The Amarok Family

The Amarok family are arctic wolves originating from Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada. They are untouched by the Luperci virus, and are prominent in New Dawn. The name "Amarok" comes from Inuit mythology, and is said to be a giant wolf that hunts down and devours anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night.[1]

Notably, 'Souls founding member Kiara Amarok as well as her daughter Leela have a natural immunity to the Luperci virus.

Family Statistics





Arctic Wolf




Inuit mythology, spirit wolf


Statistics updated May 2014.








New Dawn, Anathema

First Member


Kiara Amarok


Ichika No Ho-en


8 Oct 2011

First Birth


Ichika No Ho-en


26 Mar 2012

Founding Birth Parents:

Kiara Amarok

Founding Birth Children:

Kohaku Amarok
Lucia Amarok
Annabel Amarok

Family Members

First Generation

  • Shunkaha Amarok x Chogan Amarok - March 11, 2009
    • Ilannaq
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
  • Shunkaha Amarok x Chogan Amarok - March 20, 2010
  • Shunkaha Amarok x Chogan Amarok - March 8, 2011
    • Suka Amarok
    • Yakone Amarok
    • Miki Amarok
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
  • Shunkaha Amarok x Chogan Amarok - March 19, 2012
    • Suluk Amarok
    • Sailuk Amarok
    • Unnamed
  • Shunkaha Amarok x Chogan Amarok - March 21, 2013
    • Shila Amarok
    • Kesuk Amarok
    • Ila Amarok
    • Ilannaq Amarok
    • Unnamed
  • Shunkaha Amarok x Chogan Amarok - March 9, 2014
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Influence and Influences


Defining Features

  • The original Amarok family were Arctic Wolves, or Canis lupus arctos.
    • This gave them a smaller size than other wolf subspecies and a typically white coloration, with a stocky build and thick fur.
    • Some have accents or ticking in shades of brown or grey:
  • The original Amarok family are non-shifters by birth.
    • Kiara and Leela have a natural viral immunity, and cannot contract the Luperci virus.
    • Kohaku was converted by Amy Sunders during the 2012 New Dawn Conflict.
    • Lucia was converted by a rogue Luperci attack on New Dawn borders in January 2014.[2]
    • Marrok was converted by Cotl Van Ulrich in January 2014 when he drew too close to Inferni.[3]
    • Altair was converted by Kohaku in June 2014 when the brothers crossed paths in neutral territory.[4]
    • Vuk, Chogan Amarok, Yakone Amarok, Miki Amarok, Suluk Amarok, Sailuk Amarok, Shila Amarok, Kesuk Amarok, Ila Amarok, and Chikuq Amarok were all converted during the war with the luperci pack Anak A Turan in 2013.
  • The most prevalent eye color is Gold, seen in Shunkaha Amarok, Suka Amarok, Yakone Amarok, Suluk Amarok, Shila Amarok, Kesuk Amarok, Ila Amarok, and Chikuq Amarok
    • Sapphire Blue can be seen in Kiara, Lucia, Leela, Chogan Amarok, and Sialuk Amarok.
    • Another notable eye color is Green, seen in Vuk, and Kohaku
    • A smaller portion have Hazel Green, as seen in Altair and Reisha.


The Amarok family were located in a small valley nestled neatly between two mountains in the heart of Wood Buffalo National Park. The wide river and deep lake provided plenty of fishing and hunting opportunities for Kiara and her pack. Kiara's birth pack was a small but well-organized group made up solely of Kiara's arctic wolf parents and her litter mates; which include her two brothers and single sister. Kiara's family was secluded from the Luperci world and her life in the park was simple. The young pups spent most of their time within the safe confines of the rich forests that surrounded the lake or further up stream to practice their fishing. As they grew older, the pups began to spend more time hunting with her parents to take down the bison and other large mammals that roamed into the valley.

Though life in the valley was comfortable, Kiara began to long for a new scenery and adventure. Finally, at the ripe age of 16 months, she left her quiet home and traveled across Canada. She arrived at the northern end of Nova Scotia and started her search for a place to call home. Vuk secretly followed her across the continent, protecting her the entire way. By October 8, 2011 Kiara discovered Ichika no Ho-en and joined in the same day. Vuk returned to his homeland without Kiara ever realizing that her brother had followed her. Kiara eventually took over the rank of Ikusei and became the pack's official puppy sitter. After several peaceful months Kiara met with a dog named Amy Sunders and gained several scars out of the violent encounter as well as a deep phobia for knives. Amy attempted to convert Kiara into a Luperci through a blood transfusion, but it failed due to Kiara's natural immunity. Her fortunes turned though when Kiara met a male wolf like herself who couldn't shift. After a few meetings with the wolf, Alonso, Kiara went into heat and enjoyed a short romantic episode with him, becoming pregnant with three puppies. The litter was born on March 26, 2012: Kohaku Amarok, Lucia Amarok, and the ill-fated Annabelle Amarok. Alonso never returned, but instead another non-shifter male named Tharin Lupei helped her feed her pups. He belonged to a nearby pack called New Dawn, and urged her to join him there.

Anna sadly passed away due to illness and Kohaku soon vanished, so the distraught mother eventually agreed to travel to New Dawn after Ichika's collapse to protect her last remaining pup. She was soon deeply embroiled in the New Dawn Conflict, as Kohaku was still alive but had been kidnapped and converted into a Luperci by the same dog that had attacked her that winter. Amy Sunders was eventually executed for her crimes, but Kohaku refused to rejoin his birth family, choosing instead to view Amy as his mother and swearing to enact his vengeance for her murder. Kohaku later joined Anathema alongside his ward, Lucias Sunders. Kiara takes solace in her loyal child, Lucia, and her new mateship with Tharin Lupei. She and Tharin served as the Beta pair for a period of time, but stepped down in defeat when they were challenged by Augustus and Ciara. Their focus became their new litter, born March 11, 2013: Altair Amarok, Leela Amarok, and Marrok Amarok. After six months of happiness raising their puppies, a wildfire claims Tharin's life, and Kiara must once again step up as a single mother. Thankfully she has all of New Dawn to support her and her offspring during their mourning.

During the same time period, conflict brewed in the Amarok Valley. A pack of luperci called Anak A Turan took up residence not far from the valley. It wasn't long before the pack began to send scouts to scope out the back boarders and test the Amarok's strength. Thankfully, the pack was able to fend off the lone scouts. The Amarok numbers had swelled thanks to many successful litters. After scouting attempts failed, a female from Anak A Turan arrived at the Amarok boarders heavily injured and with no pack scent. The Amaroks took her in as one of their own and helped her to recover. Several weeks later, the new female turned on the pack and attacked Crowl. Vuk was able to come to his brother's rescue and together they managed to kill her. The fight with the luperci female had infected both males and they shifted not long after. A few peaceful weeks went by before the Beta of Anak A Turan arrived at the Amarok boarder and accused the Amaroks of keeping one of the Anak A Turan females captive. An argument broke out that eventually resulted in a fight between Crowl, Vuk, and the Beta. Crowl and Vuk were victorious and sent the Beta male back to his pack. A few days later, Crowl and Vuk were ambushed by a river by the luperci of Anak A Turan. Crowl was killed by the time Chogan and Chikuq were able to come to their aid. Both Chogan and Chikuq were infected during the fight and changed less than a week later.

War was declared on the Anak A Turan pack and lasted for several long and bloody months. By the time the war ended, all the Amaroks except Shunkaha, Suka, and Reisha were infected with the luperci virus. Shunkaha had suffered an injury due to a buffalo attack that had left her lame in one leg. Shortly thereafter, Chogan decided to move the pack from the luperci menace that plagued the valley. Using Vuk's direction, the pack slowly moved towards their lost member, Kiara.

2014 began with a rocky start for the New Dawn branch of the Amarok clan: Lucia was attacked by a rogue Luperci on the borders of New Dawn, and was forcibly converted. She sank into a deep depression, though the beginning of her heat cycle reminded her that she could still start a family like she wanted. Altair was badly scarred by a bear that he fought to protect his Alphess, Raeka Rain. Marrok strayed too close to Inferni and was attacked by Cotl Van Ulrich, which resulted in him contracting the Luperci virus shortly after Lucia. The original Amarok pack settled into a valley nine days walk from Nova Scotia. Vuk and Reisha left the pack and traveled to Nova Scotia in search of their lost sister. They eventually found her and joined New Dawn the same day.