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Chat Disclaimer

Members who abuse the chat or the members within it, in any way, will be booted from the chat without prior warning. All chats are logged and a leader is always present (even if we aren't chatting), so please keep this in mind and mind your manners!

Sapient offers a private pack chat for our players, hosted on Discord. If you are a member of Sapient, click the 'join' button to the right (or alternatively, click here) and you'll be automatically added to our chat.

Our group chat is a great way to meet the other players in Sapient, stay on top of IC and OOC events, and get completely immersed in plots with your pack mates. We have chat games that help you earn pack game points, discuss potential pack-wide plots, upcoming contests, etc.

If you haven't got a Discord account, don't worry! All you need to do is go to their website and sign up! Discord can be downloaded to your desktop, accessed in internet browsers or on phone apps.

WARNING: This chat may contain material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, innuendos, etc. So please be aware before asking to join the SP group chat - by joining the chat, you agree that you are aware of the chat's rating and possible content.

The Gutter’s Rules

  • The Gutter is available to current or upcoming Sapient members exclusively.
  • Those looking to arrange for plots to join SP or those who have adopted an SP character, of which they intend to pick up, are granted a 2 week grace period in chat. Clicking the link will add you to our sever; you will not be able to view or post in the SP chat until a leader approves your joining.
  • At the end of each month, leadership will remove all non-SP players who do not have a current or intended SP character.
  • Only leaders can accept players into the chat; clicking the link lets you into the server. Please be patient and await for a leader to allow you full access after joining the server.
  • 'Souls RPG's boardwide rules apply. We have a zero tolerance attitude towards harassment, drama, passive aggressive conduct, etc. Such content will be logged, reported and you will be removed from the chat.
  • All chats are automatically logged. Additionally, leaders, moderators and SA members are present in the chat, even if we aren't chatting.
  • Please do not approach moderators and SA members in chat for board-related matters. If you have a problem, post to the relevant forum, PM the appropriate account or IM them personally.
  • Chat topics revolving around characters, plots and other IC themes should generally be relevant to Sapient.
  • If you wish to discuss at length content or adoptables for other packs, please go to 'Souls chat or a private conversation.
  • Please do not advertise non-SP characters, events, etc. Additionally, do not advertise non-souls related matters, such as other RP forums.
  • This rule does not include OOC or real topics of discussion, which are welcome!
  • Language and subject content should be kept reasonably clean.
  • SP chat is considered a mature chat (18+) and is aimed towards our older member base. Upon requesting entry to chat, you are doing so on the understanding that content may exceed the boards PG13 rating.
  • If you are uncomfortable with mature things, please clearly let the chat know that's the case, so that members may moderate accordingly.
  • No mature graphics or videos. All graphical media is restricted to PG13, with some swearing allowed.

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