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Accompanying Sapient’s Métier ranks, we also offer what is known as a character’s “Area of Study” for those ranked Inter and above.

Areas of Study differ from Métier ranks -- which are skill-based -- because they are focused more on research, documentation, and development of a specific subject. Characters are expected to show extensive learning of their desired subject through means of researching it (via experimentation, observation, books, etc.), debating theories, documenting their findings, and then adding their results to Sapient's Library.


An Area of Study (AoS) is a research field in which the character is focused on; these can be anything from something very broad AoS (such as Biology) to something incredibly specific (such as the canine skeletal system). There is no set list of what AoS fields there are. As such, what your character studies is completely up to you, the player!

Here are some general ideas of what an AoS could be: Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Astronomy, Botany, Poisons, Textiles, Toxicology, Zoology

IC Perks?!

Upon a character earning their AoS, they will be awarded a ‘scholars’ goodie bag to help them on their way to becoming exemplary Sapiens; because there is still so much more your character can research, document and help others learn!

Each goodie bag will be awarded IC’ly (ooc’ly assumed or threaded) and leadership will send you a PM containing your custom set of icons; that’s right! You get unique icons in each bag, below are some examples of what your goodie bag may contain:

1.  Requesting


[b]Character the AoS is for:[/b]
[b]Name of the AoS:[/b]
[b]What this area of study would encompass:[/b]

Once your character is ranked within the Inter ranks, you should start considering what you would like your character to have for their AoS! Points to consider when selecting your AoS would be why is your character interested? Does it work alongside their other held Métier ranks? What tasks could your character do in this area? How and what would your character be able to learn about the subject; keeping in mind realism factors to comply with board rules.

Using the form provided, either PM Sapient’s OOC Account or post to our Maintenance Thread with the details for the AoS that you would like for your character to work towards.

  • For a character to apply for an AoS, they must be ranked Inter or above.
  • Duplicates are not allowed for AoS; if someone has already applied for or earned that particular AoS (active character or NPC'd), then it is unavailable.
  • Also check out our realism page? to get a better idea of what skills are out there and their limitations!
  • There is a limit of one AoS's per character.

2.  Thread Content

After receiving approval to pursue your AoS, you will need to start cracking on your threads.

  • A total of three threads complying to our completion rules must be submitted to SP’s Maintenance Thread or sent in a PM to Sapient’s OOC Account to earn your AoS.
  • All threads must be started after you have received your approval pm.

For an idea on how to approach your AoS and what you should include and cover, please view the examples tab.

Additionally, please keep in mind that these are NOT Métiers. You will need to delve into much more depth and cover the subject with a high level of realism, develop something that is considered IC'ly new and document it, adding a written methodology to Sapient’s library so that other members can duplicate it.

3.  Examples

Combat Example Prey Herd Movements Example Metal Types Example

Character is trying out new combat methods (attacking, defending, countering with a weapon(s) or unarmed). Character displays existing and extensive knowledge of fighting methods, using this knowledge to create new and more efficient ways to fight: character IC'ly fails several times and eventually succeeds

Character then repeatedly tests out this new method, learning it's pros and cons, refining it more.

Character then documents this new method, adding a written guide to SP's library how to learn and replicate the new method.

Character is interested in a specific species herd size and movements. Character researches the species by asking others, reading books, and observing them: once a solid understanding of the species is developed, the character moves onto the next stage.

Character dedicates time to documenting the herd's movements, plotting where they went, how long they stayed and any variables: was another predator present that caused them to move?

Character documents findings, adding the report to SP's library.

Character is testing various metal types to determine their strengths and uses, along with how to correctly identify the metal that is being tested.

Character documents the findings and adds the journal to SP's library.

4.  FAQ

  • Can I pursue a pre-existing Area of Study?

No, if a character currently holds the AoS (active or NPC'd), you cannot pursue it. Unfortunately, we do not allow duplicates of AoS's. Remember, variety is cool, so hit up google and look into creating a custom AoS for your character!

  • What about practical/fighting skills for AoS?

Yes, they are allowed (and encouraged, alongside all subjects!). Please view the example tab on the main AoS page for more info on combat based AoS pursuits.

  • Can I request several AoS at one time to be approved, but only use one?

Yes. Requesting to see if several AoS are acceptable is fine and you are free to change your mind and request different ones. Just remember that your character may only hold one AoS at any given time.

  • Do I need a teacher or master to apply for an AoS?

No. However, having one would significantly help the realism and your means to learn more! Remember: we do not have books on all subjects and books will not teach you everything or count if they are your sole means of learning.

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