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by San

Taseko was an Outrigger in Krokar. He was born in Tuktoyaktuk into the Qimmiq tribe, leaving to strike out on his own once he became two years old. He wandered with a small caribou herd that was gifted to him by the tribe until he was ambushed, resulting in the death of two caribou.

Soon after he met a man named Gavin and the pair has not been apart since, going as far as to stick together when they joined a small group of canines.

After a hurricane, followed by a flood, rocked the group, the band moved to Nova Scotia after two of their companions, August Cormier and Lucille, sent back word of suitable land for the gang. Eventually the formation of Krokar came to fruition, and Taseko became one of its founding members and first Herdsman of the new pack.

Taseko left Krokar before its disbandment at the end of October 2018, joining Lucille and others down to Old Ironsides. He acted as one of the primary caretakers of Krokar's caribou, carrying on this role in the Old Ironsides Trade Depot. A quiet man by nature, Taseko is living the peaceful life that he desires.




Pack Info

Player Info

  • Date of Birth: 23 Dec 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Krokar (10 July 2014)
  • Residence: Fiskebyn cottage #11
  • Rank: Outrigger
    • Co-Rank: Herdsman

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Species: Taseko appears as a standard timber wolf in body and shape, with the only hint at his dog heritage being his blue eyes.
  • Fur: His fur is smooth and plush, and it thickens in the colder months while it sheds and grows thinner during the warmer seasons. His tail is especially fluffy no matter the time of year.
    • Optime Hair: Taseko rarely cuts his mane until it gets in the way of his work and stylizes it minimally, opting to push it back out of his face and nothing more. Despite the lack of specialized care, his hair is always well groomed.
  • Facial Features: He sports a short, obtuse muzzle and a rounded head that is typical of a wolf. His ears come more to a point than a regular timber wolf's, but it is a minute detail that is easy to miss.
  • Build and Size: Taseko is tall and broad, born with a wide frame that gives him a presence even when he is silent. He has defined muscles that appear evenly on his body, helping avoid a bulky appearance but very telling of his natural sturdiness and strength.
    • Lupus: 40 in (101 cm) — 110 lb (50 kg)
      Taseko rarely utilizes this form due to his lack of need for it. It is the least used between all three of his forms.
    • Secui: 50 in (127 cm) — 175 lb (78 kg)
      He gains much bulk and size in this form, looking very much like a wild beast. He uses this form if he needs to hunt land prey or for the subtlety four legs provide, but neither is an often occurrence. Despite this, it is his second-most used form.
    • Optime (Preferred): 7 ft 2 in (86 in) (218 cm) — 260 lb (118 kg)
      Taseko's Optime form is his most used and preferred form. He prefers to be upon two legs and to have the use of his hands for his line of work and interests.
  • Humanization: Medium-high -- Taseko wears minimum clothing and rarely dresses to impress, settling on practicality rather than gaudiness. The way he carries himself is very human-like and he participates in civilized activities, but there is a traditional air about him that shows his connection to more natural things.


Fuscous Gray (#58554F)
Sirocco (#778283)
Teak (#B4906E)
Bison Hide (#C0B4A3)
Powder Blue (#B8E2E6)
Armadillo (#393730)

Color Distribution

  • Fur: Primarily Sirocco with darker Fuscous Gray along the back and shoulders
  • Markings:
    • Teak along bridge of nose, above eyes, backs of ears, and on upper arms and legs
    • Bison Hide muzzle, cheeks, neck, undercarriage, and lower arms and legs
    • Armadillo along edges of ears and tip of tail
    • Optime Hair: Armadillo
  • Eyes: Powder Blue
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Armadillo
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1.2  Gallery

Sans R @ wolveswolves.tumblr.com by Raze! By Gen! By San! By Mandi! Sans R @ wolveswolves.tumblr.com

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1.3  Scars and Adornments


  • Visible:
    • Thin cut above right eyebrow
    • Two slashes on right shoulder
    • Singular cut on left flank
    • One gash on haunches above tail
    • Three thin cuts on upper right thigh


  • Accessories:
    • A leather tool belt with a large buckle, a loop (typically occupied by some rope), and a pouch.
    • A simple leather bag with a side strap adorned with a loop (typically occupied by a fishing pole).
  • Clothing:
    • A simply-designed blue breechcloth that is lined with fur.
    • A leather arm band that lined with fur.

2.  Personality

Nature HeroGentle GiantMountain ManPapa WolfFriend To All Living Things

  • Traits: Serious, quiet, thinker, patient, nurturing.
  • Speech: Taseko is fluent in both English and Inuvialuktun, more specially in the Siglitun dialect. He was raised to speak both languages and does not hold an accent when speaking English. His voice is quiet but strong, deep in tone, and he talks slowly as if he's deep in thought. Sometimes it sounds monotonous, but it is because he is sure and honest in his speech.
  • Scent: He smells strongly of caribou and fields due to spending large amounts of time with the herd, and both are a large part of his personal scent. He also smells of Krokar, river, fish, paper, wood, and Gavin.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Gestures while speaking, often falls into silences when in thought, chews on his pencil while thinking.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Taseko has an air of presence about him because of his broad size, and carries himself openly and confidently. However, he is respectful and will show a low key form of submission to high-ranked canines.
  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted. While able to socialize when approached, he prefers to keep to himself and the caribou.
  • Expression: Dominant and confident, but not challenging
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Spirituality: Animisim. Follows the beliefs of the Qimmiq tribe.

3.  Skills

  • Animal Husbandry (Master): Working with animals ever since before he could shift, Taseko has a natural gift for beasts and feels most at home with them. It is easy for animals to take a liking to him, and he is skilled in herding and breeding. He most especially specializes in caribou.
  • Reading and Writing (Master): He has immense talent for reading and writing, surpassing the usual skill level of fellow Luperci, and dedicates much of his time to both acts to keep himself sharp. He enjoys recording the happenings of Krokar and his personal life. He is able to write and read in English and Inuvialuktun.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): Taseko has the to ability fish and specializes in the use of a pole. He also knows how to craft nets to catch fish, along with ice fishing.

4.  History

Taseko was born into the Qimmiq tribe in Tuktoyaktuk as the youngest pup in the litter, preceded by his boisterous sisters, Eska and Anyu. From an early age he showed interest in the tribe's caribou and displayed a gift with the beasts along with various other animals. Once he was able to shift, he participated as one of the herders in the Qimmiq tribe with a specialty and preference for the caribou herds, while also studying diligently alongside his sisters how to read and write. When he reached adulthood, entranced by the outside world that was described by the traders and trappers who would visit Tuktoyaktuk, he decided to strike out on his own. Upon his departure, he was gifted five caribou.

However, Taseko was ambushed by a small band of wolves, resulting in the death of two of his caribou and injury to himself. Shortly after he met a man named Gavin.

Taseko offered to share his supplies when he decided the male wasn't about to immediately attack his small herd, and he two canines got along well, so Gavin stayed with him. Early spring had been harsh, with deep melting snow too soft to walk on and difficult to hunt in. The pair needed to trade for some supplies, and found what they needed from a pair of coydogs, Pepper and Claude, who offered to let them stick around and pitch in until the hunting got better. They met the rest of the group, which soon continued to grow, and then, sadly, shrink when two dogs were lost to a hurricane. However, all shared their skills with each other, teaching and learning.

In 2014, the home they had built near a river flooded, washing away most of their homes, supplies, and some of their livestock. Luckily all of the canines escaped, as did some of their animals. Lucille and Gus set off to find somewhere else to live, having traveled fairly extensively themselves on the way back from when Gus found her. In the meantime, the rest of the group salvaged what they could and then set off when they were notified.

Once they arrived, they met even more new canines. Their new home had been decided upon, so Iroquois got to work with the rest to start settling in.

4.1  Threads

2014 Threads


  1. pNPC By the Water's Edge (25 July)
    Storm Cormier, Artemis Nightclaw, and Taseko do some fishing.
  2. pNPC It'll Only get Worse (30 July)
    Taseko is present while Pepper and Aindrea Donovan provide medical care to Storm Cormier.
  3. pNPC [M] Whiskey River take my Mind (31 July)
    Taseko takes part in the discussion about alcohol with Storm Cormier and Aindrea Donovan.


  1. pNPC Stretching out the Neck on your Evening (01 Aug)
    August Cormier and Taseko meet Minta while camped outside of Krokar's territory.
  2. pNPC Coastal Cat (05 Aug)
    Taseko and August Cormier meet with Raeka Damaichu and Kiara Amarok at the borders of New Dawn.


  1. pNPC Caribou Care for Beginners (16 Oct)
    Octavius Poer de Angelo and Lucille learn about caribou care from Taseko.


  1. pNPC Soft Hearted Beasties (04 Dec)
    Taseko cares for the caribou along with August Cormier and Octavius Poer de Angelo.

2015 Threads


  1. pNPC Winter Celebrations (03 Aug)
    Taseko attends the kickoff of the pack's winter celebrations.


  1. pNPC Final Act (03 Aug)
    Taseko sees Storm Cormier and Eliza Cormier at the Celebration of Achievements party.
  2. pNPC Sink or Swim (04 Aug)
    Taseko participates in the Sink or Swim contest, where he sinks.


  1. Both Shall Row, my Love and I (01 Sept)
    With the rest of the pack, Taseko attends the mateship ceremony for Ciara and Aindrea Donovan.
  2. As Opportunity Presents Itself (05 Sept)
    One of Krokar's caribou, Pana, escapes and Taseko finds him as Leela'vana Amarok intends to hunt him.

September cont.

  1. Oh, it was White Sand and Deep Blue Waves (08 Sept)
    Eliza Cormier comes to help care for the caribou and the two chat about Taseko's language.
  2. Sea and the Rock Below (09 Sept)
    Taseko gets flattened by one of Semini's boars while out in the caribou field. They then fix the hole the boar made in the fence.
  3. Watching the World from the Bright Side (24 Sept)
    Pascal Sadira is visiting from Cour des Miracles, and Taseko discusses bookmaking with him.
  4. Keep the Earth Below my Feet (25 Sept)
    Beatrice Tindall accompanies Taseko on a fishing trip to Black Lake.
  5. Remember When our Songs were just like Prayers (27 Sept)
    Taseko meets Thyri Dawnbringer after finishing a hunt and they discuss Taseko's beliefs while cleaning the kill.
  6. Feel the Tide Turning (28 Sept)
    Taseko is attacked by Basilio Lykoi and flees.
  7. Driving a Car by the Seaside (30 Sept)
    While in Fiskebyn, Taseko chats with Claude, Gavin, and Chien Dupont.


  1. I Stay Away (02 Oct)
    While in St. John with Gavin, Taseko meets Xylia Napier.
  2. I see a World, a World Turning in on Itself (15 Oct)
    Taseko and Grizzer spend time with the Caribou.
  3. Throw Seeds to Sprout (28 Oct)
    Taseko accompanies Claude to Krokar's stall at the Outpost.
  4. Time to Step Outside you (31 Oct)
    Taseko suggests the pack have a trading Depot in the south.


  1. Luck was a Servant and not a Master (07 Nov)
    While traveling to build Krokar's Depot, Taseko meets Leaf Darkfire
  2. You go Wherever you go Today (08 Nov)
    While traveling to build Krokar's Depot, Taseko helps Abigaël Shepard cross a river.
  3. We've been Migratory Animals, Living Under Changing Weather (15 Nov)
    The group arrives at the place where the Depot is being built

2016 Threads


  1. pNPC There was a Time When I was Alone (09 July)
    Taseko helps Tansy and Milos with the caribou.
  2. pNPC I'll be There for you Tonight (18 July)
    Taseko helps prepare for the caribou race and rounds them up after it is over.
  3. pNPC Caribou Races are Coming your way (25 July)
    The pack kicks off the summer's Celebration of Achievements.

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