The Dark Horse Conflict

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  1.   1.  Summary
  2.   2.  Backstory
  3.   3.  The Blackwood Family
    1.   3.1  Reid Blackwood
    2.   3.2  Enzo Blackwood
    3.   3.3  Aziza Crassus
    4.   3.4  Kaia Blackwood
    5.   3.5  Naya Griffon
  4.   4.  Timeline

The Dark Horse Conflict was a series of retaliation attacks upon Sapient by the Blackwood family, which sought to take revenge upon the pack that murdered one of their own and stole from them.

The Dark Horse Conflict


21st February 2016 — 22nd March 2016


Northern Tides, Sapient


Half of the loners killed.


Blackwood Family


  • Character

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

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2.  Backstory

Traveling to and from the outpost before its disbandment, the small traveling family established a camp out just west of Sapient's borders, intending to stay there for a few weeks to trade the last of their goods to surrounding packs.

On his travels, Nivosus spied the group from a distance and observed them on several occasions, his curiosity was spiked by two of the horses the group owned. Desiring to acquire the horses, but unwilling to trade with the group on the principle that they kept non-luperci company, he sought out Miwa and the two stalked the group, waiting until the daughter and her mate were alone.

In a quick strike, they knocked out the daughter and killed the non-luperci after a brief struggle, turning over the camp and stealing a handful of bags at random, caring little for the goods but intending to make it appear like a robbery. Unfortunately, Miwa was injured during the fight and her blood is spilled upon the loners camp!

With a dead body and an unconscious young female, their camp ransacked and a few drops of blood and the weather fighting against them as rains wash away much of the clues, the small loner group have very little to go by; with just the lingering scent of one of the local packs as a starting point. Posing as traders and prospective joiners, they seek to try to find out who was responsible and get avenge for their fallen comrade and their stallions back.

3.  The Blackwood Family

Consisting of a small family unit, the Blackwoods are wondering traders who were lured out to visit the Outpost, before the trading post was disbanded. Baring excessive goods that they had yet succeeded in trading off, the family group established a semi long-term camp in neutral lands, intending to approach surrounding packs to sell and trade the goods that they still had left over.

3.1  Reid Blackwood

Figurehead of the group, Reid is the main decision maker of the family; from where they travel or if they will give a discount or not. Mated to Aziza and father of Kaia, he is doting to his family and teasing towards his more serious brother Enzo.



Reid is a large dark tawny male with dark brown eyes. Gray fingers and hands lead up to dark brown and black arms. A creamy sand colored chest extends from belly to chin. Light flecked grays can be seen on his back and the tip of his dark black tail.


A creature of grand schemes and big ideas, Reid is very much a dreamer with a game plan. Of a greedy nature, he adores luxury and indulges in items for the simply act of flaunting wealth and culture. Quick to grow jealous, his need to possess that which he desires often leads him to be careless. However, among his family and friends he is laid back and a generally good natured sort, with a joke and kind word at the ready as required.

3.2  Enzo Blackwood

Serving as right hand to his brother Reid, Enzo is a serious and good creature who shows endless patience and loyalty towards his whimsical family. For some time now he has been in love with Naya, although Lincoln’s mateship to Kaia and general awkwardness has prevented him from ever acting upon these feelings.



Cream dipped paws match his light colored chest. Dark brown, freckled with sand and black, cover his face and back. Light tan accents his cheeks and dark hazel eyes. Enzo can usually be seen in a long hooded cloak.


The more sensible of the siblings, Enzo has a self-sacrificing streak a mile wide and is quick to take up arms for something if he perceives the cause as noble. Seeing the world in black and white, he makes choices based on what he deems good. Calm and quiet in nature, he is content to spend time surrounded by nature or in the company of family, caring little for parties or extravagant social situations.

3.3  Aziza Crassus

A social butterfly and a good distraction, Aziza is the friendly face that will approach any and all, to lure them in and butter them up to hand over all their worldly goods. Mated to Reid and mother to Kaia, she is a bit of an eccentric mother but tries her best.



Light in frame and color Aziza is beautifully shaped and pattered, with a lightly burnt orange covering her shoulders and back and rust accents on her ears and face. She wears her hair long, often tied in a braid.


Strong willed and wild to the core, Aziza is a carefree soul who is quick to flirt and charm her way into a good discount or perhaps to increase her own sales. Full of sass and wit, there seems to always be a smile upon the females face. A natural born trader, she comes into full confidence when around others, enjoying banter and heated discussions over trading.

3.4  Kaia Blackwood

Sheltered by her more outgoing parents, given anything and everything she desired, Kaia is a kind and carefree child, although her good intentions can often cause harm to those she directs them at. Mated to her first love, Lincoln Griffon, Kaia believes she has forever found her happy ending with him.



Kaia is a petite wolf, with a small percentage of coyote mixed in her timber wolf blood. She often has a worried look on her tan and brown face, and her large blue eyes easily spell out her anxiety. Her light brown hair is kept short and messy, contributing to her dishevelled look.


Skittish and wide eyed, Kaia seems to always appear on edge and often resembles that of a startled deer. Naive and sheltered, she had been brought up wanting nothing and does not have any concept for others hardships or belief that someone can inherently be evil or do evil. Gullible to say the least, she is an air head and clutz to boot.

3.5  Naya Griffon

Jaded and anti-social, Naya is one to linger and glare at everyone and anything from the outskirts of social situations. As a non-luperci, she has often faced prejudice and cares little for putting herself out there to meet new canines or make friends. Loyal to the trading group due to her brothers mateship to Kaia, she acts as a body guard of sorts for the traders.



A combination of dark grays and silver Naya’s coat is stunning and she would be a beautiful creature if not for the scars and semi-permanent scowl on her face. Dark brows shadowing her light ice-blue eyes and a small scar on her muzzle round out her brooding appearance.


Possessing a cold disposition and harsh views of the world, having been born non-luperci and condemned for her inability to shift and unwillingness to be infected, Naya is a loyal bodyguard and friend to her brother’s family through mateship. A pessimist of a sorts, Naya often finds herself over thinking the past and her actions, blaming herself and seeking fault in everything she does.

4.  Timeline

  • 21st March: Nivosus approaches Miwa over the loner group and the horses they have with them. The two are quick to settle upon a game plan and head out to the camp site, initiating the strike and theft of the two stallions.
    • Participants: Nivosus, Miwa, Kaia Blackwood, Lincoln Griffon
  • 7th March: Naya manages to break free and seeks to help Enzo escape; quick to discover this plot, Sapiens must apprehend her and bring her back under control… but it would seem Naya has other plans and would rather die than be kept a prisoner; but not until she’s caused pain to those of the pack that killed her brother. Expect injuries, because Naya is going to go down fighting!
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