Baird Byrne

Baird is the son of Damon Byrne and Sammy Byrne, born in the Australian outback. He is a loner with wanderlust inscribed into his very bones. After leaving 'Souls when that wanderlust took over he spent a few years travelling North America, settling in Texas before deciding to come back to he lands of 'Souls with his kookaburra companion, Gelar.

Baird Byrne

by Pablo



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24 June 2009




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100% Canis lupus dingo


100% Dingo




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1.  Appearance

Baird is large for a Dingo, he stands head and shoulders above most others in his tribe, apart from his brother Cole, who would be considered a giant. His height is mainly in his long, lanky legs, with his body being more of a regular size. In Optime his thin fur means that his muscle structure is easily visible, the white fur of his underbelly delineating a compact six pack that fits well with the wiry muscle on the rest of his body.

His main fur colour is a sandy yellow that would fit right in in the Aussie Outback but stands out in the wilds of Nova Scotia. His undersides are a snowy white, blending in to a creamy colour at the edges where it meets his main coat. The tip of his tail, ear rims, and right fore and left hind paws are similarly coloured. The fur and skin around his eyes is unusually black, much like the cheetah's tear stripe, this colouration helps avert the suns glare from his sight. His eyes are very not Dingo, and are bright green.

He can usually be seen with his handmade goggles either covering his eyes or resting on his forehead.

One of his main features are the scars on his legs; on each thigh he has four scars that make the aboriginal 'paw print' mark. These were gained during an initiation ceremony in his tribe, recognising that he had become an adult and made the change. He regularly dyes the fur around the scars black to make them stand out more.

1.1  Build and Species

Baird stands at 5'9" in his Optime form, which would be considered tall for a Dingo, yet short for a wolf. He also has a typical Dingo body type, being rangy rather than stocky like his wolf cousins; while he is short he is long of leg and arm, with a slim, wiry build of compacted muscle. He has a doggish muzzle, bushy tail, and large, pointed ears all typical to Dingoes.

In Lupus he is built like any other Dingo, but is a little larger than average. His Secui form is the anomalous one, with his muscles filling out and his bones becoming denser. He is still lanky, the majority of his Secui form being leg, but his shoulders, neck, chest and hind quarters bulk out a bit, lending him more power.

1.2  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Hot Toddy (#B27905), highlighted with Lightning Yellow (#FFC822)
  • Eyes: Japanese Laurel (#156D00).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Hot Toddy (#B27905).
    • Lighter Cherokee (#FCD890) and Old Lace (#FEFCF6) on underside.
    • Heavy Metal (#1D1D1B) around scarring
    • Classic Rose (#FDD3F5) scar tissue

1.3  Forms




46 lbs (21 kg)
25 in (63.5 cm)

79 lbs (36 kg)
37 in (94 cm)

146 lbs (66 kg)
5ft 9in (69 in) (175 cm)

A typical dingo, though slightly taller. Fur is short, soft and more suited to warmer climes.

Legs become significantly longer while neck, shoulders, chest and thighs bulk out with muscle. Fur remains short and suited to warmer climes, but texture slightly changes to become coarser and spiky.

Athletic in build, his body is compact and hard with a short coat that shows off his musculature. His hair is short and usually kept swept back or held back with his goggles. He prefers not to wear clothes but can often be found in loose fitting, warm clothes in the colder seasons.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: Koala bone Barbell in Left ear.
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Aboriginal 'paw print' scarification on the thighs of both legs. Surrounding fur dyed black to make the scars stand out more. Gained during an initiation ceremony in his home tribe in the Australian Outback.


Prefers natural or aboriginal cultural accessories, also things he has made himself.

  • Rabbits foot necklace, gifted to him by his mother before he set out on his journeys.
  • A pair of blue glass and gumtree wood goggles, with Kangaroo leather straps, handcrafted.
  • Koala Bone earring gifted to him by his sister Anya.
  • Hand carved Kangaroo bone dagger



  • A Kangaroo suede loincloth

All other months

  • 3/4 length ripped dark grey sweatpants
  • Black t-shirt
  • Dark green woollen sweater
  • Black and Green striped scarf

2.  Personality

In his youth he was filled with innocence, naivete and went about things with an almost reckless abandon, but now, having experienced the world he has replaced these with experience, a touch of cynicism and a careful approach.

Friendly and approachable, he puts out an air of relaxed, laid back Aussie, but behind it all he is cautious and suspicious of all new encounters. He is reserved, holding back on personal information until he feels comfortable enough to trust. Once he trusts he will open up and a whole new side is revealed; an open, amiable and funny individual who enjoys physical contact and affection.

Though he seems to be a relatively happy fellow, and comfortable with it being just him and Gelar, he is actually deeply lonely and craves canine companionship. His lack of such companionship often causes small bouts of depression that even brief encounters with other canines can cure. He knows that pack life would help with this, but is reluctant to commit to living in one place.

2.1  Demeanor

- Friendly - Confident, but reserved. - Naturally flirty. - Slightly sarcastic.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Travelling, socialising, all things Australia
  • Dislikes: Being alone, cold weather, feeling confined.


Cautious, friendly, loving.

  • Outlook: Inwardly pessimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Being alone, being confined


  • Social interaction, freedom, curiosity.


  • Packs: Is slightly wary of all packs, believes they may try and trap him.
  • Species: No species bias.
  • Non-Luperci: No bias either way.
  • Gender: Is fond of both genders.
  • Color: No colour bias, though feels weirdly drawn to canines with similar coat colours to his own.
  • Sexuality: Has no prejudices.
  • Age: Respects elders, likes to play with kids, but gets along better with young/mid adults.


After exploring his sexuality many years ago with a friend he came to the realisation that he is bisexual with no particular preference, since then he has also discovered that he is polyamorous, though is capable of monogamy.

He is openly flirtatious and will pursue those he finds attractive or interesting enough, unless he is expressly asked to stop or turned down. He will then switch to pursuing friendship instead.

Sexually he is neutral, enjoying both dominance and submission.


Has tried everything at least once. Is no longer fond of mind altering substances as they have led him into trouble in the past.


Has no particular faith, believes in some aboriginal myths and legends, will tell the stories if asked.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Deep, gravelly voice with a Broad Australian accent.
  • Scent: Dust, dry heat, something unidentifiable and exotic.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

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4.4  Former Relations

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4.5  Residence

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4.6  NPCs


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4.7  Abilities


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4.8  Inventory


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Category of Things

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5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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6.  History

Was born into a tribe in the remote Australian Outback alongside one brother, Cole, and one sister, Anya. When they came of age they were scarred, as was tribe custom, with their own individual symbol. Not long after Baird's wanderlust overtook him and he set out to travel the world. He hopped a ship and sailed to Asia where he disembarked and travelled by foot across the continent.

After travelling the long way round he came to 'Souls where he wandered the territories, meeting new people and making new friends. Eventually he befriended HarveyButler and Aoves, moving into their shared home and helping with the arrival of their first litter of pups. While living at the house Baird met a short, fox coated wolf called Sebastian who he flirted with and eventually had sexual relations with. This scared him and he ran, questioning himself and becoming unsettled. He decided to leave Nova Scotia and left with Harvey and Aoves blessing.

After leaving Nova Scotia he travelled south, through North America until he came to Mexico. There he ran into some unfavourable characters who took him captive and traded him as a slave. He was traded for by a female wolf who favoured him as an exotic intrigue, she kept him with her at all times, often showing him off to others in her society until she was killed in a trade dispute and he escaped with Pan and Gelar. He ran to Texas where he settled for a few months, just log enough for Pan, his aged Quoll to pass on. It was then that he decided to head back to 'Souls where he remembered kind Luperci and friends made.

6.1  Timeline


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6.2  Threads


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