George Tibalt

George Tibalt is a dog with heavy Airedale Terrior ancestry that arrived from North Yorkshire to Freetown in late 2013.

George Tibalt

by Nat



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Date of Birth

15 June 2011




Birth place

Castle Scarborough, North Yorkshire



100% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


99% Airedale Terrier 1% Other




Mate N/A
Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Chevalier


Mates None
Packs (Mon YYYY - Mon YYYY)
Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta


Art by Owl


  • Eyes: Iroko (#43f2f1e).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Sepia Skin (#976b3c).
    • Zues (#241d15) is on his back/tail/bridge of face.
    • Leather (#906751) on his underbelly.
    • Pearl Brush (#ECE6E0) on the very tip of his tail.

George carries himself as though the world worships him. His shoulders are thrown back, head head eye and a stupid grin on his face. For the most part, he can be a cheeky idiot and believes that he is God's gift to earth. Generally, he is in optime form and wears tight, form fitting clothes to show of his "physique." George is well built and sturdy, tall-ish and wiry. When he sits, he tends to slouch and when he's asleep he sprawls though he tries to maintain an ounce of nobility. His fur is dense and thick with a tight curl throughout but during the summer months he keeps it rather short while during the winter he allows himself to become more shaggy. Though, he had a very extensive grooming routine and will take an entire day once or twice a year to groom himself. Though, he does not keep a distinct hair style on his head but rather focuses his attention on his mustache and impressive eyebrows.

He has a charismatic appearance to himself, always lively and he has remarkably bright eyes that don't disclose a lot about him. On many accounts, he is very secretive about what he says which highly contrasts his outgoing and fiercely "in your face" body language. He has broad shoulders, a thick set body and a very strange shaped head compared to the common wolf or coyote. George enjoys looking different and could't (and wouldn't want to) envision himself in any other way.

Build and Species

George looks remarkably like a purebred Airedale terrier, which is the largest of the terriers with one of the most powerful bites in the breed group. He is a big larger than the average male though, since his family has diverted from conventional, written build standards regarding size and they have grown slightly over the generations in response to this. George has a rather burly chest, grown through exercise and hard work. He has a a comparatively slim waist and strong, sinewy legs.

His head is indicative of his breed and has persisted through picky breeding of his "royal" family. It is very distinctive and George favors it has something that makes him special, he often praises this about himself. He has a docked tail that was done as a child, again, to preserve the unique appearance of his family line.





68 lbs
26 in

145 lbs
32 in

170 lbs

George is very rarely in this form, his family never really utilized this skill unless they were participated in hunts of sport or certain family traditions that required it. So, George usually only uses it for special events.

This form is used even less, for his combative strength is exclusively utilized in his Optime form.

George lives in this form and is most comfortable in it. He admires his physique and thinks that it is most apparent in this form. He learned to shift at an early age and has lived most of his life this way. He couldn't imagine living any other way without it.



  • Piercings: He has two piercings on his right ear, a gold one and below it a silver.
  • Tattoos: None, too nontraditional for him.
  • Scars:
    • A thick scar but short scar on his chest that occured on a hunting trip where they encountered an aggressive Red Deer buck.
    • He was wounded in a training accident when he didn't time a bloke correctly and was struck by one of his brothers.
    • After leaving his family and entering a coastal town, a wolfdog tore a notch in his left ear during a brawl.


  • He has two earrings that only signify that George is super cool.


  • Generally, George wears a tight, royal purple sleeveless with silver laces a long the front. Though, if he takes off anything, it isn't uncommon to see him without his shirt.
  • He wears dark, jean like pants that are also pretty form fitting. They come down slightly below his knees, the hems are slightly torn.
  • George has a thick, dark leather belt which holds his broadsword in place, along with showing off his waist.


by Owl

George is something of an asshole, he really doesn't have a filter when talking. Originally, he may have formed this trait due to the fact he was the youngest of a string of brothers. So, he used high Yorkshire tongue and language to shock those around him. Since then, he really hasn't learned how to filter himself except in important situations. He has a loud, outgoing and passionate personality and has the ability to collect a group of fast friends but he likes to have an expansive net work of friends and even if he doesn't see them for awhile he treats them with the same exuberance if he had seen them just yesterday. George likes to laugh at things and has a big laugh that can fill a space.

Even though he is outgoing, he is also hyper aggressive in unfamiliar situations. Though, he never snarls while fighting, deeming it unattractive, rather he smiles and grins with whiskers bristling. George respects the rules of combat though and doesn't aim to kill and will only use his sword if he is in a pre-ordained sword duel with someone of equal skill. Having been raised within a castle, practically a monarchy, he knows the rules of combat, etiquette, and submission but chooses to ignore them on most days.

George is quick minded though, while he tends not to show it there is a racing intelligence behind his dark eyes. This side of him is more humbling and gentle. Generally, this shows in his most vulnerable points, which are sleepy early mornings and the time after love making. He conceals it otherwise, an ingrained idea of masculinity having been imprinted on his mind ever since he was a boy.


  • Outgoing
  • Passionate
  • Aggressive



  • Likes: Sword fighting, fighting, talking, hunting, training, and sex.
  • Dislikes: Rain, commitment, being injured, being put last in line, his father and his oldest brother.


Arrogant, loud, strong, protective

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Death, the ocean, suffocating


  • Power, control, pride, justice


  • Packs: Knows next to nothing of other packs, but thinks Anathema and Salsola lack honor for various reason.
  • Species: Coyotes are highly strange to him along with creatures.
  • Non-Luperci: Believes Luperci are superior to non-luperci.
  • Gender: George is highly aggressive towards other men and tends to provoke fights, but caring and gentle towards women.
  • Color: Highly mixed, muttly looking dogs make him laugh.
  • Sexuality: George is intimidated by males in sexual situations.
  • Age: The old aren't useful enough for him.


Around women, George is a huge flirt, if they haven't turned him down then he will continue flirting with them. It isn't uncommon for him to have many one night stands with women, though he doesn't tend to brag about sexual escapades and is very respectful towards men. When approached by a male in a flirty manner, he is immediately disarmed and suddenly bashful. He wouldn't particularly say no to an encounter, but he would be very nervous by a more dominant male.


George is a smoker of tobacco and goes to great lengths to get it, and he has become wasted on several occasions but does not seek out liquor explicitly. He will usually smoke a pipe before he goes to bed.


He believes in a Christian God, but does not actively worship it since it is something of a waste of his time.


Key Relations

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Family: Tibalt

Minor Relations

  • ...

Former Relations

  • The majority of his family...


  • Speech: George has a thick Yorkshire accent when talking casually or with exhaustion, often, he can tighten it up into a less exaggerated form when trying to impress. While relaxed he sounds much like |this.
  • Scent: George smells faintly of ferret musk, a smell he likes a lot. But he smells mostly like cold steel, leather, and lilac.


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Gilbert (Gil)

  • Species: Ferret
  • Age and DOB: ~1 year, early 2013
  • Description: Gil is a standard stable color with white toe tips and velvety dark nose and black eyes.
  • Personality: Gil has an attitude but is very sociable with George and can understand high speech to a degree. He also bites a lot, especially George, and they had a significant love-hate relationship.


  • Species: Horse
  • Age and DOB: ~7, 2007
  • Description: Scout is a chestnut gelding with a glossy, healthy coat. There is a long stripe of white down his face and he has white socks on all of his feet.
  • Personality: Scout is an energetic but obedient horse and likes to tug at clothes and run fast through meadows. He is quick to develop bonds with even strangers, making him very approachable. He allows Gil to sleep on his back if he manages to get up there.

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  • Skill (Dabbler/Apprentice/Journeyman/Master):
  • Swordsmanship (master): He was taught as a child and through his adult hood, he continues to work on his technique.


  • George is very insecure loving others, he is very stiff about tender affection.
  • His dominance and aggression make him unpleasant to be around.
  • He is very forward, very little filtering.



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George grew up in Scarborough Castle, North Yorkshire. He was part of a noble family of Airedales very similar to himself that have protected their iconic appearance over the years. George was the youngest son of a long line of son's and was tired of constantly being put last in line.

His home life had never been pleasant, his father was course with all his children except for his oldest son. Being the oldest, George tended to get the brunt of his abuses and was constantly battered around. He took solace with his mother who tended to coddle him and keep him safe. But as he grew, he began quick to fight with other males since he was never able to gain retribution against his father.

In the year before he left, his father grew ill and George's oldest brother, Nolan, took over of the maintenance of the castle. Their relationship had been even more strained and George bailed from his castle and caught the first boat over to Freetown. Among his possessions, he brought his summer clothes, a thick cloak, grooming supplies, the sword that was forged for him on his coming of age and a ferret that been given to him in the same ceremony.

George came into Freetown crass, cranky, and fiercely devoted to proving himself and no longer being put last on a long line.



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