Government Estate

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The former quaint, unobtrusive location of New Brunswick's central government and home to its Lieutenant Governor, very unlike a central government building in a territorial capital as most countries had done. The building itself is extremely old but was very well kept in its day. It has deteriorated at an average pace and is as apt to choking dust and collapsing floors as any other building, but the government house bears plenty of very fine architecture, high ceilings, and wealthy furniture, all covered in a layer of dust and worn by weather and torn and frayed by rodents. Its floor-level rooms include a dining room and kitchen, a waiting/sitting room, a bar lounge, various offices and storage places, as well as a sizable library of government books, documents, scavenged, and Luperci-made material. The upper story once belonged to the governor's family, though, there are other rooms of various purposes to be found there as well. Some of governor’s wife’s jewelry could once be found up here, although all of these belongings have long-since been pilfered. St. John's River flows nearby.

The pack, Sapient, laid claim to this building from October 2014 - July 2018.

Communal Rooms

Main Hall

The Main Hall was considered Sapient’s greatest achievement. Since its founding, members of the pack have banded together to reconstruct the large room to its prior splendor. Carpenters and stonemasons have recreated (to the best of their Luperci ability) the grand stairways on either side of the open space. The banisters are thick and carved with patterns of leaves and tree branches – and though some pieces are still in disrepair, the majority of the space has been cleaned and brought back to Sapient’s standard. The place is decorated with ruby red accents, and is usually edged in floral arrangements or other pieces of decoration. The hall is the largest area within the Estate and bordered by hallways that lead to other rooms, both residential and for trade-use.

The Hall is where Sapient gathered for their meetings and when needed acts as a reception hall when hosting large parties and diplomacy events. In the Summer of 2015, Desiderio Auditore was thrown down from the second floor to his death during a Diplomacy Ball involving representatives of most of the regions packs.

Sitting Room

The sitting room has transformed from its mundane beginnings as Sapient slowly accumulated new members and new wealth. Much of the Estate’s finest furniture has been moved into the large seating area and arranged around the space’s fire place. Many of the chairs and chesterfields are dilapidated or in some form if disrepair though holes and stains have been covered with well-placed doilies and blankets created by the pack’s resident tailor. Large windows allow in plenty of natural light, though heavy curtains can be pulled across to allow for more privacy if needed. It is common to see members lounging or making conversation in the Sitting Room and is where leaders tend to receive guests.

Dining Room

The Dining room retains some of its original splendor, though it is obvious that the room has seen many eras of disuse. Sapient’s many tradesmen had attempted to tidy the area, and it is obvious by the wall patching and dilapidated furniture that an attempt at its previous splendor has been made. A large crystal chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling, and, though unable to be lit, catches at pieces of afternoon sunlight to glitter about the room. None of the chairs match, and the table has been scuffed from many Luperci meals being eaten off of its heavy top. Reina Del Sol had begun to decorate the edges of the room with large pieces of her own art work to brighten up the space before the pack was disbanded.


The Kitchens are now rarely used for their original purpose, though many of the Luperci that call Sapient home use the room for its extensive storage. Much of the food that is harvested from the garden and the surrounding forests of Gaspesia are prepared for smoking and drying here. The many cupboards are usually filled with scavenged provisions, as well as the occasional mouse. One of the cats from the Barn may be found here as the kitchen’s mouser, and can usually be seen sitting in the windows surveying their territory.


The Library is one of the largest rooms in the Estate and filled end to end with books. Many of the volumes contained within are damaged and still require to be sifted through. Large overstuffed chairs are strewn sporadically about the room for reading in, though the main draw is the large fireplace against one wall. Some Sapiens have converted a small piece of the Library to hold a desk, and so some Sapiens who wish to begin their Area of Study can spread their work and delve into their research in peace. The walls retain much of their former displays, though some of the windows require repairs.

Communal Workshop

The workshop is almost always a mess of projects and research. Many of Sapient’s carpenters and tradespeople were familiar with the drafty working area and dedicate much time to its use. Some basic tools can be found strewn about, as well as other useful items. The workshop has a bit of graffiti on its wall created by Brandy Blackrust.

Bar Lounge

The Bar Lounge is a very popular socializing spot for most Sapiens. Filled with homemade and traded liquors of various qualities, with a bar and ample seating arrangements and large enough to fit a small table or two, the room served a well-loved purpose amongst the pack. It was a place for various parties and social drinking. When Biff’s Bar opened up in Amherst, however, the bar was not as popular as it once had been.


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