Gremory Family

The Gremory-Dae line of wolves are still small but growing, and are based out of New Dawn and Krokar. They were originally born non-Luperci, but due to conflict and discrimination in their Canadian birthplace, have since scattered and been converted to Luperci Verto. It is possible they have a higher ratio of female to male offspring, as noted in the first and second generations.


Available: Krys Sawtooth, Crowley, Elsie

Family Statistics



Common Gray Wolf/Arctic Wolf




The name of a Duke of Hell from Demonology Lore









New Dawn, Krokar

First Member




New Dawn


~ 2010

First Birth


New Dawn


04 October 2012


Noah Sawtooth

Influence and Influences

Family Members

First Generation

  • Sivir x Wyatt - (04 May 2009)
  • Sivir x Wyatt - (16 Dec 2010)
  • Sivir x Wyatt - (?)
    • Elsie Gremory
    • Crowley Dae

Second Generation

Defining Features


Fayne: 55% Grey Wolf, 45% Arctic Wolf


Piper: 55% Grey Wolf, 45% Arctic Wolf


Krys: 60% Arctic Wolf, 40% Gray Wolf


Yuna: 60% Arctic Wolf, 40% Gray Wolf

Physical Features

The founding generation were a cross of Common Gray Wolf and Arctic Wolf lineage. They were originally non-Luperci, but most of the first generation has since been converted to Luperci Verto. It is possible they have a higher ratio of female to male offspring, as noted in the first and second generations. Gremory females tend toward physical beauty, with long slender legs and noble expressions. They are not large or bulky, though some achieve a willowy height. Gremory males are notably smaller and less impressive.


Emerald green irises with a blue hue to them runs dominant in the family. All of the first generation have green eyes, and so far so does all of the second.


Thick glossy coats are typical, due to a strong arctic lineage. Shades of monochrome white and silver are seen throughout, often with distinctive black markings along the spine. Dark facial markings seem typical, on a lighter gray base coat. They often have black or grey manes. Recessive tan markings are occasionally seen, but this is usually due to outside influence.


Fayne, Piper, and Krys notably have a pinkish/liver coloration to their nose leather, rather than the typical wolf black.



Founding pair Sivir and Wyatt were part of a Canadian pack that viewed the Luperci virus as evil and remained clean with careful isolation. They all had the strong urge to resist the infection and believed that all wolves should remain true to their lineage, not relying on such a virus to gain unnatural strength. Unfortunately their virus-free existence was tainted slowly but surely by infected loners. Pack members were outcast when infected, and when their numbers began to decline, the whole pack moved to a new location. They struggled to repopulate by encouraging litters between pure couples, but it was a losing battle. The last living elder, Drosnav, decreed that rather than disband they would accept the infected pack members back into their fold, which was a noble but unpopular decision. Luperci pack members were always looked upon, not as family, but as monsters. Drosnav tried to set up very strict guidelines to ensure their pack remain pure as long as they could, but he himself was turned Luperci, and his fearful followers could not accept this and overthrew him. In Drosnav's grief and rage he began to forcefully turn other wolves and recruit them back to his following, dividing the pack in two and erasing all trust between pack members.

Youth & Trauma

A young Fayne and her elder sister Piper were a part of the unstable pack of uninfected wolves, and learned to deeply fear the Luperci. It was in this splintered pack that Sivir to give birth to Crowley and Elsie. Seeing that it was inevitable that they would be turned, the pure wolves wanted to escape Drosnav and desert the territory. Their new leader was weak-willed and inexperienced, however, and bid them to stay and try to work things out peacefully with their former packmates. When the Luperci caught wind of the plan to leave, they launched a surprise attack on the remaining wolves to turn them and end this struggle once and for all. The ambush was swift and brutal, and the spurned Luperci used any means necessary to change their former friends, becoming the monsters they had so long been trying to resist. The things that youthful Fayne witnessed on this night left deep emotional wounds that would haunt her for life.

Fayne and her family managed to flee during the chaos, but Sivir and Wyatt feared the shifters would stop at nothing to follow them. The parents sent their children off on another trail and stayed behind, never to be seen again. Piper, being the eldest, was responsible for all of her siblings including Fayne. Fayne's memories of her parents faded, and were replaced by her sister. The young family all knew that they'd have to struggle just to survive, but they didn't know Piper had been keeping a horrible secret. She had been harboring the virus all this time. She'd been infected by her mate who had been shunned before the pack split into two. By now it was easy for her to control her urges to shift, but she knew she couldn't keep her secret forever, and didn't want to panic her siblings with it. Piper found it better to leave her family and join the ranks of an accepting pack, and Fayne was left to step up as the eldest and lead her brother and sister. She supported them for a time, but Crowley and Elsie came of age and tired of their lifestyle. They all agreed to go their separate ways, and perhaps find Piper again.

Mateship & Motherhood

Fayne went on her way to find a pack she could call her own. Inexperienced and naive, she had many hostile encounters and barely escaped with her life. She found in time that she too had been infected with the virus, and all her efforts at remaining pure were in vain. She was terrified of becoming a monster, as she believed was inevitable for all Luperci. Eventually she found relative safety in the traditionalist pack New Dawn, and came to learn that shifters and non-shifters could indeed live harmoniously in the same pack. Her paranoia begins to wane, and she lets down her guard to trust again.

It was a tumultuous transition as a timid Fayne was assaulted and tortured twice by Amy Sunders. She finds comfort in Noah Sawtooth, who in time, becomes her mate. Passionately in love, the couple conceived a litter in the midst of the New Dawn Conflict. Fayne gives birth to her daughters Krys Sawtooth and Yuna Gremory, and her newfound maternal instincts ignite a ferocity she did not previously know she had. She learns how to fight for the sake of her new family, and takes part in the final battle against Amy, where she is wounded by Kohaku Amarok. Her old fears of Luperci resurface, and she grapples with the violence she committed and whether that made her a monster, versus the pride she felt for protecting her family. Tharin convinces her she is still a true wolf.

Fall From Grace

Her mate's growing dissatisfaction with Zalen leads Noah to challenge their Alpha, and lose. He then leaves New Dawn in shame, despite Fayne begging him to stay with them. Their mateship ends, and Fayne struggles as a single parent and grows angry at Noah for throwing his family away. She goes looking for her ex-mate and finds him outside of Anathema, having been kidnapped and mutilated by his nephew Liam. Still in love with him but unable to save him, Fayne plummets into depression and alcoholism. So many of her old friends left or passed away that she has no one to talk her through her feelings.

Fayne went on long trips unannounced, loitered around other packs to avoid going home, experimented with other drugs, and generally lost sight of all she used to hold dear. In her self-loathing, she even favored her Optime form, and halfheartedly considers joining a Luperci-dominant pack. As Krys and Yuna grow up without her help, Fayne grows ashamed of her behavior and begins to pull herself out of the spiral. She learns the healing arts from her ex-packmate Sky Rhiannon in an attempt to make herself useful again. She is struggling to reclaim her old personality and dignity, although she fears she may have damaged her relationship with her daughters and her reputation in the pack beyond repair.

New Beginnings

Krys maintained a close bond with the Alpha's firstborn son, Keylo Damaichu, who became her lifeline during her mother's breakdown. What started as an innocent childhood friendship blossomed into much more as they grew up together. Krys was kidnapped and held hostage in the Stellarton Mines?, and Keylo headed a rescue party to save her. A wildfire razed the land during a pack hunt, and Keylo carried aquaphobic Krys across the river to safety. As fall turned to winter, Krys went into heat, and Keylo finally realized his romantic feelings for her. He requested his father's permission to make her his mate, and their adult relationship flourished.

Piper miraculously resurfaced that same winter. On her own, she encountered a lot of ordeals once she split from her siblings, her main troubles being that of her old pack. Her mate had decided to pursue her relentlessly, despite her leaving him when crisis hit. He was changed along with their Alpha and most everyone in the pack, being driven crazed with power and mental agony. Piper finally found New Dawn and along with it hope. She could not escape the monster that trailed her, but when he cornered and mauled her, she fought him off and ended his life. Piper was taken in by New Dawn and reunited with Fayne, who tended to her wounds and offered her a home. Fayne was filled with pride and new resolve to be there for her growing family.

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