Noah Sawtooth

Noah Sawtooth is the son of Lucifer Sawtooth and Deuce Rhiannon, littermate of Taliesin dir Rhiannon, and father of Krys Sawtooth and Yuna Gremory. He was formerly a member of New Dawn and Phoenix Valley. He is the former mate of Fayne, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

Noah Sawtooth

Noah, by Alaine
Date of BirthMarch 21, 2008
Subspecies75% Arctic Wolf
25% Grey Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeJaded Shadows, Bleeding Souls
Current packNew Dawn

Archive Profile 'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Previous Pack

New Dawn

Joining dateJanuary 1, 2012
SignificanceFounding Member

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateOctober 29, 2010[1]


Joining dateOctober 21, 2008[2]

Jaded Shadows

Joining dateMarch 21, 2008

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  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

Noah was born right before the great fire, in Bleeding Souls. His Mother (Deuce) and his Father (Lucifer) was very much in love at the time. However the night of the fire seemed to change everyone, and everything. His mother and father joined Twilight Vale and together they took in his Aunt (Dierdre’s) litter. It wasn’t until the Noah and his brother (Taliesin) and the other boys where fully weaned from Deuce did the issues come brewing in the Rhiannon/Sawtooth household. Lucifer in a drunken rage confessed his love for someone else, calling out for her. Deuce went for revenge and cheated on him with the male that Lucifer secretly had a crush on. So to get even Lucifer had Deuce banned and took the pups away. By this time another black pup had come to live with them in Twilight Vale and helped Noah and Tal get out of the room that Lucifer had locked them into, while the black father slept around.

Jazper stepped up and became more of a father to his two younger siblings (Noah and Taliesin) while still a child him-self. Jazper often had issues with Noah getting into things and doing things that were not okay to do with in the pack house. Noah quickly got use to the life style of being ignored by his father, and his mother never around. Jazper and this brother was his only companion. When Twilight Vale dissolved, Lucifer left the boys and started life out on his own. Noah did not wait for his father to come back and left Souls, running to Michigan and living his life there, quite happy till his father showed up.

Noah became the pack punching bag and Lucifer often enjoyed picking his up like he was nothing and tossing him around like he was a rag doll. Noah never raised a lip or bite the black male. Then shortly after the beating started the silver male was reunited with his little mate, and white brother. Lucifer was kinder to him, never raised a hand to hit him. Noah hated him for the kindness that his father showed to him. After Lucifer had returned to Souls, Noah found that he had lost hearing in the right ear, and found that blindness had set in also. He was pretty much doomed to be worthless, and had learned to accept it.

Coming back to Souls to try to find his mother, the male joined the pack that was last know to play home to his mother Phoenix Valley. The silver gimp was greeted and accepted by a very cross Jefferson, who hated his mother for leaving the pack. Jefferson also hated his father because of his many crimes and how he rubbed Jefferson the wrong way when they meet. Jefferson warned Noah that if he saw any behaviors out of him like he saw from his mother and father, that he would have no issues kicking him out of the pack. Noah stayed and served Jefferson to the best that he could with a gimp, part deafness, and blindness. Jefferson turned the pack over to a young coyote that Noah and a few Valley members followed till they could no longer see it in their heart to live so far away from the lands they called home.

In February of 2012, Noah left the pack lands of Ichika no Ho-en (the pack that Jefferson gave the Valley members away too) He moved to New Dawn to live with his mother. Things were not as smooth for the silver male as he would have dreamed it to be. Within the first month of being within the pack the silver male got into a nipping fest with the white maiden. Then shortly after that the male was found sneaking into the pack lands that he left. Zalen drug him though mud and punished him in front of the whole pack and three members from the other pack. The male was shunned from the pack lands; however he was also not allowed to leave. His rank was quickly demoted to Omega. The male stayed at that rank for moons, till the black male gave him back the rank of Subord and from there he stayed for moons upon moons. Till it was clear after an attack on him by Amy that the silver male finally understood why the black male did what he had done. Then Noah was promptly moved up to the rank of Delta.

2.  Personality

Very much an old school gentleman, always putting the lady in front of his own needs. Some how with a drugged up father, and a sex addicted mother the young adult always thinks about every thing before really acting upon anything.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Member of the Rhiannon and Sawtooth families.

4.  Appearance

Noah was born with a coat as dark as midnight, though though is ages it's lighted up to a very rich silver sable. Eye of a pure shade of blue. Scar over his right shoulder and missing part of his left ear, his left eye is a pale blue almost white and is blind in that eye. His hearing isn't well but tries very hard to hide it.