Remedy Acidic

Remedy Acidic

Remedy, by Sara
Name Origin"Remedy" - a healing medicine, application, or treatment
"Acidic" - father's surname
Date of BirthFebruary 1 2006
Age2 years
Subspecies50% Canis species subspecies ortus
50% Canis species subspecies ortus
Birth place
Current pack
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Jaded Shadows

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Remedy Acidic was a previous member of Jaded Shadows and daughter of Ravesque Acidic.

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1.  History

When Remedy's mother was pregnant with her, Remedy's father was kicked out of their pack and he went away, not even knowing that her mother was pregnant at all. When her mother had Remedy, there was another puppy born as well. One day, the other puppy ran off and Remedy and her mother were alone. Although, one day when Remedy was walking in the woods.. they struck paths with a bear, her mother dying attempting to save her and Reme ran off. When she arrived at Jaded Shadows as a puppy, she had found a home with Fatin Kali, and then soon found out that Ravesque was her father. And when Remedy disliked her father at the moment, she stayed with Fatin for one more month. Finally, she went to live with Ravesque, but ran off a few months later. Ravesque had sworn that she was dead, but she came back when she was about a year. It turned out, the body he found was her sisters body, the puppy that ran off. Remedy stayed for a few more months again, before running back off with her old pack and when she came back, she brought her cousin Fallout Acidic with her. When she came back to Jaded Shadows, Ravesque had settled down with Fatin and they had puppies. Remedy felt hurt and alone because she thought she was being replaced. However, Ravesque didn't see it that way. The worst part was, as Remedy went to go off again, Fallout had been killed by a coyote, her reason to come back... because she wanted revenge against Hybrid Holocaust (she doesn't know that Hybrid killed Fallout yet). The last time she ever left Jaded Shadows was when Ravesque ran off, and she went into deep search for him. Finally coming and to stay, she thought she needed to pay a little visit to her old family, and try to tell them she had no luck finding Ravesque. The only way anyone would recognize her now was from her scent, she had changed a lot, looking exactly like her father. For revenge and to support Fatin with her puppies, there was really no other reason for her coming back.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Remedy, by Sara

Remedy is a medium sized wolf, she is not fluffy, her tail is nice and fluffy though. Her fur does not go crazy all over her, it's very tamed and short. She is pure black, blacker than the sky at night. She has long legs but they are small as well. Remedy has crimson eyes, gentle and warm when you look into them, it proves that her personality is correct and she is a very nice wolf. When she was little she was very light but then her fur turned dark like her fathers. Her ears are perfect shape, at the tips it's nice and circular not pointy. She is black all over though, she doesn't have speckles or anything of that sort except for where her nipples are. She is a very fit wolf because of traveling so much, she has yet to have pups either. In Luperci form, she is tall skinny and has big hips. Her hands are small and her feet are in between small and large. She is a normal size in her Luperci form, although she has great power in this form. With this form she knows how to shoot arrows and defend herself using her body. She has tiny forearms and her breasts are average size.

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