Sugarloaf Resort

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  History
    1.   2.1  Claimed Land
Credit suhsam@Pixabay


Region Northern Tides
Territory Cape Acadia
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

An alpine ski resort rests on a mountain ridge in the north; a canine might find their eye drawn there by the line of an inoperable ski lift's poles reaching into the distance. The large ski lodge is mostly picked clean of valuables but provides warmth and shelter for wanderers, and no one can deny that the view from the cabin is beautiful! The slopes are no longer safe for skiing and mountain biking, littered with fallen trees and debris, but one can still walk the trails -- and they might come across the remains of an old alpine slide winding through the forest.

2.  History

2.1  Claimed Land

  • Sapient has claimed Sugarloaf Resort from April 2017 to July 2018.