Giselle Fantasia

Giselle Fantasia was a sparkly, happy member of Crimson Dreams in 2011. She was a victim of the AniWaya Conflict but was safely rescued by her eventual mate, Silvano Sadira. When Crimson Dreams disbanded in 2012, Giselle and Silvano joined Cour des Miracles and had two sons, Eugene and Pascal. Giselle devoted herself wholeheartedly to motherhood, and was unfortunately blindsided by the news that Silvano cheated on her. Their mateship dissolved in 2014, when Giselle left Cour des Miracles on her own.[1]

Giselle Fantasia

Giselle, by Mel
Date of BirthJuly 18th, 2010
Subspecies75% Arctic Wolf
20% Hudson Bay Wolf
5% Northern Coyote
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeUnknown - A cottage in the forest, in a far-away land~
Current pack

'Souls Profile Archive Profile

Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateMay 2012

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateMay 16th, 2011[2]

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1.  Appearance

Giselle is almost unnaturally pretty, yet she is far from vain. Her fur is a soft white, with hints of cream on the tips of her ears and tail. The off-white color is also adorned on her front paws (which, in Optime form, go to about the wrist and look like a natural glove), and back paws (which, in Optime form, go to about the calf). Her eyes are a powder blue, always sparkling and alive. Long, mahogany hair adorns her head, that curls into rivulets down her front and hangs down to her mid back. It is often braided and tied back loosely with flowers and or ribbons.

She is nearly always in her Optime form, mostly because it is much easier to do the things she loves on two legs.

Elle has an affinity for brightly colored dresses, and is progressively learning how to make them herself, and wears them to show off their beauty.

2.  History

Once upon a time.. Pre-Souls:

There once was an enchanted forest, inhabited with many different creatures. A kingdom of wolves thrived in this beautiful place, and many of them walked on two legs. They learned to live with the other animals in harmony, maintaining the balance of the circle of life.

In this kingdom of wolves, a beautiful princess was born, to a mother with everything and a father, a historian, who had nothing but books to his name. She was given the name Giselle, and her elated father wanted to share the gift of the world to his baby daughter; give her everything she ever could have wanted that he never had. The pack rejoiced, happy to see the little bubbly newborn added to their numbers.

All except for one.

The mother - the queen - had grown up living a life of luxury. She had everything she wanted until Giselle was born. Though she loved her daughter, she was determined not to settle with a male - a peasant - and was swept off her feet by a mysterious prince charming.

Giselle's father, filled with jealousy, knew that if he could not have her, then no one else could. So, on one quiet night, he did the most wicked thing he could - slaying the queen in her sleep. Afraid that his daughter, his princess, would someday run away from him as the queen had, he stole her away and disappeared deeper into the forest.

The kingdom searched high and low for days for the lost girl and the wicked father, but were eventually forced to give up. For deep in the mountains, Giselle and her father lived in a little cottage, away from the eyes of everyone but mother nature herself. And it was here that the innocent, bright-eyed Giselle was sheltered, and there her father wanted her to remain. All he had in this world, now, was her.. and his collection of books.

It was from these books that Giselle's father, whom she affectionately calls "papa", read to her the fantastic and enchanting stories that were called 'fairy tales'. Stories about trapped princesses, noble princes, wicked witches, fierce creatures, but most importantly: stories about true love. Little did anyone know that these fictional stories took a hold of the little innocent girl, captivating her and soon enveloped Giselle's entire lifestyle.

Never would 'Elle learn of her papa's wicked deeds, learning instead from him that they were banished by an evil queen, and the reason for their solitary living was for their protection. Masked from the truth, her papa was her entire world, and Giselle did anything her papa asked - which included staying near him at all times. Though she was never allowed to wander and truly explore the outside world, all that Giselle learned was from her papa's books; the enchanting stories leaving her mind free to daydream and float off in wonder.

But not all wicked deeds go unpunished. When Giselle was 6 months old, her papa suffered a terrible illness, making him almost completely bedridden. Luckily, the little princess had learned to shift right around the same time, and learn early on how to cook, clean, and take care of both herself and her papa.

One early evening, as Giselle was out gathering herbs for her father, she found a young stoat tangled up in the bushes. It was merely a baby, and so the young girl took it home and took care of it in secrecy, under the nose of her papa. When she wasn't taking care of her ill father, 'Elle spent much time with the young animal, whom she named Tux, forming a friendship that would forever last.

A few months passed by, and the illness took her papa one quiet evening, as silently and as deadly as the wicked deed he'd done. The secret of Giselle's past died with him, and though she was heartbroken, she knew it was time to move on. She would simply be careful, in case the kingdom of wolves that were looking for her would someday find her. And so the young princess left the cottage and her solitary life behind with her little companion.

3.  Personality

  • Very innocent, and na├»ve. Classified as ditsy and is accident prone.
  • Believes she will one day find a prince to sweep her off of her feet, and finally find true love. Until then, she stands by the belief of the ideals of true love that will come to her.
  • Has a natural affinity for animals, that draw near especially when she sings and dances.
  • Wears dresses that she makes herself.
  • Likes to read, especially the books that her papa left her with. Her other hobbies include: Being among nature, cooking, cleaning, and telling stories.
  • Very expressive, both in her face, her hands, and in her actions.
  • She sees everyone as a very nice person, or extremely cruel villains. There really is no in between.
  • Optimistic, sees the world through unbiased eyes.