Hybrid Holocaust

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Hybrid Holocaust

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Date of BirthNovember 19, 2005
Date of DeathNovember 7, 2011MATURE [1]
Age5 years


Meaning"bred from two distinct races, breeds, varieties, species, or genera." / "any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life."


GenealogyMassacre, Holocaust, Addiction
Subspecies90% Canis latrans
10% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSyemv, Bleeding Souls
PackInferni (at time of death)


DateNov 2006 — 7 Nov 2011
Previous RanksHydra, Gladius, Praeses, Gladius Minor, Discens, Tirones, Puppy, Tesserarius

Hybrid Holocaust is a former and longtime member of Inferni, previously ranked as one of the three Hydra, or warriors, of the clan. He was born in Syemv to Asphyxia Holocaust alongside his sister, Faolin Mogotsi.

Hybrid was a member of the predominantly coyote Massacre and Holocaust families and also technically blood-member of the Addiction family: however, the Massacre family has been cast out due to a betrayal. He was well-known for his prejudice and persecution of wolves and females.

He fathered children with Ryan de le Poer, who bore him Valkyrie de le Poer, and Aeron Ganesa, who bore him Wraith Creed, Lucilla Key, and Adwen Tormenta. He also kidnapped a puppy and claimed it was the littermate to Wraith and Lucilla: Nathaniel King. With Talitha de le Poer, he fathered Vermilion Massacre Ulrich and Priest de le Poer; however, their birthright has been kept a secret. Despite this procreation, Hybrid was a militant homosexual and was never really sure how he ended up fathering any children.

Hybrid died on November 7, 2011 after drowning in his own vomit and urine.MATURE [2]

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1.  Personality

Lesson 1: Hybrid is a jerk and has no friends except for Gabe

Hybrid mixes obsession with pure, vile hatred, and uncompromising values. The cause of his hatred could most easily be attributed to the time he spent with his father, Venomous, while away from Inferni (though, he would most likely deny such a statement). During the time spent, he began to grow into the being he is now: ruthless, merciless, with a penance for inflicting pain. While with his father, he saw countless females raped and used for nothing more than pleasure. Through observation and investigation, he eventually concluded that females were weak and useless, good for nothing (not even sex, and many died as a result of his father's harsh treatment). Moreover, the experience was incredibly traumatic for Hybrid even if he does not completely realize it. He has a great deal of unresolved anger toward his father, but cannot understand why.

His hatred toward wolves stems from the time spent with coyotes, be it in Inferni, if at all. He was raised to hate them, later teaching himself it was morally acceptable to dislike them. It was implied well enough in Inferni, a fact he had come to accept. Although it can be said that he was young and impressionable (which, in fact, he was), it is more likely that hating wolves was easier than trying to understand them. He resented his mother, who was 20% wolf, for abandoning him. As such, his relationship with his siblings and half-siblings has been shaky at best.

If anything, Hybrid used his hatred toward wolves and females as an excuse for killing or maiming them. As he grew, it became secondary to think of despising them, and rarely gave it any thought. His prejudices have become so ingrained that he is unable to defend them or even explain the reasoning behind them. It is as natural to him as walking, or performing any other menial task.

This, however, is simply the surface. Hybrid's sick and twisted nature is reflected in his personality, as he revels in delivering pain, an obvious sadist. He can be extremely unpredictable, childish at times, sometimes growing bored of a situation after only a few seconds. In other ways, he can be obsessive to a point, pursuing a goal to the brink of death.

Despite his unpredictability, Hybrid is in fact a very simple being. He has a few basic desires, be it hatred or lust, and appears to have the inability to experience any emotions in between. Happiness is simply achieved lust, where he has succeeded in getting what he desired. Anger is simply muted hatred.

At his core, Hybrid is a very moralistic and idealistic individual. However, he has created most of his morals through observation; he has been shaped by his environment.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Extended Family

2.3  Adoptive Family

2.4  Friends

He sparred with Rielle Zsei in a friendly match and was able to acknowledge her skill. He has not seen her since the day he sparred, and wishes there were more females in Inferni of her calibre.

Gabriel de le Poer

Gabriel de le Poer is also something of a friend to Hybrid (though, their relationship is not all that clear cut). Their friendship began when Hybrid acknowledged Gabriel as the new leader of Inferni. After the clan went through a few leaders in very short succession, Hybrid was glad to see someone stay. Gabriel eventually proved himself (in Hybrid's eyes) and Hybrid came to believe he was the best leader for Inferni and became somewhat loyal to the hybrid.

Now, Hybrid and Gabriel have an understanding established. Gabriel overlooks many of Hybrid's moral ambiguities, including keeping Pilot Haddon locked up in a shed and subsequently getting into a fight with DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite. Gabriel also defended Hybrid when Haku Soul and Kol Stormbringer came to Inferni, demanding answers for Hybrid's attack on Cwmfen nic Graine.

Hybrid swears his loyalty to Gabriel over Inferni, and accepts Gabriel as the embodiment of the clan. Since spending more time in Inferni, Hybrid has since extended some of his loyalty to the clan, and will not stand for abuse of his fellow clanmates by outsiders or wolves. However, Hybrid's loyalty to the Aquila will always run deeper.

2.5  Acquaintances

2.6  Enemies

2.7  Relationship Unknown

Asphyxia Holocaust

Hybrid regards his mother to be nothing better than an infant. As a former drug addict and alcoholic, he believes she was unable to control her lusts, which led to her downfall. This may or may not be the reason Hybrid is so straightedge (if it is, he probably does not realize it). He also resents her for starting the first war with Dahlia de Mai because Gabriel does, but truthfully, he thinks it was her best achievement. The wars with Dahlia have given Hybrid's life meaning, much like the war with Aremys did. However, he is loathe to disagree with Gabriel, and remains silent on the matter.

Asphyxia's departure from Inferni following the First Dahlian War also stung quite a bit. The departure of his half-siblings (who were also his cousins) annoyed Hybrid. The two events coincided closely, and even though Asphyxia had nothing to do with it, Hybrid blames her for stealing coyotes away from Inferni where they were needed.

Hybrid also highly disapproves of his mother's association with Skoll, though he does not know much about it.

Faolin Mogotsi

Hybrid does not know what to make of his sister. He enjoys taunting her (as most brothers do), but his taunts are accompanied by thinly disguised cruelty. Although he would have liked to take her son and train him himself, Hybrid was never close enough to his sister -- or her children -- to do so. However, since Faolin gave birth to puppies, Hybrid realized the capacity they have for learning, and hopes to someday pass down his knowledge to a child.

Since Faolin's numerous disappearances and falling out with Gabriel, Hybrid has come to be very wary of his sister. He does not know what her motives or intentions are, and suspects the worst. Since she wronged Gabriel, Hybrid feels obliged to dislike her as well, but cannot bring himself to do it. He still has a weak sense of attachment to her as the one he sought to kill for murdering their father. If anything, he respects her more for murdering their father than anything else, even if he still itches to seek revenge.

Nyika Mogotsi

Nyika was something of a sister to Hybrid, as she is the daughter of Hybrid's adoptive father. Of all the females Hybrid knows, it is quite possible she is one of the few he dislikes the least, simply because he recognizes her as a member of his extended family. Even if he knows she does not approve of most of what he does, he doesn't really care, but still hopes she will return to live in Inferni, as it is her rightful home.

Vitium Lykoi

Hybrid loathes his former lover with a fierce vengeance. Not only did Vitium betray Inferni, something that is incredibly unacceptable, he also betrayed Hybrid. Hybrid holds this grudge to this day and will attack Vitium on sight if he ever sees him, and has done so twice in the past.

Aeron Ganesa

Aeron bore him two litters of children, but of course, they were all female. Even though Hybrid did respect her, he'll always be bitter knowing that he never had a legitimate son. Aside from Rielle, Aeron is the closest thing to a female friend that he had. Although he thought her traps were meant for prey, he begrudgingly thinks they are pretty inventive and respects her for using different tactics in battle.

2.8  'Lovers'

Hybrid and Pilot, by Gwendolyn.

Although it is debatable if Hybrid has ever experienced the feeling of love, he has had a few encounters with others. In actuality, this is more like a sex list than a list of past lovers, since the term 'love' is misleading (and Hybrid likes it rough). :>

Failed Attempts

A guy can try.

2.9  Fights

WARNING: The following threads contain mature content and may not be appropriate for viewers under the age of 18 or sensitive viewers. They may include violence, gore, harsh language, and sexual references. Please do not continue if you are sensitive to these materials.

Total: 27 (+2 unfinished, +2 OOC)







3.  Skills

  • Killing
  • Maiming
  • That's about it. :>

4.  Appearance

Hybrid has red eyes, like most of Inferni. (By Mel

Hybrid is lean and ragged, having the appearance of being constantly scruffy. He is rather small compared to most coyotes, and doesn't look like he's very well-fed. Skinny, but with a slightly muscular frame, which is the only thing that makes him appear menacing at all.

He has a reddish tint to his fur that dominates much of his back, where it fades to a paler red-brown hue as you move toward his underside. A streak of black runs down his back, and at the bottoms of his legs, where it thins out into a golden-brown colour.

His eyes are a deep crimson, the colour of dried blood, a notable feature of the Massacre family.

4.1  Scars

While Hybrid has many scars, not all are visible. Note that most on his neck are hidden by his fur. Some horizontal scars are visible at certain angles where the fur won't grow bac and scars on his face, where the fur is thinner, are more visible.

  • Left haunch: gash (Venomous Massacre)
  • Muzzle: three claw marks (Venomous Massacre)
  • Left side of neck: gash (Aremys wolf)
  • Right jaw: claw mark (Aremys wolf)

Hybrid's scars
  • Right shoulder: scar (Vitium Lykoi)
  • Left jaw: scar (Cercelee), jagged scarring (Kai)
  • Left ear: rip (Cercelee), notched (Gabriel)
  • Front of throat: slash marks (DaVinci)
  • Left shoulder: gash (Savina)
  • Right back leg: mangled mess of scar tissue, gash (Savina)
  • Left side and front of the neck: gashes (Gabriel)
  • Left shoulder: skid burn (Gabriel)
  • Left shoulder: deep gouges (Cwmfen)
  • Right eye: horizontal scar (Cwmfen), vertical scar under his right eye (Kol)
  • Left flews: torn (Cwmfen)
  • Left eyelid, right eye: horizontal scar across his left eyelid and right eye (Vitium)
  • Right cheek: circular hole (Vitium)
  • Right ear: rips and tears (Kol)
  • Right neck: three claw marks (Kol)
  • Right side of face: long gashes, vertical near eye (Bris)

Past Injuries

  • Left shoulder: dislocated (Gabriel)

4.2  Luperci Forms


Hybrid is smaller than the average coyote in his Lupus form. Within Inferni, it appears as though he has the most coyote blood, so his stature is smaller than a wolf anyways. He almost never uses this form, if it's just to wander around Inferni.


Hybrid utilizes this form the most. His Secui form gives him an advantage over unshifted canines, and is standard coyote size.


He rarely uses this form, as his it is not well-suited for his style of fighting.

5.  History

5.1  Early Life

Abandoned by his mother, Hybrid and his sister Faolin, were adopted into the Mogotsi family, with Segodi Mogotsi acting as his father in place of his own. He lived in Inferni with Segodi and Segodi's own children for a while, however, this did not last long.

5.2  Departure from Inferni

Eventually, Hybrid began to grow restless and sought out his father, living with him for a few months. While returning 'home' from hunting one day, Hybrid came to see a russet-hued female covered in the blood of his father. He tracked the female to Inferni, vowing to avenge his father.

After a few days, he discovered the identity of the killer: it was his sister. He sought her out, but with Faolin avoiding him, he had been unable to fully confront her. After Faolin left Inferni, Nyika discovered a letter Faolin had addressed to them, and apologized for murdering their father. When Faolin returned, Hybrid confessed that he no longer had the intentions of murdering her.

5.3  Return to Inferni

Following this, Hybrid decided that if his father was dead, there would be no point in returning to where they had lived. He decided to remain in Inferni for the time being, or until he grew bored of it. Hybrid met many coyotes, and eventually came across one of Kaena's many twisted children, Vitium Lykoi. For some time, they were lovers in a twisted sadomasochistic relationship. This remained until Vitium betrayed the pack, choosing to save a trespassing dog, and being outcast from the clan.

Bloodthirsty and confused, Hybrid sought to kill Vitium, but only managed to scratch him. They met later, and tensions were still high - neither wished to admit their weakness, and the meeting ended with neither accomplishing anything. Hybrid has not seen Vitium since their last meeting, and suspects he is dead.

5.4  Advent of the Massacres

After Vitium's leaving the clan, Nyika Mogotsi departed. Shortly after, Faolin returned, and told Hybrid of their mother, Asphyxia Holocaust, who had reverted to her alcoholic ways. Shortly after this, Asphyxia returned with her new mate, Naloxone Massacre, and her three pups: Garnet Massacre, Toxic Destruction and Midnight Massacre. They remained in Inferni for a while, until all but Toxic remained. He too eventually disappeared. Asphyxia returned soon enough, but by then Toxic was gone.

5.5  Life in 'Souls and Inferni II

Hybrid remained in Inferni long enough to see most of his family disappear, and followed the clan to their new lands in The Waste. By this time, Faolin had given birth to two children: Talitha Lykoi and Ezekiel de le Poer, who also made the trek to the new Inferni.

Shortly after, Inferni found itself engaged in a war with Dahlia de Mai. During this time, Hybrid found himself a number of new enemies, and was quite disappointed when it ended.

Garnet found them soon enough, as did Asphyxia, and they remained for a short time. Hybrid found a number of victims in this time, picking on Garnet upon her return to Inferni. He and Samael continued to be involved during this time, up until Samael's disappearance. Soon enough, Hybrid captured Pilot Haddon as his captive (though, Pilot hardly protested at this) and kept him in a cabin for two months.

Pilot escaped and Hybrid was attacked by Savina Marino[38], who sought revenge for what Hybrid had 'done' to Pilot. Apollo Haddon, Pilot's son, also intervened and prevented the fight from progressing. Hybrid chased Apollo through Arachnea's Revenge, but eventually lost track of him and was too fatigued and injured to continue trailing after him. Hybrid gave up and returned to Inferni.

Only a week after his fight with Savina, Hybrid encountered Gabriel[39] while lingering in the clanlands. Gabriel greeted him amiably enough, but Hybrid's state of mind had been deteriorating as a result of Samael and Pilot's disappearances and his inconclusive fight with Savina. Hybrid provoked Gabriel, who attacked and severely injured him. Hybrid was demoted and left to lick his wounds. That same day, he limped south to The Trenches.

Two months later, he came across Cwmfen nic Graine and attacked her without any provocation (Hybrid was later reprimanded by Gabriel for this a few weeks later at a clan meeting.[40]). The fight was interrupted by Bane Kiles, who drove the two apart and prevented Cwmfen's death.[41] A few weeks later, Haku Soul and Kol Stormbringer went to Inferni to find Hybrid,[42] however Hybrid had wandered out to Shattered Coast and missed their arrival.[43]

A week later, Hybrid found Heath morte dre Soul wandering around Inferni's borders and displayed an uncharacteristic moment of patience while attending to the boy.[44] Although their meeting eventually resulted in a small skirmish, Hybrid spent more time taunting the boy than anything. Five days later, Ryan de le Poer informed Hybrid that he had a daughter, Valkyrie de le Poer; Hybrid refused to believe this at first, but eventually accepted he was a father.[45]

Two weeks later, Hybrid found Cwmfen again, lying in the grass in Whisper Beach; however, instead of attacking her, the two had a fairly pleasant conversation about existence and the necessity of murder.[46] After this, Hybrid accepted that Cwmfen was perhaps the only wolf he would ever see as an equal. Hybrid hopes to possess her tail in one way or another.

During the summer of 2009, Hybrid laid low and barely interacted with any Inferni members. Hybrid was attacked by Samael in mid-September, and they proceeded to have sex in the outskirts of Halifax.[47] MATURE During this time, Kaena returned, but Hybrid did not speak to her until the end of September.[48]

5.6  The Second Dahlian War

Hybrid soon plunged into the chaos of the Second Dahlian War shortly after it was announced. He agreed to train Halo Lykoi on how to "fight like a coyote" on January 5th.[49] He attacked Vitium Lykoi on January 16.[50] MATURE On January 21, Hybrid joined Cotl, Hezekiah and Nakir to push back the Dahlian invaders. Hybrid attacked Kai Aiolos, while the other Infernians engaged Vitium and Sicarus.[51] MATURE

In March, Inferni launched an attack against Dahlia de Mai[52] MATURE and Hybrid attacked Kol Stormbringer during the fight.[53] MATURE

5.7  Peace Sucks

After the end of the Dahlian War, Hybrid was incredibly social and met Vieira Lykoi[54] and Snake.[55] Both exchanges left him baffled and he realized that he was not very good at interacting with anyone. He did not understand the concept of a slave or property and still does not understand Vieira's role in Inferni and also could not grasp the point of training a soldier, like Snake's previous pack had, if they did not intend for him to attack.

In May 2010, he found Kol and Bris wandering close to Inferni territory.[56] MATURE He warned them and then killed Kol. After this, he became obsessed with stalking Bris and eventually assaulted her.[57] [58] This marked the beginning of Hybrid's slow descent into further madness.

In August, he found Daisuke harassing Gabriel at the borders. Naturally, he rushed to the Aquila's rescue, but was seriously peeved by Daisuke's lack of fear of Inferni.[59]

In October, Hybrid followed Silas as he headed to Halifax. They argued and then Hybrid demanded that Silas submit to him.[60] Also during that month, he met his niece Talitha, who had returned from hiding during the war.[61] He also met Kesho and was very fond of the older coyote.[62] MATURE They talked about the good old days of Inferni and then had sex.

In November, he trained with Sepirah[63] and Halo.[64] In December, Hybrid complains about Sepirah's lack of discipline and they agree that the warriors of the clan need more discipline.[65] He also comes across Azalea at the borders and attacks her.[66] After this, he decides he hates the new mountain pack of Anathema.

In January, his daughter Valkyrie returns to Inferni.[67] Even though Hybrid is genuinely happy to see his family return to him, he can't properly express this and just ends up pushing her away.

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