Krys Sawtooth

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Krys Sawtooth is the daughter of Noah Sawtooth and Fayne Gremory. Born into New Dawn along with her sister, Yuna Gremory, Krys strove to make a name for herself and move up in the ranks of her pack. She was formerly mates with Keylo Damaichu until he caught her in the midst of infidelity. When New Dawn was disbanded, Krys traveled with her mother to AniWaya.






  • Date of Birth: 4 October 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: AniWaya
  • Mate: --
  • Pack: AniWaya
  • Rank: Ayastigi
  • Previous:
  • cNPC: --
  • yNPC:
    • --
  • --



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Krys is wolf and it is very very obvious in her appearance.
  • Fur: Her coat is thick and glossy, the typical of Arctic Wolf.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair cascades around her shoulders and occasionally falls into her eyes.
  • Facial Features: Krys's face has a very slender appearance with clear, attentive expressions.
  • Build and Size: Built with long legs and a thin, streamlined build.
    • Lupus: Long legged and thin.
    • Optime: Tall with a very feral posture.


  • Fur:
    • Her coat is primarily a soft Silver color.
    • A layer of Grey creates a blanket over the top half of her body and colors the top half of her face.
    • Another layer of Tundora tops her other base colors and also circles her eyes.
  • Markings:
    • A streak of Mineshaft extends from her neck down to her tail, stopping halfway through her tail. It also colors the tip of her tail, completely separate from the other marking, and also circles the tops of her eyes.
  • Eyes: Her eyes are a bright Olive Drab.
  • Optime Hair: Her optime hair fades from Grey to Tundora at the tips.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Her skin is a pinkish-brown Kabul


Silver (#c3c3c3)
Grey (#8e8e8e)
Tundora (#4b4b4b)
Mineshaft (#242424)
Olive Drab (#71ae28)
Kabul (#544338)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Something.
  • Piercings:
    • Maybe your character
    • has a lot
    • of piercings
  • Tattoos: No.


  • Speech: how does your dude talk, son?
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?



107 lbs (48 kg)32 in (82 cm) :: Long-legged and streamlined, Krys' lupus form is ideal for quick, long-distance travel and short but extreme bursts of speed. Her thin build weakens her defenses, especially in this four-legged form. She prefers Lupus for everyday interactions and feels most comfortable sleeping this way.


154 lbs (70 kg)38 in (96 cm) :: Rarely used, Krys' Secui form is much more powerful than her Lupus or Optime forms. Her build is still best suited for speed and endurance in travel, but now bears a fair defense against most melee attackers and weather-related assaults. Her thicker coat allows for more warmth, while the strange anatomy makes for somewhat awkward movement and body language—clearly uncomfortable for her.


210 lbs (95 kg)6ft 11in (186 cm) :: Krys prefers to show off and hunt in her Optime form. She moves on all fours, even in this form, so her posture is very wolf-like despite the bipedal shape. She moves around easily and spends a considerable amount of time like this, despite preferring her natural Lupus form better. She uses this form to hunt larger game or for social activities that may require it—or just chilling with her luperci friends.


2.  Personality

Stubborn but friendly, greedy but lovable. Krys comes off as a leader more than a follower. Her aim to reach a high rank someday is obvious to anyone who knows her. Ambitious and a bit greedy, she strives to be the best that she can be, though she tries hard not to leave anyone behind in the process. Head strong and adventurous, she tends to get herself into trouble- though with age comes experience and Krys shows the makings of a good and fair leader- if she could just learn to cooperate a little better.

2.1  Ideals


Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Adventure: Despite her phobia, Krys retains a strong sense of adventure and daring. Her wonder-lust often gets her into trouble.
  • Self-Improvement: Krys has a strong drive to reach a high rank in New Dawn. Her final goal is Beta. As such, she knows she has to better herself in order to achieve such a prestigious rank. She constantly works to overcome her weak points and improve on her strong points.


  • Deep/Flowing Water: After falling into a frozen river as a pup, Krys has a near crippling fear of water. She's less bothered by shallow water but she'll rarely go deeper than her ankles. Recently, she's been able to swim in deep water, but not without serious anxiety and discomfort.


Believes in Mother Gaia and Rhiannon. Otherwise, she's not very spiritual and doesn't actively practice anything. She'll deny her belief in Rhiannon, due to her father issues. She takes a moment before meals to thank Gaia, but it's mostly out of habit now.


  • Species: Purebred dogs, to Krys, look funny and she can't take them seriously if they don't have any wolfish attributes.
  • Non-Luperci: Krys thinks it's unfortunate that they can't shift, but otherwise, they're just like anyone else.
  • Human Behaviors: Terrible! Humans died for a reason! Don't make the same mistakes!


  • Heterosexual but bi-romantic. She's relatively fluid in her own gender identity, giving off a very tomboyish feel, though she identifies as female well enough. She's more interested in rank than in looks, though personality is still be a big deal to her. She's also a firm believer than a healthy mate will produce healthy offspring. As such, smaller males with notable crutches will likely never catch her eye. Trust issues will prevent her from diving into anything too quickly. She's also hesitant to actually be sexually active, for fear of upsetting the alpha with unexpected puppies.


  • Likes: A list of single or few-worded interests: e.g., horses, animal husbandry, leather-working, hunting, howling, running, jumping, playing, begetting a vast number of progeny, etc.
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes
    • Maybe a BIG DISLIKE HERE


  • Nope! Krys has never tried any substances and likely won't, unless she discovers them outside her territory (which is a relatively rare occurrence that she leaves the pack lands.)

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Sawtooth

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Keylo Damaichu Keylo is Krys' best friend and mate. The two are almost inseparable.
  • Fayne Krys' mother. Though the two were once very close, there's less of a bond between them now that Krys is older. She checks in on the aging woman from time to time but doesn't like to be around her as much as before, especially since Noah left. She remains silent about her concern for Fayne's health and well-being, playing ignorant whenever it's brought up to her.
  • Yuna Gremory Krys' shy, quiet sister. Krys is protective of Yuna, though she rarely spends time with the girl like she used to. Since their father left, Yuna and Krys have become polar opposites in behavior- where Yuna is quiet and reserved, accepting fate as it happens, Krys seeks power and praise daily. This often leaves Yuna behind with their mother while Krys goes off on adventure. When at home together, Krys is very fond and caring of her sister and no matter the occasion, would do anything to protect her.

Positive Relations

  • Florina Soul Her most beloved rival. Florina and Krys are often in each other's faces about who's best at what they do. Both stride to be high ranked and strong fighters. Both have the guts to make it, but the stubborn streaks to fail. Krys couldn't ask for a better rival to compete with.
  • Altair Amarok A younger pack mate who surprised Krys with his strong spirit and opinions. The two have become rivals in a sense, often competing with each other to prove which is better- Luperci or Purity. He is also now her step-father.

Neutral / Negative

  • Noah Sawtooth Her father, who left the pack without much warning. He left Fayne, Krys and Yuna behind, which left Krys bitter and untrusting of him. She doesn't know what's become of him and doesn't care to. In her opinion, he abandoned his family and pack and doesn't deserve the kindness and love she'd once given him.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Physical Skills

  • Education and Learning: Learned mostly through experience.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Krys is an adept hunter.
  • Tracking (Journeyman): Along with being good at hunting, Krys is also good at tracking.
  • Fighting (Novice): She is not as good at fighting, although she is learning.
  • Pup Care: Krys has never seen herself as being very motherly. She tends to be awkward and uncomfortable around younger puppies.
  • Writing/Reading: Krys has never bothered to learn how to read or write, nor has anyone ever offered to teach her.

5.  History

5.1  Timeline

  • Born into New Dawn by Fayne and Noah, alongside one sister, Yuna.
  • During the winter, Krys begins to explore beyond the den, much to her parent's worry.
  • Krys falls under the ice. Zalen saves her, but a fear of water develops from this event.
  • Noah challenges Zalen and loses, leaving New Dawn as a result. Keylo comforts Krys over the departure.
  • Fayne discovers that Noah was taken prisoner by his nephew Liam in Anathema, and falls prey to an alcohol addiction. Krys keeps her concern to herself and distances herself from her mother.
  • Krys finally shifts at Eight months of age!
  • Krys is kidnapped by bandits and taken deep into the old Mines, where she's rescued by her family and friends.
  • A pack hunt goes terribly wrong when fire erupts around the pack. Krys is forced to face her fear when she's trapped between the flames and the river. Keylo helps her across, but she's shaken from the incident for many days after.
  • Seeking to better herself and to get over her nightmares, Krys leaves to explore the less-populated areas of New Dawn's territory. She learns to swim in this time and has taken a huge step in overcoming her Aquaphobia.
  • Krys suffers her first heat cycle. The result is her mateship with Keylo.