Northern Coyote (''Canis latrans incolatus'')

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Coyote Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

Northern Coyote

2.  'Souls Range

Yukon, Northwest Territories, northern British Columbia, and northern Alberta, and Alaska.

3.  Appearance

The Northern coyote is a larger subspecies of coyote, comparable to the Northeastern Coyote in terms of size. The Northern coyote typically possesses a grayer coloration than most of its southerly neighbors; reddish and golden hues are rare in this subspecies. The Northern coyote's range overlaps some other coyote subspecies, but the incolatus subspecies is easily distinguished from its counterparts by differences in cranial measurement.

Canis latrans incolatus, from Jean-Guy Dallaire@Flickr

4.  Other Characteristics

4.1  Survival

These coyotes have lived a lifestyle virtually unchanged by the various implements of Luperci-ism and humanized life; as much of the humanized culture has yet to make its way to this coyotes territory, they live as they have for thousands of years -- competing with surrounding wolf populations for food, and living in small, scattered groups. Thanks to wolf influences, these coyotes typically do not arrange themselves in packs.

4.2  Luperci

Most of these coyotes are Luperci; however their lifestyle is mostly feral, although they are avid shifters and they do make use of both the Secui and Optime forms. Even so, human tools and dwellings are relatively rare for these coyotes, who prefer their wilderness to the urban remnants.

5.  More Images

Northern Coyote, Jean-Guy Dallaire@Flickr Northern Coyote, rustybadger@Flickr Northern Coyote, rustybadger@Flickr Northern Coyote, rustybadger@Flickr Northern Coyote, rustybadger@Flickr

6.  Citations


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