The Kali Family

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Kali Family Statistics

Total Members—74
Surviving Members—55-58
Active Members—2 (+2 npc)
Location—Dahlia de Mai, Crimson Dreams, Cour des Miracles, Terchov√°

Kali Family Foundation

First Member Location—Jaded Shadows
First Member Date—~ 2002
First Member Name—Fatin Kali
First Birth Location—Jaded Shadows
Founding Parents—Fatin Kali & ?
Founding Birth Children—?
Founding Birth Date—?

Kali Family Tree

1.  About

The Kali Family is tied closely to the Eternity family, as they were both founded in Jaded Shadows around the same time, and several litters exist between the two families and various members of it. There are few other strong connections between this family and any others; there's only one Russo-Kali and just two Soul-Sadira-Kalis in existence.

2.  Traits

Frequently ruddy red in hue, the males tend to be large and bear like and the females tend to be lithe and spritely. The usual eye colors tend to be a range of blue, green, or grey. The family prides itself on being welcoming, warm, and protective. They are sometimes too tenacious, and can over step their boundaries on the basis of good intentions.

3.  Influence and Influences

4.  Members

The parent that contributes the Kali genes is bolded.

  • Aponi x Malon Kali (July 1st, 1998)
    • Jensine Kali ♀
    • Pascal Kali ♂
    • Parsley Kali ♀
  • Aponi x Malon Kali (October 10th, 2001)
    • Delaney Kali ♀
    • Zaid Kali ♂
    • Desoto Kali ♀

4.1  First Generation

4.2  Second Generation

4.3  Third Generation

4.4  Fourth Generation

4.5  Fifth Generation

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