Nirupama Hale

Nirupama Hale

Hale, by Kristina
Name Meaning"unique, one without comparison"; "hero, army ruler"
Name OriginIndian, Old English/ Norse
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 2004
Age> 5 years
Birth placeStorm
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateSeptember 15, 2004
SignificanceBirth pack

Jaded Shadows

Joining dateSeptember 15, 2004
RankPuppy, Subordinate, Lehrling

Nirupama Hale is the son of Nirupama Rashmi and Salvaged Eternity.


  • Personality: quiet
  • Soul grade: neutral
  • Likes: nature, water, swimming, hunting, running in the moonlight, friendly encounters, his daddy
  • Dislikes: Ahren for beating him up, and Fatin and her pups for stealing his daddy (jealous)



Please see the Eternity or Nirupama family pages for more information.

Adoptive Family


  • fur color/pattern: dark brown and near black fur with traces of light tawny and white.
  • eye color: acid green

Luperci Forms


Height: 2.5 ft Length: 5.8 ft Weight: 90 lbs

Muscular like his father. Fur is thick but well kept. Has Salvaged's general appearance and the same acid green eyes.


Height: 4.9 ft Length: 7 ft Weight: 170 lbs

Muscles are more prominent in this form. Though Hale perfers being on all fours in this form, only his limbs seem stretched. His paws take on a more handlike form, paw pads change from normal wolf ones to individually padded digits and palm. Legs become longer and more flexible for faster running. Both bi-ped and quadraped movements available in this form.


Height: 7 ft Weight: 185 lbs

His coloration is the same as his normal pelt, but fur on neck becomes shaggy and manelike. His physique is muscular; his fur is still thick, especially now on the nape of his neck forming a mane. Bi-ped movements only.

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