The Sawtooth Family

The Sawtooth family is of medium size, but has been around since 2004 when founding member Noah Sawtoothson arrived in Chimera. According to his story, the Alpha of the Sawtooth pack took Noah, his mother and his brother in and cared for them, and presumably this is how he came to take that name as his own when he left. Sawtooth descendants have taken up residence in nearly every pack in 'Souls. Some of them are not very nice.

Sawtooth Family Foundation

First Member Location—Chimera
First Member Date—September 4, 2004[1]
First Member Name—Noah Sawtoothson
First Birth Location—Chimera
Founding Parents—Noah Sawtoothson & Summer
Founding Birth Children—Lucifer Sawtooth, Charm Sawtooth
Founding Birth Date—November 21, 2005

Influence and Influences


  • Sawtooth wolves are typically shades of grey or black, such as Noah Sawtoothson, Lucifer Sawtooth, Noah Sawtooth, Lena Rhiannon, Krys Sawtooth, and Yuna Gremory. Some members have black or grey markings over a different base color, such as Charm Sawtooth and Isolde Sawtooth. Generations extolling the Rhiannon genes are often white. (The on-board Sawtooths are closely linked to the Rhiannon family, as Lucifer Sawtooth sired two of Deuce Rhiannon's offspring as well as Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth, who went on to bear Taliesin dir Rhiannon's children.)
  • The Sawtooth pack was comprised mainly of non-luperci, but Noah and Summer passed the virus on to their offspring, making all of their descendants shifters. One branch of the family has returned to their roots and adopted a feral lifestyle: Noah Sawtooth and his daughters Krys and Yuna. Lena and Cody were also raised this way, but later chose to return to a Luperci way of life.
  • There is a strain of madness in the Sawtooth family, cropping up in varying cases of schizophrenia and sociopath behavior. Those afflicted often claim to hear voices telling them what to do. Lucifer Sawtooth and his grandson Liam Rhiannon are best known as sexual predators with violent criminal history, both of whom were eventually executed for said crimes. Liam's offspring D'ryn Rhiannon and Bridget Rhiannon inherited milder cases of schizophrenia, and have managed their mental illnesses in order to fit in with society. Isolde Sawtooth's psychopathic behavior intensified over time, leading her to increasingly unstable and violent crimes in her search for excitement. Isolde's daughter Marceline Sawtooth displayed signs of instability from a young age, though the full extent of her inheritance has yet to be determined.
  • Some of the more peaceful Sawtooth relatives also boast a spiritual connection, such as Gemma Sawtooth and her AniWayan spirit guide, and Myrddin dir Rhiannon being haunted by the ghost of Tameri.




The parent that contributes the Sawtooth genes is bolded. Multi-fathered litters are marked with .

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

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