Faolan Kido

Faolan Kido is the firstborn son of mates Kenna Foxleigh and Adrian Kido. He is a wolfdog born in the spring of 2013 into Cercatori d'Arte, where he lived the first year of his life. In the spring of 2014, Faolan left home and joined Cour des Miracles. He was later a member of Krokar, during which time he sired a daughter, Zyndea.

Faolan Kido

By Nat



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Date of Birth

16 April 2013





FA-oh-linn KEE-doh






Birth place

Cercatori d'Arte




75% Common Gray Wolf
25% Dog (Rough Collie)




Current pack Cour des Miracles
Current rank


Pack Ranks
Cercatori d'Arte
16 Apr 2013 - 18 Mar 2014
Youth, Gamekeeper



  • Eyes: heterochromia, Brown Rust (#AC743C) (left) and Royal Blue (#2B7DE3) (right).
  • Fur:
    • Boulder Grey (#8A8A8A) base coat, right foreleg and paw, smudges below his eyes.
    • Straw (#D5BB8D) left forepaw, cheeks, throat, eyebrows, tail tip, chest splash, scattered patches.
    • Cod Grey (#121212) ear tips, scattered patches.
    • Scorpion (#565656), Copper Canyon (#814113), Spicy Mix (#8C6341) marbled throughout coat.

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

34 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

41 in
(96 cm)


195 lbs
(82 kg)

6ft 2in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

Faolan's appearance blends traits of his mother and father, but overall resembles a wolf more than a dog. His eyes are bi-colored, the right being his mother's sky blue and the left being his father's honey brown. His fur is short and thick like a wolf's, lacking the collie feathering of his siblings but retaining the silky feel. His fur is a literal patchwork of browns, greys, cream and black, possibly a remnant of collie merle.

His right ear is flopped and his tail has more curl to it than an average wolf. His Optime mane is short and is always messy, refusing to ever lie flat. He wears only a pair of cut off jean shorts when in Optime form. He seems lanky and not as bulky as most other males, but he is very strong and 'works' out.

Puppy photo, Lupus photo

Build & Species

A mix between his mother and father, but appearing more wolf than dog. However, his right ear is flopped and his tail has more curl to it than an average wolf. As a pup he will be smaller than Skylee, though once older he will be taller than her. Faolan will be tall, not as bulky as his Secui form, but taller and he will thin out. His muscles will be predominant without clothes around his abs, as well as around his shoulders, but he will stay 'lean' in muscle, unless he flexes. His mane will be unruly and hardly ever lie down. His size is larger than his sister, yet somehow seeming weaker in the same.

Coloration & Fur

Faolan's fur is soft and silky and short like a wolf's. His coat is a literal patchwork of browns, greys, cream and black. The only defined markings are his right ear tip being black, his all grey right arm, his inner ears, left forepaw, tail tip, eyebrows, muzzle and cheeks being cream and beneath both his eyes a wide grey strip outlining his lower eyelid and slightly spanning over his cheeks. His eyes are bi-colored, the right being sky blue and the left being a honey brown.


Faolan is your average farm boy, he is absolutely in love with horses and is the kindest, gentlest man you'll ever come to meet. Once you first lay eyes on him, you'll come to realize that he is shy at first, but when you get to know him his curiosity and stubbornness begins to show. He isn't very trustworthy, and is very, very cautious at first.

The only real way to explain Faolan is as a momma's boy. He loves his mother, and he will protect his mother; as well as his sister, with everything he has. While he may not be prideful nor outgoing, he does have the nerve in him to tell you when you're wrong or to make you stop whatever annoyance you've got.

Faolan's personality will later develop as he ages further: Shy, kind, gentle, curious, stubborn. Loves horses. Momma's Boy. Faolan will be the quiet, observant type, a gentleman always looking out for the one's he loves. He will have a special way with animals and a beautiful singing voice. He will be often dragged into his sister's shenanigans although he tries to talk her out of them. He can be easily upset. He is very close to his mother.

Ideals & Demeanor


  • Fao is more optimistic than pessimistic and looks at everything to have had happened for a reason.
  • More introverted than anything, Fao can be shy and awkward around newcomers, and is very shy around girls. He sings, but is very self conscious about his voice, and doesn't like others to hear him sing.


  • Shy
  • Cautious
  • Careful


  • Losing his mother
  • Losing his sister


  • Family
  • Animals


  • Species: He is a mere pup and species is not a matter to him.
  • Non-Luperci: He feels sorry that non-luperci cannot shift, but doesn't not have a grudge against them at all.
  • Gender: He tends to like females more than males, but they are equal in his eye.
  • Color: Is not biased against any colored wolf, or otherwise. Finds heterochromia attractive.
  • Sexuality: Though raised by a family with a mother and father, he believes in free love. You cannot help who you love, and in turn it is acceptable.
  • Age: He does not have a biased opinion against anyone concerning their age.


  • Faolan is still young, but he does realize that females are prettier than the males. He will grow into bisexuality with a slight female preference.


  • Has not experienced with any substances.


  • He does not believe in anything as of right now.


Key Relations

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Family: Foxleigh and Kido

Minor Relations

Former Relations



He will have a slight western accent like his mom and often use the word "y'all". He is often found chewing on a piece of wheat.



  • Singing voice, being able to connect with animals, protectiveness over family, cautiousness, and his kindness to others.


  • Kindness, cautious, and shyness.


Born to mates Kenna Foxleigh and Adrian Kido April 16th, 2013 in CdA along side his sister Skylee. He remained shy and close to home, while his early childhood was simple, happy, and filled with animals. Around their six-month mark, he and Skylee maintained an especially close relationship during the disappearance of their father - which coincided with their mother's second pregnancy. Faolan lost his dad, but gained three new siblings: Ty, Oakley, and Kjintora.

Adrian's absence was a tough blow to the family. It was compounded by the revelation that Honrin was the true father of Kjintora, who quickly moved in with them to replace Adrian as Kenna's mate. Faolan spent time outside the pack exploring, befriended Abigail Sadira, and came to the decision that he no longer wished to live in Cercatori d'Arte. He made plans to move to the nearby Cour des Miracles along with a friend, Mistral de l'Or.