Solomon Amaranthe



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  • Date of Birth: 18 January 2016
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: Alejandra Sanctus
  • Residence: The Hill Homes
  • Nickname: Solo
  • Pronunciation: SAHL - oh - men
  • Meaning:Man of Peace
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Epithet: The Vagrant

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Solomon Amaranthe was a member of Bête Noire, formally a longtime loner.

Born in Sapient with Onuban and (unbeknownst to him) Revlis blood, he has had previous stints in his birthpack, his mother's homelands, and Cour des Miracles; however, a violent encounter with Ciprian Tenebriso left him gravely wounded with a traumatic brain injury. His sister, Odalis, assumed he had been killed as she disappeared into the dead of night.

He returned to the Court for some time until around mid-2018, when he felt he was no longer needed there, that it was no longer his home. Solomon has traveled aimlessly in and out of 'Souls lands, desperate to find his captive sibling, all the while suffering from fickle memory and temporary blindness in his right eye on account of his TBI. His travels brought him, briefly, to Del Cenere Gang as an outsider, where he met the shy and reclusive Alejandra Sanctus — a woman that strived to earn a place in Solomon's deteriorating mind.

They soon left the pack, together, and despite the challenges Solomon's state provided them, established a relationship. Their wandering brought them to Bête Noire, where they settled and had a child together, Marina Amaranthe. But even with these two tethering him to some sense of reality, his heart still ached over the disappearance of his lone sister.

After learning of Odalis's fate from a reluctant Alejandra, Solomon committed this to memory by any means necessary, determined not to forget it yet again. He penned two words onto a crumpled piece of parchment and made plans to set off after her: Odalis. Salsola. He attempted to free her from her captors and end her term of "enslavement" prematurely, as he had failed to protect her all those years ago — but he was ultimately unsuccessful.

As punishment for his insolence, Solomon was [M] murdered by O'Riley Eternity in July 2021.

What if everything around you isn't quite as it seems?
What if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream?
And if you look at your reflection, is it all you want it to be?
What if you could look right through the cracks
Would you find yourself afraid to see?

1.  Appearance


  • Species: Solomon clearly resembles a wolfdog hybrid, with little if any evidence of his coyote heritage.
  • Fur: Short-medium length, plush fur that only subtly curls.
    • Optime Hair: Dark and curly, usually pulled back into a low bun or otherwise tamed.
  • Facial Features: Solomon has a long muzzle and a chiseled head shape, with obvious domestic influence that makes his face square but soft. His ears are furry and carry the cocked or semi-pricked shape.
  • Build and Size: Solomon stands at the upper end of average. He is broad-shouldered and stocky like a working dog, though not stout; his height balances out. He looks trim enough when viewed from the side.
    • Optime Height: 6'2 ft (74 in.)
  • Humanization: High; though he does not shun his feral forms, Solomon has humanlike mannerisms and dress. He is most often found in his Optime form, yet there are occasions when he wakes up in his Secui form with no recollection of shifting down.

Color Palette


 Firefly (#0E1C24)

 Cloud Burst (#1E374C)

 Brandy Punch (#D7862B)

 Shadow (#846953)

 Double Pearl Lustra (#FCEBD4)

Optime Hair

 Firefly (#0E1C24)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

 Black Pearl (#010609)


 Broom (#FEFE10)

1.1  Gallery

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by Nic by Kitty by Alaine by Raze

2.  Personality


Solomon has changed much over the years as a result of continuous trauma, but at his core, he is more or less the same: raised to be a proper gentleman, he is dutiful, courtly, and proper in social situations, should they arise. However, he does not seek out these interactions readily, whether out of fear that he will not recognize a former friend or because it is just easier to retreat into the recesses of his own mind.

While his limitations do not define him, they have certainly changed him. Some days are better than others. Although he is not altogether a shell of his former self, there was a spark in the young man's eyes that was snuffed out long ago and has yet to return.


  • Demeanor: Reserved, polite, respectful, cautious, somewhat antisocial
  • Speech: Quiet, velvet baritone; soft Spanish accent; speaks carefully and properly.
  • Scent: Rainwater, bulrushes, woodsmoke, horses, wood
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Gestures with his hands, can sometimes find it difficult to make eye contact when speaking.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Tends to stand with shoulders hunched.

2.1  Traits



  • Packs: All of the packs Solo used to associate with are all gone; he doesn't know/remember much about the new lay of the land.
  • Species: Prefers dogs and wolfdogs; likely to stereotype coyotes as Inferni-brand.
  • Non-Luperci: As with Sapient and his mother's people, Solomon carries a prejudice against non-shifters. This is not a hateful prejudice, but he sees them as impoverished and pities them.
  • Gender: Solomon is extremely respectful toward women — to the point that he seems to favor them over men.
  • Sexuality: Disapproves of "sleeping around," especially when it results in out-of-wedlock children.

Motivations and Fears

After the brutal attack, Solomon's singular goal had been to finding Odalis, dead or (hopefully) alive — but he has been largely unsuccessful over the years, and even when he learned of his sister's whereabouts, he was unable to commit this to memory. More recently, Solo has been driven to provide for his wife and child, throwing himself into protecting them where his efforts with Odalis fell short.

While it is an inevitability, Solomon still fears the complete split of his memory and his waking consciousness. His condition is gradually getting worse, and remembering events, big or small, is a monumental, if not more-than-occasionally impossible. He frequently does not recognize even Alejandra or their daughter and it not only embarrasses him, but terrifies him.


Heterosexual and monogamous. He is exclusively and endlessly devoted to his mate, Alejandra, and shows his affection in small, inconspicuous ways in the presence of others (holding hands, rubbing her back, etc.). The fact that anyone could look past his inadequacies and still love him for who he is baffles Solo, and he thinks the world of Aly, more than he can ever say.


Not fond of smoking. Will drink socially but doesn't like the lack of control that would pile on top of his pre-existing health issues. Solo has previously been interested in herbs or other tinctures that could potentially alleviate the symptoms of his TBI, but hasn't actively pursued this idea.


While he doesn't actively practice the faith, Solo was taught the ways of the Lantern in accordance with his Amaranthe heritage. He is somewhat cynical about the so-called Light of the Truth, as he suffers from temporary blindness if his eyes are exposed to elevated levels of light (e.g. looking skyward at the sun for a brief period). He sees this as some sort of punishment from the Light for not being strong enough to save his sister.

3.  Relationships

Immediate Family

* denotes relation is unknown to character

4.  History

Solomon Amaranthe was born a member of Sapient. Born to the pack's former councilor, Akantha, he boasts Onuban heritage — as well as a darker bloodline from his unknown father, Bacchus Revlis of Salsola.

The firstborn of his litter alongside Lucian and Odalis, Solomon took on a "father figure" role to his siblings — largely to make up for his biological father's absence and the fickleness of his mother, whom he fosters some resentment toward for her excuses.

Shortly after his birth, Akantha fell into a depression and subsequently out of grace from her lofty position in the pack. Her Mother received word in December of 2016 that Thalia had arranged a marriage for her in Onuba, and that she should return home at once. After many discussions with Semini, Akantha eventually decided to return home to Onuba to fulfill this arrangement, bringing her children with her.

In Onuba, Solomon spent most of his time working with his Grandmothers Andalusians and became quite adept at working with them. He finds a companionship in horses that he does not find with people and can sometimes find it difficult to connect with those outside of his direct family. When he works with the animals, he becomes a different person; assertive, confident — a broad shouldered man that can handle anything in stride. Outside of the arena he can be broody and thoughtful, though no less kind than his sister.

Lucian is one of the only characters in his life that can always get under his skin. Solomon finds it difficult to balance the strong bond that urges him to protect his brother while at the same time also wanting to punch him in the face.

In the summer of 2018, Solomon abandoned Onuba to find his sister in the wake of his mother’s marriage to Isandro Robles and he joined her in Cour des Miracles as a Roturier. He brought his most prized horse along with him for the journey; a silver mare named Bruma.

Ciprian Tenebriso began stalking his sister sometime in the fall, and Solomon protected her as best as he could. In October of 2018, Solomon was struck by tragedy when Ciprian came for Odalis, and in an attempt to rescue her was struck down and ‘killed’. In truth, Ruckus, a sidekick to the kidnapper, struck him so that he would only become unconscious. Odalis does not know this as she saw his limp body from astride her kidnappers horse and thinks him dead.

He lingered at the Court for sometime after until he felt that it was no longer a home, not when his beloved sister was gone; nor did he feel especially needed. He set off with what few belongs he had and his adored mare, but along his aimless, goal-less journey, much of these possessions have been scattered to the wind.