Jaded Shadows

Jaded Shadows

ColoursDark Green (#004f00) & Grey (#999999)
Founded ByMordulin Aika
Founded On20 March 2002
Defunct On1 April 2008

Past Leadership

Past LeadersMordulin Aika, Fatin Kali, Tayui Aston
Past Temporary LeadersSpade
Past SubeadersDelate Kliminawhit, Salvaged Eternity, Fatin Kali, Tayui Aston, Phasma Kiles

Pack History

Preceded byShadowed Stars
Succeeded byLabyrinth Glen and Shadowed Sun

Jaded Shadows was originally founded by Mordulin Aika on March 20, 2002. It remained for years as one of the most unchanging packs, taking up residence on Ashen Mountain for seven years, most of these years with the same Alpha.

Jaded Shadows was the continuation of Mordulin's mother's pack, Shadowed Stars. Omoi wished to change the name and location of the pack from Shadowed Stars to Jaded Shadows, and move the pack to Ashen Mountain. Shortly after, Omoi died due to cancer and Mordulin carried out her mother's wishes and became Alpha.

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1.  History

1.1  Early History

Omoi - Mordulin Aika
Jaded Shadows began with Shadowed Stars. After Shadowed Stars lost its Alpha, Omoi was given Alphas ship over the pack. She realized that the pack lands could no longer support them and moved the pack to Ashen Mountain. She renamed the pack as Jaded Shadows and left it to her daughter Mordulin.

1.2  Middle History

Mordulin Aika
Mordulin took in Salvaged Eternity as her adoptive son. He worked his way up the ranks to Gamma, and eventually to Beta after the pack's first beta, Delate Kliminawhit, was attacked by a coyote. His wounds were fatal.

Mordulin Aika - Spade
Fatin Kali was promoted to Beta alongside Salvaged Eternity. Spade became the temporary Alpha of Jaded Shadows while Mordulin stayed in Concrete Jungle due to a broken leg. Salvaged Eternity attacked Spade, driving him out of the pack.

Tayui Aston was promoted to Gamma. Some time later, Fatin Kali disappeared to find her family and Tayui was promoted to Beta. Fatin returned a month later and worked her way back up the ranks to once again become a Beta alongside Tayui.

1.3  Late History

Mordulin Aika - Fatin Kali & Tayui Aston

Banner by Vannah

On September 12, 2007, the pack found itself two new Alpha's. Mordulin, like her mother, found that she had cancer, and decided to leave the pack to Fatin Kali and Tayui Aston. After nearly six years of unchanging rule, Jaded Shadows had two new Alpha's.[1]

Each assumed the title of Alpha Female and ruled alongside until April 1, 2008.

1.4  Timeline

* Date on the thread altered so that the timeline makes a bit more sense. :]

1.5  Leaders

Leaders of Jaded Shadows
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Mordulin Aika
Spade Aika
Fatin Kali
Tayui Aston

2.  Territory

2.1  Ashen Mountain

Another low-lying mountain of the area, Ashen Mountain is unique and set apart from the other mountains by its sheer size. It occupies the greatest area of all the mountains, despite it only being the third tallest of all the named peaks of Bleeding Souls. The mountain slowly rises from the ground in a soft, easy slope, different from the other three of the range. Easy to traverse, it is often the most visited of all the peaks. It is now claimed by the jaded shadows pack, who once called themselves the shadowed stars.

2.2  The Communal Pack Den

Pack den image by Tammi

The Central Cavern and Store Room were once used by Mordulin as a den and birthing site. She never took the time to explore properly, and the clearing away of brush and fallen logs in the back of her den cleared a path into the pack den.

Central Cavern

This is the largest serviceable room in the whole system, and is therefore devoted to the use of the entire pack. The cavern is large enough to host the entire pack when at its prime size, and has a height of roughly three full grown werewolves (that is 20-25 feet). Stalactites and stalagmites rim the cavern, but the central floor is covered with thick, soft sand. Because of its proximity to the mountain’s surface (one might contend that there are actually small cracks on the ceiling) this cavern ideal for a large fire used for cooking and heat. To the left, just in front of one of the Alpha's dens, is the quartz rock. Although the entire den is rock, there is a pillar-like rock comprised mostly of varying hues of quartz.

Store Room

A tiny room off of the main cavern with room for only one wolf at a time inside. There are a few crude shelves made with leftover timber, as well as a bear fur acting as a door. On either side of the Store Room’s entrance are places for firewood.

Alpha’s Quarters

A two-lobed room traditionally to be claimed by the alpha for its proximity to the main hub of pack life. While one half of the cave structure is to remain private, the other portion is more neutral grounds. Here, pack members can visit their alpha without barging down the door to her personal life. There are two dens for the Alpha's, with one set farther back, and slightly larger than the first.

Family Quarters

These larger caves are designed for mated couples and their dependant children. Selection is on a seniority first-come first-served basis. Individual decoration and modeling of the caves is up to their inhabitants.


A cylindrical shaped room, the library is one of the most unique in the entire system. Hot bubbles of magma centuries ago have created a wall littered with half-sphere shaped indents. The cave actually sits above the trails below, and is accessible through a short, but steep and winding path that opens up like a trap door in the library’s middle. Because of this positioning, the library is notoriously dry and suitable for housing precious paper treasures. Height is the space’s last outstanding properties, and the highest shelves require the use of a ladder to reach.


In years of extreme bounty, these crystallized caves can be converted to extra housing. For the most part, however, these colorful spaces are used as common grounds and a retreat from the bustle of the main cavern. It is not uncommon to find children playing or careful worktables, depending on the ceiling.

Single’s Quarters

A many-lobed cave system, there is ample room for individual pack members to carve out a niche for themselves. Especially those clever with their hands, doors of wood or cloth are readily fashionable. Again, the exact modeling of these rooms us up to those who inhabit them.

Lower Caverns

Nature’s built-in water system, the lower caverns house an extensive underground network of lakes and streams. Because of the danger factor, these caverns are widely unexplored. For the purposes of Jaded Shadows however, the access to the icy water means a never-ending supply of fresh water for drinking, cooking, or bathing.

2.3  The Gathering Place

Gathering place image by Tammi

The Gathering Place is the favoured place to hold pack meetings and gather members together for hunts. It is a few minutes' walk South from the pack den, and features a fireplace, shelter for wood, a weaping willow named Bonnie, and planted flowers and hedges that surround the clearing.

2.4  The Stargazing Stone

Set atop a steep incline, the Stargazing Stone is almost level with the treeline. It is located at the North Western part of the territory, and is of close proximity to the edge of the mountain.

3.  Pack Relationships

3.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

3.2  Bleeding Souls Packs


These two were pretty neutral—there was some friction when Aquiliak was killed on Storm territory, but it wasn't anything really serious. The distance between these two packs made it pretty difficult for any serious conflict or close friendship; later on, Pilot Haddon and Tayui Aston became friends and co-leaders in Shadowed Sun; Pilot taught Tayui low speech. [23]

Clouded Tears

Salvaged Eternity and Ceres Sadira were once in a relationship, sort of—he adopted her children by the coyote Mars. However, this relationship broke down, and Salvaged Eternity raped and killed Ashened, though as the woman had already stated she was leaving the lands, there was no fuss about her disappearance and Sal was not punished for it.


Though the Beta of this pack, Salvaged Eternity, raped Nikki, the beta of Silent Dawn, and caused her death in childbirth, there weren't really any consequences for it. But, at one point Sal and Damian de le Poer were, uh, close, to say the least. This never actually developed into a good relationship between the packs, though, as Damian was well aware of Sal's darker tendencies.


Salvaged Eternity was a pretty hot topic in Azathoth; at one point the members banded together to try and castrate him. They really didn't like him for his relationship with Damian de le Poer and they were also well-aware of his reputation as a serial rapist and murderer.

Inferni /

Depends on where you look! For the entirety of Salvaged Eternity's reign, Inferni and Jaded Shadows weren't friendly at all, though the conflict between Kaena Lykoi and Sal never escalated beyond a personal fight. When Fatin Kali took over Jaded Shadows, the packs had a very good relationship due to Fatin's sort-of-secret relationship with Kae

Silent Dawn

Though the Beta of this pack, Salvaged Eternity, raped Nikki, the beta of Silent Dawn, and caused her death in childbirth, there weren't really any consequences for it. Alorran and Mordulin had a rather long-distance affair that resulted in a litter of children that were raised in Jaded Shadows.


Thorn Russo had one son with the high-ranking wolf of the pack Fatin Kali, Endymion Russo. The packs weren't really close, but they were more or less ambivalent toward one another, I think.

Celestial Hollow

Probably mostly ambivalent toward one another, despite the fact that Celestial Hollow was once Jaded Shadows's closest neighbor. Mordulin, longtime alpha female of Jaded Shadows, generally tried to maintain decent relations with the other packs; Celestial Hollow was no exception.


Phasma Kiles eventually moved from Aremys to Storm to Jaded Shadows, and as the alphas of Jaded Shadows generally tried to maintain a good relationship with all of their neighbors, there was no tension between these two packs.

3.3  Perceived Culture

  • Jaded Shadows is one of the pack's to have the same leader for the longest amount of time, and was one of the oldest packs at Bleeding Souls.

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3.4  External Links

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