Familia Sugit Conflict

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Uh oh! Sapient’s done it, again! A trade gone wrong, and sore losers are at the untied end of it! The Ad'j family have taken advantage of sore feelings and trigger happy tempers, recruiting the Borne Group and paying for additional mercenaries to fight for their cause.

Familia Sugit Conflict


15th January 2017 — 26th January 2017


Northern Tides, Sapient




Ad'j Family
Borne Group


1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

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1.1  Casualties

The Villains

Sinner, Narexis Blackjack, Dino Blackjack, Theirn Blackjack, Sergei Borne, Clay Borne, Fenella McRoy, Hex Volnur, Borys Costa.


Vedetta Auditore, Emory Pearce


Nikolas McCreery

2.  Backstory

Ohja is Shaamah's father, Isaiah, under an alias. Ohja adopted this alias after the very near death experience when Shaamah had attempted to kill him after Isaiah had murdered Shaamah's mother. After coming back to a decent health thanks to a neutral band of mountain cats and a trade to offer the felines secrets from the canine world, Ohja worked on fighting and building himself up while continuing to have one night stands with any woman he could find. He eventually slipped away from the felines of the mountains on a relatively good note, and went out into the world to continue his training that he had been planning for years. His first forms of free practice with these were performed on his many illegitimate children. Finding his children to be worthless, lacking in strength, and generally pathetic in his eyes, he sought to off the ones he could find. One by one, he snuffed out their light until he made his way to Canada. There, he ran into Sinner, and the woman explained herself as Shaamah's daughter. There, he trained the both of them for a war against Shaamah.

Sinner was Shaamah's first born while he was at his most malicious. Sinner was cast out of her birth pack by Shaamah, the then Alpha, when she and a pack mate pulled a prank on their leader. Shaamah's original intention had been to murder them as a display to the rest of his pack, but their first instinct after their prank was to escape. They ran straight to a neighboring pack with greater numbers that Shaamah had originally needed for a war ploy, ultimately saving their lives. Sinner only lived because their neighboring pack would not allow Shaamah to take her back. Shaamah wasn't about to start a two front war, as well, he didn't have the manpower. Sinner eventually lived a normal life, or as normal as she could with the haunting dreams and memories of her father chasing her. Feeling too close to her father's pack, she eventually moved on to Canada, where Ohja had found her. Ohja manipulated Sinner into believing that her nightmares would stop if she confronted her father, and began training her for his own purposes.

With similar intents, both Ohja and Sinner began to seek out Shaamah and find the male through word of mouth -- only to discover he was a highly ranked council member of Sapient at the time. Sinner spied around, and eventually saw him, confirming the rumors. Unwilling to face a pack on their own, both Ohja and Sinner join Krokar, a close pack to Shaamah's location, not knowing that the two packs were formally allied. Mulling over their discovery of Shaamah's current situation, the two determined that not only Shaamah was to be targeted, by Sapient also.

Eventually, Ohja had a private session with Krokar leaders and unveiled his and Sinner's true intentions. Krokar immediately declined their plot and cast them out when they realized that Ohja was very serious about attacking Sapient. Ohja and Sinner needed more manpower for their new attack on Sapient and Shaamah. So, they gathered mercenaries -- particularly, the Borne group -- who had a personal vendetta against Sapient already.

2.1  The Borne Group

It was a day like any other in the outpost. Trading, trading, trading, day in and day out, and Sapient had their grubby little fingers in the mix. Nivosus Moineau sent the del Sol siblings (Reina and Cortez), who acted on his behalf to arrange with a trader -- who Niv heard about via a reliable source. It didn’t take long for them to find the group that had the contract, only to see another set of fur traders already in mid-barter. The del Sol siblings, Sapiens not to be outdone, barged in on this contract en medias res and put forward an offer that could not be refused. Better pelts -- far better than the other guys' -- and en masse.

The del Sols took the contract, and their competition wasn’t afraid to let them down their displeasure with the shady dealings. Clay Borne and Fenella McRoy were quick to catch up to the Sapiens and offer a deal of their own. Give them the contract, or give them a fight. While the del Sols were ready to defend what was now Sapient’s contract, Sergei Borne stood between the lot of them. He talked his son and Fenella, out of a fight with the siblings, but that wasn’t the end of it.

After all of that, the del Sols found that the contract really wasn’t worth Sapient’s time and effort, returned to the trader and abandoned the contract altogether. When the Borne’s caught wind of this, with the help of their Scottish lass, they were more ready than ever to make the Sapiens pay.

However, the small band of fur traders were practically hopeless when it came to organizing an assault on Sapient for their selfish and wasteful deed. They managed to make it to Nova Scotia, but their squabbling and lack of proper direction came to be their downfall. Making a roost in the Miramichi Wilderness, they hunkered down and made camp until they could decide on a proper method to take down a pack so large. To their fortune, there so happened to be another duo that Sapient had wronged.

The unknown pair of benefactors (Ohja and Sinner) aided them in organizing and preparing the rag-tag group into a right gang with a mission. Behind the scenes, they got information, lay of the land, names and numbers through to the gang, and their plot was finally coming to a fruitful outlook. The onslaught of Sapient, had begun.

3.  The Villains

The attacking forces during this conflict consisted of father and daughter duo, Ohja and Sinner, often referred to as the benefactors or leaders of the attack. They used the anger of the trading and mercenary Borne group against them, hiring them to do their bidding, along with a few solo mercs. Through the Borne group, the Blackjack family was forced to participate due to blackmail.

The Benefactors

Male, Mackenzie Valley/Grey Wolf | Enigmatic, charismatic, warrior | Ohja is Sinner's grandfather and Shaamah's father. He is the main Benefactor and is secretly spearheading the plot to bring down Sapient.

Sinner (Played by Dark)
Female, Mackenzie Valley/Grey Wolf | Determined, feminine, green.


Luciana Houles (Played by Nina)
Female, Plains Coyote/Great Plains Wolf. Bitchy, spiteful and a bully, Luciana was an external hired mercenary.

Dino Blackjack (Played by Myst)
Male, Husky/Mackenzie Valley Wolf. Careless, selfish and a gambler, Dino was blackmailed by Clay to fight and do Clay's bidding.

Narexis Blackjack (Played by Kitty)
Female, Northeastern Coyote/Dog. Serious, maternal and kind, Narexis was blackmailed by Clay to fight and do Clay's bidding.

Scratchpop McKenzie? (Played by Sunny)
Male, Irish Wolfhound/Labrador. Reckless, overeager and dumb, Scratchpop was an external hired mercenary.

Clay Borne
Male, Mexican/Grey wolf. Abrasive, vindictive and a little dumb, Clay was the leader of the trader and mercenary 'Borne' group.

Fenella McRoy
Female, Rough Collie/Husky. Brash, strong and questionably intelligent, Fenella was a member of the trader and mercenary 'Borne' group.

Sergei Borne
Male, Grey Wolf. Aged, Sergei is suspicious, quick and Clay's father. Sergei was a member of the trader and mercenary 'Borne' group.

Hex Volnur
Male, Eastern Timber Wolf/German Shepherd. Hex is cunning, snarky, judgemental and was a member of the trader and mercenary 'Borne' group.

Theirn Blackjack
Male, Husky/Mackenzie Valley Wolf. Driven, responsible and paternal, Theirn participated in an attempt to help Dino and Narexis retrieve their daughter.

Borys Costa
Male, Wolfdog. Borys was a simple Yes-man, dumb and notably flaky with his loyalty. During the conflict he was a member of the trader and mercenary 'Borne' group.

4.  Timeline

With the departure of Ohja and Sinner [1], Krokar sent word to warn their ally, Sapient. In response to the possible threat, both packs held meetings.

The first sightings of the Gang are seen between Sapient and Krokar's lands. Scouts from both packs bring word back to their leaders, and word is sent from KR to SP with information about the Gang.

The attacks begin; the Gang starts brawls with SP members that leave the territory. Visiting KR members are not immune to these attacks.

Some volunteers from Krokar have stayed in Sapient to bolster defences. The Gang force themselves through the border and the threat begins.

Remaining Villains and the final Benefactor lead a head on assault on the Estate.

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