Chael Kyan

Chael Kyan

Name Origin"angelic" "little prince"
Date of BirthSeptember 19th 2004.
Birth placeJaded Shadows.
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  2.   2.  Relationships
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  3.   3.  Appearance
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1.  History

After a time spent away, Chael returns to Bleeding Souls as an arrogant, unsociable yearling. He argues with his family, does horrible things in an attempt to be like his father, and runs away from his pack to become a loner. On his own, he lived in the Concrete Jungle and spirals out of control with his behavior. At some point he becomes unofficially close with Calypso Tada'asana and they live happily together in an empty apartment enabling one another's bad habits. Then Chael vanishes and nobody ever sees him ever again.

Other random events: Iskata attacks him along with a few other people in vengeance for his crimes, specifically his unprovoked rape of Phasma Kiles. Fineas comes after him in the Concrete Jungle, scars him, and destroys his right eye. He also attacks his sister, Satin, causing her to miscarry her children. Tsunami stabs him in the chest after this and he blacks out momentarily from shock and blood loss. Oh, and Leir Deschain steals his pants one night after an explicit encounter.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Please see the Eternity family page for more information.

3.  Appearance

Chael looks exactly like his father Salvaged Eternity, along with his half-brother Hale and all of those other Salvaged-clones out there. He's got a basic timber wolf coat pattern with lime-green eyes. Chael specifically has one eye and is absolutely covered in scars. He also had a bunch of random piercings jammed in each of his ears, including assorted safety pins.

4.  Personality

Chael suffers from a deep inferiority complex, resulting in his aggressive behavior. He is also closeted homosexual, and so he openly lashes out at females in response. His father was a well-known rapist, and he found this out later in life. As he had at one point idolized his father he set out to create his own negative legacy. He was also angry that Hale was their father's beloved while he felt ignored and shunned. Mostly he's just a ball of anger, rage, and substance abuse.