Merit Acidic

Merit Acidic

Name OriginAcidic: Ravesque Acidic
Date of Birth7 July 2007
Age> 2 years
SubspeciesRed Wolf
Birth placeJaded Shadows
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Jaded Shadows

Joining date7 July 2007

Merit Acidic is the son of Fatin Kali and Ravesque Acidic.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  History

Born to Fatin Kali and Ravesque Acidic. Merit had a twin sister, Miriad, but exactly what happened to her is unknown to him — if he ever knew, he had long ago forgotten. Merit, Legacy and Fatin lived in Awenasa, Fatin's birth tribe, for a period of time before returning.

2.  Personality

Twisted. Dark, devious, and cruel; possessive, protective, insensitive.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

A coat of coarse, dark cinnamon fur covers his large body, his muzzle and paws are painted ebony. The shade fades up his legs, sides, face, and down his neck and shoulders before returning to dark cinnamon at his core. Along his spine, shoulders, neck, and cranium his fur is spiked stylishly as a result of the wiriness of his coat, causing him to look constantly aggressive. Several small scars may be found on various areas of his body, the most prominent of which travels from his shoulder across his collarbone and into his chest. His body is muscular and flawless in its own right; everything about him is masculine and indelicate. His eyes are a striking indigo, his gaze generally cold and unfeeling.

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