blue eyes and dark grey ears and tail tip make up Couram's natural appearance. He is lean with ropey muscle and sports broad paws. He is unnaturally marked by dark grey tribal-looking tattoos upon his face, shoulders, lower legs and over his mid to low back. Although heavily scarred, he retains free movement. He only uses this form when wanting to commune with nature. He will be seen wearing his two necklaces in this form.


He looks the same in this form as he does in Lupus form except his fur gets longer at his shoulders and neck giving him the slight appearance of a "mane". He rarely uses this form.


He looks the same as the other forms only he gains "hair" on his head which really is just his fur grown slightly longer though remaining short, slightly spiked and messy.

2.2  Build & Species

Are they tall or short? Lean or chubby? How do they carry themselves -- confidently and proudly, or humbly and unassured? There usually aren't significant differences between body types from Lupus to Optime -- lean, thin individuals will remain lean and thin, and thick, muscular individuals will remain thick and muscular.

If they're a hybrid, you can talk about what species your character most resembles, and how the different species play into their appearance -- e.g., doggish build, wolfish undercoat, coyote muzzle, etc.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Coloration -- many players use Name That Color to help themselves with coloration. If you'd like to show exact colors, Woody Brown is an example for you. If your character has a varied pattern/coat, you can discuss it here. Don't forget to mention their eye color, either.

Regarding their fur -- is it thick or thin? Is the fur wiry or smooth, short or long, wavy or straight?

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it?
  • Tattoos:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it?
  • Piercings:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it?
  • Other:
    • Location, description. How was it inflicted? Who inflicted it? Example: Missing toes or a chip in their ear? Do they dye any parts of their fur? Dyeing might be given its own section, if it occupies many parts of their fur.

2.5  Accessories

  • Necklaces? Outfits? How frequently does your character don this item?
  • A second outfit? Another necklace?

3.  Personality

A basic description of the character's personality goes here.

  • Fears:
    • Fear one
    • Fear Two
  • Motivations:
    • First motivation
    • Second motivation
  • Traits
    • Trait
    • Trait
    • Trait
  • Alignment: More information about why your character adheres to a particular alignment or how it pertains to their behavior.

3.1  Demeanor

Discuss how your character treats others here, and their general "presentation." Although less a defined appearance quality, think about the way your character presents him or herself -- are they open, outgoing, and social, or introverted, quiet, and aloof? Considering and jotting this down as part of their appearance can help you as you're roleplaying -- keeping this small but vital detail in mind can give you major clues as to how your character would act and present themselves in situations in terms of body language.

How do they react to certain situations -- newcomer at the borders, a stranger with bad attitude in the neutral territories, a lost puppy? Do they have a strong sense of right and wrong, or does their morality shift to accomodate the situation and their best interest? What motivates them, and what frightens them? What do they enjoy and what do they dislike? Although this is a lot to think about, considering these aspects can help you fully flesh out your character. It's helpful to make sure that aspects of their personality mesh well with their biography -- thus, try to think of a plausible reason why a character acts a certain way.

3.2  Outlook

Optimist/pessimist? Submissive/dominant? Introvert/extrovert? A character who is more introverted might cross his or her arms while talking or avoid eye contact more often. This can also assist others in “reading between the lines” of your posts. While you may not take the time to detail how your character presents him or herself every time they make a move, having a general idea stated in your profile can help players fill in the blanks if they don't know your character so well.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

A big bias goes here, discussed in paragraph form

Other Biases

  • Species: How do they feel about different species, perhaps? Maybe not just coyotes versus wolves, but how they feel about pets, how they feel about prey, etc.
  • Non-Luperci: How do they feel about non-Luperci?
  • Human Behaviors: How do they feel about human behaviors?


Heterosexual/homosexual? How do they approach sex and issues of such? Some information about romances may also be pertinent under this section.


How do they feel about the use of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.? Would they use them?


Discuss the character's spirituality and religion under this section -- a brief overview goes here.

Specific Beliefs

  • Short points go here, or subheaders -- whatevs; depends how religious your character is! c:

4.  Relationships



BRIEF description of relationship. If more than three sentences, consider moving to "Key Relationships" -- don't forget to reference threads, either. [1]



BRIEF description of relationship. If more than three sentences, consider moving to "Key Relationships" -- don't forget to reference threads, either. [2]

Various Minor Aquaintences

A list of relations to which there is no great meaning for your character (e.g., meet and greets or unfinished threads)



BRIEF description of relationship. If more than three sentences, consider moving to "Key Relationships" -- don't forget to reference threads, either. [3]

Does your character have many friends and acquaintences? How do they treat them?

4.1  Key Relations


Character and Character Name?'s relationship is FAIR/NEUTRAL/POOR.

4.2  Groups


Describe how they relate to their pack here -- why did they join in the first place?

  • Packmate?: A description of someone within the pack your character has interacted with might go here.


Maybe a different pack -- how do they feel about this pack?

  • Foreigner?: A description of someone within the pack your character has interacted with might go here.

4.3  Family

What's their relationship like with their family? Do they like being part of it, are they indifferent, or do they dislike it?

Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

Paternal Ancestry

Extended Family

5.  History

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5.1  Timeline



  • Occurrence [4]

5.2  Threads