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  • Species: Wolf, wolf-dog
  • Family Origin: Sobiratsya, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
  • Surname: Russian, "Russian/red/a great hero"
  • Leader: Malenkij Russo
  • Archetype (Group): Seafarers and wanderlusters; mild Slavic religious influences
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Hard workers; strong men and stronger women

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    5.   1.5  Fifth Generation
  2.   2.  History
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  3.   3.  Defining Features
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The Russo family originated in the Sobirat'sya, a Luperci settlement occupying the area surrounding the former city of Arkhangel'sk in the Arkhangel'sk Oblast of Russia. The Russo family is well-established in Sobirat'sya, though from 2011 to 2013 it suffered a population depression. Many of the older generation died off, and few young Russos were born during these lean years.

Rurik Russo came to 'Souls in 2005 with the rest of Syemv and his mate, Kiska. She became pregnant some time later, giving birth prematurely to Rurik's eldest sons. Since Syemv and Rurik, a number of Russo canines have been inspired to make the trek to Nova Scotia.

1.  Family

1.1  First Generation

1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

1.5  Fifth Generation

2.  History

The Russo family originated in Sobirat'sya, Russia. Rurik Russo came to 'Souls in 2005 with the rest of the Syemv crew, including his brother Thorn Russo and Kiska Ozero-Russo. Rurik's mate became pregnant some time later, giving birth prematurely to Rurik's eldest sons. Detailed history can be found on the Russo Offboard page.

2.1  Influence and Influences

There really aren't many links between the Russos and anyone else -- which is kind of shocking when one considers how much of a gigantic slore Rurik is. No, really, he sleeps with everyone, yet he doesn't even have that many kids. Poor man must have a super-low sperm count or something. ;D

3.  Defining Features

3.1  Physical

  • Generally larger in frame and muscular in build, especially the males. Few of the Russo canines are hulking giants -- more often than not, they display a lean, well-worked athleticism. It is difficult to find a Russo amongst the canines in Sobirat'sya without well-weathered hands, strong arms, and a stronger back.
  • In Russos with heavy Russian Wolf heritage, an accentuated Lupus-form scruff of extremely thick fur is commonplace.
  • The Russo family tends to have extremely straight hair in Optime form, whether cut or natural.



Russos tend toward monochromatic colors: white, black, and gray are the most commonplace colors. Browns, creams, reds, and most other hues are virtually unknown within the Russo family.

  • Commonplace shades include Trout (#4E5963), Shark (#212528), Gray Chateau (#A4ADB6), Mystic (#E1E7ED), and many other steely, cool gray shades.
  • Rarely, someone will pop up with red husky or even goldish coloration (e.g., Vladimir Russo), but this trait is exceedingly rare for Russos of wolf blood alone.
    • Shades include Barley Corn (#A27D5F), Copper (#B96E31), and Cape Paliser (#9C5F4A) are the colors most frequently seen with Russo red husky patterning.


  • Chezov-Russos (descendants of Verochka Nadezdha and Yulian Chezov) tend to have husky blue eyes. The brown eye color may be found in Chezov-Russos, but by and large, blue dominates.
    • Shades include: Water Leaf (#99E2E7), Mint Tulip (#C2F0F3), and Link Water (#D3E8F6); shades can range as deep as Calypso (#3A739C) but are generally ice-pale.
  • The non-Chezov-Russos do not have blue eyes except with an outside influence.
    • Shades include: Dallas (#6C5A2A), Mandalay (#AF871B), Bird Flower (#D8BF19).

3.2  Other Features

  • The Russo family of Sobirat'sya features a culture and religion common to the area. For more infomation about how they live, see the Russo Off-Board page.
  • Body Modification
    • Most Russos born in the Sobirat'sya area have their left eyebrow pierced with a silver ring, generally adorned with precious or semi-precious stones, though naturally this is not a born feature.
    • Piratey tattoos are prevalent in some members.
      • Rurik has the Jolly Roger on his arm.
      • Liliya has a large, stylized tattoo.
      • Zaets also had a skull tattoo.
      • Yulian had a big, nasty-looking Jolly Roger somewhere, since he was the first, most-badass Russo pirate. ;3
  • Heritage
    • The Russos are given to male-saturated litters. There are just three female-dominant litters and one litter of female-only pups in the entire Russo lineage.
    • There is dog in the Chezov heritage, some generations. This gives many of the Chezov-Russos their bright blue eyes.
    • There are also a number of instances of coyote, jackal, and renewed dog blood in younger generations of the Russo family.

3.3  More Information

3.4  Future Names

  • Reviaka Russo (m) -- "howl"
  • Sviatek Russo (m) -- "blessed"
  • Svoysye Russo (f) -- "one's own"
  • Deviatoi Russo (m) -- "ninth"
  • Speratii Russo -- "to hope for"
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