Kalila Damaichu

This character was previously a NPC of Sapient.

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Daughter of Grace Revlis and Zalen Damaichu, Kalila was born in the confines of New Dawn when it was still banded together. Though the daughter of the Alpha, she was born out of his mated relationship with Raeka Rain, making her something of a stigma upon her family – though not one that truly let it bother her. After her father's death and mother's disappearance, she wandered alone until she met a floppy-eared dog who told her about Sapient. She joined them spring of 2015 and became fascinated with the prospect of inventing new things.

Kalila died in the fall of 2017, when Sapient and Krokar were hit by a drug cartel group. She was part of an investigation team with Asura Creo and Sabrael Vela, however, her curiosity and need to solve the mysterious map left behind by the cartel caused her to become separated from them and, ultimately, killed by the group as well. Her body was later found by Malcolm of Krokar, before it was returned to Sapient.





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  • Date of Birth: 01 May 2014
  • Date of Death: 29 Oct 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Sapient (March 2015)
  • Rank: Novus
  • cNPC: --
  • Minor NPCs: --


Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Kalila around the Government Estate, reading books based in technology or trying to fix (read: innovate) things.
  • Spotting her in Bathurst, swimming or otherwise.

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, particularly anything that could affect further RP.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: True to her wolf-heavy heritage, Kalila appears to be a wolf; there's no traces in her size or shape of her sparse coyote and dog roots.
  • Fur: Her fur is short and well-kept, always thick and with a velvety texture. She grows a second coat during the winter, shedding marginally when spring returns.
    • Optime Hair: Type 3A. Voluminous and very curly, her hair is temperamental (especially in the face of humidity). Styled only on the rarest of occasions due to how unruly it is.
  • Facial Features: A broad muzzle and small ears typify her wolfy features, though her predominantly black muzzle gives her the appearance of being only eyes at a distance.
  • Build and Size: Statuesque describes Kalila well, heralding back to old human ideals of beauty from their Roman age; she boasts a classic display of an "hourglass" shape, with wide hips and a pronounced bust, though she's no contemporary waif. She lacks in bulky muscles and has her fair share of shapely chub, offering her a solid feature when coupled with her taller height.
  • Humanization: Though born in New Dawn, Kalila is highly humanized, as per Sapient's habits.


  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black.
  • Claws: Black.
General Colors
Tea (#bcb8ac)
Indian Khaki (#c3a488)
Sandal (#b28d6d)
Cape Palliser (#a16d42)
Flint (#6c655d)
Cod Gray (#141414)
Eye Color
Inch Worm (#badf11)
Wedgewood (#47779a)

1.2  Miscellaneous





List Scars

Jewelry and Accessories

  • --


  • --



100 lbs (45 kg) — 32 in (82 cm)

(Maybe describe her.)


200 lbs (91 kg) — 40 in (102 cm)

(Maybe describe her.)


220 lbs (100 kg) — 6ft 5in (77 in) (192 cm)

(Maybe describe her.)


  • Speech: --
  • Scent: Sapient, goats, sea spray.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: There's a lot of fidgeting that Kalila does, particularly shifting of her weight between her feet.
  • General Posture and Body Language: (Redescribe her posture. Tall, straight-backed, insecure.)


2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

(Describe personality.)

  • Outlook: Optimistic.
  • Sociability: Introverted, shy.
  • Expression: Insecure.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.

2.2  Traits

2.3  Details


  • Likes: Making things, Sapient, reading, swimming, having conversations.
  • Dislikes: Being made to feel ignorant.


  • Creating useful things for the betterment of Sapient and its higher living.


  • --


  • Packs: Incredibly fond of Sapient, she prefers packs with similar mindsets; Krokar is her favorite outside of her home, due to their love of water (as she enjoys swimming very much), and she's fascinated by Midnight Shores, having only just found out there was a pack on the island.
  • Non-Luperci: Born in a pack dominated by people walking on four legs rather than two, Kalila holds very little of the disdain that Sapient possesses. Non-Luperci, or those who choose their Lupus form over their Optime confuse her, as the Optime body offers greater levels of dexterity.


  • Exclusively heterosexual.
    • Though she's beyond sexual maturity, she's thus far avoided the issue of romance, knowing only that she does find males physically attractive. She's never participated in sex and has no opinion of it, positive or negative. Her libido is low.
  • She undervalues physical appearances; Kalila strongly prefers males with distinct character who are emotionally compatible, as she can be distant and awkward when faced with emotions of affectionate nature.
  • Her upbringing in New Dawn shows in her preference of monogamy, though she doesn't stigmatize the lack of it, due to the prevalence of non-monogamous births/relationships within Sapient – and her status as an illegitimate pup.


  • --


  • Kalila would be considered an atheist, though not because she truly doesn't believe in higher powers. Instead, it's due to the fact that she's simply never considered how she feels about it, not concerning herself with the possibility of the afterlife, deities, or religious beliefs. She's not been exposed to many.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Grace Revlis: Kalila's mother was attentive and loving, taking good care of her then-youngest daughter; she even took her out to explore, on occassion. In spite of that, she did eventually disappear, though not on her own volition. This has left Kalila a bit confused on her feelings about her mother, who she doesn't realize is still alive.
  • Zalen Damaichu: Her father had a mate at the time she was born, and it wasn't her mother. Because of this, and New Dawn's laws about children between mates and the importance of monogamy, she wasn't entirely welcome in Zalen's home. Still, he would watch her when Grace needed time to herself, and it was because of him that she remained in New Dawn until his death.

Pack Relations

Outsider Relations

  • --
  • --

Former Major Relations

  • --

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: --
  • Reading (Journeyman):
  • Writing (Journeyman):
  • --


  • Education and Learning: --
  • English: --
  • --

4.2  Inventory



Kalila might be persuaded to teach people the following:

  • --


(Smol description.)

  • Offering: --
  • Accepting: --

5.  History



  1. Green White Red Yellow Blue Orange (20 FEB)
    Sapient's borders, with Leonardo Auditore. Meeting a stranger, Kalila gets her first taste of touching a horse.
  2. a hole where my heart should be (20 FEB)
    Camp Gagetown, with Máire Brádaigh. Another meeting with a member of Sapient; this time, she gets to touch floppy dog ears. How exciting!


  1. bring me to life (10 MAR)
    With Storm Cormier. Kalila wakes up amidst a flood and nearly drowns, though she's saved by a brave Kraken.
  2. Only Blueprints (21 MAR)
    Sapient, with Máire Brádaigh and Ciellen Loreath. Kalila joins Sapient officially.
  3. Cut My Life into Pieces (28 MAR)
    Sapient, with Diarmid Ahearne. After joining Sapient, she gets lonely and shown around by a pack member.
  4. they tell me ice cream junkies are all the same (31 MAR)
    Fort Cumberland, with Jehan de l'Or. She meets a stranger! She gets to touch his stumpy limb. Yay!


  1. it's been so long I've forgotten the words (10 APR)
    Sapient, with Ardoise Moineau. After finding the library, a thrilling experience, Kalila meets one of her leaders.


  1. waking up to ash and dust (07 MAY)
    Sapient, with Spike and Ricky. Kalila gets to see the plans for a new forge.
  2. because (the world is round) (28 MAY)
    Sapient, with Leonardo Auditore. She chatters away with an old acquaintance-now-packmate.



  1. satisfaction brought it back (25 JUN)
    Fort Cumberland, with Lithia Napier. Searching for interesting trinkets, Kalila meets with a fellow Sapien and the two explore the ruins of the fort (including the dangerous upstairs).
  2. always wanting what your eyes can't see (26 JUN)
    With Alexander Knight. Kalila finds a stranger sitting near Vinatta, reading by firelight.
  3. dream a little dream (28 JUN)
    Amherst, with Fenris Remmington?. While looking for trinkets to take back home with her, Kalila meets a stranger! (And thinks he's an assassin at first.)
  4. it's semi-serious (30 JUN)
    Amherst, with "Kalypso". Kalila searches for a basket to carry her glass in and comes upon a pretty dog.


  1. sunbather (01 JUL)
    Amherst, with Jehan de l'Or. Kaila meets an old acquaintance while sunbathing, and receives an old revolver. #storageforants
  2. we build the roads we walk upon (05 JUL)
    Near Amherst, with Maciel Lopez. She meets a non-Luperci, an oddity to her, and helps him collect bark from a tree by making him a knife.
  3. we've not yet lost all our graces (06 JUL)
    Sapient's communal paddock, with Cillian Brádaigh. IN PROGRESS.
  4. where the soul blooms (14 JUL) Backdated from 25 Jul.
    Isthmus of Chignecto, with Merlin Knight. Kalila meets someone who lives on the island up north, and learns about Midnight Shores.
  5. sleep, those little slices of death - how I loathe them (22 JUL)
    Sapient's estate, with Shaamah. Planning to go swimming, Kalila is stopped on the stairs by a furry wall. The two go swimming together afterwards. IN PROGRESS.
  6. the dark fields of the republic rolled on (25 JUL)
    Sapient's borders, with "Macha". IN PROGRESS.
  7. the sweetness of the sun's caress (29 JUL)
    Isthmus of Chignecto, with Darkness Hushhowl. IN PROGRESS.
  8. spirits from shadows (30 JUL) Foredated from 29 Jul.
    Sapient's graveyard, with Shaamah and Máire Brádaigh. IN PROGRESS.


  1. with every sunset comes the rise of a new day (04 AUG) Foredated from 28 Jul.
    Mount Oromocto, with Petra Damaichu. Kalila meets a face from her time in New Dawn, one related to her.
  2. the little things (20 AUG)
    Sapient, with Maximilian Barnet. ONGOING.
  3. click, click (24 AUG)
    Government Estate, with Nivosus Moineau. They make a beer pong table. Legit.
  4. great minds (25 AUG)
    Isthmus of Chignecto. ONGOING.
  5. can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder (25 AUG)
    Fort Cumberland, with Baird Byrne. IN PROGRESS.
  6. when I think about you, I... (29 AUG)
    Bathurst, with Cain Hayes. IN PROGRESS.


  1. Einstein (06 SEP)
    Bathurst, with Character?. Description!
  2. the summertime workload (06 SEP)
    Government Estate, with Character?. Description!
  3. it is a truth universally acknowledged (06 SEP)
    Government Estate, with Character?. Description!
  4. as fall sets in (07 SEP) Foredated from 06 Sep.
    Government Estate gardens, with Character?.


  1. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!
  2. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!
  3. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!


  1. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!
  2. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!
  3. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!


  1. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!
  2. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!
  3. Titles (00 JAN 2016)
    Area?, with Character?. Description!

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