Sedition Wick

Sedition Wick

Date of BirthOctober 1st, 2001
Birth placeBerowick
Current packNone

'Souls Profile

Sedition Wick was a former member of Jaded Shadows upon two occasions.


Born within the clan of Berowick and the second to be born of the second litter Sedition was the middle child. Yet his family didn't treat him as such and he soon became his mother's baby who she protected from whatever she could. Spending time learning with his older sibling Vorraussetzung and his mother Callin he picked up the art of carving, archery and performing. His father was against it, wanting him to carry on the pawprints of hunting and combat. Sedition didn't want to, he preferred to carve his enemies and then smash the carvings off the rocks beneath the tall cliffs surrounding their quaint and tranquil clan.

Leaving with Vorraussetzung and his twin Zenith on his first birthday to find new lands, they parted ways only a year later when Zenith wished to travel overseas. They traveled together for two years, learning the world and developing their own unique skills. Thankfully Vorraussetzung was a developed hunter and acting as a guardian and provider for her younger brother they were successful through the winters. Parting ways at a crossroads Sedition headed towards Bleeding Souls, a land that Vorraussetzung wouldn't learn of until years later.

He joined Jaded Shadows for a few months, entertaining them with his juggling and carving but left rather unceremoniously to go back to Berowick.

Hearing the news about their cousin, calling himself Salvaged Eternity, they returned home meeting their second cousin Valerik Wick?, Sal's son. Wick had been added after the reunion and was welcomed into the family. Teri Wick, the name his parents had originally chosen for the pup, was not however, he was a part of the family but he was not to stay long within Berowick. Sedition took the role of watching over growing Valerik?, and was concerned by his religious fanaticism. He still believes it was his words that drove the boy back home (as they later found out.)

He rose in the ranks within Berowick after his father's and grandmother's deaths. Vorraussetzung took the alpha position, and Sedition was at her right-hand. But Sedition was never made for staying still too long, learning the ways of the Bard he also took up traveling as one. Passing the position to his older brother Feuer he headed back towards Bleeding Souls and Jaded Shadows, hoping that if nothing else he could stay there and help them through the winter.



  • ParentsLewis Wick and Callin Uumin
  • SiblingsVorraussetzung, Feuer, Zerstorung, Syncophant, Zenith, Amarelo, and Roxo

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A medium length and slender wolf Sedition shows why he chose not to take up hunting through his finesse and grace. He chooses to stay in his fully-shifted form rather than walking on all fours, rarely will you see him half-shifted.

His pelt is silver with streaks of white and the occasional black sparkle and a few scars litter his belly, courtesy of his father before his death. A clan tattoo rings his left ankle, and his right ankle bears a simple and fading rainbow flag something he learned of from the human artifacts left near his home clan.

Ice blue eyes seem to match his coat, with jet black pupils and the tiniest sliver of green in each one. That tiny sliver of green is the only thing that connects him and his dead cousin Salvaged Eternity.