Ares "Buttface" Chance

Ares Chance

Ares, by Rust
Name MeaningAres: God of war; Chance: good fortune
Name OriginGreek; Middle English
Date of Birth3 September 2008
Age2 years
SubspeciesCanis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Current packNone
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining date16 June 2009
RankBasic Officer

Ares Chance is the unwanted son of Tokyo Chance and a previous member of Crimson Dreams.

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1.  History

Only surviving son of the five puppies that Tokyo bore. A few days to a week after having given birth to her puppies, in a fit of rage late one night she killed three of them, trying to get rid of that which drove her Champion away. Princess and her brother managed to crawl out of sight and thus survived, but were severely traumatized by the incident. In the morning, Tokyo found them half-dead from the night's chill. Seeing them and the blood in the cave in the cold morning light hit her hard and she felt sort of guilty. Guilt wouldn't bring the dead ones back, but she decided she'd raise the other two. She named the girl Princess because she looked rather like Tokyo's mother Ophelia, whom she adored. The boy, however, was a mirror image of Raphael and she hated how he looked; in very childish, typical behavior, she named him "Buttface."

Tokyo pampered Princess, in her own way. She also neglected and somewhat abused her son. Her attacks were not pointed, just casual, incidental ones. For example, if she brought back a toy for Princess, and she saw Buttface with it, she would hit him and take it away, telling him not to touch his sister's things. Princess, however, could not forget the night in which her siblings were murdered, and for all the pampering she bonded far more with her brother than her mother. When the puppies were about four months old, after Buttface had received a particularly nasty thrashing for daring to fall asleep in the part of the den that was for Tokyo and Princess alone, Princess and her brother ran away.

History Post-Tokyo, Pre-Souls: Buttface and Princess do some stuff together for a while. When they're seven months old, Princess gets the idea in her head to go back to Tokyo. Buttface is seriously seriously against this plan. They fight, and she leaves him. Buttface decides to take up residence in a run-down old human town, and befriends an very old, scarred and ragged coyote female named Star. They become very close, and over the next few weeks she teaches him to read and shift (he was able to learn so quickly because he picked up the basics of reading when Tokyo was teaching Princess). He spends almost all of his waking time just completely tearing through all the books in a run-down library, reading them all cover to cover. At Star's gentle nudging and his own more developed understanding of how ridiculous of a name his mother gave him, he renames himself "Ares" after the Greek god of war.

Star, old as she was, passes away in her sleep one evening. The fresh loneliness and a burning desire in his heart for revenge cause him to strike out south, to find his sister and mother.

2.  Personality

For all his bookish pursuits, Ares is rather bold and wild. He received even less parenting than Princess, and all of his lessons (before meeting Star) were taught with violence. Ares does not actually have enough understanding of the general world to know that disciplining with violence is frowned upon. Thus, his issue with Tokyo is that he feels he did not deserve the punishments he received. A cold fury burns in his heart towards his mother; first for his childhood, and second for tearing his sister away from him. He was incredibly close to his sister, and misses her terribly.

Ares has a terrible temper and poor impulse-control, never having been taught anything about self-control. The only thing Tokyo bothered to make sure he knew as a kid was that he was worthless, a disgusting creature. It worked for a while, but once he was out of Tokyo's care and particularly during his time spent with Star, he realized how horrible it was to be blamed for the color of his coat, for his resemblance to an absent father. As such, he defensively, reflexively acts incredibly bold and confident, over-compensating and determined to prove to anyone and everyone around him that he was a creature of worth. In addition, he's incredibly intelligent and a terrific hunter for his age.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Ares, by Kiri

Average in size, slightly on the small size. Mottled black, grays, and whites - the lack of brown in his fur in the distinctive mark of his father, Raphael.

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