Saleos Creo

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By Nina

Saleos Creo is the son of Skana Creo and Sully, and brother to littermate, Asura Creo. He was born in Midnight Shores, and lived there as a Gliese until the pack's disbandment in December 2016. The family then moved on to join Sapient—whom his mother had dealt with quite often in the months preceding—soon after. Though his mother and sister found it easy to settle in, Saleos and the rest of the males in their little family found it somewhat difficult to adjust, and regularly kept to themselves. Saleos focused on training with his father and uncle, while his sister apprenticed with his mother in healing.

When Sapient disbanded in July 2018, Saleos went with his parents and uncle to see his father’s homeland in Oud Strand, Netherlands.







  • Date of Birth: 03 Mar 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Oud Strand, Netherlands
  • Mate: None
  • Nickname: None
  • Pronunciation: SAH-lee-OH-SSS
  • Meaning: "a mighty Great Duke of Hell"
  • Origin: Greek demonology
  • Epithet: Shadow, Demon

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions!

  • Pack: None
  • Previous Packs: Show
  • Sapient (16 Dec 2016 – 16 Jul 2018)
  • Cessavi (Dec 2016 –Jul 2018)
  • Caellum (Nov-Dec 2016)
  • Gliese (Mar-Oct 2016)
  • NONE – Contact Songbird if you wish to have had previous interactions with or would like to make assumptions about previous pack (Sapient and Midnight Shores) relationships.

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: Saleos looks through and through, like a full-blooded wolf, with his brow spots being the only exception to this
  • Fur: Medium in length, thick, with a double-coat. Typically coarse, but, is somewhat plush around his ears and neck
    • Optime Hair: Kept short and feral-like
  • Facial Features: Thick head and a long, broad muzzle; small ears
  • Build and Size: Like his father and true to his mother’s lineage, Saleos is large. He is not huge by any means, but, he definitely stands on the taller side. He is lean, but, muscular athletic build, though, he is built more for power than for speed
    • Lupus: Large, unmistakably wolf with long, powerful legs and a solid physique
    • Secui: His lupus form, but larger; bear-like
    • Optime: Tall with a lean, muscular frame. It’s obvious that Saleos is well balanced between his torso and legs, being both built to wield heavier, one-handed weaponry, but also able to keep up in a pursuit
  • Humanization: Very humanized, but often lacks this look to him since he doesn’t particularly like clothing


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Outer Space (#33383c)
  • Markings:
    • Bombay (#abaeb0) brow spots
    • Nevada (#6c7175) is painted on the top of his nose, and runs back under either of his eyes, splitting at the bridge of his nose. It is also found in the form of a “cape” on Saleos’ back, clasped together at his chest. An upside-down “chevron” ripples out from the point of the cape on his spine.
    • Shark (#1e2022) coats the top of Saleos’ pelt, starting at his forehead, working its way up his ears, and then blanketing the dorsal side of the rest of his body.
    • Bombay (#abaeb0) runs opposite of the Shark coloring, beginning on his muzzle, moving across his cheeks, and then down his ventral side to include the vast majority of his legs.
  • Eyes: Zest (#e3792b)
  • Optime Hair: Shark (#1e2022)
  • Nose, Paw Pads, Claws: Mine Shaft (#252525)
  • Scars: Donkey Brown (#a28e7d)



Shark (#1e2022)
Outer Space (#33383c)
Nevada (#6c7175)
Bombay (#abaeb0)


Zest (#e3792b)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Mine Shaft (#252525)
Donkey Brown (#a28e7d)


38 in (97 cm)
120 lbs (54 kg)


Used mostly for long-distance travel and for fleet-footed hunting.

49 in (124 cm)
175 lbs (79 kg)


Used more for hunting larger prey.

7ft 3in (87 in / 221 cm)
295 lbs (134 kg)

Optime (Preferred)

His preferred form. Saleos uses this form for daily activities, such as for training and for food and goods preparation.


  • Three slashes across his snout from protecting Asura from an angry fox in their youth
  • One long mark down the length of his left forearm from a training accident with a knife


  • Brown belt with knife and axe holster attachments


  • His uncle’s black cloak


by Songbirdby Songbirdby Raze

1.2  Essentials


  • Saleos is a rather stoic individual, though, is often found to be somewhat abrasive and sarcastic when he’s feeling more vocal. While more open than his uncle, he is by no means as social as his father, rather, he is an even mix of his Creo and Opilio bloodlines. He’s of the type that, if he feels something needs to be said, he’ll say it. Saleos is not the type to mince words to save hurt feelings, and has a generally low tolerance for overdone immaturity or weak personalities.
  • As an individual on the whole, he’s a hard worker, and not someone that will sit around and complain when there’s work to be done. Raised by the morals and teachings of his survivalist uncle and mother, Saleos is proactive and understanding that there are chores that must be done in order to make things run smoothly. This isn’t to mean that Saleos doesn’t enjoy free time, however. He has a passion for fighting, and enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the kill. And while he is a more ground individual, Saleos won’t turn down a promising adventure, and can be coerced (though, sometimes it may take great effort) into having fun.


  • Likes: Sparring/fighting/training, hunting, being useful, forests, adventure, meat, trying/investigating new things
  • Dislikes: Weak/lazy/obnoxious personalities, being bored, disrespect, highly humanized Luperci that look down on the more primitive/simple ways


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Equally Extroverted and Introverted, Dominate
  • Expression: Dominant, can be aggressive
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral
  • Motivations: Family, exploration/adventure, learning new things and bettering himself
  • Fears: Losing his family/loved ones, permanent disabilities


  • Speech: A bit rough and somewhat sarcastic, though, pleasant like a backhanded compliment. Speaks lazily with verbal "shorthand" and dropped words.
    • Fluent in English and Dutch
  • Scent: Forest-side Ocean (evergreens, juniper, moist soil, leaf litter; salt, seawater, beach sand, driftwood)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: While he may grin, smirk, or very faintly smile, he almost never shows a genuine smile to anyone except his family or someone he trusts.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Dominate, though, relaxed


  • Packs: Sapient was full of drunks and too many arrogant, humanized individuals
  • Species: Wolf-dominate hybrids are the best
  • Gender: While he prefers the company of females, he is not averse to other males. However, he does not do well with dominant, aggressive males, nor those that are overly submissive
  • Sexuality: While not opposed to homosexuality in others, any advances towards himself will be met with aggression
  • Age: Doesn’t particularly care for interactions with pups or elderly since he feels a lack of connection with either, but, he will tolerate them if he has to


Strictly heterosexual, and only interested in females, more so; taller, strong, healthy, and self-sufficient women. He is more inclined to prefer wolf or wolf-dominate partners, as he often feels a stronger connection to them over other species. Saleos won’t develop romantic feelings for women of weaker, manipulative, or dependent/clingy personality types, as these generally annoy him. With his upbringing, Saleos is not likely to engage in a sexual relationship with a female—i.e. he’s not into one-night-stands—unless he has formed a romantic relationship with her first.

Spirituality & Substances

Like his mother and uncle, Saleos does not really believe in a higher power, though, he does hold a rather vague acceptance that there are good and bad spirits in the world. Since traveling to Oud Strand, he has become more open to his father’s old beliefs.

He does not have an addictive personality when it comes to substances. Saleos enjoys good drink, though, he rarely drinks himself to the point of being utterly inebriated. Though he has tried smoking in his teenage stage, Saleos did not find any great allure to make it a habit. He’s not above trying new things (with the pros and cons weighed, of course), however, he is against trying harder drugs.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Extended: Creo, Opilio, Laveau, Torrentem
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

2.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Skana Creo is his mother, and Saleos is, very much, a momma’s boy. He is very protective of and sweet on Skana. He would do anything she asked of him and more. Saleos greatly trusts and respects her. Though she may embarrass him sometimes, Saleos doesn’t think ill of her.
  • Asura Creo is his sister, his partner, and his best friend. Saleos often forgets she’s a girl, only remembering it when it benefits him to do so. He is very supportive of her, and sees her as his equal. He often teases her, and, like his mother, is protective of her and, in general, tries to look out for her wellbeing. Saleos was not fond of leaving Asura behind when the family went to Oud Strand, however, he respected Asura’s decision, and promised to bring back gifts and stories for her.
  • Sully is his father. Saleos respects him, but it’s obvious which parent he favors more. He trusts Sully’s judgement, and thinks highly of his fighting talent. He is often embarrassed or irritated by the wolfdog’s lackadaisical antics and quirky humor though.
  • Vepar Creo is his badass uncle that Saleos completely idolizes and strives to be like. He is drawn to Vepar’s protectiveness of the family and natural strength, and favors his calm, aloof demeanor. Saleos often thinks of Vepar as akin to a god because of his talents, and believes him to be someone who cannot be killed.

Other Relations

  • Malus Reinhart was his mother’s friend, and someone Saleos knew in his youth. Like the other men in his life, Saleos respected Malus, however, he was not overly friendly with the male. While Malus didn’t do well with his idol, Saleos still thought of Malus is a decent individual as a whole. He loved the stories and unique teachings the male had to offer.
  • None

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: None
  • Murders: Miscellaneous NPCs
  • Acquaintances: None

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Education and Learning: Taught primarily by his father, Sully, and uncle, Vepar Creo, Saleos developed this interest and talent from a very young age. He has a knack for picking up moves and styles quickly, and often practices his knowledge and expertise with family and pack mates. He is always willing to learn new techniques, as well as building upon those he has already learned.
  • Close Combat (Master): As a student under his uncle’s guidance, Saleos learned from the best, and has been a capable fighter in this style since coming of shifting age. He is very cognizant of the flow and movement of the body, and has a good eye of how to use momentum and one’s own weight to his advantage. Saleos tends to favor holds and power strikes with his palms, elbows, and knees.
  • Blades, Axes (Master): Though an able fighter with his own two fists, Saleos’ preferred weaponry are axes and knives. He’s quite proficient with them, and is fairly decent at throwing them. His throwing skills are better with stationary targets, and his knife-throwing is better than his talents with that of an axe.
  • Feral Fighter (Journeyman): While quite capable on his own two feet, feral fighting was where his basics began, and he has only maintained his prowess since. He knows how to throw his weight around, and constant wrestling and play fighting with his family have kept his skills sharp.
  • Tactician and Stealth/Ambush (Journeyman): Saleos is quite intelligent when it comes to combat, and it shows with how he adapts to better fight his opponents. He searches for weaknesses and exploits them, be they in who he fights or the surroundings of the fight itself. He is someone that can be relied upon for sound battle and hunting tactics. If given the chance, Saleos favors an ambush style. His dark fur often helps him blend in—particularly at night—and his natural strength makes him ideal for the takedown of large prey or overpowering unsuspecting Luperci.


  • Education and Learning: Learned from his mother, Skana Creo, and from his uncle, Vepar, Saleos was taught how to be self-sufficient early on in his life. Many of his animal-related skills were learned from his father, Sully. It is not uncommon for Saleos to take his teachings in fighting and applying them to these skills.
  • Hunting/Tracking/Scouting, Herding (Master): One of his greatest enjoyments in life, it is no surprise that Saleos is a pretty proficient hunter. He’s very good at following a scent, being wary of his surroundings, and following a trail and making fairly accurate predictions of his prey. While he has preference in his lesser, four-legged forms, he’s still quite dangerous while in Optime, and uses tricks and techniques that are best fitting for whatever appearance he takes. What he’s learned for in hunting, he has applied to herding, which is only further helped along by instincts of old from his father’s genes.
  • Skinning and Food Preparation (Journeyman): Saleos became interested in this field while watching his mother’s friend, Malus Reinhart, and his talents grew under the guidance of his uncle, and more so during his time in Sapient. Saleos is capable of making furs and leather (though, he is not artistic enough to create anything complex from these), and is knowledgeable with how to salt and smoke meat.
  • Fishing (Apprentice): Taught by his father, Saleos is a decent fisherman. He favors using nets for more reliable and larger hauls, as he often gets bored with line fishing. While he enjoys and often has a lot of fun using spears, he’s better off with a net.
  • Reading and Writing (Apprentice): His mother taught him how to read and write when he was young, and he can do both reasonably well. However, while capable of these scholarly skills, he does not seek to better them more than what he already knows.

4.  Residence

  • None, currently. Lives with his uncle and parents in his father’s old village in Oud Strand, Netherlands.

Previous Residences:

  • The Estate Room 2F19
A relatively sparse room overlooking the yard of the estate. There are windows that shed a decent amount of light into the room, and keep it relatively bright throughout the day. Two distinct beds can be found, both a large pile of pine needles, hay, cloth, and furs with visible body indentations. There is an obvious separation of whose side is who’s with how the beds are spaced apart from one another. There is an end table close to each bed, both decorated with belongings of their owner; Saleos’ with weaponry, Asura’s with books and journals. There is an old table that is used as desk of sorts for various projects by the siblings. Overall, the room is very well kept and tidy.
  • The Estate Room 2F20
Owned previously by Skana’s old mentor, Ciellen Loreath, it was only natural that Skana would choose the large, spacious, second-story room. With windows facing out towards the front of the Estate, the room has a lot of natural light to it. Drapes have been added for additional privacy for the room’s occupants, however. There is little in way of furniture due to its occupants having lived relatively feral lives before coming to Sapient.
Skana and her mate, Sully, have their bed furs on one side of the room while Skana’s brother, Vepar, sleeps in the opposite side. Timbers have been piled for a simple division and sectioning of the room’s occupants. Vepar’s side takes up a noticeably less amount of space than the couple, and is largely bare save for a rack for his weapons and a small table.
One corner is specifically dedicated to Skana and her medicinal work. A small bookshelf filled with various pieces Skana has scavenged from her travels or from the pack library lines a wall on her side of the room. A table and Luperci-made cabinetry are filled with a multitude of herbs in various stages of use, drying, or studying. Her tools and other materials are kept neatly away in a separate, Luperci-made cabinet.
An old, family home built of brick and accented with hand-crafted wood. The residence has been reclaimed by nature, and, living on the outskirts of the division, is somewhat isolated from the other houses. A multitude of different trees, brush, and other forest plants hide the home from plain sight. A small, running stream can be found within a few hundred yards of it.
The house itself is comprised of two stories, with a turret located on its front right corner and a small, roofed porch on its back. The floors throughout the house are mostly wood; areas of new wood can be seen where repairs were made. The windows are mostly intact, either having survived the age of time, or, having been replaced; others that were unsalvageable were turned into shutters to allow open access to the outdoors or for easy come-and-go access for the birds. Overall though, the house is in decent shape for its age, protected from storms and heavy winds by the surrounding forest.
The first floor showcases a living room with a fireplace, a formal dining room (connected to the turret), a dilapidated kitchen, a guest bedroom, and a gutted bathroom. The second floor is where most of the bedrooms may be found, there being three in total. The master bedroom is the largest, and is connected to the turret. There is also a large, open room—presumably once a play or game room—located at the top of the stairs, and from which splits off into the various individual rooms. Two bathrooms also occupied the second floor, but have been gutted, and have been turned into storage areas or areas of roost for the birds.
Within eyesight of the house is a roomy, dug out den beneath a large, sturdy pine tree. Skana dug this out when she became pregnant with her first litter, and occupied it during the children’s first few months of life. Once the children grew older though, the den was used as a “hideout” of sorts for their childhood fantasies and fun.
The birds, Thanos, Peck, Thistle, Thorn, and Bird, roost in the various trees outside of the home or in the house, and often enter through one of the open windows/shutters. On occasion, one might noticed a few skewered animals within range of the house, a macabre habit done by the two shrikes, Thistle and Thorn.

5.  NPCs

Saul (Roosevelt Elk)

  • Gender: Bull
  • Species: Roosevelt Elk
  • Date of Birth: May 2010
  • Onboard?: --
  • Size:
    • Height: 5 ft (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Length: 10 ft (120 in; 305 cm)
    • Weight: 1,000 lbs (454 kg)
  • Key Features: Large, impressive rack
  • Coloration: Dark brown neck and legs, lighter cream body, white backside; dark brown eyes


  • Born in captivity in Manitoba, Canada
  • Raised as a "horse" and trained in cart pulling
  • Sold to traveling traders who were slain by bandits
  • Found wandering around Quebec and almost hunted by Sully
  • Instead they became friends and traveling companions
  • Gifted to Saleos when he turned one
  • Maintained by Asura when Saleos and Sully journeyed overseas

Bird (American Osprey)

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: American Osprey
  • Date of Birth: May 2012
  • Onboard?: No
  • Size:
    • Length: 21 in (53 cm)
    • Wingspan: 70 in (178 cm)
    • Weight: 4 lbs (70 oz; 2 kg)
  • Key Features: Brown bands down middle of head and from eyes
  • Coloration: Dark brown with white underbelly; yellow eyes


  • Born in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Freed from a live trap by Vepar
  • Nursed back to health by Skana
  • Bonded with Vepar, received training in hunting, tracking, spying
  • Gifted to Saleos when he turned one

6.  History


Year 2016

  • March: Saleos and his sister, Asura are born to Skana Creo and Sully, members of Midnight Shores. They slowly begin to explore the world they were born into.
  • April: A red star falls from the sky, and the siblings travel along with their mother as she helps not only their pack, but Casa di Cavalieri. While there, they meet a few knights, and meet a woman who has befriended an old bear.
  • May – September: The siblings continue to grow, explore, and learn from their family and packmates. Lessons in hunting and feral fighting are taught via games and challenges by their caretakers. Of more humanized skills, the children are taught the basics of their interests.
  • October: First shift. Saleos and Asura begin to delve more into their humanized-interests, as well as begin combat training in their Optime forms.
  • November – December: Lessons continue, and the siblings help hunt down their first moose with the help of the pack. Towards the end of November though, things begin to go down hill for Midnight Shores when its leadership mysteriously disappears. By December, their mother—who had been put in charge of the pack—makes the hard decision to disband Midnight Shores. Saleos and Asura aid Trident Collins in taking some of the pack’s livestock to Sapient, where they then join the humanized pack.

Year 2017

  • January: The Creo family is adjusting to a new home when the Familia Sugit Conflict begins. Saleos and Asura keep within the pack’s borders and continue their lessons, but become unwitting victims when the group performs a final assault on the pack. They are defended by their mother, as well as allies from Krokar.
  • February – March: Saleos and Asura continue their trainings as they come into adulthood.
  • April: A strange illness befalls the pack, and the siblings do their best to help out while also avoiding catching it themselves.
  • May – July: Training continues, and Saleos withdraws more from the pack as he matures.
  • August – December: Saleos maintains his distance from his packmates as things start to go amiss during the Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict. He focuses more on his lessons and everyday life, guarding the pack borders, and keeping an eye out for his sister, who is more involved with the pack’s going-ons than the rest of their family.

Year 2018

  • January – June: Saleos grows further and further apart from his packmates as he becomes a full-fledged adult. He spends more time with his family and helping them over pack interaction.
  • July: Asura discovers damning evidence of the pack’s leader, Nivosus, and Saleos and their family support her when the pack turns on Nivosus. When the day comes to question the Sagax though, the man disappears, and the pack quietly breaks apart without a leader or someone of leadership qualities that they can all agree upon to follow.
  • August – September: The Creo family remains in the Sapient’s lands despite its disbandment. While Asura herds and disperses the pack’s remaining livestock, discussions and preparations are made over whether or not they should travel to Sully’s homeland in Oud Strand. They give Asura until September to decide, but she ends up declining, not wanting to abandon her horse, Muddy, or the family elk, Saul. Saleos, begrudgingly, accepts her decision, and makes the journey across the ocean with his uncle, father, and mother, to the Netherlands.



MARCH 2016

  1. yNPC You'll carry on our legacy (03 Mar)
    Charlottetown (Moss House), with Skana Creo, Vepar Creo, Sully, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Saleos and Asura are born.
  2. yNPC Let you in on a secret; from one to another (29 Mar)
    Prince Edward Island (Pastoral Fields), with Skana Creo, Esmeralda Collins, yNPC Asura Creo.
    The puppies are given some freedom while Esmeralda gives Skana some advice on motherhood.

APRIL 2016

  1. yNPC Not a Star to Wish Upon (01 Apr)
    Charlottetown (Moss House), with Skana Creo, Vepar Creo, yNPC Asura Creo, cNPC Sully, Malus Reinhart.
    Fall of The Red Star
    The red star that appeared on the horizon fell to the earth, and the misfit family deals with the immediate aftereffects.
  2. yNPC To be the light that shines for a friend (13 Apr)
    Prince Edward Island, with Skana Creo, Midnight Shores, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Skye calls the pack together to ask for those willing to travel and help the pack’s ally, Casa di Cavalieri.
  3. yNPC Role Reversal (14 Apr)
    Drifter Bay, with Skana Creo, Auguste Aston, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    During a break, Skana lets the pups roam, resulting in meeting the son of the Vináttan that Skana dislikes.
  4. yNPC Days that were Far and Few (15 Apr)
    Dampwoods, with Skana Creo, Artemisia Eternity, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Taking a break during the pack’s travels to Casa di Cavalieri, Skana and the pups are met by a Cesario Illyria.
  5. yNPC Misty mountains sing and beckon (16 Apr)
    Ethereal Eclipse (Mine of Oathes), with Skana Creo, Veri Secanti, Teagan Stryder, NPC Damon, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Midnight Shores arrives in Casa di Cavalieri’s temporary camp and Skana helps out an old friend.
  6. yNPC A thousand miles from comfort (18 Apr) (Dropped)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Skana Creo, Rei Itou, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    While helping Casa di Cavalieri, Skana and the children take some time to collect some poisonous plants, only to be found by someone.
  7. yNPC Bind on thy sandals, O thou most fleet (22 Apr)
    Dampwoods, with Skana Creo, Atalanta Kartal, NPC Seleucia, yNPC Asura Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Skana and the pups meet their first friendly bear, and Skana sees to the sow’s injured paw.


  1. yNPC All good things must end (25 Aug)
    Prince Edward Island (beach), with Skana Creo, Merlin Knight, Avinalora, pNPC Ember Stormfall, yNPCs Asura Creo.
    Merlin decides to leave the pack, and Skana and a few others say their goodbyes.


  1. yNPC I was never one to believe the hype (27 Oct)
    Kingsweald (Vineyard), with Midnight Shores.
    After having discovered an old abandoned grape vineyard, Skana leads the pack in the harvest and crushing of the grapes to create wines later on.


  1. yNPC I Hope you had the Time of Your Life (01 Nov)
    Dampwoods, with Skana Creo, Nyx, yNPCs Inca, May, Asura Creo.
    Skana takes her children with her to the mainland for some training, only to come across an old ally and her own children.
  2. yNPC We will be the reaper of death (17 Nov)
    Northern Wildwood, with Midnight Shores.
    Skana leads a pack hunt on an injured, bull moose.
  3. yNPC Ripples in calm waters (27 Nov)
    Province House, with Midnight Shores.
    Left in charge while pack leaders, Skye and Esmeralda, were away, Skana is forced to break to the news to the pack that their leadership has gone missing.


  1. yNPC Riptide (14 Dec)
    Province House, with Midnight Shores.
    With the onset of winter and without any sign of what happened to the party their leadership was traveling with, Skana makes the tough decision to disband Midnight Shores.
  2. NPC 'Don't Fear The Reaper (16 Dec)
    Sapient Borders, with Trident Collins, NPCs Asura Creo.
    Led by Trident, Asura, and Saleos help herd the domestic animals from the disbanded Midnight Shores to Sapient, where they then join the pack.



  1. yNPC To watch daylight die (13 Jan)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    Sagax Nivosus Moineau calls for a pack meeting to discuss danger lurking beyond the pack’s borders.
  2. yNPC You don't like being second, and I don't like being wrong (Unfinished) (26 Jan)
    Government Estate, with Skana Creo, Milos Parhelion, Lucille, Tierney Brádaigh, NPC Nikolas McCreery, tNPCs Scratchpop McKenzie, Fenella McRoy, Borys Costa, yNPCs Asura Creo.
    Familia Sugit Conflict
    Saleos and Asura are attacked during the final assault led on Sapient.

APRIL 2017

  1. yNPC I can still taste the poison of every fall (16 Apr)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    Spring Sickness
    Sagax Nivosus Moineau calls the pack together to announce the strange illness and the uplifting of a quarantine area.
  2. just another lost soul (18 Apr)
    Sapient, with Kaimu.
    Spring Sickness
    Saleos goes on the offensive against the plague spreading rats all over Government Estate
  3. you're crazy and I'm out of my mind (22 Apr)
    Sapient, with Asura Creo.
    Spring Sickness
    The siblings engage in some friendly rivalry to have some fun.

MAY 2017

  1. like the rain (02 May)
    Sapient, with Kalila Damaichu.
    Spring Sickness
    Feeling sick and sorry for himself Saleos wanders around the Estate and bumps into a packmate.


  1. aNPC [M] One track minded age (30 Aug)
    Sapient, with Sapient and Krokar.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict
    Saleos is present for the late-summer beach party hosted by Sapient.


  1. aNPC [M] A thousand lies have made me colder (01 Nov)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict
    The Creo family attends a pack meeting where the pack is warned to be cautious in light of a dead packmate.
  2. aNPC No, I'm not what you think that I'm made of (26 Nov)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    Breadcrumb Drug Cartel Conflict
    Another pack meeting is called when more dead Sapiens are discovered, and a few are found missing.



  1. aNPC [M] Addicted, I believe (11 Feb)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    The Creo family attends a new tradition in Sapient: the Venenum Testis feast.

APRIL 2018

  1. aNPC [M] If you were a Transformer, you'd be Optimus Fine (28 Apr)
    Government Estate, with Asura Creo, Moon Moon Damaichu.
    Saleos unhappily deals with Moon Moon until his sister shows up.

JULY 2018

  1. aNPC They say its time that you lost your crown (15 Jul)
    Oxley, with Sapient.
    Leonardo Auditore is discovered dead, and upon finding a note on his body, Asura Creo calls for a pack meeting to find out answers.
  2. aNPC And he's a short way to fall from grace (16 Jul)
    Government Estate, with Sapient.
    The pack reconvenes, only to discover their leader, Nivosus has escaped to avoid judgment from the pack.

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