Ciellen Loreath

Ciellen Loreath is a world-weary healer and former monk. He was a hermit of Bathurst until Sapient absorbed the territory in their founding. They extended him membership, which he accepted. He remains a member of Sapient and currently resides in Bathurst as Sapient's resident medic. He was formerly ranked Scio Summus until he was struck with a deep depression and isolated himself to his work, and now holds the rank of Cessavi.

Ciellen, going often as just Ciel, has a soft and easy disposition, though he has been hardened by his experiences.

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Date of Birth

7 June 2009




Birth place

Western Alaska (coast)


Arctic Wolf




Mate None
Pack Sapient
Rank Cessavi


Mates None
Tatkret (June 2009 - June 2010)

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Forms




130 lbs (59 kg)
36 in (92 cm)

230 lbs (104.3 kg)
42 in (106.7 cm)

280 lbs (127 kg)
7ft 1in (85 in) (215.9 cm)

His leanest form, he still carries a fair amount of bulk and muscle but the majority of his mass is hidden by thick white fur. Ciellen uses this form primarily for peaceful activity (sleeping) or traveling fast.

In this transitional form the definition of his musculature is seen mainly in the upper body, the torso and forearms. Because it is leaner and more efficient than his Optime form, but still holds a lot of power, he uses this form primarily for hunting.

This is Ciellen's resting state and most often used form. He travels in this form when the use of arms and hands is needed. He also prefers to take this form while in company. His Optime form has longer strands of hair from his mane, which is occasionally braided for formality. Though he does not prefer to wear clothing, he regularly wears a monk's habit to abide by his pack's culture and laws.

1.2  General


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: On his right wrist he has the small imprint of six black dots. It is almost completely imperceptible.
  • Scars:
    • He has many scars around his arms and legs from the wear and tear of living.


  • One whale bone dagger
  • Two deerskin pouches that can hold a few jars/vials of herbs, poultices, etc. He empties them daily.
  • One braided and dyed plant rope.


  • In accordance with Sapient's dress code, Ciellen has acquired an eastern monk's robe that mainly consists of two fitted cloths, which he wraps around his figure daily. They were gifts from Akantha, who received them from Thalia after she asked for them.


Ciellen's Alaskan lineage has presented him with a pristine pelt - a harmony of whites and creams that seem to resist collecting impurities. He is a large, solidly built man and even after long periods of rest, his figure maintains a natural foundation of muscle. After many years of hardship, the areas around his hands and forearms, paws and calves, have thinned in fur and are more scarred than smooth. He has a thick mane of fur around his neck, which extends down his back, and when unkempt his face can become unruly and scruffy.

He has a crinkly smile that gathers many lines around his features. His muzzle is not particularly thick, but when he does smile it seems to emphasize its size. To meet Ciellen’s gaze is to recall the warm blue of summer skies. His eyes show a clear color, and stand out vividly from the context of his face. Though framed by tired worried lines and heavy lids, there is an undeniable energy to them. They present themselves first in introduction and carry the weight of an empathetic individual, one who has come to know much struggle and hardship.

2.  Personality

Recent: Worn from a lifetime of journeying, Ciellen is now content to spend his days in Sapient and living in a strict sun-up to sun-down routine. He's a little rougher than he used to be, and suffers from depression (which manifests itself in a noticeable somberness), though he tries to maintain cordial and pleasant company.

General: Ciellen is a man of humble beginnings, of soft words and easy silence. He is always receptive to the conversation and presence of others. He is an empathetic individual, and listens with an open and engaged mind. In most situations he is very accessible, and absent from his character is a sense of entitlement or outward conflict. It's clear that he deeply enjoys company and witty banter, and favors the attention of people who are able to challenge him intellectually.

Though very introspective, he is also prone to self deception and will frequently recast or ignore certain features of an interaction to keep harmony with his world views. In some cases, this means he will overlook certain transgressions and trivialize the feelings or ideas of others. He strives to distance himself from condescension, but does not always recognize when he himself is behaving in a way that could be construed as condescending. When shown to be at fault, Ciellen takes it very much to heart and self flagellates something fierce.

He tries very hard to meet the expectations of Monkhood he formed as a young man, as well as the healing traditions he came to inherit, but is often met with failure. He fundamentally misunderstands something of its character and this fuels his constant anxiety. Still, he behaves with reverence and what he believes to be respect, and hopes that this will find him in a better position in life to assist others. At his core, he desires to help people and desperately fears his own impotence.

  • Polite, especially to acquaintances
  • Slightly reserved, he does not offer details about himself unless asked specifically.
  • Calm, composed, relatively open in conversation. Smiles and laughs easy.
  • Open and humble. He has both a reverence and irreverence for things. He enjoys witty banter and conversation.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Conversation, other people, healing, well prepared food, seasons, swimming, quiet contemplation, activity
  • Dislikes: He really doesn't like the taste of mushrooms. Or preparing food.


Calm, composed, good-natured, relaxed, noble

  • Outlook: Ciellen is by nature Optimistic but he sometimes has difficulty remembering this. He has a very sensible and honest opinion about the world, and it doesn't always seem the most positive, but he doesn't become deterred by it.
  • Expression: He is naturally an introverted person, and this was especially evident when he was young. After a long life of travel, Ciellen has grown to be self sufficient, practical and open with the people he meets. There is a distinct lack of fear in his attitude. He will often behave submissively or whatever way he believes will soothe conflict, but it never seems as though he grovels or is losing dignity from doing so. In most relationships, Ciellen will adopt a role of listener, guidance, or mentor, and rarely will allow the converse.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Harm Ciellen fears pain, very simply. He fears it afflicting others, he fears it afflicting himself. This is a subconscious fear, and it is the basis for most of the decisions he's made in his life, and those he will continue to make.
  • Helpless Ciellen greatly fears becoming helpless or being helpless in a dire situation. His life's passion has always been to ease the suffering of others, and failure in this regard causes him severe mental anguish.
  • Isolation Ciellen has always been afraid of being alone. Despite growing up in a large family and tribe, he was ostracized as a kid, and held onto his brother Relaic for support. This fear is tied into other subconscious fears, and plays a role in Ciellen's desire to be meaningful to other people, and to have a place in any society.


Ciellen doesn't subscribe to any one belief. After rigorous study with the monks, he finds himself mainly speculative about the universe and uncommitted to most offers of explanation. He's had a lot of time to pour over philosophical texts and arguments about the afterlife and the presence of god, or lack thereof. Yet he is very reverent, and seems to exude a spirituality. He endeavors to treat everything with respect.


Ciellen has no real biases that would otherwise cause him to behave negatively around others.

  • Color: His culture has a bias against mix-colored and dark wolves, though Ciellen doesn't uphold these ideas.
  • Age: Ciellen naturally has more care with the very young and old as they are more susceptible to illness.


Ciellen is heterosexual. Long ago, he took an oath to celibacy. However, since Ciellen was forced to leave the Monastery before the completion of his study, he is technically no longer bound under the oath. He has found other ways to occupy himself, such as through study and writing, and this has caused him to believe that issues of romance or sexual desire are no longer relevant to himself. He also maintains the idea that such matters are an interference to Healer-Patient relationships, which is the lens by which he views most social interactions.

Of course, this is a great self deception, and Ciellen is not in the least impervious to sexual advances, thoughts, feelings. That being said, he is mainly only attracted to people with whom he has an emotional connection - otherwise, he is very very good at keeping people at an arm's length.


He's tried a lot of substances, and has a lingering addiction to alcohol from his time as a depressive drunk.


  • Peace Ciellen dislikes conflict of any kind. He will go through so many mental hoops to justify the most peaceful action. Despite this, he has a strong moral compass and will follow that instinct over the desire to smooth out issues, especially if he believes the endgame is peace.
  • Help Ciellen desires to help others. Tying into his fear above, he desires to be deeply connected to individuals. He feels best when others regard him as a source of insight or wisdom, and when they place their trust in his abilities. Ciellen discovered that this role can be actualized through healing.
  • Tradition Ciellen is committed to the traditions he was raised in from his old tribe, and to the healing traditions he learned while apart. He desires to carry them on and pass them down to someone else. This is another way of ensuring some type of longevity, a tangible effect of his presence, and that not everything he has done is completely futile.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Nivosus Moineau: Nivosus is the leader in Sapient and the first to offer Ciellen a place in the pack, due to their shared addiction. Ciel regards the Sagax as a younger brother, and because of this, Ciel has trouble reprimanding or stopping Nivosus from his bad habits. He allows them to continue for fear of pushing the flighty Sagax away. At one point, Ciellen sought to heal and guide Nivosus through friendship, but has since abandoned that cause in his depression.
  • Akantha: Akantha is Semini's sister. She was formerly Ciellen's pupil until her interests diverged. They had an odd relationship at first, one in which the power-dynamic generally favored Akantha despite her status as his student, but over time it grew into a mutually enriching friendship. He is committed to her safety, but with their separate schedules and duties, and his own deep depression, he has managed to avoid significant input to her life.

3.2  Family

  • Mother: Riyok Fior
  • Father: Pinna Loreath
  • Siblings:
June Loreath
Relaic Loreath
Akiak Loreath
Iluak Loreath
Lutec Loreath
Nante Loreath
  • Extended:

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Aoves
  • X'yrin Exultare
  • Vepar Creo
  • Skana Creo: Ciellen allowed Skana to keep his satchel and trained her to some extent on healing and medical practices.
  • Semini: Ciellen found and healed Semini after she had shipwrecked and washed up in Bathurst in the summer of 2014. In a mutually coercive moment, the two had a small tryst which then erupted into an argument that separated them. Ciellen does not harbor any resentment for Semini, and though they get along superficially, Semini and Ciellen both fundamentally disagree and drive each other nuts.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Relaic Loreath?: Ciellen's brother and perhaps his closest friend. Relaic disappeared after the death of his wife and child, and Ciellen has been looking for him since.
  • Genova Mal: She was a cherished friend. Her strength, determination and wit had charmed Ciellen, but when she did not return after leaving him in charge of her ward, Mahjoto, he lost much of his will to be around others. With Mahjoto's passing, Ciellen went to look for her to no avail, and went into a self-imposed exile in Bathurst.
  • Orfeu: Ciellen's Brother from the monastery. They shared living quarters during Ciellen's stay.
  • Thubten: Ciellen's teacher from the monastery.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Ciellen has a deeper, soft-spoken sound. When he laughs, it's warm and honest.
  • Scent: His scent changes frequently because of his travel. Generally he smells like the damp earth and leaves, a kind of dewy scent, and in the winter, like snow.

4.1  Residence

  • Bathurst
  • A small home right next to the shore.

4.2  NPCs


  • Species:
  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality:

4.3  Abilities


  • Herbalism (Master): Ciellen is proficient in herbalism -- specializing in flora from East Asia and Alaska.
  • Healing (Master): Ciellen is proficient in general healing practices and techniques.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Ciellen is relatively competent at feral hunting practices, but does not typically hunt with weapons.
  • Literacy (Journeyman): Ciellen can read, write, and draw to a certain extent.
  • Defense (Apprentice): Akin to Aikido, Ciellen has some training in defensive maneuvers meant to harmlessly detain an attacker, but nothing too skilled or complex.


  • Ciellen is prone to over-thinking. He internalizes too much, and suffers uselessly. He can get too serious about subjects.
  • Ciellen is too neutral. Even if he agrees with an idea on some level, he will refuse to defend it fully and will frequently take the role of devil's advocate. By being committed to objectivity or neutrality, he does not actively uphold what he may believe. To some this can be seen as indecisive, wishy washy, or noncommittal.
  • Ciellen is susceptible to manipulation, and is giving to a fault. To others he might seem something of a pushover. If anyone asked for something from him, even if it was extremely valuable, he would give it to them. He tries to see it as a way of relinquishing ego and pride.
  • Ciellen is reckless. He overcompensates for it by very consciously slowing down and acting carefully. He vacillates between these two characteristics frequently.
  • Ciellen is not a fighter. He is large in size but completely non-aggressive.
  • Ciellen is condescending though not maliciously or intentionally. He tends to view others in a very paternalistic way, and tries to offer unsolicited advice on subjects. This mostly comes from his desire to help and is the negative side of his great empathy.

4.4  Inventory


Ciellen is open to trading. He doesn't place much value into material items, or at least he tries not to.

  • Offering: Herbs, Food, general practical things
  • Accepting: Herbs, Food, general practical things, alcohol


Something something to be updated

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  • Sticks of charcoal
  • Flint & Steel - very used.
  • Chipped wooden mortar and pestle


  • NEEDS UPDATE cause I need to see if he ever got these back lol
  • A wooden pendant painted in gold with beaded necklace
  • A crude whalebone luperci figurine
  • A small knife with a rusted tip and an emerald inlaid in the hilt
  • A bracelet of animal teeth
  • A sewn circular hemp patch.

5.  Pre-'Souls History

  • Key
  • Tatkret: The Tatkret tribe is one of the largest tribes of the Alaskan west coast. It is composed of several large clans and a number of smaller clans. They are a peaceful society. Their culture developed around hunting seal and tracking prey routes.
  • Loreath?: A strong family clan that lives within Tatkret.
  • Fior: A matriarchal clan that lives within Tatkret. They are known for frequently adopting orphan or lone women and girls.
  • Missuk: A small healing clean that lives in Tatkret. They are known for their healing traditions.
  • Ikkiertok: A clan that joins Tatkret in May, 2010. They come from the Southern Coastal Tribe.
  • Southern Coastal Tribe: Another large tribe that, like its name, borders the southern coast of Alaska. Not much is known about them, at least from Tatkret's perspective. They are in a war with the tribe Manak over territory.
  • Manak: A tribe that is in a war with the Southern Coastal tribe over territory. Not much is known about them.
  • The West: Asia.
    • 2009

June: Ciellen was born with six brothers to Pinna Loreath and Riyok Fior.

December: At 6 months, Ciellen is generally well liked by his family and others of the tribe. He and his brothers are learning to hunt, track prey, fish, carve tools, scavenge supplies, trade, among other practical skills. They go frequently with hunting parties. Ciellen is frequently bullied due to his quiet nature, but his brother, Relaic, frequently comes to his defense.

  • 2010

February: At 8 months, Ciellen is caught fishing instead of seal hunting by a young girl from the Missuk clan. She makes a stew of his catch and they share it on the shore in secret. A small romance buds between them.

May: A new family, the Ikkiertok clan, is welcomed to Tatkret. In mid-May, a convoy from the Southern Coastal Tribe come to reclaim the family, saying that Ikkiertok is necessary for them to win their long standing territorial dispute with their neighbor tribe, Manak. The leaders of Tatkret refuse to let the family go, since it was clear that Ikkiertok was seeking safety from the emerging conflict. Angered, the Southern Coastal Tribe threatens Tatkret but returns to their lands without incident. By the end of May, Tatkret is pulled into the fray when a hunting party returns with injured members, saying they were attacked by the Southern Coastal Tribe.

June: Pinna encourages his sons to learn combat with Tatkret's warrior clan. Ciellen is uncomfortable with fighting and seeks an alternative to violence. To his father's dismay (but his mother's approval), he begins healing practice with the Missuk clan. Ciellen learns of a master herbalist in the West, and with growing conflicts of his identity and of his home, he decides to leave and pursue an apprenticeship with the master.

December: Ciellen finally reaches the monastery. Travel was extremely difficult. He traveled across the Bering Sea by kayak from Unamok island to the next island, until eventually he reaches the old human port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. From there he journeys with traders down the islands dotting the Sea of Okhotsk. He reaches the island of Japan and locates the monks in the foothills of the mountains.

  • 2011

June: Ciellen, at the age of 2, has grown and learned much about herbalism and healing. His mentor is Orfeu. He shares his living quarters with him. He is an obnoxious wolf that keeps the monastery alive and interesting, and Ciellen and Orfeu become close friends. The monastery serves as an infirmary for local packs and travelers, and they frequently treat wounded wolves. Ciellen comes under the direct tutelage of Thubten, and begins rigorous study of plants, preparations and medicinal procedures. By this point, Ciellen has warmed to the regimented practice of the monks. The teachings and his experiences at the monastery gives him insight into living. It is a truly formative time.

November: The monastery receives a wounded individual that Ciellen recognizes. It is a man from his tribe. Baffled by the coincidence, Ciellen and the man, Jartok, catch up. It seems that Jartok had journeyed far and wide across the world, by alternative routes than the one Ciellen took. He was attempting to return home when his ship wrecked. He mentions that Tatkret is in a dire state, as the conflict between the Southern Coastal Tribe and Manak became a full fledged war. Tatkret had been attempting to mediate, but was now being targeted for keeping Ikkiertok safe. Ciellen realizes he must go with Jartok back to his home. He knows he cannot return to the monastery once he leaves.

December: Ciellen and Jartok crash. Jartok is gravely wounded. Ciellen carries Jartok back to the monastery, only to find it in complete ruin. The next village over tells of roaming bands of warriors wreaking havoc. They are seeking conquest for some new king in the mainland. They took issue with the monks and pillaged their monastery. Jartok passes away from his wounds. At the end of December, Ciellen spends a week properly preparing the bodies of his monastic brothers and Jartok, and leaves once they have been burned. He takes with him several items which the warrior bands had not known to take.

  • 2012

May: Ciellen arrives back in Tatkret. The conflict is ending, although Ciellen can see that great damage has been done. The Southern Coastal Tribe and Manak have made some agreements, and Tatkret is working with them to ensure that it is fulfilled on both ends. His father had been wounded in battle, and carries a limp. His brother June had been near death, though with Ciellen's help he stabilizes and begins to heal. Ciellen believes that June will likely be bed-ridden for the rest of his life, but does not let his family know. His brother Relaic had found a wife, Lenore, despite the circumstances, and Ciellen becomes well acquainted with her.

June: Now 3 years old, Ciellen assists Relaic in his tasks of ensuring the peace between packs. Lenore is revealed to be from the Southern Coastal Tribe, and had played a role in bringing peace among them. There are still some factions that disapprove of the outcome of the whole ordeal. Lenore becomes pregnant with her first litter.

August: Relaic is sent by Tatkret to confirm relations with Manak. Ciellen goes with him. Lenore insists on coming along though she is close to the birth date of her litter, as she would like to visit her family in the Southern Coastal Tribe. Relaic adamantly refuses but Ciellen convinces him that with his presence, Lenore would be in good hands. They go together, but are met with issues when a rebel faction from Manak ambushes them. Relaic manages to distract them long enough that Ciellen is able to bring Lenore out of the fray, but the excitement has her go into labor. Others from Manak come to aid Relaic against the insubordinate faction. Lenore and her child die in childbirth from a complication that Ciellen cannot resolve.

September: Relaic decides to go with traders to the eastern coast. Ciellen goes with him.

November: Relaic and Ciellen make it to the eastern coast. Relaic disappears. Ciellen follows leads around the area, searching for him. He encounters Aoves on the shore.

  • 2013

March: Ciellen returns to Tatkret. They implore him to look for Relaic again.

June: Ciellen is 4 years old.

5.1  Souls History Timeline


  • October:
  • Ciellen, back in Souls for the second time to look for his brother, runs into Aoves again. She informs him of her family and good fortune, and Ciellen is delighted. He gives her two items, a jade amulet from the monastery and spices given to him by a trader. Thread
  • Roaming still, Ciellen comes across X'yrin Exultare and Santa Anna Blacksun at the borders of Sangi'lak. He gives them chamomile and coneflower in exchange for a place to rest a while. Thread
  • Ciellen returns from a fruitful morning swim when X'yrin approaches him. Thread
  • Sangi'lak soon after disbands and Ciellen is off on his journey again.
  • November:
  • Ciellen has an enchanting encounter with Genova Mal at Barrington by the sea. They build a fire together on the beach.
  • Ciellen wanders up the coastline, avoiding pack territories, and San didn't start new threads because she was super crazy busy forever.


5.2  Threads


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