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Welcome to Sapient's pack game - a system which awards you points for simply posting and being an awesome member, of which you can cash in for some awesome prizes located in the sidebar on this page's right-hand side.

There are many ways to earn points, of which are outlined below. However, to get you started, here are some pro-tips to make sure that you can get the most out of our game.

Tracking Your Points

Point Transfers

Sapient only accepts the submission of google sheets. For an example on how to use google sheets to track your game points, please view here.

Additionally, we provide a template of the above example here. To use, simply click file, then 'make a copy' of our provided example to duplicate the sheet and edit it to fit your characters.

Sapient allow for point transfers under the following circumstances only:

  • If your character joins Sapient from another pack, you can transfer your points from your old pack into Sapient, pending the other pack's approval.
  • If your character leaves Sapient and joins another pack, you can transfer your points from Sapient to your new pack, pending the other pack's approval.
  • You can transfer points from an inactive character (in Sapient or another pack) onto an active character's point tally, pending the other pack's approval.

To request a point transfer, please post to SP Maint or PM our OOC account.

1.  Top Posters

At the end of each month, we run an Activity Check. Characters with the highest post count can gain additional points as a reward for their activity that month! These points can only be claimed once per player per month.
  • If PlayerA wins 1st place on Wolf, and 2nd place on Dog, PlayerA can only claim points for the higher placement, which would be 1st place.



15 1st place top poster of the month.
10 2nd place top poster of the month.
5 3rd place top poster of the month.

2.  Word Count

We only accept thread submission: the thread should be archived and the word count totaled for the entire thread; we do not accept individual post submissions or active/ongoing threads. Word total must be clearly and accurately displayed per post.



2 200-word post
3 300-word post
4 400-word post, and etc. per 100 extra words (ex. a 1,190-word post would be worth 11 game points)

3.  IC Threads (General)



5 Greet or accept a joiner (double check rank permissions for eligibility of your character).
Join a mandatory pack thread with at least one post.
10 Starting or joining an AW/AW+ (All Welcome) thread in SP territory. Counts only once per thread.
Join a non-mandatory pack thread with at least one post.
Thread with a packmate (only counts once per thread, regardless of how many are present in thread).
15 Complete a thread involving the duties of your tier. Example: an opus member training/sparring.
35 Complete a thread prompt.

4.  IC Threads (Métiers & AoS)



10 Use your already earned métier in a thread - 50% of content should be focused upon the métier.
Use your already earned area of study in a thread - 50% of content should be focused upon the AoS.
15 Complete a apprentice level métier thread.
20 Complete a master level métier thread.
Complete a area of study thread.
25 Be a master: take on an apprentice SP character (counts only upon apprentice earning métier).

5.  OOC



25 Suggest a thread prompt and have it used!
50 Leadership game reward: for ooc assistance in pack projects! PM us if you want to get involved :D
200 Run a Pack Project.

6.  Prizes

To claim prizes, post to our maintenance thread with what you'd like to buy! Prizes must follow the board standard.



100 Change OR Move token.
300 Pre-made SP icon.
Procrastination Whip Treasure Sapient Gem Origami Crane Hourglass
400 Custom title.
550 Custom icon.
750 Art: Chibi.
1,000 Art: Avatar.
1,500 Art : Lupus.
2,000 Art: Optime.
4,000 Art: Ref Sheet.

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