Oxley Workshops

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Upon the western outskirts of the densely-packed central market, where the tightly packed buildings give way to rubble and untamed greenery, is what remains of the small, gated community known as Oxley. Smothered in overgrown ivy and shrouded from sight by trees that have thrived out here, lay a handful of French-style buildings; beautiful and in an array of disrepair, these derelict buildings may not be the most inhabitable but hold promise with a bit of love being shown their way.

Winding between the houses that still stands is a maze of overgrown trails, surely to confuse even the most adapt at navigating their way around. Breaking only in the central space, where the remnants of what appears to have once been a grand fountain, this place simply whispers untold secrets and romance.

Upon the pack’s disbandment, there were several working workshops in order; a medicine clinic, a blacksmith, a tailor, a carpenter, and a leather-crafting shop. In the blacksmith shop, Leonardo Auditore was killed via strangulation by an unknown packmate, the event being the start of what caused Sapient’s disbandment.

The pack, Sapient, laid claim to this area from October 2014 - July 2018.


Stock photos courtersy of: Flikkersteph, Thomas Favre-Bulle

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