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Pack Details

Colours Silver Chalice (#a8a8a8)
Wine Berry (#5e1f1f)
Abbreviation SP
Demonym Sapien
Founded By Nivosus & Ardoise
Final Leadership Nivosus Moineau
Founded On 5th October 2014
Disbanded On 16th July 2018


Top Poster (retired) Procrastination Whip
Co-Rank (retired) Co-Rank Shield (Sapient variant)
Métier Tier I Tier 2 Multiple Tiers
Area of Study Globe
Envoy Caliber I Caliber II Caliber III Caliber IV Caliber V

Sapient is a pack located in the Frost Reaches section of 'Souls and lays claim to territory within Bathurst, Gaspesia, Sugarloaf Resort, and North Shore. The pack's main area of residence is within the Government Estate, a large but old mansion with access to St. John's river close by. Sapient is an all-species pack, meaning any canine is free to join the ranks provided they are Lupceri -- non-Luperci are shunned from Sapient's ranks but will be accepted in the event that they allow themselves to be turned into a Luperci.

It is an pro-humanization and pro-cultural advancement pack. A Sapien’s life revolves around power, wealth, and knowledge; the three cornerstones on which Sapient culture is built. An individual’s wealth is a key element of their standing, judged both by personal wealth and what the individual can contribute towards the pack as a whole. Sapiens are encouraged to educate themselves beyond the level of other packs, with the pursuit of specialized research and skills highly encouraged in the pack’s upper echelons.

Ranks are based on a four-tiered system focusing on character skills and personalities, with the main focus on the share of knowledge and attainment of wealth. A willingness to pursue Métiers and participate in Envoys opportunities, as well as increase knowledge in a specified Area of Study, creation and trade of goods, and the preservation and sharing of skills amongst pack members is important to Sapient. Respect is expected to be shown to those of a higher rank and experience, and those who hold higher ranks may choose to assert dominance over others if they choose, but dominance and submission are not an integral aspect of Sapient life.

Pack Notes

  • Scent: Metallic, Salt, Tule, Oregano, Moineau Family
  • Archetypes
    • Welcome: Luperci, Greedy, Power Hungry, Intellects, Researchers, Craftsman, Loyalists, Merchants, Fighters, Thieves, Diplomats.
    • Unwelcome: Non-Luperci, Criminals, High-Morals, Instigators, Primitives, Dullards, Unskilled, Weak Willed, Soft Hearted, Rapists and Murderers.

Sapient Maps

1.  History

Please view Overview | Timeline for Sapient's detailed history.

What was once a passing concept -- just an idea loosely discussed -- quickly grew into something larger. Loners gathered, drawn together by their mutual interest in trade and the more humanized way of living. They sought to further expand their wealth, power, skills, and knowledge, and they eventually banded together and decided to form a pack, originally consisting of a male-dominated membership. During their first year of existence Sapiens strove to improve the lands that they now called their own; repairing buildings, alongside constructing new ones, deterred only by poor weather and the floods that struck the area. Despite this, members quickly settled into the Government Estate, which became the central hub of activity, along with the main place of residency for membership.

The pack remained established for nearly four years before increasing turbulent times and deceit by the pack's own leader finally lead to its disbandment on July 16th, 2018. A note found on the strangled body of Leonardo Auditore pointed to Sagax Nivosus Moineau as the murder, and planted the seed of doubt in his own members in whether his actions were truly for their benefit or his own selfish ones. Conspiracies on the true cause of the Dark Horse Conflict and true killer behind the mysterious deaths of Itō Miwa and Marne Sadira during the months that the pack and its ally, Krokar, were harassed by a drug cartel group were dredged up. Piled on were Nivosus' continued alcoholism and absenteeism during times when the pack needed a leader most, as well as his over all way of leading. In the end, the pack came to the conclusion to confront Nivosus about his wrongdoings, only to find that their Sagax had abandoned them before he would be made to defend himself.

Without a leader (and their respect for the one they had now shaken or spoiled), and with none of the Consili willing to step up to lead the pack, Sapient was unofficially disbanded by its own members. In the weeks following, packmates gathered their things, said their goodbyes, and began their search for a new home. Some ventured south to the pack's Portland location, The University of New England, bringing the news of the main pack's disbandment to them by July 23rd, 2018.

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1.1  Members

Final Leadership: Nivosus Moineau


Characters born here

Founding Members

Final Membership

2.  Pack Relationships

  • For a full breakdown on pack relations and history with Sapient, please view our history page.
This is just a summary, including most recent key points. Relevant threads, along with information on inactive pack relations can all be found on our more detailed history page.
-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

Mainland Packs

Peninsula Packs



The foundations of a trade network were previously being built with Salsola. However, it had been many years of no contact with one another, their relationship had grown stale due to lack of interaction.. Trade was actively being encouraged between Salsola and Sapient, along with other such positive engagement, but nothing became of it before Sapient disbanded.

Relevant Notes

  • Sapient approaches Salsola amicably with a small group, including their Ambassador. Despite a few peculiar incidents, a tentative line of contact is formed between the packs.
  • Salsola members later travel to Sapient on a trade mission and stay for a diplomatic, Masquerade Ball held in July 2015 -- where they are accused of having something to do with the murder which occurs despite their relationship with the host. Even so, they assist Sapient's efforts.

Despite a rocky start to their relations, Inferni and Sapient share many bloodlines and, as of January 2018, had been encouraging members to spend more time with each other, in any capacity, to see where things currently stand between the two packs. Sapient's disbandment and Inferni's to follow thereafter meant that no amiable relationship could be established between the two.

Relevant Notes

  • Snapdragon Lykoi previously stole from Sapient, putting the two packs at odds.
  • A scavenger hunt between Krokar, Sapient, and Inferni helped break the ice between the Sapient and Inferni, allowing everyone to interact in neutral grounds and in a fun manner, clearing the air and opening the possibility for further relations.
  • An Envoy team consisting of Asura, Rowtag, Mads, Moon Moon, and Sylvestre made their way to Inferni in an attempt to further establish a friendly relationship between the two packs.



Krokar had been involved with Sapient since it was first established. Through various trials, trades, and events, the two packs were solid allies. All KR/SP trades and general relationships should be common knowledge amongst both packs' members, and newer members can assume to have been informed of their western neighbors. Diplomatic relations with KR should build off what was already known.

Relevant Notes

  • When Operation Meteor occurred, Sapiens sent aid down to their significantly more-effected allies.
  • Both packs participated within the Familia Sugit conflict and came out on top victorious.
  • In December 2017, with both packs targeted by a cartel, Sapient and Krokar united to free their captured pack members Reluceo, Thiago, Rowtag, Hibiki, Bartolv, and Oscar, concluding the strange events that had been occurring in both packs for a few months prior.
  • A scavenger hunt between Krokar, Sapient, and Inferni only further increased their relationship with one another.

Although the packs have had several positive interactions, Sapient had no official relationship to Cour des Miracles. Trade was actively encouraged with CdM to renew a relationship with them.

Relevant Notes

  • Whilst the two packs have had engagement in the past, over time their relationship had grown stale due to lack of interaction.



Sapient had no official relationship to Mistfell Vale, and knew little to nothing about the newly founded pack before Sapient was disbanded.

Relevant Notes

  • The two packs had minor interaction with one another when Sapient sent a small Envoy group consisting of Sabrael and Shaamah in an attempt to get to know Mistfell Vale better.

Because of Lola's part in Desiderio's death, older Sapiens were generally less welcoming to those from Casa di Cavalieri. Younger generations or newer members typically treated the pack neutrally. Sapient members would have been aware of Lola's involvement, and would be warned to treat CdC with caution.

Relevant Notes

  • During the diplomatic, Masquerade Ball hosted by Sapient in July 2015, Lola killed Desiderio Auditore and caused a rift between the packs.
  • Luca Knight has attempted to bridge this rift and make amends, as such Sapiens are encouraged to be wary, but not hostile towards Cavaliers.
  • Sapient agreed (with a price) to help the daughters of CdC's Lune, Teagan and Indi, when Teagan was at death's door near their borders in the fall of 2016.
  • Hibiki began an apprenticeship with CdC's Grynn in the fall of 2017.

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